European Royals Killing Naked Children For Fun At Human Hunting Parties?

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This is one in a series of articles taken from eyewitness testimony before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

Five international judges are examining evidence of child rape, torture, murder and kidnapping allegedly done by global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network.

Regular Ninth Circle child sacrifices were said to take place in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals, the Vatican, on private estates and groves and government military bases in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, England and the US.

At least 34 child mass grave sites were identified in Ireland, Spain and Canada – and refused excavation by the respective governments, Crown of England and Catholic Church.

Named as present in Ninth Circle activities were Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger;Anglican, United Church of Canada and Catholic Church officials including Cardinals; members of European royalty including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip; officials of the Canadian, Australian, UK and US military and governments including the USA’s CIA, plus prominent government ministers, judges, politicians and businessmen from the US, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland and the UK.

Teens were drugged, stripped naked, raped, hunted down in the woods and killed by European royals according to this week’s latest eyewitness to testify before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

The woman was the fourth eyewitness to give accounts about these human hunting parties of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network.


Founded as a lawful Citizens’ Tribunal of Conscience, on September 15, 2012 in Brussels

Natural and Customary Law allows for the establishment of popular courts of justice when the existing legal and governmental authorities are subverting the law and justice, or aiding those who do. Common Law arose historically to uphold the liberties of the people against tyranny, whether religious or secular, and accordingly, has universal jurisdiction when convened as a jury court by more than twelve duly sworn men and women.

The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) was established as the legal and judicial arm of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and state (ITCCS), with the help of legal experts, judges and survivors of church terror and imperial genocide in more than a dozen countries.

ITCCS the sponsoring body of ICLCJ was formed in May of 2010 at a closed meeting of survivors of church and state terror in Dublin, Ireland. The event was initiated by Nobel Prize Nominee Reverend Kevin Annett of Canada and members of Irish survivors’ groups.

The foundational purpose of the ITCCS is to unite survivors of genocide and child torture across borders, and to mount a broad political, spiritual and legal movement to disestablish the Vatican and other churches and governments responsible for historic and ongoing crimes against children and humanity.

The original ITCCS federation was composed of groups from Ireland, England, the United States, Canada and Italy, including the Templemore Forgotten Victims (Antrim, Ireland), the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (Canada), and United Against Church Terror (USA). By September, 2013, ITCCS had spread to twenty six countries and over fifty affiliated groups. Its work is translated into thirteen languages.

Its affiliates include the prestigious cult ritual and abuse survivors’ organizations SMART of the United States, and Rete L’Abuso in Savona, Italy.

The ITCCS operates from an undisclosed central headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and from regional offices in Vancouver, New York, Dublin, London and Paris. ITCCS officers and their legal and political advisers generally retain their anonymity for reasons of security and safety.

A former member of the Netherlands criminal drug syndicate known as Octopus testified that victims were obtained for these human hunting parties from juvenile detention centers in Belgium and Holland.

“In 2004 I was an involuntary witness to torture, rape and murder sessions of drugged children performed for a group of high ranked people of the Netherlands” stated a woman.

“I was taken to a hunting party in Belgium close to Brussels where I saw two boys and a girl ages 14 to 16, hunted and killed by global elites.

The human hunting party was heavily guarded by the Netherlands Royal Guards. I was told that King Albert of Belgium was present.”

Four eyewitnesses confirmed that as children and youths they were forced to attend human hunting parties where they and other children were raped, with some killed, and deceased boy’s penises were cut off.

Allegedly there was a Dutch countryside palace where boys’ penises were displayed like trophies on a wall. Some hunting parties were hosted on the grounds of Belgium Queen Beatrix’s Palace.

Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis claimed that as a four year-old she was forced to witness murders of children that involved former Pope Ratzinger, a Dutch Catholic Cardinal, plus the father of Netherlands Belgium Queen Beatrix and Bilderberger Founder, Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard. 

Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland An Eyewitness speaks out Introduction)

Published on May 9, 2013

During Kevin Annett’s visit with us here at Freedom Central, we have been contacted by several people with some very interesting stories.

Meet Toos of the Family Nijenhuis, a very brave woman who came to meet Kevin Annett at the event Freedom Central hosted for him. Following of from the disclosure of some very sad but important facts, we immediately arranged for an interview with Toos.

This is an introductory clip of the story. There is almost 3 hours of recorded testimony that will be released shortly as part of the initiative being put in place by ITCCS Holland.

This is truly the most difficult interview we have ever conducted, and Freedom Central was very grateful for Kevin Annett’s help in interviewing this very important witness.

“I saw the former Pope Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl″ another witness confirmed. “It was at a French chateau in the fall of 1987.

It was ugly, horrible and didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger and Bernhard were some of the more prominent men who took part.”

In Ireland, Spain and Canada 34 child mass grave sites were discovered and appeared linked to Ninth Circle activities.

The largest was the Mohawk Indian Residential School in Brantford Ontario where child remains were identified in 2008 before the Catholic Church, Canadian government and English Crown shut down the dig by professional archeologists.

The 2013 ICLCJ Court had found Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip guilty for the Oct. 10 1964 disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic residential school in Kamloops British Columbia.

In the first two weeks of the 2014 court witnesses identified Dutch and Belgian royal participants in the rape and killing of Mohawk children and newborns.

Named were Bernhard and King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland.

Alleged to be present during the human hunting parties were the late Prince Johan Friso and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit, former ministers, the top man of the Dutch army, the under secretary of the Raad Van State in the Netherlands, the Vice-Roy next to Queen Beatrix and other global business and political leaders including some from the US. “Surely the present King Willem Alexander and King Filip and their wives know about this abuse and murder of children” said one eyewitness.”

They do nothing about it and likely are the ones to stop investigations and prosecutions.”

In January 2014 the brother of the king of Holland Prince Johan Friso passed away in a coma after these three Dutch-language websites shown here reached the internet.

These 3 dutch site pages are translated and posted below.


The websites revealed that Friso was at the human hunting and killing parties.

”The story came on the internet after years of trying to move the policy and justice department in the Netherlands to act against the criminals,” an eyewitness said. “

Nobody did anything to stop these criminals, probably because Queen Beatrix and King Albert likely interfered with the investigations.”

Human hunting parties were said to take place on the grounds of Belgium Queen Beatrix’s Palace in the Netherlands.

Two witnesses have named former Pope Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Beatrix’s father the deceased Prince Alfrink Bernhard, as being present at child sacrifices. Both were said to be Nazi sympathizers.

The ICLCJ Court received a collection of Jesuit archival records about a child sacrificial cult known as the Knights of Darkness.

In 1933 the Knights were established by the Catholic Jesuits and Nazi Waffen S.S. Division. The records showed Ratzinger was identified as a member of the Knights while working as an S.S.

Chaplain’s assistant at the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp in Germany. The records also stated that Ratzinger participated in child sacrificial rites using kidnapped children from the camps or political prisoners.

Another court document called the Magisterial Privilege indicated child sacrifice was a regular occurrence at the Vatican.

At the tender age of 12 “Svali” of San Diego County California claimed she was brought to catacombs beneath the Vatican to witness the sacrifice of a three year-old drugged boy. 

In this video her interviewer said that 24 years prior a “Maria” told him she witnessed another satanic child sacrifice rite in the same Vatican Catacombs.

Last week an Irish police investigator reported to the ICLCJ Court that the close to 800 babies buried in a Catholic Nun’s septic tank were dismembered, decapitated and in bits and pieces – signs that they could have been murdered in Satanic child sacrifice rites.

In the last two months the ICLCJ Court has heard these heart-wrenching testimonies about the rape, torture and murder of children as recently as 2010 by Catholic leaders, European royal family members and other global elites.

Murder sites of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult were said to be in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals including the Vatican and on private estates, military establishments and groves in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, France, England and the US.

The ICLCJ Court has been overwhelmed with newly discovered evidence and a number of new witnesses coming forward to testify about Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult activities.

They have uncovered Ninth Circle Satanic Cult member possible involvement in international child sacrifice, kidnapping, exploitation and drug rings.

The five international judges and 27 jury members were expected to remain in session for at least a year due to the complexity of the cases.

Amnesty has been offered to citizens or employees of the Vatican, Crown of England, churches or governments willing to give sworn testimony or evidence that leads to the prosecution of these global elites suspected of committing crimes.

Rewards up to 10,000 euros or around 13,660 dollars was available through the ICLCJ court.

The ICLCJ Court had over 450 Common Law Peace Officers in 13 countries, with 51 local chartered groups operating. Local organizing funds were available for common law groups that applied through the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

To contact officers of the court or ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett, email or call:,,,, 250-591-4573 (Canada), or 386-323-5774 (USA)

Tue, June 24, 2014

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Breaking Interview with Kevin Annett, June 13: Irish babies’ remains bear signs of ritual sacrifice; George Soros and royalty “hunting children”; Direct Action Units to shut down upcoming Ninth Circle ritual slaying of children in Dublin and Montreal

Posted on June 13, 2014

In this June 13, 2014 update from Kevin Annett, more evidence from the Brussels trial of Pope Francis reveals how wide the net of child sacrifice by the Vatican and European royalty extends.

Also news from the movement to establish a lawful Republic in Canada, and upcoming direct actions around the world to stop forever the murderous actions of the Ninth Circle.

Kevin Annett: Witnesses to 800 Irish children slaughtered; Dutch Prince, PM, Soros hunting children

VANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, field secretary of the International Common Law Court of Justice, described how Irish babies may have been ritually murdered :

New eyewitnesses in Ireland and Holland describe more Ninth Circle killings, name George Soros, Prince Friso and Dutch Prime Minister
Direct Action Units prepare to shut down Ninth Circle rituals at Montreal and Dublin churches
Canadian common law courts convene under the authority of a new Republic of Kanata

Child rape not a crime in Catholicism: Archbishop’s admission to American court is a wake up call to why it all must end

Tuam, Ireland and Brussels:

The remains of nearly 800 babies found in a cistern at the Catholic St. Mary’s Mothers and Babies Home near Tuam “bear marks of ritual killing” according to a source within the Garda, Ireland’s police force.

“The forensic people have told us that the configuration of the remains and evidence of continual decapitation and dismemberment resemble the usual signs of ritualistic murder …These children weren’t just cut up, they were massacred.”

The Irish government and Roman Catholic church have announced their own in-house “investigation” of the mass grave, and have closed off the site without declaring it to be a crime scene: the standard procedure in any institutional cover-up.

Hundreds of protestors marched in Dublin today to the Irish Dail, or Parliament, demanding a full inquiry with the power to prosecute.

Meanwhile, as the Common Law trial of Pope Francis and others for child trafficking and murder proceeds in Brussels, a new Dutch witness has shed more light on the Ninth Circle Satanic network and its links to child killings in England, Belgium and Ireland.

The witness, a retired public official, has named nine top judges, politicians, Bilderberger member George Soros and Prince Friso, the brother of the present King of Holland, as participants in killings of children she observed in Oudergem, Belgium and Zwolle, Holland during 1996 and 2000.

The witness gave her videotaped testimony last Monday to Court investigators.

“In some woods near Oudergem, they hunted those naked children through the forest and shot them down … then they cut off the penises of the dead boys and held them up as trophies.

I saw Belgian soldiers patrolling the woods and protecting the men who did the hunting, men like Prince Friso, King Albert of Belgium and Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister.

I recognized George Soros in the hunting party too, you know, the billionaire. He is good friends with Friso’s wife, Mabel Wisse Smit.”

Friso, younger brother to Dutch King Willelm, died suddenly in a hospital last year while recovering from a “skiing accident”.

His death came just before the public exposure of high level child murder by former Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent Louis.

The witness also described the presence of “a Catholic prelate” at a separate murder of three teenage juvenile offenders near Zwolle, Holland in 2004.

“A criminal syndicate called ‘The Octopus’ provides the children by taking them from juvenile detention centers.

There were three of them that day, two boys and a girl.

All of them were raped and tortured to death at a house near Zwolle owned by the gangsters. Friso was there, and some Catholic prelate I didn’t recognize because he spoke English.

But I remember Friso calling him ‘The Irishman’ and he also referred to the Nine or the Group of Nine or something.”

The witness was present at the killings and is a former member of the alleged “Octopus” crime syndicate that controls the drug trade in Holland and Belgium.

She is the fourth insider to come forward to describe ritual killings by top officials in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Ninth Circle Rituals targeted for shut down

Montreal and Dublin:

Professionally trained sheriffs are preparing to shut down planned Ninth Circle sacrificial rituals at Catholic churches in Montreal, Canada and Dublin, Ireland this summer and autumn, and arrest and charge the participants with murder.

The sheriffs are presently undergoing training within Direct Action Units established by the Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, and its dozens of local affiliates.

A statement from the Court’s Sheriff’s Office reads,

“We are targeting two cathedrals where the Ninth Circle ritual killing of babies are scheduled to take place on August 15 and at the new moon in September, those being Pro Cathedral in Dublin and Marie Reine du Monde Cathedral in Montreal.

Everyone present will be arrested and arraigned before the Court for suspected child murder. We will use every force that’s necessary to save the lives of those children.”

The Sheriff’s Office will be notifying the Garda police in Dublin of their intentions and calling upon their assistance.

In Montreal, the regular police, as agents of the criminally convicted “crown of england”, will be ordered to stand down and not interfere with the Sheriffs’ actions, and will be charged with criminal collusion and obstructing justice if they do interfere.

A New Republic in Canada: Common Law Courts to receive Constitutional Legitimacy


In the wake of last year’s criminal conviction and lawful annulment of Canada’s head of state, Elizabeth Windsor, for Crimes against Humanity, patriots across Canada are gathering in Winnipeg this October at a Constitutional Convention to establish a sovereign Republic in Canada to replace so-called “Crown” authority.

The Convention will issue a Proclamation of Independence and a Constitution to be ratified by the people of Canada.

It will also provide a legitimate basis for the establishment of de jure common law courts of record across Canada.

Kevin Annett, an adviser to the Winnipeg-based Provisional Council for the Republic, said today in a joint statement with Council Chairman Cameron Shields,

“One woman in London, Elizabeth Windsor, owns all of the lands and minerals of our country and has murdered and can murder children at her pleasure.

She also calls herself the head of state of Canada.

We will not live under such tyranny any longer, nor allow our children to. Under the law, there is no lawful authority in Canada any longer.

We must create that authority and come under the rule of common law, and a true Republic. We ask every Canadian to join us.”

The Convention will take place between October 27-31, 2014.

It will establish the constitutional basis for common law courts in Canada and for the legal disestablishment of the Crown of England and its sponsor, the Church of Rome.

The Council has issued a draft Proclamation and Constitution to Convention delegates.

To receive a copy and attend the Convention, contact the Council at .

A Final Comment: Child rape not a crime in Catholicism – Archbishop’s admission is a wake up call

Catholic Archbishop Robert Carlson stated this week to American lawyers that he was “not aware that child rape is a crime”.

Carlson is responsible for the concealment of priestly child trafficking in his Minneapolis diocese as far back as 1980. (NBC News, June 10, 2014)

Carlson’s outrageous remarks are not an aberration or a cause to simply be outraged: they are in fact an honest description of official Catholic policy and attitude.

The rape of children is not a crime under catholic “canon law”

(see Crimen Sollicitationas, , appendix 9), nor according to the depraved values of catholic clergy and officials.

When Carlson expresses doubt over whether it’s wrong to rape a child, we should hardly be surprised.

He has been raised in a religious culture that condones and belittles the crime because it profits massively from it to the tune of a multi-billion dollar a year in house child trafficking industry.

How long would any politician last if he made Carlson’s remark?

The Church of Rome, of course, can get away with murder and this kind of obscenity, and does, all the time.

So why is the world tolerating the continued existence of this church: the worst child killing institution in human history?

Give your answer in the streets, not simply in your re-awakened outrage.

To contact the Court or its local affiliates to volunteer for any aspect of its work, contact or .

Messages can be left at 386-323-5774 (USA)

or 250-591-4573 (Canada).

Stand by for further Court Bulletins.

Issued by the Citizen Prosecutor’s Office, Public Information Agency, Brussels

June 11, 2014


Kevin Annett: Witnesses to 800 Irish children slaughtered; Dutch Prince, Prime Minister, Soros hunting children.


Dutch Translated pages below

Part 1.Her Majesty’s secret service
(Dutch language translated to English..From the Netherlands)
A law which violates fundamental human rights
Note: The following, unverified story is presented as true events.
Given the details we take seriously into account that this story could contain the truth.
This information is provided by the police and the MSM, but this is not a sequel to come.
We consider it our duty to the reader and the judiciary to request to review this story.

Properly merits urgent this way (Inter alia on the basis of Article 160. +161 +162 Sv)

collage 2

————— Part 1. ————–


Before and after the death of the “Reverend” Klaas Bruinsma circulate names are property dealers across the screen that drug money seemingly legalization as an investment.
Especially the names Harrogate and Chris Dijkhuis and Jan Dirk Paarlberg emerge as investors drug money.

All they are good for high Quote listing.

Even names like Harry and Tom of Moesdijk Moeskop (called Tom and Jerry) passing this revue.
Willem Holleeder invested Dijkhuis and Paarl Mountain as already said a cool 150 million.

