Gaza Bombed With Israeli LOVE

 Titanium real footage REAL LIFE YOUNG HEROES

Published on Jul 9, 2014

David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium
this song is about young Palestinian who grew up facing all kind of terror from israeli armies
to become real life heroes with their dignity in dealing with the occupation

pride_8952945855446815818_nNov 2 1917_3594211166796713606_n

Why U.K. Gave Palestine to Jews

Published on Feb 7, 2013

~ ✟ Veritas ✟ Vincit ✟ Omnia ✟ ~

– Benjamin H. Freedman was an amazing individual and one of the most interesting people of the 20th Century. He was born in 1890 and was a Jew. In his adult life he became a very successful New York businessman, also acquiring principle ownership of the Woodbury Soap Company.
– After the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, Benjamin Freedman decided to break with organized Jewry, embracing Christianity and become a Catholic. He devoted and spent the rest of his life and his considerable amassed wealth; around 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny enveloping the United States.
– As an insider at the highest levels of several key Jewish organizations, Benjamin Freedman was also heavily involved in certain Zionist plots to gain Power of the United States, and was without doubt an extremely important and reliable source of Zionist information, and most certainly knew what he was “talking about”.
– Benjamin Freedman was also personally acquainted with many key political figures of his times, people like: Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Samuel Untermyer, Bernard Baruch, Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy and others.
– This speech by Benjamin Freedman was made in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, on behalf of Conde McGinley’s patriotic newspaper “Common Sense”. Although in some minor ways the speech is slightly dated now, it’s central message and points remain just as urgent and in fact more pertinent and strong than ever.
– Those Zionist Jews and Zionist Protestants who unjustly criticize and insult Ex-Jew Benjamin Freedman, do so for several reasons, not least the fact that they have been totally unable to destroy Freedman’s arguments, and so, as ever, they rely on their usual tactic and trick of labeling an innocent person as being a “hate monger,” or “anti semite”, in order to discredit him. Thank God Many people have refused to be manipulated by the Zionists and more are waking up to their devilish schemes…

~ Absolutely Riveting Listening and Extremely Informative, Don’t Miss…


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Desmond Tutu Calls For W W Boycot of IsrahellSupport Palestine and Gaza come visit these pages.

VIVA PalestineLearn more GAZA Under Attack.

A Letter to Humans #GazaUnderAttack

A video shows scale of destruction in #Gaza in the last 7 years during the “Israeli” siege, and specially after the latest “Israeli” aggression.


By the cartoonist Carlos Latuff

Gaza Under Attack. Real Footage !!

Israeli settlers have unleashed a large pack of dogs on Palestinian children, brutally injuring one near Salfit in the center of the occupied West Bank.

The dogs harshly savaged the five-year-old boy, who is in dire need of several surgeries, including a facial reconstructive one.

Israeli settlers unleash dog pack on Palestinian kids

The boy, identified as Karmel Moayyad Shakir, was playing with his peers in the village of Azawiyeh when the illegal settlers from the nearby Kannat settlement arrived at the spot along with a large pack of dogs.

Before the boy’s family could intervene, the dogs attacked the five-year-old who was lucky enough not to die, yet sustained severe injuries.

“We were sitting in the house. My son went out to play with his friends when suddenly I heard the kids screaming and the sound of dogs. I ran out and saw more than 20 dogs attacking my son with the settlers in the background. There was so much blood we rushed him directly to hospital,” said Thikra Ashkira, the kid’s mother.

Karmel’s family said the villagers there were vulnerable to the Israelis’ repeated attacks, with Israeli military forces protecting the attackers.

“The area we live in is the closest to the Israeli settlement. We suffer many such attacks by the settlers and their dogs. We usually try to keep the kids inside, but we can’t do it every time because they have the right to play,” said Moayyad Shakir, Karmel’s father.

Among many other illegal settlements, Kannat is notorious for its extremist Israeli residents.

