These videos will make you cry!

ANGELS at work Enhanced Caught on CCTV Camera

A man saves the lives of two kids but doesn’t survive himself.

Video that made the whole world cry

Published on Oct 14, 2013

There is still hope on this world…:) .

Soldier Gives Life to Save Girl !!

A boy with cerebral palsy walks to his Marine dad for the first time

This Photographer’s Profound Experiment Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


Restoring Faith in Humanity

Inspirational Video – There are Still Good People in the World

One Of The Most Inspirational Emotional Videos Ever- Must Watch!  

This Is How A Single Good Deed Can Change The World

Acts of Kindness Caught on Camera in 2012

Please watch this video ! It is beautiful . Might just make you cryy..

They Went to the Shelter to Rescue 6 Puppies – But Watch What Happens When They Get There

Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog – The transformation will amaze you! Please share.

And just when you thought you lost all faith in humanity

Act of Kindness by an Entire Group is Caught on Tape

This will make you restore your faith in Humanity….Must Watch….!!!

Faith Restored In Humanity

Unknown Heroes in real life (Part2)

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 ( Real Life Heroes الأبطال )

Bus driver hailed a hero for saving woman from suicide attempt in Buffalo, US

Passer-by Saves Suicider by Kiss

‘Thrown Away’ Dog Saves Little Girl’s Life

11-Year-Old Hero Attacks Kidnapping Suspect, Protects His Younger Sister


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