Now is the girlfriend of William Holleeder supposedly the daughter of Chris Dijkhuis, so such an investment should not be surprising.
The Dijkhuis property management has the Rembrandt Tower on the Amstel and the Hilton Hotel chain and invest in the construction of the new Waldorf Astoria Hotel.’re Busy (Who and what is real Dijkhuis we will come back)

At the time of Bruinsma and the IRT affair Maarten van Traa is known that Charles Vosseveld (Stanley Charles Esser) hundreds of millions of transporting drugs, making the importation of this drug containers were geregeld.Ook names by including the IRS man Cees Janssen Superintendent-CID Frits van Putten, and the “royal couple” Boss CID Klaas Langedoen and Joost van Vondel diving hereby op.Langedoen and Vondel were sentenced to four and six months in prison, because of amounts received and perjury.

Cees Janssen was paid with huge amount, after which various sports institutes stomped in ao Boskoop, Velp and Leusden from the ground. A known Nol Hendriks kept this tax administration.
Cees Janssen reported to Fred Teeven.De name Eric Nord Holt also turns on. Klaas Bruinsma in the case
Eric Nord Holt was at that time 1987-1997 Commissioner of Police in Amsterdam.

At the request of Wim Duisenberg Nord Holt takes a seat on the committee Fraud of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, but his name is associated with Dutroux network, where many well-known high-level names appear. one of the main suspects in the Dutroux network Dutch would historian Ger van Roon be.
Cees Janssen was called during the IRT affair so sick and near death, and could not therefore appear to be a bribe which never investigated.

Substance for the commission of Traa Curiously, the same day afterwards Cees seen in one of his sports institutes, while he gave a young doe lesson.

Alive again Fred Teeven also could explain anything meaningful about the bribes, but exchanged it with information from Robert Mink Cook.

The career of Fred Teeven is referred to as a rocket shot up
Benk Korthals who also became a very different perverse area felt the storm coming and made it clear in the debate on the 1995 Annual Report on 27 August 1996 that “we do not want the BVD is an extension of the police.

” At the presentation of the “Threat Trafficking” on May 29, 2001 wrote Justice Minister Benk Korthals, however, that the BVD is expanded.
<- Evert Korlaar — The All Knower>
The Prosecution did not have a good view of the goings Klaas Bruinsma and his cronies.

(Was it by Bruinsma to hundreds of pounds of soft drugs, Johan Verhoek. Convicted in 1998 on appeal to the smuggling of two hundred thousand pounds.
His organization, called by Octopus justice, crime has tentacles in the upper world. The Hakkelaar of customs officers to the police and people in the highest circles in his grasp.)
<— Evert K.E.van Korlaar
<-Kees van Korlaar  E.van Korlaar —- The commissioner.

K.van Korlaar

Has not in his chest had around 1985 Kees van Korlaar a gunshot after gunshot wound that is operated and bonded in the evening actual / night hours at the University Hospital in Antwerp? It remains to be seen anyway.

Around 1985 Andre Brilleman arranged for four emerging young criminals (the Van Korlaar, Evert, Kees, Peter and Adelbert) to arrange a meeting with Klaas Bruinsma.

Had a full import and export line and set up in the Netherlands. 4 For this was their disposal an entire fleet seaworthy yachts for picking up coke off the coast of South America, as well as a fleet of vessels with home Arnhem for transporting coke throughout Europe.

De tweespaltmakerDe tweespaltmaker

The family had its own subcontractors recruited in Colombia and especially the twin brothers Miguel Angel Mejia Munera and Victor Manuel, who from the age of 18 have been completely brought up by the family Van Korlaar.
<Adelbert of Korlaar —- The tweespaltmaker The visit to Bruinsma proceeded differently if they had imagined. Klaas Bruinsma, John Mieremet, Kees Houtman and Evert Hingst, received four Gelderland provincial little different as expected and showed how brands Amsterdam criminals dealing with competitors.

Clearly showed Bruinsma that he would suffer no interference and four were severely mistreated and humiliated kicked off, with the youngest and smallest of the bunch (the nickname Tweespaltmaker later), more dead than alive came out.

These four brothers Korlaar, (with later nicknames the All Knower, the Auditor, the Tweespaltmaker and 4th Nitwit) swore revenge.

When finally the Tweespaltmaker was so advanced that it could be lifted out of bed and could be put in the front of the car in February 1985 made an appointment with Andre Brilleman to consult again.

Peter v K

Peter Korlaar – 4th Nitwit.

Andre Brilleman was asked on Sunday morning to get an appointment with the brothers to the parents of the “All Knower” in the Gelderland residence to Den Bosch.

Brilleman came by train from the station and was Den Bosch picked. The All Knower was driving and Tweespaltmaker still had not recovered lifted on the passenger.

The car carrying the five people on the bridge Zaltbommel to a plot in the flood plains west of the bridge.

That the plot had 4 red container of gasoline and materials for making concrete ready put. Brilleman was bound and gagged and having a base of concrete (pure cement) was poured into the vessel Brilleman was after being processed by two burly brothers placed in the barrel with his feet.

Yet equally Brilleman was detained until the concrete had hardened reasonable.
From the trunk of the car seat was taken and put down for Brilleman. Then the Tweespaltmaker was lifted out of the car and into the chair to put it off paid with kogels.

Het barrel and cured was deposited in the river Waal with body Brilleman.

It remains for those four men to celebrate their revenge on bone but put their revenge for practical and tactical reasons until later.

By that procrastination is Klaas Bruinsma liquidated by a person other than through this upcoming criminals. (27 June 1991)

A picture of Klaas Bruinsma his Ferrari for the mill Finch to Herveld.


Adelbert of Korlaar at that time was also in attendance.
When these four criminals deemed it time for liquidation, they have almost the same day the remaining running liquidated.

The All Knower, John Mieremet (November 2, 2005) are taken into account.

The Commissioner and the Tweespaltmaker Kees Houtman and also Evert Hingst taken on their behalf. (November 2, 2005 and October 31, 2005) Hingst (lawyer, Evert Drijber) and Hillis had a real estate company in Ibiza.

The security cameras Stanley Hillis, the neighbor Hingst, explained the liquidation of fixed Hingst.

Hillis handed the pictures to the investigation, but the images were never shown and the OM Peter la Serpe was offered so that the prosecution was thrown sand in the eyes so that the prosecution would not uitkomen.

Hillis who knew too much by the brothers was built in February liquidated in 2011, after it became known that the conversation between him and Donald Green would be monitored by the national recherche.

De present in this murder investigation apparently for reasons other side looked up. (we will come back to this)

The All Knower had already made contact with the Italian Mafia, ‘Ndrangheta, and offered his services, under clear disclosure of what they had achieved in criminal drug trafficking and which channels they had with the huge criminal profits laundering.

The Ndrangheta saw something in the Dutchman and he (and thus the other three of the family) were accepted in their midst.

Because the members of the ‘Ndrangheta often since childhood trained in criminal doings and it seemed the top Ndrangheta better that the All Knower first few years came to them in the learning.

It lasted three years, with the All Knower between his official activities in society was incorporated into the learning process of the Italian Mafia.

At the same time, the All Knower was included in the think tank of the ‘Ndrangheta. And later that four criminals made responsible by the All Knower and the Commissioner for all drug trafficking from the Ndrangheta worldwide.

*** Evert, Kees and Adelbert carry the Mafia honorary titles: – “You Baruni” and “Mantaru” Only Evert for the killing of a member of the board of the country (Maarten van Traa) the additional title: “Excelente”.

Peter (4th Niwit) has no honorary titles. *****

Cor van Hout

The 4th Nitwit (Peter) of this criminal brothers, was on March 27, 1996 the first liquidation Cor van Hout, who was with his wife Sonja (the sister of William Holleeder) and their child was in the car, the car radio uitvoeren.Omdat Cor van Hout song ‘Kedeng Kedeng “by Guus Meeuwis echoed, touched Peter, who is a music teacher, somewhat by the wise.

The liquidation failed. The problem, however, was that this was recorded, or on surveillance, but never of wood is shown.
(The technical investigation seems to be conscious movie / photo nearly 15 years to conceal substantial paid)

The original film gives the following picture:


Moordaanslag Heinekenontvoerder Cor van Hout

Assassination Heinekenontvoerder Cor van Hout Liquidation

Uploaded on Sep 10, 2010

Justice provides free surveillance of the attack on Heinekenontvoerder Cor van Hout in 1996. Justice considers the images as highly incriminating evidence against accused Miroslav Protic, against whom a trial begins Monday.

SEE HERE – and also:
In Zandvoort in the eighties small children by an international pedophile network in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and England, Portugal, which included notables were abused and we are familiar names of men from living together in a jachthuis.

De German Porn Producer Gerrie Ulrich comes here discussed. The found in Zandvoort pictures were ‘partly from Jersey’s’ House of Hell’ where between 1960 and 1980 crimes were committed “each beyond conception.”

Babies were raped, tortured and slain in specially equipped torture chambers, forensic experts have evidence found in the basement of the home.

It was here 90,000 abused and tortured children and babies that came to light in part through the Morkhoven action group.

In Morkhoven action group oanamen as Joris Demmink, Ed Nijpels photographed in a pink dress, Hirsch Ballin and Donner SM club Paradise Breda run by Leo (nne) called Zeegers and may begin again the Royal cover-ups. It is known that Ed Nijpels ‘a relationship’ maintained with the spin of the Dutch child pornography network Mr. Frits Salomonson.


But also:
In this trafficking, we will elaborate on below, especially regarding with above top criminals and pedophile needs Top officials in the Netherlands and beyond.

The GP Joyce Labruyere came on the track of children who were abused by senior officials.

She rang the bell. Filed complaints with the PPS. She is no longer alive, she was murdered.

Never under unexplained circumstances she died. In February 1991 she disappeared on the way to her parents in Hoofddorp.

Her unclothed body, weighted with a block of basalt, a month later found in the Meuse at Appeltern, in the green land of Maas and Waal, where Andre Brilleman was murdered.

Mr. Wilfred Brinkhuis organized sex parties for adults in Utrecht. He came into contact with high-ranking officials who wanted to use pedo parties. Spaces are

There he would not cooperate and complained to the OM. He is no longer alive. He died under suspicious circumstances.

Mustard driver drove both Aad Kosto and Joris Demmink. He complained to his supervisor about the behavior of Demmink on the back seat of his car abused boys.

He is no longer alive. He died under suspicious circumstances.

2006 (Former Defense Secretary Job Rider wanted the book “One man against the State Journalist Alexander Nijeboer it banned because it was associated with a sexual offense.

Related in some passages by the court, the former minister chose eggs for his money by agreeing to with the inclusion of an additional statement by an insert.’s claim that Rider Nijeboer also had to promise to investigate a possible pedophile past Rider was rejected by the author.) no inquiry more

drs P.A. de Ruiter
Under the name Rider we come across a striking against a person we are very familiar face and facial folds of Van Korlaar.

An alias under the “By Address” name Pieter.Arie Drs. Rider {half spouse Martine Elderkamp, the other half, the real husband was imprisoned, but probably knows Esquire Barthold William Lucas Boreel more?

Esquire Barthold William Lucas Boreel married Martine Petra the “Rider”. Only after the couple had received the first child daughter Petra Martine Elderkamp told the nobleman Pieter Arie de Ruiter was not her real father.
Then who her in jail facing real father was and that Pieter Arie de Ruiter, a very good friend of her biological father and his marriage to the mother and the name change of her children all the shame of the prison hallway of her real father and the loss income could occur.
P.A. Rider a man, in our opinion, a Mulo training, which conflicts with the port in 1982 “mediator”, but that we can still find it. no graduation Tutor
A man with a very hazy C.V. what an HBS-a training and would be to the Dutch Economic Institute in Rotterdam (Erasmus University)? then graduated at the age of 26 years Despite the very hazy C.V. was this man according to his C.V. in a think tank with famous names like van der Louw, Bram Peper, Jan Pronk and relus ter Beek.
In the examination register of the Erasmus University, the man can not be found. The explanation of this trick is the following:
Evert Korlaar was asked by the mayor Bram Peper to mediate in the port conflict.
Evert Korlaar did not operate under his baptismal name, but if the Port Man and major developer in the port of Rotterdam under the name Hans van de Lande.
Evert Korlaar / Hans van de Lande has when presented with undisclosed reasons that Bram Peper he false identity with a corresponding disguise Drs PA Rider would occur.

Dealing with criminals is further eerily clear reference to the following picture with criminals like Siegfried Ulrich Humphrey Root, Frankie Uden, Brielle and Beppie.

mr. John Engelsma Marathon
Mr. John Engelsma consigliere of the Mafia boss Klaas Bruinsma.
In that period Thick Charles Geerts sends the police through bribes and he Kennemerland Corps in the hold.

Later Thick Charles sells his empire and go to Kenya, it is not known what his activities there.

Kenya, the country where later the gay / pedophile and child trafficker Robbert Mikkel Sons internship has walked into an orphanage.

John Engelsma we come from in the company of William Alexander (to show how close the ties are even) during the
New York Marathon in 1992 under the title; “Centurions of the Netherlands” (Behind Gerrie Knetemann (with cap), we see John Engelsma.)

In December 1992, immediately after the Engelsma photo was thrown by the Bar Association of the nobile officium because of ties to the underworld.

Willem Alexander ran the marathon with one of the leaders of the ‘inherit-Bruinsma, “but that does not keep the bonds of the” royal family “with the Dutch Mafia course.

Because at the moment the ‘marathon pictures were taken, had one Mabel Wisse Smit her relationship with Klaas Bruinsma itself just broken, like it at all, at least there was before Bruinsma was killed in mid-1991.

And then there’s also ‘uncle’ Frits Salomonsom as a member of the Trusteeship Council of the crown prince of a father was the prince groan.

According strong rumors Maarten van Traa was on the trail of a money-laundering center “in the upper world of the millions who Bruinsma-Text Lite led by the spindle Frits Salomonson.

Using the company The former hofadvocaat Beatrix thus played a role in the millions Bruinsma-laundering, a role that could not be sorted out, apart from his homosexual relationship with Claus van Amsberg.

Around 1980 there took place a working visit of three members of parliament to New York.

The aim of the visit was to study CCTV, then a new and revolutionary development.

Opportunities The delegation consisted of three media spokespersons A. Kosto (PvdA), L. Hermans (VVD) and P. van de Sande (CDA).

When it was collected for the flight back to the airport, came from the Sande not show up. Eventually, he arrived with a red head just before closing the gate.

“There has been a disaster happened,” said Van de Sande. “I got a call. I can and can not say absolutely nothing about. “But once ascended it quickly ended with the discretion of the CDA MP.

The ‘call’ turned from R. Lubbers, chairman of the Christian Democrats in the House. Van de Sande: “It went on Claus.

The Prince Consort was traveling with Salomonson in America and is continuously detected in gay venues and clubs pedophile. He is being blackmailed.

The situation has become untenable. Netherlands is about to collapse. Everyone in The Hague is distraught, irrational and hopelessly. “This course was covered up.

From 1986 to probably still present.
For the pleasures of pedophile Senior officials and members of the royal family were / are performances held in the venue at the 8094 Hattemerbroek Elburgerweg the coordinates north latitude and east longitude to see.

Performances by taking care of the criminals, recruited children from juvenile detention centers were abused.

The theater is used for the torture / murder scenes and fills with perferts.

It is a bare building with inside just one large room, which was equipped with several rows of seats with a side and a connecting path.
Witnesses speak about the presence of about 50-60 men / women who have to pay for, including sharply, Johan Friso, Mabel Wisse Smit (Los) under the guidance of George Soros (Györge Schwartz), PH Donner, Hirsch Ballin, E.Van the Emster, Dick Berlin, Gerlof Leistra, Carla Eradus, Geert Wilders, Mark Rutte, Joris Demmink, Guus Pareau Dumont (Psychiatrist Friso)

A gold business for the top criminals, which amounts to € 250 000, – doing the rounds, but more importantly the contacts made and photo and movie recording.

It is not difficult to guess that hereafter blackmail, has opened. Various roads {2005 more information on this subject have been handed over to the Telegraph.

The Telegraph wild / dared / was this story of the horrific event not print. (We now know why) Instead, there is a piece in the Telegraph published on youth detention centers in the Netherlands over the years, dozens of guests are “lost”.
A newspaper article, where the big criminals, but also those involved have lain awake. No night
The torture / murder scenes in the Netherlands started by the above Top criminals when they had once ingeworsteld in Belgium through the Cercle Lorraine in Brussels or to a club Belgian nobles who stand engaged in hunting kinderen.

De literal hunt for children understood. A yacht that took place during the day and find, among others at the site Oudergem in Belgium.

elburgerweg hattemerbroek

The satanic martel-/moordvoorstellingen two decades with children will all take place on a site owned by the top criminals, including the buildings that are located on the U-shaped road that leads to the Elburgerweg to Hattemerbroek.

Access to these U-shaped path is hidden behind a row bomen.Een venue with a theater and also what is called a hotel, although this is not a hotel.