The presence and continued expansion of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine has created a major obstacle for the efforts to establish peace in the Middle East.

More than half a million Israelis live in over 120 illegal settlements built since Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East al-Quds in 1967.

The UN and most countries regard the Israeli settlements as illegal because the territories were captured by Israel in a war in 1967 and are hence subject to the Geneva Conventions, which forbid construction on occupied lands.

Israelis at forefront of international organ trafficking: Report

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 04:20 AM PDT

A new report has shed light on the prominent role played by Israelis in international organ trafficking. The US daily New York Times said in a report published on Sunday that transplant brokers in Israel have pocketed enormous sums of money by arranging overseas kidney transplants for desperate patients who are paired with foreign donors. NOW YOU KNOW WHY THEY KIDNAP Palestinians THAT ARE NEVER SEEN AGAIN.

Gaza Youth Breaks Out Manifesto 2.0

Gaza Youth to Planet Earth! Anyone out there? “Gaza what?”

This isn't a political issue anymore, it is a humanitarian one! - TJW

The previous manifesto seems to have grown bigger than expected; many supported us, many others stood firmly against us, and very few stayed indifferent. Everyone had an opinion, yet rarely did they listen to others’ and in the middle of that mess, our own voice remained unheard.

Secular, Islamophobic, Dividing, Conspiratorial, Imaginary (?); we’ve been called by so many names, stopped counting and started crying. Both our supporters and those who swore to tear us down seem to have stopped at ONE thing in our manifesto: “Fuck Israel. Fuck Hamas. Fuck Fatah. Fuck UN. Fuck UNRWA. Fuck USA!”. And no matter how hard we tried to explain on our Facebook page, in vain.

What about the rest? Let’s make things clear, starting with the Palestinian movements point. We were harsh, true. We were angry, and still are. The order in which the “parties” have been cited was not intended, and we are conscious that it brought much confusion in people’s minds. However, to those reproaching us – because we denounced the corruption of our political leaders – of insulting the thousands who voted for Hamas in 2006 (among which us), of insulting the memories of the martyrs of the Resistance groups affiliated to the different Palestinian factions who shed their blood for us in many occasions, starting with Operation Cast Lead, we want to reply don’t insult the Palestinian people’s right to criticize its politicians.

Cast Lead wasn’t a war; Cast Lead was a massacre, a slaughter, anything but a war. And during that massacre, we, people of Gaza, paid from our blood too. Every single Palestinian sacrificed something, someone, it affected us all, from the youngest to the oldest, not only the Resistance. Bombs didn’t make much difference. We never intended to reject the Resistance, and we’re going to repeat it again; we will NEVER reject those who fight for us, for our Palestine, and it was NOT the case in our previous manifesto.

Yes we voted for Hamas government. We all did. We were tired of Fatah government’s corruption, wanted a change and hoped Hamas would be that change. That PRECISELY gives us the right to shout our anger at them, because they are responsible of us, responsible of our well-being, our security. Fatah in the West Bank arrests Hamas affiliates, Hamas in Gaza arrests Fatah affiliates, while everywhere in Palestine you can find family members from different factions living united. Yes we denounce our politicians – note that words; POLITICIANS – because their mutual hatred divided them even during the commemoration of the first anniversary of Cast Lead massacre, while a crowd of Palestinians from all factions stood united by martyrdom, grief, and love for Palestine.

Whether you want to admit it or not, believe it or not, corruption exists, and it’s our right as Palestinians to denounce it, because we are tired of it. Internal change has not only internal parameters. Change will come only if people outside realize that they need to take into consideration the fact that corruption does exist, and that it needs to be stopped if we want unity back. So if it takes us to shout it to the world for our political leaders to hear us and care to unite for us, we’ll do it a hundred times.

