Serena Williams Mk-Ultra Breakdown at Wimbledon

Published on Jul 1, 2014

Shocking & Disturbing video from Wimbledon as Serena Williams & sister Venus play doubles match. Complete breakdown from Serena Williams. I saw this live and was as disturbed as everyone else. What caused it? Bad drug interaction or mk-ultra monarch breakdown?

Weird how a week or two ago “Mk-Ultra Athletes” was released on the Black Child channel with Serena Williams in the beginning.

Credit to bigmikeho who uploaded the original.

Serena Williams drops out of Wimbledon

Ailing Serena Williams Retires From Wimbledon Doubles Match


One thought on “Serena Williams Mk-Ultra Breakdown at Wimbledon”

  1. check out final proof of the Williams being men, measurable physiological evidence based on skeletal elements used by forensic investigation and comparison with other black athletes…

    I thought at Wimbledon she was drunk, certainly something Venus knew since she wasn’t surprised at all, not a disease for sure. But it may be as well be mind control… She’s certainly a pawn of the elite.


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