Often a group of Poles housed here to houden.Het appearances theater is a bare building consisting of one large room, which is equipped with several rows of seats with a side and a path for between 50-60 pedophile and satanic sadists.
In these representations “are” given the following persons: Johan Friso, Mabel Wisse Smit (Los) under the guidance of George Soros (Györge Schwartz), PH Donner, Hirsch Ballin, E.Van the Emster, Dick Berlin, Gerlof Leistra, Carla Eradus, Geert Wilders, Mark Rutte, Joris Demmink, Guus Pareau Dumont (Psychiatrist Friso) (Lesbian Mabel snuggled next to contact Johan Friso, allowing the criminals rise in 2003 saw Peter R. de Vries to signal the whereabouts of Charlie da Silva to prevent Mabel would roll inside. royalty, however.)

This failed
Peter Korlaar Gerlof Leistra knows well and has among other things arranged for his eldest daughter Inez could come. Employed by Elsevier
Guus Dumont was married to T. Bruns Field Imperial since 1952 but were separated in 1980.

Later came the official separation. Guus Pareau Dumont married much later stage with Carla Eradus.
The admission prices to the “event” totaled approximately 10,000, – for the special invitees.
Child abuse is brought to the “hotel” where the child gets a dry ring in a drink. Meanwhile, the theater is full of perverts.

And then it starts. The breathless onlooking public is sick that victim then repeatedly raped and horribly mistreated by two of the criminals.

A representation of nearly 30 minutes atrocities.

Those assaults end because one criminal a long iron pipe pulls out with a point.

Then the biggest criminal tilt the slaughtering sacrifice to the waist and impales the victim that iron pipe.
The criminal who has fixed the pipe, which still holds at least a few minutes up and see that the victim is convulsing pulls and death gaat.

Dan let those criminals that pipe with the victim still in with a bang on the floor vallen.Einde performance.


Above top criminal discovered in Belgium as great a demand existed for
Satanic murders in the aristocratic circles and related groups that animals like Dutroux could develop. Unlimited because of them!

They had amply loved as suppliers through the Cercle Lorraine in Brussels in a club Belgian nobles who stand engaged in the hunt for children.

That game took place during the day and just be in the place Oudergem in Belgium.

The parking lot and the whole forest is deposited with fences and access is tightly guarded by guards of the Royal Guard. Obviously this is a group selected and paid heavily bewakers.

Volgens information are King Albert and the Dutch “prince” Constantine therein fixed hunting partners.

The victims (three children aged between 12 and 15 years) who were hunting chosen from juvenile detention and possibly even kindertehuizen.

De children were placed with a small army truck and dressed in army blankets.

Below that they were naked.

The forest was accessible barren first ca 1.5-2 km walk straight about about 2.5 meters wide and paved path.

This forest At the end of that path held in the hardening.

Then if you turn right through the woods across the grass went down (about 200-300 meters) and there arrived a quarter turned you could look down through the trees to a clearing in the forest. the children were told, when they open spot in the forest were completely cross, at which hunt they were free to move without being brought to the detentiecentra.

Getuige back, however, told that on the other side of the clearing in the forest were also hunters, if a child could do it all over the place open to stabbing, it would be. still shot When hunting horns sounded and the hunt was started on children.

Almost immediately I saw the youngest boy expose the clearing and incur all be shot.

I saw a hunter and a man walking towards the body of the boy. His genitals were cut off from the body and kept the hunter with a joyful cry omhoog.Ik heard the other two kids utter cries.
When there was a break, but then again sounded the jachthoorn.Ik heard the oldest boy shouting: do not do it. I saw the girl exposing reach all the clearing.
She was almost immediately doodgeschoten.Ik saw another hunter and another at the corpse walking.

It is not known to me the trophy they the body of the girl haalden.Opnieuw sounded the horn, and I saw the oldest boy in a canal clearing the run up to the other side.
The hunters left the older boy to the mid-clearing, and when he was in the back doodgeschoten.Ook his genitals were removed by a clump of three hunters.
One of the hunters did it with a cry of joy in the air. This was the hunt ended.
After approval noble castle Hof Ter Heide Borght was 41-43 to Westerbeek (Hulshout) Belgium purchased.

After extensive renovations (40% of the costs through subsidies borne congregation came) underground the existing trophy room (to adjust for insiders removed by morbid Satanists genitals on display) was provided by the All Knower and Commissioner of audio and video equipment so that every visitor that room through sound and image could be captured and the brothers an opportunity with key individuals that image and sound to confront and then blackmail.

Hof ter Borght
The straw owner viz Immobilière Beaumont from Luxembourg is mentioned, but we have a different opinion.

According to Marc Borgher the real heritage officer of the Flemish Region is difficult to trace the owner.

The owner was also not available by phone for comment, but in the year 2013 the castle and park would be open to visit.

We do not expect the trophy room that is accessible only through two rooms left, then through a closet and then a long hallway, and then descend into the space falls below the opening.

Evert van Korlaar held in the left part of the building (as well as in Brussels and Basel) office.
Judge for yourself on the following Belgian sites:

The K. family has arranged for Robert Mikelsons came to the Netherlands from Germany.
Mikel Sons petitioned for his pedophilia and pedophile history in Germany.
The K. family has ensured that Robert Mikelsons, as an intermediary between Germany and the Netherlands, for a long time stayed in an orphanage in Africa.

The son of the female owner of that African children’s home lives in Amsterdam and is one of the many criminal assistants of the K. family.

Robert Mikelsons task has been delivering babies and toddlers for pedo Association of dignitaries from the beginning.

That babies and toddlers were, after the start of the nursery, by Robert Mikelsons issued to his partner Richard Olffen with his van, with 2 child seats, then at the orphanage came to driving. Richard Olffen then brought the children to a high-ranking pedo who are allowed to go ahead with.

Against cash settlement of between 5,000 and 15,000 per child per turn. Payment received Mikelsons distributed through its young Latvian boyfriend.

The escort blog Richard Olffen including the GSM phone of Mr. Frits van Straelen was the OM in Amsterdam.

In 2005 and 2007, since when Mikel Sons on gave an address in Amsterdam, told the Amsterdam vice squad of the actual work of Robert Mikel Sons.

On the Amsterdam vice detective has it in 2005 and in 2007 brought the 3hoek and 4 corner; which from above further research is stopped.

After Robert Mikelsons, via the USA, and later Richard Olffen were arrested, the Amsterdam vice detective reiterated the reports in 2005 and 2007.,

But hastily told the Amsterdam vice detective that extensive research should be done into Latvia to, and which never shows a sub-supply of high-ranking pedophiles.


Mr. Erik van den Emster (Chairman of the Council of the Judiciary) has ensured that Carla Eradus, regardless of its terrible record, has been promoted to president of the Court of Amsterdam.

A top position in the judiciary in the Netherlands, which led to parents under its jurisdiction were deprived of parental rights and children “elsewhere” were placed.

Carla Eradus was married to the now deceased psychiatrist Gustave Guillaume Francois Dumont Pareau, fixed psychiatrist “prince” Johan Friso.

(Carla Eradus of 1974 to 1984 as a lawyer working at the Pieter Baan Centre and met again the psychiatrist Guus Pareau Dumont, the periodic satanic moordpartijen.

Carla Eradus was / is thereby fixed present.) The connection with Erik van den Emster, also a regular visitor to the satanic murder representation, has undoubtedly been affected by her appointment.
The mother of Erik van den Emster is a Brenninkmeijer family, and thus the Dutch National Ombudsman.

Erik van den Emster is pedophile and got through the mediation of the criminal K. family including babies and children delivered already in his house in Bavel, when he was working at the District Court of Breda.

The living room of the house looked like an abandoned military building loop.

There was only one kind of increase, if it were an empty classroom, a large wooden desk with a chair.

And then one or two worn wooden stoelen.Op large desk stood the aquarium with piranhas and on the wall hung a rope ready to use.
Of course those supplies were from small children to senior pedo’s not stop and has to date never stopped.
There are two groups to distinguish which children were needed and, for the pedophile situation does not stop.
1. To be senior pedophiles. Systematically raped Therefor babies and toddlers used.

The intention is that the children continue to live and show no appearance of abuse.

These children come from nurseries and there made including Robert and Richard Mikel Sons of Olffen for.

Often with the cooperation of the owner of the nursery.
2. For the satanic torture / murder scenes for very senior officials t / m, the highest ladder.

Therefor and children were used in juvenile detention centers. which is told in recruiting that the royal house a work offered to such a child a chance. Select children without a brother / sister, etc.


April 30, 1999 / May 1, 1999
Then Walpurgis Night and the disappearance of Marianne Vaatstra and the belief that the suspect in the murder of two buses on the border gebracht.

De Walpurgisnacht is a fertility myth of magic and is associated with Satanism which include hosted at the Veluwe at Wells ..

The 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra was raped on the night of April 30, 1999 to May 1, 1999 near Veenklooster and killed by strangulation and cutting the throat by a resident of the AZC-Kollum (the man had been given asylum here despite that he had raped several women in their own country and their throats cut).

On May 3, 1999, the killer transferred under great secrecy to the AMOG-Musselkanaal.

There he was picked up by the Immigration and put on a plane under heavy escort the next day.

Feik Mustafa and Ali Hussein Hassan, two inseparable, violent, drug use income, traumatized asylum seekers were housed for years at the AZC Kollum. Feik was friends with a 13 year old girl would be raped.

Later he Feik and Marianne Ali threatened two weeks before the murder in the Ringo bar Veenklooster.

Marianne was murdered on the night of Queen’s Day, Friday, April 30, 1999. She was found on May 1 in a pasture on a leg of the AZC. She was raped (vaginal and anal) strangled and her throat was cut.

Feik raped earlier that Queen’s Day in 1999, 13-year-old girlfriend. Unfortunately, they did not until several days later declaration, fearing Feik.

This declaration of rape was dismissed on July 15, 1999 by Petty Officer Justice J. Stoffel.

Feik Mustafa and Ali Hussein Hassan are never considered as suspects. Of Feik and Ali has never diminished DNA.

It could not, for they were gone immediately after the murder. It was that night on the infamous Satanic Walpurgis Night, which perverts indulge their lusts.

Stephanie Reemst is the most crucial, never heard a witness in the murder case of Marianne Vaatstra.

The true story of Marianne Vaatstra. (Else if the prosecution told)
The brothers organized, orchestrated, raped and murder some time for Johan Friso and his unsavory friends driver paid by Beatrix.
On April 30, 1999 queens day in the afternoon, the brothers were contacted by telephone by the royal family with the urgent request that torture / throttle performance to take place for Johan Friso that night.
The brothers were surprised by the request. They believed in such a short period is not to regulate them.

Representation They had arranged a victim and the hotel location is next to the building where the torture / murder scenes were always given by the brothers was filled with 60 Poles who stayed there, so the fixed location could not be used.
The brothers refused the request from the royal house that evening to do. Those torture / murder show for Johan Friso
From the royal house, the pressure was increased and the amounts normally paid to the brothers who show increased well.
The brothers refused. Then raised the royal house, the amount again. The brothers refused.
When the royal family the amount that would be paid increased to about 500,000, =, or even more, the brothers felt that they could no longer refuse.

The brothers Van Korlaar assumed that there was apparently very high distress Johan Friso.

The brothers accepted to further boost for Johan Friso. A torture / murder show for that amount that same evening The amount offered by the royal house stood, despite the Sunday closing (queens day) when the account of the brothers K through criminal channels was 10 minutes short-term controlled location which was a mobile home in the north of the country .

A mobile home was equipped with all kinds of recording and listening devices. [The chosen mobile home was owned by a foreigner] At the royal house, the location was passed.
That night was the All Knower of the performance that was conducted by the Commissioner and the Tweespaltmaker.
The All Knower was wondering if next Johan Friso and his regular psychiatrist Guus Pareau Dumont maybe more relatives Johan Friso would be on that day queens present.

He was disappointed, only Johan Friso and his regular psychiatrist aanwezig.De criminals were left between 21:00 and 21:30 from their hometown to regulate the business.
Friso left the Alphabet between 22:00 and 22.30uur to arrive on time. Friesland to
As a victim, the Commissioner and the Tweespaltmaker when someone just grabbed off the street.
The victim was then drugged and raped in front of Johan Friso and his regular psychiatrist and brutally murdered.



The Monaco Tapes.
The real world lets make a video of an exclusive party of three days in Monaco.


Chris Thun Essen, grown in the estate, pays everything for everybody. The “upper world” and the underworld is present.
On the video, the reporter says that Bram Moszkowicz is seen, which is talking to John Mieremet. Mieremet is not talking, but talks with the top criminal “the All Knower,” Evert Van Korlaar that while just coming into the picture with his shoulder.

The All Knower is available there under the name Harro Dijkhuis and fears that appeals to him Mieremet Evert

de AllesweterEvert van K.

He steps on Mieremet sometimes the conversation goes like this:
All-Knower: Hi John.
Mieremet: hai
All-Knower: I’m here under a different name.
Mieremet: Whatever.
All-Knower: I want to be disturbed.
Mieremet: good.
The All Knower, the camera and sound engineer with a honderdje and asks them not to take him. Image Several times (3 x) on this tape he comes and focus briefly on the screen.
Later (the next day, Kees specially flown to Monaco)), we see at a roadside café: John Mieremet, Sam Klepper and notes the reporter on: clear picture Willem Holleeder to zien.De “NOS” has spread this nonsense because the man in the picture is not Holleeder but the brother of the All Knower nicknamed “the Commissioner” (See the patch to the ring)

De CommissarisKees van Korlaar 1
When this picture was erroneously mentioned that this William Holleeder was photographed in 2005 (see:, but this is Kees van Korlaar in 2003 on Sunday morning in his car (one week old VW Phaeton) get on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam.

Willem Holleeder is 10 cm smaller than Kees van Korlaar and the same time is even similar to gewicht.Er 2nd leather jacket (one size larger) as that of Holleeder ordered to set Kees opportunity as Holleeder dressed to go.

Police found during a search at Holleeder this second coat of a bigger man should be. Holleeder as Attorney Kees Tuck is aware of the intention of the second coat, but refrained from further investigation after death threat.

Yab Yum

The conversation on the terrace in Monaco, was to liquidate. Following Sam Klepper later
The Commissioner rode October 10, 2000 at the home of Sam Klepper. Once there came Klepper just outside.

The Commissioner did not think a second and shot Sam Klepper down.
The play that tape is staged by the reporter at the Monaco is controlled by the OM or Government not to relinquish. identity of the two brothers Korlaar It seems that this has been achieved so far.

Evert Korlaar has once trapped for a week in Yabyum then all staff, including the owner of the Yabyum by plane to Monaco with.

Theo Heuft mentions in his book about Yab Yum still “a” man who stayed at Yab Yum a full week.


Bram Moszkowicz.
Bram Moszkowicz has tax evasion between 2003 and 2006 more than one million.
In 2010 he received a fine from the tax and a surcharge for non declared income.

The presumption is that it comes to cash payments from clients which he has processed a part of.

Administrative To make sure that Moszkowicz pay the debt, the tax authorities have a mortgage of € 1 million received in his office building on the Herengracht.

This mortgage is established on May 10, 2010, according to a deed of the land register.
The partnership Moszkowicz is the owner of the Herengracht in Amsterdam where Bram Moszkowicz lives and works, but the partnership itself Moszkowicz never paid the purchase price therefor.

The purchase price for the property is paid by the Dutch criminal group.

To hide that is using a German bank account and a bank account in the name of Moszkowicz sr, which purchase price paid. Even the gift tax paid by the same Dutch criminal group.
Patronage for Moszkowicz was arranged so that the partnership gained prominence.
Here, of course, was a consideration in return and who came there.

Bram was kindly blackmailed to stand in a criminal case where he assisted a suspect as a lawyer.

Copies The first time Bram resolutely refused but the criminal on the other side of the desk, slid across the desk, pictures of a naked Bram and an equally naked kidnapped young woman from them both down at the Vamerenweg Kerkwijk (Zaltbommel) [A farmers barn with bedroom and bathroom].
A young 3 days kidnapped woman at that time, not far from the place of abduction had already been found (after the Tweespaltmaker had before the girl forced to have sex with him in the barn and killed then her at the crime scene to her afterwards deposit) from the victim at the time extensive photographs were published). newspaper

Bram had been drugged for this blackmail photos with a drug developed by the founder of the FC Donders Institute in Nijmegen, Mr. Peter Hagoort, that this drug specifically for Korlaar created before and Since 1980, this is paid. [amply Tempered drug that memory knew (CaMKII), which is made of hersenvocht.

Hersenvocht broeres initially declined together, but this later abducted women and young girls used by a lumbar puncture with cerebrospinal fluid ( liquor) from the body is achieved.

At the bottom of the back (at the lumbar vertebrae and out of the reach of the spinal cord) has a cavity which is filled with cerebrospinal fluid.

For women and young girls, she along with brother G. L. also rape] Bram had no choice but to comply with the following mandatory application and the criminal could bring a copy of the entire case file.