No one helps us by asking from us to keep our mouths shut about our political issues. We’re accused of encouraging division because we dare point out the weakness of our political leaders. No one knows, apart from those who are INSIDE, how life is in Palestine because of these divisions. Trying to shut us up by saying “don’t criticize, keep your divisions “secret” and discrete” is most harmful! It just confirms our politicians that they can keep on doing it the way they do it, they will be supported by people who don’t know the theory lying in political programs. In other terms, criticizing Hamas political leaders – but the other factions’ political leaders AS WELL – is a way for us to say “if you keep it this way, all you will get is division, which is what Israel seeks”. We ought to remind them of our martyrs and imprisoned, our ancients, those who gave birth and made those movements live. We ought to remind them that Cheikh Yaseen, Marwan Barghouti, and all the others deserve more than that. Who’s in the best position for such an honest shout out, if not their own children?

The question has been raised about our anonymity. We can understand that. What we don’t understand is that instead of listening to our call for patience and time, we’ve seen ourselves caught in a witch-hunt, as ridiculous as fetching for the slightest element to make us fall. Example?

“The founding base of this group [Sharek Youth Forum] was funded by the U.S.’s National Endowment for Democracy (which have done much to overturn democracy in many countries) is suspect. Allen Weinstein (one of the founders of NED) said “a lot of what we [NED] do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA”. Does that sound good anyone?”

Seriously?! Because we mentioned that the closure of the forum – which was one of the only centers for youths remaining in Gaza, one of the only places where young people could meet, learn foreign languages, use the internet, and enjoy things they don’t have at home to escape from the deadly routine in Gaza – was the straw that broke the camel’s back for youths who had nowhere else to go, people assumed that our “base” was that center and that we were funded by the CIA? Other people claim that it’s most suspicious that our manifesto created that much buzz, made its way to Western journals. Where is the “innocent until proven guilty” principle? We seem to be the first victims of our success.

We do exist, and if we don’t want to reveal our identity for the moment – for safety reasons – it’s our right. However, more proofs of our existence are to come in the next days, one brought by contributors of the Electronic Intifada:

Asa Winstanley : both Max Ajl and Jarid Malsin (non-mainstream western journalists and bloggers based in Gaza, both of whom I personally trust) reckon they are for real:

What is our leitmotiv? Freedom. And for that, we know that we need the Palestinians and their leaders to unite against the Zionist Occupier. And that’s precisely why we call for action. Now. Not in 6 months, not in a year, not wait until another massacre strikes us. Now. We call on the Palestinians to unite and organize in an efficient movement of non violent protests, boycott. We call for divestment and sanctions against “Israel”. We want our land back, we want our freedom of movement back, we want to be able to go abroad to have a chance, like other people of our age, to get education. We want to be able to exchange freely with the world, to have a future and be motivated to work for it. Enough fear, enough terror, enough misery, enough broken dreams, enough airstrikes, enough blockade, enough mourning, enough violation of every single human right we are supposed to have.

We want three things. We want to be free. We want to be able to live a normal life. We want peace. Is that too much to ask? We are a peace movement consistent of young people in Gaza and supporters elsewhere that will not rest until the truth about Gaza and Palestine is known by everybody in this whole world and in such a degree that no more silent consent or loud indifference will be accepted. And if we fail, other groups will take our place, until our voice can’t be ignored anymore.

Israli destruction_8801084387283565627_n



Previous version of the manifesto:

