The Cell 411 App Is An Activist’s Best Friend

By Derrick Broze

As more activists begin to look beyond the political arena for solutions, technology is playing a greater role in organizing and building community networks.

Since 2010 I have spent the majority of my days researching history, learning the ins and outs of the political system, and searching for solutions to the problems our planet faces. My research has helped me develop a healthy sense of skepticism regarding anything coming from official government or law enforcement channels. I have learned to stay vigilant in questioning the motives of the State and their partners in law enforcement.

During my six years as an activist I have also chosen to focus on finding and creating solutions to the growing threats to liberty and prosperity for all humanity. As every modern activist and journalist knows, technology has exponentially increased the number of individuals fighting the digital war against State propaganda, lies, and control. The Internet alone has allowed millions of people from around the world to communicate and do business in ways that were unimaginable 30 years ago. With the advent of cell phones and then the smart phone activists are now able to carry their computer, phone, and camera in one single device.

The wide use of smart phones has increased the amount of cameras focused on the police, the State, and other authorities who far too long have gone unchallenged and have operated with impunity, knowing full well that the people were incapable of holding them accountable. Also, for too long the people have had no way to organize themselves in tight-knit communities capable of asserting their rights and sovereignty. One new cell phone app hopes to change this situation by working to empower the people.

Cell 411 describes itself as “a real-time free emergency management platform” capable of “real-time response management” and “decentralized organization” with “fully customized alerts.” What does that mean? It means activists can download this app for free and create their own “Cells” of friends and family, then send out direct alerts if they are in danger, distress, or simply need some type of assistance.

If an activist is out cop watching and ends up facing down with police, she can send out an alert to her “Activist” cell, for example, and tell all available friends in that cell that she needs assistance. The friends will receive her location and directions to find and assist her. This is only one simple example of how an activist might want to use the app, but essentially the possibilities are limitless.

Cell 411 also recently added two new features which greatly expand the power of the tool. First, users can now stream their live videos to friends of their choosing and request help from either only their own trusted friends, or anyone who is available. The app is also making its debut into ride sharing/hailing services. Version 3 of Cell 411 seeks to fill a gap in the market left by dissatisfaction with Uber and Lyft, as well as to provide another option for finding a ride in cities where ride sharing has been banned or restricted by local governmen

“Unlike Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing companies, it is not our goal to enter this market as a service provider,” said Cell 411 founder Virgil Vaduva. “We simply want to connect people with each other in case of emergencies, and that has been our goal from the time we released our platform.”

Cell 411 claims that thousands of cells of users are appearing all over the world. From neighborhood watch groups to cop-watching activists, communities seem ready to embrace a decentralized tool that fosters community and instant communication.

We went above and beyond to make our video streaming service censorship-resistant. In the upcoming release later this week, users will be able to stream live video from Cell 411 while also recording to their local device storage,” Vanduva told Activist Post. “Video can stream to all their friends, to their Facebook Wall and to their own YouTube Live channel! We also have a Cell 411 TV Facebook and YouTube channel that users can stream video to as well, making their streams available for download to a lot of potential outlets and making it impossible to be deleted.”

I highly recommend the use of this tool for those who are interested in developing another concept for community organizing – Freedom Cells. Freedom Cells are also a decentralized way to organize within your community. Together with Cell 411, Freedom Cells can provide a network of mutual aid groups, gardening co-ops, activist support networks, and communities capable of defending against police and State abuse.

“We have a very cool product to be released in August that will be huge for activists and folks out there in the field. All I can say is, stay tuned.” Vanduva teased.

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of two books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion.

Derrick is available for interviews. Please contact

This article may be freely reposted in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

New World Order Insider Dies After Exposing Entire Agenda

Published on Jun 25, 2016

New World Order Insider Dies After Exposing Entire Agenda.

How EXACTLY will the New World Order try to FORCE YOU to be part of it? 2016-17 REVIEW BEST EVIDENCE

Published on Apr 24, 2016

This is one of the first series I watched back in 2006-07 that helped me see much of what the MSM, and many “truthers” will not address, play dumb with or even deny. This video serves as an introduction to the “basics” of studying the New World Order as the majority is spot on.
I do not agree with some of his historical perspectives but by far his lecture is the most concise and precise. I also do not agree with his end times predictions. Yes we are in the end times but the last days may be many many MANY years off. The only thing that bothers, is that the speaker is part of the SDA church. I do NOT endorse SDA prophesy but I do respect Mr. Veith’s research into the jesuits. The information he presents regarding the Vatican’s involvement in world events is amazing. That is the only reason for my posting this video.

His timeline is something I do not agree with. I pray for him as we should all pray for each other. We are to test all things and in doing so I must also beg the question: Is Walter Veith, himself part of the plan to “externalize the hierarchy?” Some believe he himself is a jesuit or an agent. I have not seen the proof but I do see the contradictions. I pray for Mr. Veith and hope the fullness of the truth of God’s plan manifests itself to all who seek to do His will. Amen


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