A phone call was then enough to pick up a file in the secretary’s office at (Later this blackmail has reiterated by Dino Soerel after Bram Orminda, Minnie Soerel had shared the bed with the sister of Dino,)
A criminal investment with the aim to remove bottles suspects, witnesses and frustrate. General criminal Prerequisites so.

Dijkhuis Property Management (DVM) and Sedijko
The brothers Harrogate and Chris Dijkhuis Dijkhuis property, you will find a picture.
Simply because the brothers Harrogate and Chris Dijkhuis be none other than the brothers Van Korlaar and Willem Holleeder.

The brothers Van K have everything that exist regularly, such as birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, ID cards, backgrounds.

Harro Dijkhuis = all four brothers K jointly. EVK occurs most outward as Harro Dijkhuis. Chris Dijkhuis = Willem Holleeder.
Baks Jolanda van Haaften presents itself as Femke J. Dijkhuis when it comes out.

Also from this Femke course you will find no picture, but we have yet to find something:
They do not want the photo and wants as little as possible about the company, let alone himself lost, we read: CLICK HERE wants-and-thank /.

Why Dijkhuis the trusted name Sedijko (a combination of Sebus and Dijkhuis) changed silently DVM we do not know.

Jolanda 1

Willem Holleeder is joined by Marcel Kaatee come to the brothers K asking if he could work with the investment of his criminal assets with them. about 5 talks, always on Sunday, took place with the brothers K., Willem Holleeder and permanent adviser Marcel Kaatee.

(administrator gambling halls / BIBOB procedure). Those talks were always held in the ancestral home of the brothers K Kerkdriel, gem.

Maasdriel. Eventually they came to an agreement and William Holleexer would fall 150 million, what he has actually done.

Following the agreement with Willem Holleeder the brothers K went to find how they would actually set up such cooperation.

The Brothers K then worked for several years with the false identity Harro Dijkhuis.
The All Knower (Evert) could tell the brothers that there may be music was in the fact that bore the girlfriend of William Holleeder name Maike Dijkhuis.

Willem Holleeder girlfriend who had gained somewhere in a prison in the north of the country, which had been Holleeder.

Then detained Then the brothers K. Willem Holleeder named Chris Dijkhuis will settle (bribes were paid) called brother Harro Dijkhuis.

In addition, the brothers arranged for K Maike Dijkhuis suddenly the daughter of Chris Dijkhuis was newly created.

Willem Holleeder found this the whole thing very funny and stated that he is in fact so now the bed shared with his own daughter.

So the brothers William Holleder Korlaar owner of the Rembrandt Tower in Amsterdam, the Hilton Hotel and one is engaged in the construction of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel chain now.


May 6, 2002
The murder of Pim Fortuyn.
Volkert van de Graaf is presented as the sole assassin of Pim Fortuyn in the media.
The 2nd and hired assassin Hitman, Alias ​​Abu Fatah, which the electricity house fired the fatal shot is not placed on the publicity.

These Abu Fatah stepped at 18.25 on that day in a dark blue BMW series 7 and was rushed transported to the airport to leave the country.

Private jet standing by ready
The gun (A Star, type Firestar) that the hired assassin Volkert van der Graaf shot Pim Fortuyn, has received as a gift along with the associated munitie.

Hij got the gun from his fellow lawyer Wilbert Clutch. Volkert van der Graaf for his birthday A lawyer who is fully protected by Mafia Netherlands BV (topped by the All Knower) and they will be provided with the necessary stock cocaine.

This Wilbert dropped the gun purchase by his client (a truck driver) in Belgium (Centaure / Kabarka?). Regarding vegan lawyer and director of MSVN ever (along with Ms Winnie Sorgdrager) belongs in a macrobiotic club may denkers.U think what you want, but it smells in this murder to the instructions of ……

Willem Holleeder has not commissioned for the liquidation of Thomas van der Bijl. Willem (April 20, 2006) Holleeder was why Thomas van der Bijl had to be liquidated.

The order to liquidate Thomas van der Bijl will be given by the friends of William K. Holleeder and called the family of the Mafia Netherlands BV.
Through the OM is known that Thomas van der Bijl had talked. And was equally sure that Thomas van der Bijl was sent, so that liquidation could occur from prison.

Leave via public prosecutor Fred Teeven The All Knower and brothers. all enemies of Holleeder already helped to the other world. Thanks to the OM.
What the prosecution fails to mention is that perhaps Holleeder risk outside the prison walls, but Holle managers son in danger too.

Soon Holleeder who stopped being released under the assumption that this escalates beyond the walls.

Will Willem Holleeder in the past so stupid (or gullible) been able to invest in the All Knower and his club property dealers. Millions capability With inlay around 2000 that ability Willem Holleeder was 150 million.


So that the operations of human trafficking by Saban Baran was “owned” by these four brothers from the village Hoenzadriel.

These brothers are described as the ‘absolute top of the Dutch Mafia.

Through these brothers and Jan Currency is the “Operation Free Saban ‘put in motion. Dick van Dijk, President of the Court of Appeal in Arnhem, has let a sum of around 250,000 Euros paid to ensure that the Turkish criminal Saban B. was able to flee to Turkey. (2009)


The four criminals have become the nicknames, the All Knower, the Commissioner, the Tweespaltmaker and 4th Nitwit, operating as a contemporary James Bond on “Her Majesty’s secret service not State interests, and in the Netherlands and Belgium for their trade (drugs and pedophilia ) important people corrupted that they have so far never prosecuted.

The National Public Prosecutor in the Netherlands denies their existence even emphatically.

Thanks to various natural euros, which will be paid. To some members of the prosecution even in monthly portions Consequently, we are denying all three successive ministers of justice and their secretaries of state, the existence of these top criminals.

Also stay fee course or against free vacations or free spas in England as it happened.
The criminals mentioned four have even done it to be used to protect people from the State as part of the Royal Family.

Posted by Joris Dremmink on the list In addition, these criminals know such scandals mentioned four of Beatrix, her sisters and her children, that this woman will do anything to keep them. 4 criminals out any prosecution All Knower and the Commissioner are wards of the royal family Arnsberg, not the coffee, but to meet the specific sexual preferences of the “ladies”.

The All Knower, the absolute main criminal in Europe and perhaps beyond, circa 2002, also arranged that he got his own card for the building of the National Prosecutor in Rotterdam to enter.

Independently and uncontrolled This could / he may be in the government building quietly talking and discussing with handpicked by him and paid Prosecutors how, according to him and his heavy criminal group of a particular criminal case had to be treated or how the criminal case had to be, so he pleadings from frustrated criminal files could take and could ensure that witnesses came, nothing is remembered more, or that witnesses were simply liquidated and / or immediately disappeared.


Mr. B. Nieuwenhuizen was from August 1, 2001 Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor of the National Prosecutor, Deputy Registrar of the first and second chamber and from October 1, 2005 was finally the Chief Public Prosecutor of the National Prosecutor.

And who at the National Office is able to felony, the All Knower just give a pass to the building thinks Netherlands. In recent decades, police and justice forgive each clearly shown to be of corrupt elements.

That corruption should be eradicated. Netherlands should be able to rely on. Police and justice
Netherlands should be heavily against criminal elements protected.
Just ask the former Chief Public Prosecutor of the National Prosecution – now Chief Public Prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office in district Den Bosch – how heavy Dutch criminals and how huge Dutch criminal networks he has picked up during his administration by the Public Prosecution and rolled.
NO ONE!!!!! And now that same guy decides everything in England, from 1989 to 1993 he was director of the Office of the Governor of Aruba.

melanie met anti kruis

The big criminals wash their money criminally obtained white through foreign banks and accounts.
Using (now minister) Melanie Schultz van Haegen – Maas Geesteranus are most likely via the Air Exel Eric Kite (see: 20the% 20Vlieger.html) weekly weekend bags with dirty money from the Netherlands fled to for example the Cayman Islands.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are laundered so. Why Melanie Schultz van Haegen did that?

Because Melanie Schultz van Haegen her studies with work as a luxury call girl paid and pictures of her naked sex activities from that time are the big criminals.
Despite the fact that the airline has complied with the requirements, never the then Minister of Transport issued a permit to fly forever.

That State, Melanie Schultz van Haegen. has traveled with the pictures of her years of work as a call girl and luxury invoice the necklace she received as a parting gift from the “pimp boss”, when she stopped after her graduation with this work.

Her buddy the callgirl organization Hirshi Ali received a farewell same piece of jewelry.

An anti-cross of gold hanging from a golden ketting.Zij approved by the AIVD for a ministerial post!!


Melanie Schultz has publicly warned not to wear more, after which they showed fresh avoided to another looking necklace. This by a goldsmith this anti-cross

de Vlieger
Erik the kite is blackmailed with the fact that he has to murder. (In a parking lot for an industrial) by the brothers Erik a nasty business relationship

This murder was carried out by the Commissioner and the Tweespaltmaker together. After that time, Erik was the pilot vulnerable to blackmail.
But these top criminals have their own transport. Among others, a private jet with possible registration PH-MEX (a Citation) is genoemd.

In least this was also spotted in Marrakesh Morocco. For this we go back to Willem Endstra. Meanwhile built Endstra calmly to his real estate empire.

In 2001, along with the shipping magnate Rotterdam “Hans van der Lande” he (the All Knower used this name as an alias) involved in the purchase of the former British military airfield RAF Laarbruch, just across the Dutch border between Nijmegen and Venlo, now known as well as Dusseldorf Airport Weeze or Niederrhein.

Later there were the Ubbergenaar Herman Buurman and Erik de Vlieger involved. Late 2001 Endstra had to step out of the project, after the German authorities found out that the Dutch judiciary had him on the grain.

Would appear that Endstra then had stabbed, now Flughafen Niederrhein was baptized. Still six million euros in the airport later Endstra Flyer knew already from previous cooperation, along with real estate dealer Klaas Hummel.

Maar Evert Korlaar occurs eg to as Port Baron Hans van der country and have access to private transport, a private jet.

A private jet that was including managed by the subsequent Bankrupt Solid Air.
One of the common names for the owner of Airport Weeze is the 100% straw HE Buurman.Tal straw men manage the assets of these brothers, the names are known.

(Also his other identities of the brothers known that we will not mention here for reason)
Airport Weeze is financially However, our information is completely owned by the Korlaar brothers. Bought when the Niederrhein airport was about 150 ha of land.

Yet All other names associated with Niederrhein airport are either false or fictitious names of the brothers.
In Weeze airport E.v.K has an apartment. Entrance into the arrivals hall to a corner. Door is open. With access Stairs. Beautiful apartment with views to the right runway.

At the time of Bernhard of Lippe Biesterfeld was a “Stay Behind” organization founded called Operations and Intelligence, called Gladio. See eg:

A combat and intelligence organization that had mostly not to get the communists to power the target and hold. royal house in the saddle
Gladio was / is a secret organization, and was equipped with weapons and money by the ministry of defense and took sabotagen, robberies and assassinations on their behalf.

One of the main leaders of Gladio was Hans Gerritsen Teengs the bosom friend of Bernhard. In a letter dated 13 November 1990, the then Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers confirmed the existence of a Dutch Stay-Behind organization. Formally, the organization was disbanded in early 1992, the liquidation continued until 1994, but the signs are there that this organization is still active, and members of a motorcycle club thus associated.
However, it looks that parallel to the Gladio organization, a new criminal organization from the ground has come, backed by the highest officials, engaged in, importing drugs, arms transfers, liquidations and pedophilia.
A heavy criminal organization multibillion-dollar and the Democracy and Rule of Law Netherlands undermined.

This organization is unprecedented and criminal supported by the reprehensible interests of civil servants and higher.

The pedophile allegations Joris Demmink in the Netherlands as well as its commitment to include the Eagle Ru girl house Shihanoukville / Cambodia should be investigated, with the other high officials also guilty of pedophilia and criminal activities of a people’s court should be tried in depth.
Every shape, to eliminate these people insidious activities should be seen as giving. Priority number one for the Rule of Law Netherlands, stature again

The financial man of great criminals were arrested during the IRT affair, which the criminal business was hurt.
A blackmail letter went to the top but can also read blackmail officer, the Minister of Justice, which was explained that if the finance guy in the legal field would befall the contents of the letter would be shown.

Slightly to the outside world The letter was oabegeleid with copy writing top manager Nortrop, which stated that Northrop had made with the intention that Bernhard Northrop would get inside.

(The commands Netherlands $ 1.5 million to Benhard of Lippe Biesterfeld We are not talking here about Lockheed, the bribes were already known), accompanied by still some compromising pictures of Bernhard of Lippe and adventures with female beauty, this resulted in the immediate release of the financial man from the world above.

Maarten van Traa
Maarten van Traa. (October 21, 1997)
Auto accident in the too near to the fire Maarten van Traa his IRTonderzoek was no accident! Maarten van Traa murdered our belief.
Client and controller that murder is the All Knower?
The All Knower Stanley Hillis asked to act as a witness, to suggest that he and the murder of Maarten van Traa the coveted title he mafia Excellent, excellent or murderer would get safely.
The All Knower, accompanied by Stanley Hillis, in a restaurant that had a murder at least 4 or 5 times conversations with a woman linked to Maarten van Traa. (Pauline Krikke?)
This woman asked for her participation in the murder of the councilor post of Amsterdam.
Stanley Hillis has ensured that the councilor post for that woman was ready (and remained ready after the elections), through corrupt civil servants.

The woman accepted the medewerking.Pauline Krikke, after the municipal elections of March 4, 1998 (5 months after the murder of Van Traa) alderman in Amsterdam with a portfolio Economy, Employment, Construction, Housing and Economy.
And the All Knower handed to the woman a colorless and odorless liquid drug.
Then the All Knower was sit back and wait. He did not even 2 weeks wachten.De on women and intimate friend of Martin, gave Maarten van Traa, just before he got into his car, a drink with the drug liquid inside. {That Of Korlaars, Pauline Krikke know, becomes clear when Kees van Korlaar invited by Krikke, together with its homeless boat in Arnhem visit!}


Greg Inhibitors claims to be innocent.

Maarten van Traa was then no longer able to drive and has checked himself killed.
At autopsy is nothing Maarten van Traa’s blood found because those drugs liquid (a body’s own substance) is not traceable.

A prison chaplain has phoned the OM in prison because the story was that Maarten van Traa was murdered.

The police and put it
murder as a tragic road ongeluk.De All Knower was honored and received at the subsequent meeting with great honor mafia criminal honorary title “Excellent” and was particularly praised police and had discarded as an accident ..

Harm Brouwer and a few officers of the murder the Public Prosecution have diligently helped to create in order to keep the criminals. said with nicknames out of sight a fog cloud

February 21, 2011
The murder of Stanley Hillis and the incredible disappearance of the murderers!
The official story goes like this:
On February 21, 2011 Hillis was shot around noon in the Watergraafsmeer in his car.

He died on the spot. Hillis would have had with Donald Green an appointment. The NCIS was aware of this arrangement and has ensured that there is a trailer with two detectives stood beside the car.

Those investigators would overhear the conversation between the two men. When the fire on Hillis was opened, there were also several detectives in the immediate area, but a misunderstanding that could have lead to the arrest of the perpetrator (s).

From the air a helicopter filmed the entire operation, the murder is thus on the tape but because airline restrictions (?)

The helicopter should discontinue the chase, said the official verklaring.Onzin because it flies above a residential area below an altitude of 300 meters AGL (above ground), are prohibited (other) aircraft.
The true story is different. It was known that Hillis was in consultation with the police force and a listening situation had allowed.

The Investigation was next car from Stanley in a trailer (from a nonexistent company Willemse Betonboringen Zaandam) and have allowed the liquidation. Remarkable detail: The bus is already waiting when Hillis drives up and parked in the open plaats.De gunman calmly get out and shoot at Stanley Hillis.

The van with the perpetrators rides Daana the dead end. Reverses and then drive back. As the van drove back, back of the car comes from Stanley Hillis, get the shooter again and fires still some bullets Stanley Hillis off. Checked is whether Hillis was really dead.

The van with the killers disappeared despite the above circling police helicopter, detectives in the trailer and the police in the vicinity to a warehouse called Harrogate Dijkhuis or Sedijko BV, the Short Ouderkerkerplas Dijk 16 (direction Rembrandt Tower) is a side street of the Spaklerweg, where these “Fa.Dijkhuis” owns buildings for decades.
The van has obviously never been found, for the reason that this same night is loaded onto a barge and probably sunk in the IJsselmeer.


The van was stolen six months before the murder, but the investigation said on September 5, 2010 (five months before the murder so) the van was photographed in Amsterdam-Noord, and that there is also a picture of the driver, the alleged offender is .

Where’s that picture Mink Robert Cook? Holds very, compromising photographs and film material in which members of the “Royal” House, Judges, senior officials from various Ministries and Justice to see.

Mink sold a portion of that material to Stanley Hillis therewith several senior officials blackmailing.
Additional info:
When Leistra wrote on July 16, 2005 an article in which he staged Demmink course, he knew about the affair off because the case “Demmink 2” (Anne Frank parking Eindhoven) weeks of national news has been in 2003.