Fuck Israel. Fuck Hamas. Fuck Fatah. Fuck UN. Fuck UNRWA. Fuck USA! We, the youth in Gaza, are so fed up with Israel, Hamas, Fatah, the occupation, the violations of human rights and the indifference of the international community! We want to scream and break this wall of silence, injustice and indifference like the Israeli F16’s breaking the wall of sound; scream with all the power in our souls in order to release this immense frustration that consumes us because of this fucking situation we live in; we are like lice between two nails living a nightmare inside a nightmare, no room for hope, no space for freedom. We are sick of being caught in this political struggle; sick of coal dark nights with airplanes circling above our homes; sick of innocent farmers getting shot in the buffer zone because they are taking care of their lands; sick of bearded guys walking around with their guns abusing their power, beating up or incarcerating young people demonstrating for what they believe in; sick of the wall of shame that separates us from the rest of our country and keeps us imprisoned in a stamp-sized piece of land; sick of being portrayed as terrorists, homemade fanatics with explosives in our pockets and evil in our eyes; sick of the indifference we meet from the international community, the so-called experts in expressing concerns and drafting resolutions but cowards in enforcing anything they agree on; we are sick and tired of living a shitty life, being kept in jail by Israel, beaten up by Hamas and completely ignored by the rest of the world.

There is a revolution growing inside of us, an immense dissatisfaction and frustration that will destroy us unless we find a way of canalizing this energy into something that can challenge the status quo and give us some kind of hope. The final drop that made our hearts tremble with frustration and hopelessness happened 30th November, when Hamas’ officers came to Sharek Youth Forum, a leading youth organization ( with their guns, lies and aggressiveness, throwing everybody outside, incarcerating some and prohibiting Sharek from working. A few days later, demonstrators in front of Sharek were beaten and some incarcerated. We are really living a nightmare inside a nightmare. It is difficult to find words for the pressure we are under. We barely survived the Operation Cast Lead, where Israel very effectively bombed the shit out of us, destroying thousands of homes and even more lives and dreams. They did not get rid of Hamas, as they intended, but they sure scared us forever and distributed post traumatic stress syndrome to everybody, as there was nowhere to run.

We are youth with heavy hearts. We carry in ourselves a heaviness so immense that it makes it difficult to us to enjoy the sunset. How to enjoy it when dark clouds paint the horizon and bleak memories run past our eyes every time we close them? We smile in order to hide the pain. We laugh in order to forget the war. We hope in order not to commit suicide here and now. During the war we got the unmistakable feeling that Israel wanted to erase us from the face of the earth. During the last years Hamas has been doing all they can to control our thoughts, behaviour and aspirations. We are a generation of young people used to face missiles, carrying what seems to be a impossible mission of living a normal and healthy life, and only barely tolerated by a massive organization that has spread in our society as a malicious cancer disease, causing mayhem and effectively killing all living cells, thoughts and dreams on its way as well as paralyzing people with its terror regime. Not to mention the prison we live in, a prison sustained by a so-called democratic country.

History is repeating itself in its most cruel way and nobody seems to care. We are scared. Here in Gaza we are scared of being incarcerated, interrogated, hit, tortured, bombed, killed. We are afraid of living, because every single step we take has to be considered and well-thought, there are limitations everywhere, we cannot move as we want, say what we want, do what we want, sometimes we even cant think what we want because the occupation has occupied our brains and hearts so terrible that it hurts and it makes us want to shed endless tears of frustration and rage!

We do not want to hate, we do not want to feel all of this feelings, we do not want to be victims anymore. ENOUGH! Enough pain, enough tears, enough suffering, enough control, limitations, unjust justifications, terror, torture, excuses, bombings, sleepless nights, dead civilians, black memories, bleak future, heart aching present, disturbed politics, fanatic politicians, religious bullshit, enough incarceration! WE SAY STOP! This is not the future we want!

We want three things. We want to be free. We want to be able to live a normal life. We wantpeace. Is that too much to ask? We are a peace movement consistent of young people in Gaza and supporters elsewhere that will not rest until the truth about Gaza is known by everybody in this whole world and in such a degree that no more silent consent or loud indifference will be accepted.

This is the Gazan youth’s manifesto for change!

We will start by destroying the occupation that surrounds ourselves, we will break free from this mental incarceration and regain our dignity and self respect.  We will carry our heads high even though we will face resistance. We will work day and night in order to change these miserable conditions we are living under. We will build dreams where we meet walls.

