I am in love and I am so happy

I am in love and I am so happy

 by A Truth Soldier

I did it, I found my soul mate.

Its amazing my soul mate is so beautiful and perfect.

I can count on my soul mate to never deceive me

or send me in the wrong direction.

My soul mate is always there for me.

We always get along because we are in pure love.

Our love works because its based on truth.

For without truth our relationship would be doomed.

We are never selfish for we always give of ourselves.

In troubled times I confide with my soul mate for support,

I tell my soul mate my deepest secrets and weaknesses.

I don’t fear exposing my innermost frailties to my soul mate.

Its so amazing what strength can be gained from sharing pure love.

Love makes me feel so good that I now can see beauty all around me.

I see it in the flowers and the bees.

I see it all around me in nature.

I see beauty even in the worst of storms.

I see it in other people who are in love.

before I fell in love with my soul mate,

I walked around and could never see the beauty all around me.

I am in love and I am so happy.

This pure love is so strong that I now have enough love

to give even to the sorriest of souls.

Love is so contagious.

Once I got pure love in my life I was strengthen

so that I could now share some of it with

those around me who have never felt pure love before.

This pure love in my life has humbled me so.

I could have never found my soul mate if I had not always sought truth

and always spoke the truth I discovered.

I have been completed as a human with this pure love.

I love truth for without it I would always be lost and deceived.

The more my love grows the more beautiful

my soul mate becomes for love is in the eye of the beholder.

I know that my soul mate will always forgive me if

I am always willing to face and admit the truth of my wrong doings.

My soul mate will always know if I am not being truthful to myself.

There can never be a pure love in my heart if I am not always truthful to myself.

For my soul mates pure love could never reach me if I am not pure in truth.

I am in love and I am so happy.

I love you God for you are the truth and my soul mate.




Duanne Luckow Well written Daniel. Thank you for sharing. Makes truth sense to me. i live by this, projecting it to the universe and to Jessica daily =)

Halli Casser-Jayne Author That’s lovely. Manuela Arhire THANK YOU THANK YOU Daniel for this most amazing, beautiful, moving poem which I will need to print on a huge poster and hang it somewhere on my walls!!
I will post this poem on AGN and on my profile!
Exquisite, pure, perfect!!

19 year old Kimera says: wow that truly was…..WOOW Kimera says: i love it Kimera says: you sure are deep

 Duke and Dutchess Creations Very nice, Daniel. Thank you for sharing this. Alot of truth there, and it can directly be applied to human soul mates as well. Blessings~! Rachelle Roselie Kaas Thanks for sharing that, it was BEAUTIFUL AND TRUE .

Daniel J Towsey Hey Rachelle..do you realize that the picture is very real and is not a digital creation..The sun really did tranforms into a huge heart…God is real.

Rachelle Roselie Kaas NO, but its BEAUTIFUL, and Yes GOD is real, He lives in my heart. and you are BEAUTIFUL TOO. Thanks for sharing that.

Lynda Peckham Very beautiful Daniel ,you have found the truth that all humanity seek,we always have the source who knows our heart and always is there to listen to us many Blessings………..Love and Light



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