Nevertheless he questioning. Bequeathed Demmink on this matter A pedo Zealand from which nobody knows dies, Leistra writes a jubilant obituary which also Demmink its bit, and where both the deceased Demmink have ties to a youth institution in a pedo-paradise in Cambodia.

Then we have the fact that the editor of Leistra, the gay profile Arendo Joustra it at the height of the affair Demmink 3 in an incredible commentary recorded in 2007 for the child rapist whose last sentence was, but he does not deserve to be without a shred of evidence to be accused of having sex with boys under eighteen or, worse, pedophilia.

This proves that in our eyes Leistra complicit with the visuals keeping the offenses Demmink. Why? ?

Because Leistra attended the satanic murder scenes in Hattemerbroek A witness said: Gerlof Leistra was in the torture / murder show left me on a chair on the aisle and about 4-5 rows for me.

I could see him well because there was no other person on the seats of the rows for me.

Greg Remmers grew up in Ned. India, and is seen by the judiciary as one of the ringleaders in the Amsterdam drug scene.

His organization is in close contact with the notorious Colombian Cali cartel.

An important role within the organization is devoted to his sons, each key role within the group-inhibitors.

In late 1997 began the investigation under the code name “Speed” to a large-scale investigation into the gang of Inhibitors.

They discovered that the Amsterdam close ties with the Colombian drug lord Eugenio Don Hugo ‘Montoya. On December 14, 2000 Remmers was eventually convicted of drug trafficking, and he received a sentence of seven years.

Andy Remmers was sentenced to five years in prison, and his brother Danny was acquitted. End of 2002, with the end of his sentence in sight, came inhibitors work at Smart Insurance Ltd.

Under probation This company also had a real estate segment: Smart Vastgoed BV. Using this feature Greg Remmers arranged a villa in Vinkeveen for a member of his organization, Fred Ros.

The villa was rented by actress Katja Schuurman. After Ros was arrested for gun possession in January 2003, the house in Vinkeveen searched.

There, the police found a veritable arsenal of. On suspicion of involvement in the collection of weapons Greg Inhibitors and two of his sons were arrested in January 2004. Shortly after the murder of Hold is in a villa in a large batch Vinkeveen weapons found by police.

The villa was rented by Fred Ross, who was arrested because he had a gun in his pocket three days earlier. Besides Ros must also Jesse Remmers answer for the arms shipment. Together, they are a long time in custody.
After his release in 2003, G. Remmers had not been idle long. He was almost immediately engaged again with the trafficking in drugs and weapons. So in May 2003, he was a conflict over a load amphetamine.

That would be Greg Remmers supply two Yugoslavs, Serjan and Alexander M. Bulatovic. Who would sell it back to the British drug trafficker Peter G.

The deal, however, failed because the speed would be of poor quality. Because the phones of Mr. and Bulatovic were tapped, the police could quarrel at all closely.

After the liquidation of Bulatovic on May 17, 2003, the police decided to take action and go to arrest all stakeholders. Inhibitors themselves arrested on June 3, 2003.

Another son, born in 1968 and Jesse Remmers hitman, in February 2007 arrested in connection with the murder of Thomas van der Bijl. In November 2011 Greg Remmers hear 24-year sentence against her demands in Naples, Italy, for his involvement in an international drug ring. Inhibitors since June 2010 is fixed.

These Italian case Greg Inhibitors claims to be innocent. In identical view of the Italian top lawyers Greg Remmers, Ettore Stravino and Carlo de Pascale, is already available in the files of the Italian Tamanaco case also no substantial evidence against their Dutch clients.

The Touris case involves preparatory actions in 2004 and a major drug bust by the Italian police in 2005 Greg inhibitors, however, was from April 1999 to June 2006 detained, so he can have a substantial role in this impossible spelen.Greg Remmers says:. I get the kiss of death.
Should Greg Remmers maybe “kalt” be held responsible because he is too much in the waters of the four brothers —- Jesse inhibitors, see: 20Remmers.html

On the occasion of its 80th anniversary writer Yvonne Keuls was interviewed by EénVandaag.

Under more about her book “Annie Berber and sorrow of a tender criminal ‘. In it she describes how a Hague court (Rueb) is molested by boys.

In EénVandaag Keuls shows furiously about ‘the goddamn arrogance “in the Hague court and” the cowardice of politicians and justice. ”

While nota bene pedo-pornographic were made in the Hague Palace of Justice powers looked the other way.

The late Judge Rueb says Keuls in EénVandaag could “not keep his hands at home ‘and’ just left with an official Justice retrieve kiddies where it had fallen pleasing view of him.”

The writer addressed this matter in 1985 in her book, and remained constant thereafter insist that nobody surgery.

Available in Netherlands Keuls said in May 2010 that even the pedophile practices Rueb ‘were well known to the Hague court, but they let him go his way fourteen years.

It was a big conspiracy says Keuls. We try to fill it. Conclusion this article
From 1986 to 2003 worked as a result of his misconduct in the case Chipshol cases NMa boss Kalbfleisch at the court in The Hague.

And lying right Westenberg (also killed at the hands of Chipshol) was at the Hague court of the party, from 1985 until his ignominious retreat in 2009. What did the two leading figures over a long period at the ‘sick’ Hague court of this and other things?

Do they open their mouth or fell over done / they are covered by the identified Keuls’ cowardice of politicians and justice “? Salient: as a member of the committee that Deetman abuse within the Roman Catholic Church examined showed Kalbfleisch completely out of the picture.
Keuls Hague addressed this matter and was immediately marginalized.

A now familiar pattern. The Hague Registrar that the misconduct of Kalbfleisch and Westenberg revealed underwent the same fate.

And who calls in all fairness and peace to a continuing investigation into allegations against pedo-Justice CEO Demmink, has been equally addressed.

While serious investigation into the Hague Mr Westenberg, Rueb, Stolk and Kalbfleisch not get off the ground and knowingly being stalled.

This article is copyrighted.
NOTHING from this article may be copied and / or reproduced without the prior written consent of the author.


22nd January 2012 geplaatst door Pegasus

Part 2.Her Majesty’s Secret Service / Part 2.


Note: The following, unverified story is presented as true events.
Given the details we take seriously into account that this story could contain the truth.
This information is provided by the police and the MSM, but this is not a sequel to come.
We consider it our duty to the reader and the judiciary to request to review this story. Properly merits urgent this way (Inter alia on the basis of Article 160. +161 +162 Sv)
Infiltrated the Mafia in the Netherlands is a set of secret criminal organization, organized into departments.
It has four segments: a criminal, cultural, political and economic.
The price of cocaine per kilogram should not be higher as the price of a pack of coffee, but by keeping it deliberately in the illegal sector makes to criminals and State Enterprises huge profits, see:

IDFA 2007 | Trailer | Dutch Cocaine Factory

Uploaded on Apr 2, 2008 

World premiere

Dutch Cocaine Factory sweeps us into the perception of the world of a 63-year-old cocaine user.

This organization which easily annually, more than 10 billion is converted to drug trafficking, arms trafficking 1.5 billion and 2 billion in predatory lending and blackmail.

{Worldwide there are officially 20 million users, which each use an average of 7 grams / week á $ 70, and thus officially -/gram total of 511 billion dollars in deals.

However, the unofficial figure, where governments sharply to earn (including Afghanistan) are considerably higher. Drugs are big business for the Netherlands}
At the top of the various departments (run by families), the “Don” (Lord Ndrangheta).

They are assisted by consiglieri (counselors, usually in the form of blackmailed judiciary and / or law ditto). Don gives orders to his captain of a regiment.

A regiment is divided into several teams working in four segments, as mentioned.

These teams are in turn controlled by what we call the sergeant exacted by his soldiers. Executive actions

In “Part 1” is a tip of the veil of this secret organization.

As set put on this site, is the criminal organization by bribes and blackmail managed to infiltrate the most sensitive places in the Rule of Law Netherlands.

Once in possession of sensitive data collected is simply individual characters and even blackmail.

Lasting an entire kingdom However, long term to keep this up the pressure should remain on the boiler and to the highest summit to take place.

Infiltration The organization used this talent can be called brilliant, were it not that we are talking about a Constitutional subversive criminal organization, which provides an opportunity to the most despicable perverse preferences blackmailed people to take this update.

Blackmail resources How does it go on? Persons who constitute a danger to the disclosure be eliminated, as Pim Fortuyn and / or tucked away in a TBS clinic (E.Lensink) or involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital as a gynecologist of “oranges” Prof. Dr. A. A. Reels.

This is, however, the rapid method, which is driven from above. It is more difficult to maintain.

Blackmailed the characters permanently under control For this one, if necessary, revised blackmail and a further refined solution.

If an individual capacity is accommodating the person is discredited through websites or other media opportunity.

An additional soft coercion of criminals is then only necessary to excuse the man / woman of this discredited and to get him / her.

The desired track again Discrediting goes predominantly to one person at a time, never to groups.

Using the media (eg, Peter Vries) allows a single individual fair to blame or not, and to spend. Serious embarrassment The characters are never addressed simultaneously and / or in a group. Please note that one out on.

peter r. de Vries
John de Mol is funded m.b.v. the criminal assets of Klaas Bruinsma, Charles Geerts and John Engelsma.

The Mole was around 1980 to the brink of bankruptcy and through the mediation of Peter R. de Vries, who has connections with Bruinsma had a million dollars was invested.

Thus a binding relationship between Mole and De Vries. A relationship that saw the criminal nexus begs the question, why these de Vries, “crime reporter”, nota bene present on the media field, never a minute in-depth research has been done into the murder (in order of ..) on the Pim Fortuyn. (John de Mol has besides Blaricum, a villa in Portugal at Vale de Lobo and called on the 72 ha golf resort of Joost Shifter (Willem van Kooten)!


End of 1986 are what is called dark elements within the Dutch secret services working to prepare for a coup and to hire Crown Prince Willem Alexander to abduct and 100 million dollars of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to enforce.

Top members of the underworld Counter-intelligence Gladio, with help from a Dr.. Troublemaker alias Karate Bob, Slobodan Mitric, succeeded through its American connections in the wake of this gang to come and then collaboration Security of the Royal Noordeinde Palace in The Hague and the “king of the underworld” pistol pirate, avoid.

kidnapping the Crown Prince Short and fast action followed one another, almost all of the conspirators of the globe did disappear.

The remaining gang members decide now to abduct a millionaire. Covering their expenses
The Dutch government is through the extensive undercover work of Dr. Troublemaker fully informed of the plans of the conspirators. It is the kidnapping of Gerrit Jan Heijn.
This shows that “The Golden Touch” that this crime was not a one-man operation with a genius, but embittered electrical engineer Ferdi Elsas, but the work of a criminal gang who acted on behalf of “dark” circles within the secret service that originally it were out to abduct! crown prince This is in stark contrast to the official version, as for example in the publication “ABDUCTION!

The secret dossier on Ferdi E. “by crime reporters J. van den Heuvel and B. Cottages De Telegraaf in 2010 was presented to the Dutch people and the ensuing” reconstruction “of the kidnapping Heijn, broadcast by SBS 6 ..

The attempts of Karate Bob to also prevent or to clarify the murder of GJ Heijn by the remaining gang members were high circles thwarted within the Dutch government, while at the same Ferdi Elsas period only on the basis of Karate Bob could have picked up Golden Tip .

The Collins Family
A psychic completely insane pack euphoria due to a misplaced narcissistic and criminal attitude!

Here, the individuals are monitored with instructions after manipulation by the rest of the mass so that an organized, snake-like structure is formed, as well as sheep at a herd level.
The Collins family part of the Illuminati families like the Astor and Bundy families. The following is a description of a highly secret “high” level satanic gatherings.
The meetings are held twice a year, which families are organized. Among others by the Rothschilds and the mother The meeting is inside in a big room, and the Grande Mother on the throne was a Collins. The NWO Elite (the elect!)

At the age of 12 was to the family of a currently still active mr.Notaris Haarlem, we Mister “X” will be hereinafter referred to as asked to contribute to the Collins family for their satanic practices a child. Mijheer “X” is a descendant of the barons H.
The family was a descendant of a noble family, called to deliver within that framework.
The family had its eye on the still living Dutch aristocratic “X” and asked to go and represent England at the meeting of the Collins family the family.

They left jester central England, where it was reached “X” is taken to a building where more children, girls and boys, were of the same age and were brought, totaling between 12-14 children.

The children were all of different nationalities and came from all over the world and stayed in that room from 9:00 am to approximately 16:00.

The present monitoring ensured that the kids could go only. Accompanied to the toilet From the sounds (voices and clapping) in another part of the building made the children that a meeting took place.

At one time some men brought white clothes in and carried the children out on all their clothes pulling and pulling. Carriers to the white
Then the children were taken to a large room through a long corridor where men in black clothes and a hood over their heads had their seat folded.

In the middle was an increase on a throne and on the throne sat the only woman in the company. In her hand she held a long rod with a golden hand to it.

The children had to lie down with their heads toward the throne, face down and eyes closed. Before the throne on their stomach on the ground
“X” saw with his childlike curiosity corner of his eye the long rod or rod over dehoofden the children float and was laid. Their head He also felt his head touch the wand.
“X” educated first to stand when that was said by his family, so he waited.
When it was time, and “X” stood up, he saw that half of the other kids got. The rest remained, and lay in a pool of blood.

Those children were killed on the spot, their throat was cut. The surviving children, including “X”, were taken to another part of the room and abused.
Then each child was taken apart and under the necessary time and attention an oath taken and taught a password.

Meanwhile, the meeting just went ahead and the dead children were lying. After one hour, the children were led to the throne and became the “Grande Mother” every child wondered on oath and password.

After each child had terminated his oath and his wife told the password on the throne, which mandated that child.

And that mission was an important person to murder by order in the country of the child or as an agreed way would be to contact the child and the password of the child would be said. “X” was ordered to kill a key member of the Dutch Royal family and if this person would be also the family married.

By “X”, we learn that every chosen child with the Collins mission every six months and / or years come together to obtain or renew the contract and to verify the password. “X” rose to the leader of the group.


The All Knower, is proud to belong to the Illuminati and there even being touted high. In one way or another, the All Knower came after the password of “X” and let us know.

The Collins family Was “X” held accountable and served in the presence of the All Knower herewith wore a mask, to appear.

The Collins family immediately
The leadership of the Dutch group was “X” and declined another command was pushed him with the warning that the next time you fail, he would pay for this with his life.
The first task of “X” is another favorite imputed. However, the All Knower seems the book with true illumination events: “334% Lüge von Meister vom Hohen Stuhl” which includes having written the horror murder of pizza delivery in Germany, against the rules, and uitgebracht.In this book is the attitude Ev K. clearly and is run by eminent psychologists.


Note: If Justice would be to follow his private tours, this “X” listed, then they will undoubtedly come a time when the entire Dutch troop consisting of silent killing machines, a fifth column, urged by the Illuminati of the Collins Family once you send them the password and the financial resources be made in the manner agreed.

The brothers had invested K. dirty money Willem Endstra and wanted at one point to see this investment (25 million) of Willem Endstra return.
But Willem Endstra could not or would not return this amount but Endstra liquidate at that time would mean that the brothers could forget about their millions, so an appeal was made to the nose, Willem Holleeder.
The Tweespaltmaker went with a mandate from 100,000 – to Willem Holleeder to move to persuade Endstra to pay him. However, Holleeder refused because he was on good terms with Endstra. Eventually Willem Holleeder tacked after it was offered to this Willem Endstra put under pressure so that it would transfer to the bank account of puppet of the brothers, Jan Dirk Paarlberg. Millions of his brothers 1 million

Then below Willem Endstra ultimately could not pay more than he had already done on Paarl Mountain, he was still wound up by order of the brothers? The Endstra Tapes, the Ministry of anything and everything concluded, but they hit the mark with this. (For Paarlberg see Part III)

boot 1boot2

Purchased with dirty money obtained Radar Steamer “Captain Cook” (purchased in 2002 by the alias Jack, Jacob Bonninga), but for sex parties he is “Captain Kees” genoemd.

Op February 27, 2011 there was a harbor tour organized by Captain Cook and note:
The oldest paddle steamer sailing from Netherlands, Captain Cook would like to give something back to the city of Amsterdam. Within the framework of its 100th anniversary

Therefore asks the Captain Cook in this anniversary year six Amsterdam socially involved to attend a free cruise in the port of Amsterdam. 300 guests PH, former councilor for D66 and now candidate for the Provincial Council of North Holland is the first. The rest will follow!
The Brothers K. held alongside the regular pleasure boat excursions also dressed in leather sex parties on the boat on which Captain Kees sex party groups was done but all the people present there have been captured on video and photo.

Since her 16th year of life is a special young lady used to blackmail Baks Jolanda van Haaften (aka Femke.J. Dijkhuis).

Jolanda BaksJol.
In the beginning the “Commissioner” acted with Jolanda in obscure sex tents under the name Kees and Annemarie. Later, this was the “Captain Kees’ used in a live sex act, which occurred Kees stabbed with mask in leather and Jolanda only with high leather boots and a red wig.
Baks-Jolanda van Haaften by the brothers K taken over the world to blackmail photos with men to make.