We only hope that you – yes, you reading this statement right now! – can support us. In order to find out how, please write on our wall or contact us directly: freegazayouth[at]

We want to be free, we want to live, we want peace.


Israli destruction 2_5440548949492013506_n

If you want to help, here are some ways for now:

  1. Promoting our manifesto by sharing it
  2. Sending an email to your friends asking them to join us in our different social accounts (Facebook, Twitter)
  3. Translating the manifesto to your language and sending it to us
  4. Sending the manifesto to journalists in your country
  5. Making organizations in your countries that are concerned with the Palestinian issue and/or youth rights know about our existence
  6. Posting links about violation of youth’s rights in Gaza on our wall
  7. Planning an event in your country about this issue and/or organizing for a skype conference, where we are able to talk with a group of youth, politicians or others outside Gaza
  8. Suggesting us ideas for reaching out to a greater number of people



Israli destruction 3_8627736512356175563_n

Why Doesn’t the Media Care About Dead Palestinians?

Chilling footage of Israel destroying town in Gaza in less than an hour

Published on Jul 29, 2014

Israel is destroying Gaza – Chilling footage of Israel destroying town in Gaza in less than an hour has been filmed. Footage like this is not normally seen from this angle.

Screams, Tears And Death
Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn

Video By Al Jazeera

Gaza Bombed With Israeli LOVE_017_Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn

A powerful film with exclusive footage from the day of the Israeli assault on the densely populated district of Shujayea in Gaza City. A film by Amjad Almalki and Ahmed Ashour.

Posted July 2014

10550951_661708700589294_6662676243276318643_n10522750_266986970162759_6870620961373179726_nUpdate: Israel Used Directed Energy Weapons To Kill Gaza Civilians

Israel Used Directed Energy Weapons To Kill Gaza Civilians _006_

Published on Jul 17, 2014

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Gaza

See this related post.

Toon of the day-free GA ZA

Israeli Military Torturing Palestinian Children ~viewer discretion~

Published on Feb 15, 2014

The Israeli military is facing a backlash at home and abroad for its treatment of children in the West Bank, occupied territory.

Coming up, a joint investigation by Four Corners and an Australian newspaper reveals evidence that shows the army is targeting Palestinian boys for arrest and detention. Reporter John Lyons travels to the West Bank to hear the story of children who claim they have been taken into custody, ruthlessly questioned and then allegedly forced to sign confessions before being taken to court for sentencing.

He meets Australian lawyer Gerard Horton, who’s trying to help the boys who are arrested, and talks to senior Israeli officials to examine what’s driving the army’s strategy.

3180 b724Israeli love on Gaza_003_10583933_809143295794759_3940410826197796796_nWhy Canada Continues to Back Israel Despite Gaza Assault

Published on Jul 27, 2014

Prof. Reg Whitaker examines why Harper administration continues to support Israel in the face of growing international condemnation

Gaza Bombed With Israeli LOVE_005_Why US and Israel wants to ban this video…

Published on Jul 18, 2014

This nice Jewish American speaks truth about her experience in occupied Palestine… It will make you cry…

Isarali love on Gaza_002_UN’s Investigation of Israel Should Go Beyond War Crimes to Genocide

Published on Jul 27, 2014

Michael Ratner makes the case for how Israel since 1947 engaged in international crimes, including incremental genocide, crimes against humanity, and apartheid

Gaza Bombed With Israeli LOVE_008_Is Israeli Public Opinion Turning after 700 Palestinian Deaths?

Gaza Bombed With Israeli LOVE_009_Israeli Politician Calls For Genocide Of Palestinians


Billy Gomban Jr.
Remember….it is Hamas who is hiding behind the children.. placing missle launchers in residental areas and schools… All while saying All Jews must die… You know like modern day Nazis. youd did fine the truth on the web right? or do you just spread videos like this withou doing your research… just saying
Let me help you…
Whose right or wrong, Hamas or Israel? Dennis Prager
God Bless You, in the name of Jesus.