Baks-Jolanda van Haaften (“Candidate” bailiff and like Jan Currency her study was paid for by the brothers Korlaar) has written a book about her knowing what in England is true and there is also filmed.

That book is called “Belle de Jour” and was filmed under the name Secret Dairy of a call girl.

This money was earned on.

Along with Saskia van der Schalk seems Jolanda Baks also be deployed to the men of the Trilateral commission to spoil it with the necessary blackmail photos were / are taken.

A special room was / is controlled to a dozen members trilateral “finish” then thus be able to blackmail them

sleepboot holland
There is a story (circa 1998) on the sea tug Holland, where Jollanda Baks of Haaften and Kees van Korlaar their arts staged (to be picked up at the jetty Veer Above Hardinxveld after) and it almost went wrong with the curiosity of a crew member who The water police invoked.

The cost of Korlaar money through the foundation with TBI stooge L.Koopmans after this trifle sponsorship of the sea tug (initially: To Better Investment)

If we put the name Lense Koopmans under the magnifying glass, we find the following property:
A grasping Lense Koopmans who only acts in its own interests and has no concern for the taxpaying population and was paid a lot here.
The big criminals sought the ability to infiltrate businesses and wash. Their dirty money white
That opportunity arose when a dying story was coined for OGEM (the former Dutch Indian Gas Company) and the healthy parts of the company were interesting for criminal investment and therefore infiltration into a network of new bedrijven.Deze dying story was later described as MALADMINISTRATION and to settle 35 million was finally paid to the banks. The new company was called the TBI Foundation.
Foundation TBI
Mr. La Grostraat 27
5324AJ ammerzoden
The area where the big criminals grew up with a secret tunnel between the premises of TBI and Ruin church undetected. TBI (One of the brothers sit on the church council.)

Strange here is to name mentioned in any other normal company in the commercial history state:
1. The previous registered office (s)
2.’s Earlier visit addresses
3. The date of the visit Mr. address. La Grostraat 27 to Amer Sods has become.
4. The age of the board members in the trade history are called (around 70 years) remarkably high and gives the impression that they have chosen. Merely perfunctory
(TBI is not to be found!)

Initially it was thought TBI abbreviation for “To Better Investment” but this choice was found to be remarkably by the criminals and the TBI acronym stood for: Engineering and Construction industry.

As director of this company was chosen former OGEM driver “Lense Koopmans’. On Sunday August 17, 1980 the OGEM summit drew more than a thousand documents, statement of 24-fold. ,,

I have my pen refill, “Koopmans said several times later against the trustees Ophof H. and D. Butcher.
So Koopmans continued as director of the construction and installation in which the bankruptcy as TBI Holdings, run “from OGEM.

TBI is a network of companies engaged in the real estate, construction and engineering sectors.

An ability to fix prices and construction fraud to make. Completely opaque Koopmans shuns media and photographers since then, though he is, especially after his departure from TBI (1994), one of the most requested change guards at the point where business and government come together.

Determined not blameless amount (IRT affair), but exactly the person who fits the criminal street.
Became his successor Rinus Platschorre, the husband of Carla Peijs striking.
Carla Peijs the Queen’s Commissioner in New Zealand and now Vlissingen let one of the ports used by the criminals for their drug shipments.
Network Design and interweaving of TBI is immense and large

For the introduction of TBI See at: CLICK HERE
For an overview of the intertwining of TBI CLICK HERE

Parool jaren 90
In this photo from the 90s are the protagonists of the “Group of Amsterdam.

In the foreground in black Stanley Hillis, with his neck the arm of the now murdered Rick van de Bunt.

The bald man third from the left is Mink Cook, the man who towers over everyone, according to Justice John Femer, alias ‘Moustache’, liquidated in 2000. Soerel Dino is far right.

Photo Parool {here judiciary fails! – The man in the picture on the far right is not Dino Soerel but Kees van Korlaar, the Commissioner}
A small example of bribery comes out in 2007
Former BVD employee arrested
The national department has arrested a suspect who might have violated state secrets. It is a former employee of the BVD, the forerunner of the AIVD.

The AIVD tracked him down through an investigation in response to an article in The Telegraph was established.

The newspaper wrote in January that BVD secrets were spilled into the 90s with top criminals as Mink K.

Senior officials of the judiciary and the police would have helped K. for money, including by leaking information. The AIVD investigation has thus led to a former employee, who was arrested today.
These are Paul Mayhem aka Sentaro?

This has been sentenced to two years in prison in 2007, as we in the news 22-10-2007 ANP pick:
The court in The Hague has former BVD’er Paul H. sentenced to two years in prison today. H. gets the punishment for taking state secret documents about an investigation into a group of ‘kingpin’ Mink K.
Of leakage of information, the court acquitted H.; it has not been shown that he has the information of the former intelligence to K. verkocht.De court acquitted two co-defendants fully free.

Justice suspected them of stealing sensitive information H. and have passed. At De Telegraaf
The case came rolling after a publication in January last year in The Guardian.

It was information from BVD investigation K. The newspaper reported also on the basis of the documents that the group of K. million reserved for bribing police and judicial personnel.
With the money Mink K. purchased include police records.

Liquidations would have taken with confiscated by the police weapons, which for the occasion were ‘borrowed’.

There is, however, never came back hard evidence for this corruption on the table.
H. denies that he has given. Secret BVD information Mink K. The former employee of the BVD says he was set up by the two co-defendants.

They have him in their own words, leaking slid into the shoes of resentment because of a business dispute.

Namely Paul H. had a considerable debt to one of the two co-defendants.

NOTE: Paul H. would have written the so-called Miranda Barbertje and letters to Mink Cook.

The information, however, is that the exchange of letters took place between Mink Cook and the All Knower, which were then analyzed by the Commissioner and a return letter in similar style coded tagged out on the typewriter.

The All Knower of all legal information was indeed informed by his bribed and blackmail contacts at the highest judicial level.
The Baja Beach Club in Rotterdam

bajabeach 1

This club kees of Korlaar also acted as a clown also offered the opportunity to give criminelen.De entire police forces missions seemed to (want to) do not understand why all Amsterdam criminals so much went to the Baja Beach Club in Rotterdam.
At the entrance invited criminals were provided with colored earbuds in different colors and different frequencies.
Evert van Korlaar, the All Knower, invisibly seated in a back room with video overview of the entire club was able to command such as a liquidation that way. Kees van Korlaar, dressed as a clown checked how the order was received.

By that particular criminal In verbal acceptance the next day was a cash down payment delivered to the merchant.
After a successful mission completed the rest of the money was delivered.

De Polberg 1
Long Bergen family.
The Lange family are in fact the descendants of a thief and swindler from the 18th century named Pieter Pergerrits. (Born 1707 in Oostzaan) Long Bergen even devoted a website to this man.
Because that Pieter Pergerrits was a notorious thief, he had a hole Netherlands abandoned leaving behind his wife and children.

He disappears to Denmark and changed its name to Peter Bergen. Later in Pieter de Lange of Bergen.Vanwege shame have his wife and children, then adopted the surname of the wife, De Lange. Pieter Pergerrits has ensured that the assets stolen by him from Denmark was returned to his children Tall Amsterdam slowly.

In 1997, however, the old Dutch nobility was greatly annoyed because when the Danish title of the family De Long Mountains in our country was recognized.

And this family owes their title to the master conman Peter Pergerrits in Denmark buys an estate and thus titled in 1749 with stolen money.

The father of the above and with our name known Haarlem Notary was a descendant of the family De Lange, who is now the squires Long Bergen may call.

Thanks Beatrix of Arnsberg
Evert van Korlaar and family Long Bergen known each other since the beginning of 1980.
Notary A. H. introduced the brothers Van Korlaar the Stuyling Lange {descendants of Peter’s family Pergerrits) and active in the Merger and Overnamebranche.Bij the two annual meetings in which the investments of the family assets are discussed as well as the results of the criminal brothers Van Korlaar are brothers aanwezig.

Tot this family Long Mountains are several Judges, Lawyers, Members OM and professors.

This family must be fully aware of the conduct of the brothers Van Korlaar.


The murdered abducted women and young girls are encouraged by the brothers four known places in the ground.

In 2000, these areas reported to the police and judiciary, but there’s never been done research. However, one has to place indicated below, weeks a shovel “work” done what is observed.
ONE of those places is a country in the W. G. road. Belonging to this vast estate well, and the vegetable garden as a burial ground used for liquidated persons.

The administrator of this estate was 10,000, – at a time when the brothers wanted to use the well and / or vegetable garden.

The estate has long been for sale but the “usufruct” is still officially in the name of MJ Stuyling Long-Fenenga.
A law which violates fundamental human rights

Heulmeisje 2

The Heul Girl!
During a holiday in Austria / Hinterglemm 1976 met a certain mijheer “K.Van K.” Austrian underage girl “Senta” from Graz.

After this holiday girl suddenly stood in early October 1976 on the sidewalk at “Mr. K” in Hoenzadriel.

The following question arises at this girl: What about the statement of the truck driver who told him that he had given from southern Germany to the Market Church Driel and her little girl a ride called at least 3 times by the police and investigative there had pointed? road to the mill Sara Catharina
After which no one has heard.

Anything of that girl Who were the parents in Graz? Also this truck has disappeared into thin air?

Kees en Senta

She was lifted from Austria and her blonde hair was shown in Austria changed its oorsprokelijke maroon color.

The parents and brothers K. received Girl “hospitable”. During dinner in Hoenzadriel the brothers of “Mr. K” that Austrian girl suggested that she would stay the night there, but the brothers would return to her Austrian parents.

Her the next day The next morning the brothers that girl driven between them in the back to the north.

After they had been run as a pice of this girl was raped and strangled, according to? She was stripped naked, according to information in a shallow ditch thrown like garbage, discarded!

Senta 2

Within two weeks, then a body was found. A forester who along with his wife worriedly dog found on 24 October 1976, a body in the parking lot of the Heul along the A12 at Maas Mountains.
She lay naked in a hole covered by what bladeren.Omdat her identity could not be established that the girl was soon Heul Girl genoemd.Het girl was about 18 years old and 1.60 meters groot.Zij had auburn hair with a length of 45cm.

Was her gift teeth, but remarkably lower right she missed a dial.

briefkaartje 1
There was a telephone conversation with the police chief Franz Kroell in Vienna in 2010 with the photo above of Senta and written postcard Oostenrijk.Deze Franz Kroell was the police that the Natascha Kampusch case behandeld.Na contact has the police, according to the Austrian media suicide committed.

We venture to doubt this. An investigation into this girl believed to be more than justified.

Who is this girl and she’s still alive or would you rather by a cold case team and isothopen research this case (too) like to close, and if so, who sends this team?

Suddenly after making the rumor about the victim appears a “manipulated” (read bribed) article in the Kronen Zeitung on 12-02-2011 see:

A message indicating that there has taken place with Kees van Korlaar who vaguely remember something, a conversation, then one has found a woman who has a Gretha Hoff-sounding name, but it gives them no picture or length, not even the initials free.
Then this woman would be an implausible explanation have been made, which it completely contradicts the statements of the truck to the police, which led to Senta Hoenzeradiel at the Mill.

jair Soares
Jair Soares (August 4, 1995 missing) The 7-year-old was abducted by K.Van K. and held captive in the mill Sara Catharine Hoenzadriel, daily abused and murdered brutally.


Lisette Early by four brothers and brother G. L. kidnapped on the way back from the venue. (June 3, 1992) After Lisette was overpowered, Early has Sj. K.-Peffer who had let caps as Lisette Early and her tennis clothes had attracted, then colored jacket Lisette Early car Lisette drove back to her house every day her as Lisette was raped and murdered in the end. (The CIE is here December 2011 over again approached)


Tanja Green (September 1, 1993) was also kidnapped by them and held captive in the upstairs room of the Mill in Hoenzadriel (Opkamer: connecting room between woohuis and Mill). (An eyewitness confirms that detention)

The daily rape and every 2 days decrease decrease in cerebral captivity she had to come, for almost one year over her before it was wound up and buried under the kroosjesboom in the orchard behind the mill.
The prisoners were provided with food by Shan of Korlaar and hair were done by Inneke K.

sjan en inekeGerma_van_den_Boom__583858a

The 19-year-old Germa van den Boom (disappeared in 1984) was, according to eyewitnesses, transported to the mill, raped and liquidated then to be buried elsewhere.

Declaration on the murder of Germa van den Boom by police as expected, led to nothing.
On the declaration bad it meaningless email reply came back, and there was never heard anything:

Thanks for your fast (re) action by sending the information about the missing Germa van den Boom.
The information is forwarded to the investigation, that the case was under investigation (as I already told you I do not themselves investigate this).
The research team has confirmed receipt of the information, and will it above the information they already had, assess the added value.
Regarding the Biesbosch Location / house; This information is passed on to the investigation team Altena.
Thanks again,
Gerrit Verhoeven police officer Werkendam


December 25, 1990 found.
The unidentified victim had many burns on her body from burning cigarettes that were expressed on her.

She is found in the place Tete.
They showed signs have been. Gagged
It was the pathologist noticed that it was professionally maintained and there on her body and in the blanket in which it was wrapped, grains are found so that the police it was possible that she was held captive in a bakery.

According to the information, tells the brothers Van K. and brother G. L., wanted this girl kidnapped absolutely not cooperate with the rapes.

If one of the brothers or their brother Geert L. corridor wanted to go with her, she first had quite a battle to deliver to her.

Ultimately it is thus permanently gagged. The mother of the brothers brought her food every day, but this victim spat this food right in her face again. For that reason, including cigarette butts were printed on her body.

The victim remained in the mill Sara Catherine despite refusing food. She was put to death.
Then her dead body was used to an older couple, the brothers could use, criminal go chanteren.Het corpse was placed in the trunk of the car and the older couple asked to drive to another supposedly not fresh char to conduct.

That older couple understood what that job was when the car in a forest plot was put down, and A. Korlaar opened the trunk.
Then the older couple was forced to pick up the wrapped body out of the car and carried away. A. K. made that happen pictures of the older couple with the corpse.

These photos are by name placed in photo and film archives of the brothers Van K.


The four burial sites totaling more famous other places we call below
Estate to the P. W. and called the vegetable garden and the water point.

bThe area around the mill Sara Catharina.In 1995 it was feared that the bodies would float to the surface, the destijdse flooding in the area and high water around the mill, which A.van K. felt it necessary to cover with concrete slabs. place the corpse


The barn at the Vamerenweg to Amer Sods which was decorated with room and bathroom and liquidated young women and girls were buried under the grondwal which for that barn was aangelegd.

In 2004, weeks spent around this barn, probably for culling operations. Shovel

Bij hedel


By flooding of the Meuse puddle formed, in which the brothers had a rowboat and are located between the towns Ammerzoden and Hedel in the floodplains of the Maasdijk.

Driving by car from Ammerzoden about Langendijkstraat which becomes the Maasdijk, it is necessary to repel the left Harenseweg from Maasdijk and follow to arrive.

At Hedel By car, it is not possible from the Maasdijk to follow because from the exit Harenseweg Maasdijk is forbidden for cars. And just at that intersection Maasdijk / Harenseweg is right to see that. Small field

Fotomontage 2Fotomontage 1

Some victims of the brothers, among others:
The time made photomontage of two of the three perpetrators about murder Hai Hovens
Hai Hovens, sergeant. . Pentecost May 29 (1967?) 1977
HHTh.Hovens caught the brothers, All Knower, Commissioner and Tweespaltmaker in their truck with drugs in the nature reserve on the heath in Tegelen.

The brothers opened fire and left the sergeant slain are, one last bullet was aimed in mind.
At the end of the nature of the lorry was arrested by two constables, but it forgot the faces and the name on the door of the truck (C. flour trade) was a considerable amount of money. File 670/III/78 was unresolved closed in 1995.
{Information says Hai Eindhoven at 46jarige age in 1967 was shot, but the date 10 years has shifted and the date on the tombstone.

See the wikipedia site about this and other assassinations message:}

[Gebr. Korlaar of orders here erroneously called Korlen and Peter K. was not present at the murder]

Marijke Furma

Mathilde Willink (25-10-1977) Shot by left ear.
Tonnie van Maurik (April 19, 1993) With the main parking Altea Hotel shot
Klaas Makkinje (June 10, 1999) Shot during a party in a house by the river.
Cor van Hout (1st failed attempt in 1996) After the attack in December 2000, winding up in January 2003.
Robert ter Haak (fatal hit wonder in the liquidation Cor van Hout) Jan died. 2003

The business partner Erik de Vlieger. Parking industrial building, with silencer by head shot sitting in his car, leaving the head on the steering wheel fell over.

Anna Maria Lievens (1999 in Malta), the wife of Hans Melchers (Melchemie) was assassinated in Malta in order. fee of 100,000, which = 1/2 portion of advance payment in cash and half part after successful murder and paid for by the pilot of the private jet that the “Commissioner” and “Tweespaltmaker” the night of the murder brought to Malta and after the murder flew back to the Netherlands.

(See ATC Flt. Pln.LMML) The last half portion was paid when the private jet had returned to the Netherlands, the two brothers Van K. had landed on Deelen airport and the brothers in the jet sat.

The Tweespaltmaker took the money and counted them on the spot before it got out of the car and a pilot duizendtje was imputed.

Andre Brilleman – (February 1985)
Sam Klepper – October 10, 2000 went by Kees K. Adelbert K. below the Hells Angeld to the liquidation to explain and put Fl.150.000,-on the counter of the base of the Hells Angels to take care of the funeral.
Evert Hingst October 31, 2005 (Bullets in the head and abdomen)
John Mieremet November 2, 2005.
Kees Houtman (November 2, 2005)

Lawyer, Bram Zeegers (October 9, 2007)
The wife of a bunch which always came in the “Calf” on the Amstel River in Amsterdam, was commissioned by the brothers relationship with Bram Zeegers Zeegers.

Bram witnessed during Holleeder case and for that reason was drugged in October 2007 with a drug, developed from cerebrospinal fluid, which perfectly willing maakt.

In his house Zeegers was then an extra dose of MDMA administered in a hot bath and put the Tweespaltmaker to let werken.De Tweespaltmaker the drug quickly controlled liquidation.

Victor ‘t Hooft (November 7, 2007) — With silencer shot by the All Knower and not, as one does occur, Raymond P.)
Henry du Long December 11, 2007 drowning
On the north side of the river Meuse between the cities Drongelen and Seagulls is an inlet for the possible mooring barges.

An ideal location for a drowning. This form of liquidation do criminals always together. How many victims are also found there, the police concluded that there is suicide.

Henri du Long is drowned killed by the “Commissioner” and “tweespaltmaker” because Henri du Long knew too much of the doings of the criminal brothers. The details are known.

Keith and Marie Fish (September 2009) in their homes Vollehove shot and stab wounds.
Jurrie was graduated from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in business a long time and worked at Rijkswaterstaat, where he permit issued brothers Korlaar, for the construction of flats on the Maas near Nijmegen. Jurjen wanted the brothers and became even this keeper. It did not help.

Aart de Lang and Lang Son Bass from Hurwenen. (September 2008) Shot and burned. (Bas de Lang son of one of the brothers of Korlaar, the wife of Aart bore)
To delete DNA traces from the body of Bas ignited.
Aart de Lang with his toy truck regularly transported large quantities of drugs for the brothers.

Marijke Bonninga Furman / alias Jack Bonninga / Mathea.E.Sakko etc.
The harrowing story of Marijke Bonninga-Furman which the All Knower as bigamist, has been married and her at times still visit the clinic?
Marijke Bonninga-Furman has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital (Switzerland) and her children do not know of its existence. The All Knower married under his own name Nel.
(Pictures are available) and there are two children.
From the Main Board of the ‘Ndrangheta was told Evert K. members of the’ Ndrangheta is hidden by marrying women who were socially beyond doubt.

Husbands knew nothing of the work of the EGA for the mob, but were a dekmantel.Dus went Evert the All Knower to work under his false identity Jack Bonninga and took over as owner of a fleet “vessels” contact the Mensa because it involves people with high intelligence are aangesloten.Een fun researcher Marijke Furman was found with the proper training to study law.

Jack Bonninga (Evert), then courted her and married her around 1996 in Zaltbommel.
KB Marijke was then given the opportunity to accomplish. Law school in record time of 3 years She poured the All Knower two daughters.
Simultaneously, the All Knower was also married to Nel lived from Friday / m / Sunday in Kerkdriel, and under the name Jack Bonninga on other days at Marijke.Toen

However, problems at school arose with the son of Evert and Nel came Nel found that Evert Tuesday / Thursday was missing. There was a fight in the house Nel.
Simultaneously had the second wife of Evert, Marijke a friend heard that Evert was seen. With a strange woman and children in Zaltbommel Also in the house Marijke arose a quarrel.
Evert Marijke drugged with an overdose of cerebrospinal fluid (this is a different story and has to do with Kees K.), which came into Marijke such an unstable and hopeless condition, causing a situation to finally let Marijke in a psychiatric hospital include in Geldermalsen.
W. B. Her children were still small here no sense, but Evert was here to find a solution.

Kees v. K. suggested that Evert, aka Jack Bonninga a scheme was taken in the civil status (through bribery) that he was married to Elisabeth Mathea Sakko.

Kees had viz a daughter Barbara conceived by Mathea and foresaw major problems in his own marriage as this would escalate further.
So in the end it came to pass that Mathea Elizabeth Sakko with her daughter Barbara and two daughters Evert and Marijke (the daughters K and W) was installed at the Firing Waaldike with full views of the river Waal. Purchased property in married However, the children of Marijke have no awareness of their biological mother, even the brother and mother Furman.
In the civil status of Zaltbommel all data from the marriage of Evert K. / Alias ​​Jack Bonninga and Marijke Furman have disappeared and are gone all evidence of residence in Zaltbommel, the couple Jack Bonninga and Marijke Furman. The only thing left is the DNA profile.


Part 3.Her Majesty’s Secret Service Part 3
Crimes against humanity

A law which violates fundamental human rights
Note: The following, unverified story is presented as true events.
Given the details we take seriously into account that this story could contain the truth.
This information is provided by the police and the MSM, but this is not a sequel to come.
We consider it our duty to the reader and the judiciary to request to review this story. Properly merits urgent this way (Inter alia on the basis of Article 160. +161 +162 Sv)
————– -FOR CRIMINAL monetary gain ———
The False identities and Straw Men involved
1. Jack (Jacob) Bonninga
2. Harro Dijkhuis (User V Korlaar)
3. Jan Dirk Paarlberg
4. Hans van de Lande
5. Hans van de Lande yr
6. Piet de Ruiter
7. Willem Nieuwboer
8. Kees Nieuwboer
9. Peter Nieuwboer
10. Albert Nieuwboer
11. Rick Westenbrugge (Armor Ship Buffalo)
12. Chris Dijkhuis (Fake Identity Holleeder)
13 De Haan -. Dordrecht.
14. Moes Tom Koops – North Brabant.
15 Harrie of Moesdijk -. Noord Brabant.
(In conventional circuits, these two are known as Tom & Jerry, but because they are seen as wimps they are listed in the criminal circles “Applesauce”)
16. H.E. Buurman – Ubbergen near Nijmegen.
17. Herm Heggerstraat = Evert Korlaar. Nijmegen. Own Stadsbrouwerij Heaven and The Commanderie of St. John,
Robert Straubhaar = 18. Evert Korlaar in Basel
19. Robert Heij Lands = Kees van Korlaar in Basel
20. George Rensen / Zwijndrecht
21. Cornelis Bouman, b. 07/08/1950, Rabbit Hill Road, living in St. Maarten. (Used eg for Foundation Property Biesboschmuseum)
The Biesbosch, Hilweg, Werkendam
By Inland cocaine is supplied to commercial shipping resting place (between Hollandsdiep and Nieuwe Merwede in the hole of the fish) and the Biesbosch property bought in nature (which is in the name of the Foundation Real Estate Biesboschmuseum.)

Near the Biesbosch museum at night to an inlet of the Hilweg seat for further transport by land through the polder Land of Heusden and Altena and the polder The Bommelerwaard (cocaine with a whispering The electric boat is an authentic Rietaak, with a solar-powered engine.)

Biesbos HilwegBiesbosch
By bribery “All Knower” gave themselves false identities.
False identities for which he himself in a clumsy manner CV cobbled together.
In part I was already one of the first false identities of “All Knower” revealed.
An alias under the “By Address” name Drs P. A. Rider? (half M.Elderkamp husband, the other half was in prison, but the in-laws Esquire Barthold William Lucas Boreel came back) PA Rider a man, “the All Knower, which conflicts with the port in 1982” mediator “, but that we can still find it. Tutor no thesis”

The establishment of an adequate resume not belong to the qualities of the “All Knower” and it is a miracle that no one on this case.
Under the headline: Parliamentary Documentation Centre, Leiden University, we find “CV”.
See the “ignorance” in which he expressed not meet expectations as a member of the second chamber, but also all the stops to themselves or as “wunder boy” to posit
A man with a very hazy C.V. what an HBS education would have a (quod non), and would be subject to the Dutch Economic Institute in Rotterdam (Erasmus University)? then graduated at the age of 26 years Despite the very hazy C.V. and unsuitability of the House, was this man according to his resume in a think tank with famous names like van der Louw, Bram Peper, Jan Pronk and relus ter Beek.
In the examination register of the Erasmus University is the man, however, can not be found.

Foto 2

During his training with the Italian Mafia, ‘Ndrangheta, has taught him to address the false identities and different cover.

Fully in
One of the false identities Robert Straubhaar. Was As a trader in Soya meal was the “All Knower” at a meeting in America, where a lecture was given by the real Robert Straubhaar.

This Robert Straubhaar attracted the interest of the “All Knower” because these corpulent man, had no need to give lectures outside the USA i.v.m. chronic fear of flying.
In an interview with the “All Knower” this Robert proudly showed an accordion-like book of his large brood of children.

The “All Knower” listened attentively and the identity of the man in Europe decided to take over.

There was no danger that the real Robert could ever give. Lectures in Europe Equipped with the same accordion-like insert and behavior of the real Robert Straubhaar the “All Knower” bought this identity in Basel in Switzerland. (Bribery official Civil Registry).

For this purpose, the company O. River Advice
(Flusskreuzfahrtbranche) created with money criminally obtained.

The “All Knower like staying under a false name to Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel at the height of the Rheinbriicke.
At some point there was suspicion in Switzerland, so the “All Knower” felt called to this identity (Robert Straubhaar) officially paste another person and arrange.

Necessary paperwork for him It was the Austrian Rudolf, who was spending to date. Stroman as Robert Straubhaar [Note: we read the following: River Advice (Robert Straubhaar and Robert Heij Lands) will continued to providence administrative support.

The commercial manager and operations manager will be in the frontline of the daily business of Fluvia AG, as before.]

In this photo Robert Straubhaar along with the other front man Robert Heij Lands, an alias used by the “Commissioner” of the brothers .
If we caption read: Die von Kapitäne River Advice, Robert Heij Lands und Robert Straubhaar
(From left) steuern ihre Kunden durch die Welt der Flusskreuzfahrten.
28 Companies managed by River advice:
• Alpina River Cruises GmbH
• Piz Olympia GmbH
. Anjo do Brasil GmbH
• RCM River Cruise Management GmbH
• Bernina River Cruises GmbH
• REI River Equity Invest AG
• BL Cruise Invest AG
• River Advice Ltd
• Breeze River Cruises GmbH
• River Catering GmbH
• Day Ship Management GmbH
• River Catering Ltd.
• IG River Cruise e.V.
• River Cruises Services GmbH
• InterContinental Waterways GmbH
• River Nautical GmbH
• Isiona River Equity AG
• River Services GmbH
• Josephine River Cruises GmbH
• Swiss Excellence River Cruise GmbH
• Königstein River Cruises GmbH
• Swiss River Cruises International GmbH
• LS Cruise Management GmbH
• Thurgau Bohemia GmbH
• Orion Shipping GmbH
• Invest GmbH Viator
• Pano River Equity AG
• Viso River Equity AG

The “commissioner” of the brothers used false identification Willem Nieuwboer including the ownership of the brothers UK ie company Avex Heteren.

A seemingly respectable wholesale audio visual equipment, and presentations? Willem Nieuwboer there then “Dir / Owner”

These Willem Nieuwboer presents itself also as including: independent Management Consulting Professional and has developed an equally shadowy profile / CV prepared in which he would have studied at the University of Nijmegen, from 1980-1985 and then graduated as MSc in the “field” English & Communication.

An education in this equally clumsy CV not mentioned, nor further experience. It is expected that William is not reflected in the registry exam.

Fa. “The Rooster” and Hans de Haan.
De Haan Mineral Oils belonging to the group Hatéma, where a certain HAA de Haan at the helm.
The launch began with the purchase of the petrol station to Lith including house for Fl 60.000, –
That investment was investing early (criminally obtained money) in petrol, which has become a significant number of stations.
But the cock also has a company that engages in software engineering. Hardware and software for checkout machines in hotels and restaurants headed by a certain Hans de Haan.
In this quest for Hans de Haan we find a Rooster that in our opinion does not have the qualifications to lead a software engineering company, but the similarities of a profile are such that this is the watermark of the brothers may be.
This Hans de Haan viz as we are accustomed to the brothers with a similarly hazy resume / profile which we can find (without picture):

The use of straw men is therefore of the utmost importance to cover the criminal activities and criminals launder funds obtained.
Jan Dirk Paarlberg and Neelie Smit Kroes.


Neelie Smit Kroes then director of Nyenrode was Paarlberg interesting fact that a Castle holds, however, that she thought.

The castle is on the brothers to that purpose and filing and registration of mortgage with the bank have deposited.

Anyway Neelie asked if she could place in the stable building of Jan Dirk Paarlberg its offices. The brothers saw this as blackmail potential “victim” and agreed, so Paarlberg this could notify Neelie.
The office space was Neelie free of charge, but not before it was equipped with eavesdropping and recording equipment, and a tap on the phone.
Neelie ignorant brothers happy and even happier.
When Neelie could get, however, is using these contacts a European seat she came to her departure from the office agreed that were given. Owned her delivered “service” three leased premises in Hilversum her
Neelie However, later in her stomach properly seated with these properties, as it proved unprofitable for rental.

It was also Neelie that Ayaan Hirsi Ali personally introduced to the VVD those long time along with Melanie Schultz occurred in a luxury brothel, adorned with tiger and lion mask.

Ayaan was awarded accelerated a residence permit.

The flat Ayaan Hirsi was blackmail purposes air interception and recording capability, so quite a few leaders of administrative Netherlands who shared the bed with Aryaan as livability top VVD there G. Z on film are recorded. Ripe for blackmail.

That there are questions about the integrity of Neelie, showed deTCA and TCR affair in 1996 with respect to the illegal discharges under her ministerial responsibility.

Well here is a parliamentary investigation started, but the SG-council decided which major blackmail people had to stop this.

Covered up session
Astrologer by Simon Suikert was at least create the impression that Neelie has links with criminals.
In 2000 she moved as Commissioner, Jan Dirk Paarlberg in controversial investments in the United States, while also apparent conflict of interest on display spread through the rustling of an order for friend Frans Swart Rope Fokker.
Additionally, Neelie was responsible for the launch of the Betuwelijn where significant construction fraud took place.

Jan Dirk Paarlberg will, as far as we came, for his “service” to the brothers a fee of one million Euros per year, as long as he continues to do business.

Desired to ears
Paarlberg currently has a problem with the OM and that is not valued in criminal circles. It looks like that Paarlberg possible jail enters as hush money and the usual € 1,000 per day that awaits him or get a cheaper liquidation as compensation.
To include the following offenses charged against him:
1. Laundering Willem Endstra payments. (Dirty money from the brothers were using Endstra transferred to Paarl Mountain.

Holleeder has been convicted in that commitment)
2. Creation of an “escrow” account. (This escrow account is a blocked bank account held by a neutral and financially trusted third party, the escrow agent (Paarlberg).

Escrow agent pays the money in the escrow account only on the basis of an agreement between the buyer and the seller. )

The brothers were the giver of this financial structure, in which it was stated that the escrow letter stipulated for the business of Paarl Mountain purchase price would be paid and have about 15 million / year for a period of 10 years. annual installments

This escrow it was possible that the brothers were able to record, making loans from several million to the banks their dirty money was witgewassen.Meerdere (Valse) escrow letters, providing an annual whitewash over 50 miljoen.zie this: CLICK HERE
3. Tax Fraud renovations at Paarl Mountain and acquaintances, including by lawyer Lucas van Eeghen.
4. Forgery in relation to a deed on acquisition of BV VVD politician Sjoerd Swanepoel (Sjoerd Swanepoel who has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by the court in Utrecht official corruption, forgery and tax evasion)
When the DA Kees Tuck these detailed data were known, but who decided after threat of death here nothing to join.
Paarlberg delivered on behalf of the criminal brothers a little amount of 8.5 million in cash, with a Dutch Trustkantoor order then from there to a bank in Luxembourg to transport, so the brothers again, “legal” were equipped with an armored this amount. For this amount Paarlberg would artifacts have been sold to a kunsthandelaar.

Een such a statement from an art dealer, however, did not get around the brothers and so Paarlberg faced to have this amount and could not even tell you how this so-called art there or from no conclusive alibi had seen.

May 16, 2012. Jan Dirk Paarlberg should the Court four years in jail.
All fittings made by the tax / fiod can be realized.
The heirs Endstra recover the extorted 20 million.
A valuable stooge is thus lost? For the brothers Korlaar The proceeds of the media company of Paarl Mountain is thus lost?

When Paarl Mountain in 2000 Mediamax company sold to the company TDI, he was there for tens of millions.

According to the escrow is 75 million dollars of that purchase placed with the Swiss bank UBS.

The piece stands next to the signature of Paarl Mountain also doodle then TDI director Kuhlman.

And that there can remember anything like the detective confronts him with the escrow.