Prager University: The Middle East Problem Why is the Middle East Problem so intractable? Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated talk show host and best-sellin…

Daniel J Towsey

why don’t you do some good instead of hasling people..Hamas is a false flag zionist operation..

Billy Gomban Jr.
Here… watch the proof
The truth about Hamas using children as shields

TRUTH about the ISRAEL & HAMAS Conflict

Daniel J Towsey
Get lost..HAMAS is not the one bombing GAZA..The problem is Zionist Love.. That is like blaming the woman for looking good for getting rapped..blaming the victim for the bombing..

Billy Gomban Jr.
A TRUTH SOLDIER? Are you really living up to your title? God Bless you, in the name of Jesus brother.

Watch the videos please…

Daniel J Towsey
Go live in a bombed out house then tell me that HAMAS bombed your house….Zionists are the evil insane ones.

Billy Gomban Jr.

It’s obvious that you don’t want the truth…I guess If I kept sending 6000 missles to your house and you wanted to fight back you would just lay down your arms because the people sending the missles were hiding by some kids…. all while your families, kids, babies, are being blown up…
right right…

Watch the videos and if you still feel the same way…. we can agree to disagree.. Tell me What Would You Do, if you lived in Israel? What would you say to Hamas who has sworn to kill all the people in Israel? I’ll wait for your solution… let me know..

Daniel J Towsey

You are nuts..Hamas never sent 6000 missiles for that matter did any Israelis ever get killed from those home made useless little rockets that were fired at Israel by cover Israeli operations..You are a Zionist paid troll..go play your word games with someone else..


1948 Remembering the Nakba

Please scroll down below photo gallery to see this article:

The Deconstruction and Complete Reset of Israel


Click on any image in gallery. Press F11 for full screen.

The Deconstruction and Complete Reset of Israel

World Zionists Have been Ordered to Cut Israel Loose.  Systematic Deconstruction and Reset to Follow in Progressive Steps Just like with South African Apartheid.

                 … by  Dr. Preston James

DO NOT EXPOSE OUR EVILIn a startling and unexpected major reversal of recent history, World Zionists (WZ) have now been “ordered” to cut Israel loose, to make sure it follows the same course of Deconstruction and Reset that South Africa did, and to become transformed into an ethnically and racially diverse Euro-style nation.

During the next several years the nation-state of Israel as presently configured will be quite significantly transformed and reconstituted, with the final design yet to be decided or designated by those who call the shots, aka The Powers That Be (PTB).

The best guess so far is that Israel will become a multi-racial, ethnically diversified Globalized nation-state cleared of its maniacal World Zionist (WZ) Babylonian Talmudic leaders, or in the extreme case if that fails, completely wiped off the face of the earth during a staged WW3 type Mideast nuclear exchange.

One way or the other the Israel will be transformed into a Globalist platform for the seating of a NWO World Leader who is going to be designated as their Luciferian Ruler and will no longer be the center of an age old war between the “Teutonic Zionists” (WZs) aka “The Crusaders” and the Mideast Islamics.

Already, wealthy Israelis are leaving Israel for safer places and a general unconscious sense of dread and fear is descending on the land despite the blatant conscious media displays of chutzpah and false bravado against the undefended Palestinian civilians, especially the women and children.

Israel is now a sinking ship brought about by its Apartheid, blockade, horrific tyranny and mass-murder against Palestinians. The World has become very well informed and will just plain not put up with it anymore.

Israel has become an Apartheid Occupation force of Palestine and a land-thief, abuser, tyrannizer and  mass-murderer of Palestinians. And just like South Africa, the World will deal with it quite substantially, only this time faster and most likely much more severely.