“This is a fake signature,” said Kuhlman.Nu thus appears that Paarlberg is responsible for the forgery. “Someone in my office has made the play,” said Paarlberg.Nee, I will not say who. “He refuses to tell who the signature Kuhlman has forged.
According to information from Kees Korlaar responsible for the signature on the escrow.
The supply and transit routes of drugs and the suppliers / frima ‘s
Outside its own fleet of ocean-going yachts and boats, making the All Knower and his brothers use reputable firms for transporting drugs.

Often these firms recommended by the highest (blackmailed) officers in society. From past experience proved these firms by favors received previously to be able to go. Criminal contacts to be admissible

containerschip 2
Maersk Line shipping containers Copenhagen
Around 1999 the brothers commissioned Ndragetha, lay with the necessary contact Maersk.Vanuit Netherlands has contacted the managers of Maersk Copenhagen.

Appointment to discuss the Commissioner went to Copenhagen to create a global drug trafficking through the vessels of Maerks appointments.

The commissarris snuggled in Nyhavn Hotel in Copenhagen and took some discussions with two people from the top management of Maersk.Éen those peronen (a certain Lucas V.), of Dutch nationality, was already known from the port of Rotterdam.

The second person was a Danish nationality? Initially, the discussion took place at the headquarters of Maersk at the quay in Copenhagen, but later the discussion was continued on a specially chartered tourist boat off which the interlocutors a trip through the harbor of Copenhagen have created.

It was finally agreed to cooperate with respect to the container.

Allseas offshore pipeline installation
After the All Knower of a very influential Dutch person had received that would be for drug shipments, are sensitive a list of names he laid around 2001 with head office of this company in Chatel St Denis in Switzerland.
It proved a Mr. EH Allseas to be headquartered in Switzerland.
After a discussion with the E. H. took this man telephoned the influential person that the “All Knower” was given as a reference.

Eventually a willingness took place for drug shipments to use. Allseas The details are known, but here of no further interest.

Even this Paris furnished laboratory for packaging that they are not localized drug in such a way is irrelevant.
The shelter houses / buildings and contacts in inland

Properties owned serving criminal activity and money laundering activities
We mention here include properties owned by the criminal organization as set forth in Part I [The specific details and accompanying photos are available]


PC. Hooftstraat Amsterdam
The properties owned by the umbrella organization Ndragetha makes money laundering actions of criminal money as possible.
To promote the PC Hooftstraat “In our PC” Jort was attracted cellar that in his own way “has” made true.

It is striking that the office of Haico Endstra years, as it turns out, has been tapped by “strangers”

If we keep to the light that the criminal organization still receives several millions of arriving at Endstra criminal assets and the use of Holleeder failed to make this power freely get, then we must conclude that the mentioned “unknowns” maybe “friends” are.
In the April issue of Quote is a very detailed story about the doings of Haico Endstra and the estate of his brother.


Bathmen (7437 RP) Looweg49, large 1.60.85 ha
false identity relative Hans Melchers = Rene Johannes Hermanus
Maria Zwezerijn, b Utrecht 9-10-1954 (real name Eelko. S.
residing in Z.) + Maria Christine Bernadette Zwezerijn-Scheepmaker, b Utrecht 4-7-1958 (real name lawyer mr Marjo S. – L., residing Z) [+ BV Kaaymaneilanden]

The building is used for example for drug transshipment so The were transported there in the barn to get rid of this valuable cocaine for further distribution. entered through the port of Rotterdam including cocaine hidden in huge wooden blocks to Bathmen

eelco 4

Maastricht (6219 NP), Brusselseweg 520.
Susteren (6114 JH), Raadhuisplein 4.
former police station. Purchased by bribed police
is now on the false identity charge = William Dijkhuis
Ommeren (4032 MZ), Ommerenwal 2.
KSV Jobrapido (skeet shooting club)
Evert Korlaar used as the false identity = William Dijkhuis
Heerde, Bonenburgerlaan 90


Twello (MR 7391), Rijksstraatweg 26.
purchased for protection drug shipments.
Nijmegen (6032 RT), 4 Eversweg
Nijmegen (6511 U.S.) French Place 3. = Commanderie of St John
Nijmegen (6511 U.S.) French Place 1. Stadsbrouwerij heaven.
Hilversum (XH 1213), Soestdijkerstraatweg 90. (SafeHouse – false name hostages Straw Farmer.)

Rijksstraatweg Ubbergen
Soest (3768 HM), Birkstraat 136. (Meeting Place)
Chapel Avezaath gem Buren (CT 4016), Low End 49.
Skipton (6627 AD), Raadhuisdijk42
Middelburg (4331 CZ), Wagenaarstraat 14
Middelburg (4331 BN), Bogardstraat 6 (by name Total Refinery Netherlands NV.)
Middelburg (Hedel) Hooiweg 4
Middelburg (4331 PX), Herengracht 74 = The Zeeland Auction
Ubbergen, Rijksstraatweg (H. E. Buurman)
Vlissingen (AG 4382), 246 Boulevard Evertsen
Haarlem, Country Vliet Care (serving as a lookout for drug transport by road and water)
Oirschot (TS 5688), The Ear 49.
Wapenveld (JS 8191), 23 = Groteweg Estate The Polberg 52 acres
Dongen, Heuvelstraat 8 = villa Berkenheuvel.
Suburbs, monument (That house looks right out over the Meuse)
Suburbs (Katwijk NB), 5334 KH, Everdine Weerd 13. (Owned by Roovers Heijen Holding BV)

Kasteel Werkhoven
Werkhoven (RE 3985), 60 = Beverweertseweg Castle Beverweerd (purchased for the master forger Geert Jan Jansen housing) Geert Jan Jansen received free housing and an exhibition hall in the castle. The painting by Vincent van Gogh / Dr. Gachet.
On March 15, 1995 is ON painting for real because (not in 1990) and in 1996 the conscious painting auctioned at Christies in New York
(The auction date is re dated for the following reason:)

Geert Jan Janssen
Ryoei Saito bought the painting which Vincent van Gogh would be. It was painted by Geert Jan Jansen.?
After the director of Christies to have delivered, this painting but Saito wanted his money back because the painting according to him was not a real Van Gogh.
The director and the fake person Kramarsky (Mafia) took the painting back the money and promised $ 82.5 million back to worry about.

That same evening, however, died suddenly Ryoei Saito and the two decided to pretend that the episode had taken place. (March 1996)
A woman who wrote a book about this painting discovered that the painting was auctioned in 1996 and it is a donation of 10,000, – given to place the auction date of the painting in her book in 1990.

The painting has been looking since that time, or hang it in France? (The connection of lower and upper world is once again evident when we get the following information: The (Stroman) Foundation Philadelphia “bought” in May 2005, the transfer took place in September 2005.
Elco Brinkman and Hirsch Balin were involved and there was defrauding millions. For example Hirsch Balin are the blackmail photos in eg Breda bekend.Er was mismanagement and failure, but how else could it Elco Brinkman and Hirsch Balin came this way)

Rotterdam (3055 WV), Zagwijnlaan 4 (State the name of a straw man / false identity of Hendrikus Cornelis van Westenbrugge)
Rotterdam (3016 GH), Baden Powellaan = aborted no longer in existence (was private office of the board.)
Rotterdam (3012 GJ), Karel Doormanstraat 10-12/Weena = Baja Beach Club
(Used to settle criminal cases and to give orders to, for example liquidation).
Amsterdam (1096 AC), Short Ouderkerkerplas Dijk 16 = office Sedijko BV (false name and false name Harro Dijkhuis Chris Dijkhuis <office is now in office boat behind the building)

Jan van Luthinkhuizen

Achterveld (Utrecht), Hessenweg 188 – or 189b (under false name of John Luttikhuizen BV) This Jan Luttikhuizen has the same profile as foreign consulting Evert Korlaar.Hij “graduated” to
• Alkwaard college
from 1983 – 1990 in Heerhugowaard and he too serves
• advice proposals
• new challenges
• expertise requests
• reference requests
• back contact

Wells (3881 NC), 150 = Garderenseweg Villa Small Spriel (Gardener Bioch from Hedel maintenance)
Rhenen (SP 3911), Klaassenweg 1 +39 (false identity on the Otto Gooijer Automobiles BV.)
Spakenburg (LH 3752), Lorentsweg 15. (From Lutikhuizen BV)
Bemmel (LN 6681), Rue de l’Industrie 32 = From Meegen Group (Jacob Bonninga either Jack Bonninga)
Werkendam, Hilweg 2 (Front and pice in the name of Stichting Management property biesbosch museum and the foundation is since 1992 owned by the brothers Korlaar. Currently 2 members. 1 residential address in Werkendam. 1 residential address on St. Maarten..
(TBV drug shipments)
Geertruidenberg Old Urban Road 1 (for drug shipments)
Enschede, Verwoolsweg 130 (helipad)
The Sand in Amsterdam – joyfully into force.
The NDSM wharf in Amsterdam and the beautiful office building also built and everything on them.
Party club at Feyenoord stadium.
Hotels van Oranje Group Netherlands
The shelter houses / buildings and contacts in ABROAD
Dorint Hotels Group worldwide, order in Winterberg, Germany
Hotel Krafft Basel.
Hotel Greulich in Zurich.
A castle in France.

sloss oberdiessbach
Sloss Oberdiessbach Switserland.
Sloss Oberdiessbach Switzerland (with the boss puts Chantal Tiemen (niece of Jolanda Baks) and Erwin Dice.)

sigm.von watmartine en vincent
Chateau Rennaz Switzerland on Lake Geneva (with zetbazen Chantal T. and D. Erwin aka Martine von Wattenwyl and Sigmund von Wattenwyl)
Vladimir Palace St. Petersburg

Vladimir Palace
The Vladimir Palace on the Neva River in the Gulf of Finland in St. Petersburg Russia.
The palace has 360 rooms was the living quarters of the Grand Duches Maria Pavlovna, but is now for multiple purposes gebruikt.Voor purchase of this building was the “Commissioner” with a diplomatic passport transported from the Airport to St. Petersburg in a car the Ned.Amsbassade?

After the coup in 1917 called October Revolution was called the building shelter for the Russian Academy of Sciences, Maxime Gorky House of scientists.

Tsaritsino Palace Moscow

Tsaritsino Palace in Moscow.
The renovation costs were significant, but interesting enough for Ndragheta to this to obtain the Russian airports. Landing rights

Caterine II
A look at the picture of Caterina II (Catherine the Great) of Russia, which is to show off in one of the Great has zalen.Catharina by Crown Prince Willem Alexander (1840-1879) still living relatives in the Netherlands, through the subsidiary these Willem Alexander and Agatha Baroness van Lynden, who is secretly in Paris were married.

The resulting born daughter was named Geertruida Breeding and showed the familiar foot deviation of the Romanovs. Her surviving kin have this characteristic foot deviation.

Rhenen to Klaassenweg 3 (Otto Gooijer Automoblien BV) and Lithuania to the Maasstraat 2 (bee Thull Development), the brothers, two garage buildings used both for parking cars, on the other hand for hiding and omkatten of stolen cars.


Rhenen from the N233 (loop road), drive up to the cul Klaassenweg.
The rise of Klaassenweg which is sealed off with an electric fence and the whole Klaassenweg with cameras protected.
Maasstraat (Lith), which include the yellow Hummer Fred Ros state? And what motorbootjes.De police are still looking for the car of Senol Tuna that would be? Disappeared (The yellow Hummer has recently been removed from the showroom)

Politie 1

We ask ourselves what NOT to liquidate Pieter Vos and Jaap Zillig on December 23, 2011 for Hotel van der Valk Houten with the All Knower and his brothers.
Pieter Vos ran the campsite Maasdijk for years. He took over the business from his parents. The chalets on the site are governed occupied by Poland, villagers say. Fox is also the owner of a construction company that hires and drivers. His wife owns a jewelry store in Den Bosch.
In the village buzzing with years of rumors that Fox was active in the criminal environment. Rumored that he acted in narcotics. Again we come across a link to wit the family Joland B H.
The police should these shootings and connections are fully aware, as there are very clear camera images.

The real camera images of the double murder would, however, according to the police violently to transmit.
We have heard that, among others, in the first attack on Cor van Hout camera images remained hidden for 15 years.

Then there is an investigation into the involvement in the strange death of multi-millionaire, if not billionaire, William Frederick Ewald Marggraff who came under very suspicious circumstances in death in 2003.
This monegasque had contacts with the brothers Korlaar, where the All Knower and Commissioner in 2000 were already in Monaco (see Monaco Tapes) was also a case of administration of cerebrospinal fluid before he was found in the burned Zionsburg Vught?

Also has a good family friend named Baldwin Reijenga which came fourteen years, months corresponded with all possible instances for reconsideration.

This meant, as Ewald’s sisters, that Ewald would be extorted. Include Only after a personal letter from him to the Queen’s Commissioner of North Brabant Maij-Weggen she detectives Vught given the assignment of the case to heronderzoeken.Er refers to payment to the brandweercommadant and the origin of the fire on the upstairs which the name is Adelbert has never been studied.


The millions of brothers bought (fake) paintings (by Geert Jan Jansen forged paintings) was Ewald hold in drugged state.

A fake Rembrandt sold to Ewald.

schilderij 2
Not only does the will of Ewald Marggraff gives rise to do further research, but especially the events that led to his death were examined for bad reason. See testament:
Meanwhile, part of the coach house also burned; Again the fire could not explain what was the cause …

The most valuable paintings were also put in the large basement. However, after the fire, they were, according to an eyewitness not more.We have the information where they have remained.


The coded and placed under pinch movies
A snuff film is a film which shows an actual rape or murder of a person or persons, without the aid of special effects, for the express purpose of distribution and entertainment or financial exploitation behalf of mentally ill persons.

A snuff movie is a shocking, violent movie where people are actually abused, raped or killed because of the movie.
Films were downloading that were provided with a code. (No snuff movies) on the download sites of Pirate Bay and FTD To view these “encrypted” movies they had to make to the administrator of the film to obtain the code and thus obtain to see the movie.

To view these “encrypted” movies they had to make to the administrator of the film to obtain the code and thus obtain to see the movie.

Accessing an amount
Snuff movies work with the same goal viz financial exploitation. Satanists and pedophile use this “offer” and it is earning the most despicable criminal form of money.
For visitors to the satanic murder scenes previously mentioned, these snuff movies hosted by a well known webmaster, who has taken in “custody” and there to receive a significant amount.

As an extra grace was also taken care of. Study of a family This is the webmaster should be seen as an extension of a criminal organization. As a control is a fairly wealthy figurehead posted by this webmaster to continue to monitor the whole.
The snuff movie is given by this webmaster in custody and a female confidant was the “key holder” of these snuff movies.

After they proved indiscreet, it was after being assaulted her home made available off and the code of the snuff movie that was placed on the website veranderd.Eerst after our famous hacker snuff movie had been discovered then after some panic again “safe” shielded to provide curious no access and only to initiates of code after payment is still too bezien.Tenslotte a snuff movie of the brothers, after payment issued by a Belgian in OM Breda, but which have Apparently no action taken.



The Netherlands is already under the influence of a cartel and has been a republic where the underworld determines what happens under the umbrella of a monarchy.

The underworld has become the world above and the Netherlands has become a mafia state.
Our Rule of law is brought back to civil dictatorship.

After reorganization of the i.a. is the autonomous decision-making power of 550 officers returned to only 5 people tw The Minister of Justice and the College of attorney Generaal.Misschien it even to bring two persons namely SG back (Demmink) and Minister of Justice (both blackmail)

Formally, there mrs. of Amsberg still up, but it may arouse only apparent, since even this so-called royal family in the passive support of the mafia exists, until they are no longer needed.

Thank you For that reason, it is possible that the Constitutional wholly owned can / could fall by a criminal organization, as is evident in PART I:




——– THE MOB RULES ————–


Takwa Tissaoui That’s awful

Kim Hogan AND:


Power of the Grand Jury



Dean Hulsey Sicko rich people need to go to jail for that.

Azeez Akeem Ayodeji  May God safe us from those wickedness people

Raheela Ayub  Omg !!! The 2013 ICLCJ Court had found Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip guilty for the Oct. 10 1964 disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic residential school in Kamloops British Columbia.
Have they been arrested ?

Daniel J Towsey The World Court of Common law will only gain influence when you start supporting it..Many countries now have the ability to arrest them if they enter on their territory..This is a real court..It is up to the people to do something with it.

Sherri Ingrey this site is a 100% fraud and hoax.”The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (or ITCCS) is a one-man blog that pretends to be a tribunal established to enforce common law.[1] Despite claims of being based in Brussels, the whole thing is written in Canada by Kevin D. Annett, a defrocked[2] United Church of Canada minister.
The ITCCS came to some notice in the social media sphere in February 2013, when Annett issued a claim that Pope Benedict XVI resigned for fear of arrest on an ITCCS warrant[3] and the hard of thinking forwarded it around as if this actually made sense. The website did look fairly professional at the time, although it has since decayed heavily. If nothing else, it nicely illustrates how the Timecube Law and Haig’s Law can go hand in hand.
Previously, Annett had made his money claiming to represent the interests of native Canadians. Until they told him to damn well stop it.[4][5]”,, 250-591-4573 (Canada), or 386-323-5774 (USA)


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