International Zionist Crime Syndicate, click to enlarge

It is becoming increasingly clear that the World will just not put up with this much longer and the mass divestiture and boycotting of Israel and all their products is quickly becoming the new world norm, spreading like wildfire in Europe and now even to America, Israel’s biggest military supplier and funds provider for nothing but crime and abuse in return.

There is a great danger for all Judaics whom refuse to distance themselves from World Zionism.

There is a great danger for all Judaics all over the world that if they do not wake up and detach and distance themselves from the World Zionist (WZ) maniacs who are covert Luciferians and part of a worldwide Luciferian Death Cult, the World will also begin their mass-persecution as revenge. If this persecution begins, it will likely perhaps be the greatest worldwide persecution imaginable against all Judaics who could then become the World’s scapegoat for all the staged major wars, mass death, and emergent Hell on Earth brought on by the City of London World Zionists (WZs) and their Cutouts.

It is a well known fact that South Africa was abandoned by the World for its inhuman Apartheid System based on their endemic racism.

While South Africa was deep into its Apartheid System, World Zionists and their main Cutout Israel used it as major a base of operations to ship illegal arms including nukes, and a center for all kind of clandestine highly illegal activities. Israel itself is generally now regarded as a racist nation founded on a well defended Paranoid Racial Delusion which was carefully crafted by the City of London World Zionists before WW2 even started. And just like South Africa Apartheid against native Africans, Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians will be disassembled bit by bit in the next several years and Israel will be completely transformed and reconstituted, one way or another.

The biggest Anti-Semites in the World are the Judaics in Israel that hate and want to mass-murder all Palestinians.

The fact is that recent john Hopkins peer-reviewed genetic research has shown unequivocally that over 80% of all Judaics living in Israel have absolutely NO ancient Hebrew Blood at all are are not Semites at all either, but that 90% plus of all Palestinians DO have ancient Hebrew Blood and are actually relatives of Jesus Christ. This means in practical terms that Israel HAS absolutely NO valid claim to any Palestinian lands, now or any other time in history, and that the Israelis who hate and want to oppress, tyrannize, and mass-murder all Palestinians are the world’s biggest Anti-Semites.

It’s not anti-Semitism with those who are now exposing and blaming World Zionism and their Judaics Cutouts, but what they are doing is actually blaming anti-Babylonian Talmudic Judaism, which is a covert expression of Luciferianism and a gross perversion against Torah Judaism.

All these current false claims of a new wave of anti-Semitism by Israelis and Judaics is best viewed as Orwellian double speak on steroids. Unless Judaics organize in mass to heavily oppose World Zionism and distance themselves from it there could easily emerge a strong World sentiment and oppression against Judaics everywhere. This will not be anti-Semitism as knowingly and falsely claimed by the WZs, but will actually be  anti-Judaism.

At one time, South Africa was sitting in the catbird seat, a world center for weapons and drug trafficking through the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

The IZCS has been the World’s largest organized crime syndicate in the world that has specialized in phony FIAT “money” creation and pernicious usury and associated debt-slavery, illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking, organ trafficking, sex slavery, child pornography, pedophilia and human compromise operations against American Judges, USG officials and elected politicians.

In a strange twist of fate, the “Order” was given to cut South Africa loose and throw it to the “wolves,” and Israel played a strategic part in doing this.

The rest is history as the nation of South Africa was progressively and systematically Disassembled bit by bit and Reset.

The PTB have order the Cutting loose, Disassembling and Reset of the Nation-state of Israel since its services are no longer needed as the WZ’s main Cutout. The Death of World Zionism is now being instituted to create space and opportunity for a new Worldwide Populist System to arise. But first a complete Reset of the World starting first in Israel must be instituted.

Israel will be soon be Cut-Loose, Disassembled, and Reset in order to “clear the deck” and world stage for a newly emerging World Populism.

abe-foxman-adl-248x320What goes around has come around and now it will be coming back to Israel itself in spades. And as many know, payback can be a real bitch for those on the receiving end. Israel is now going to be on the receiving end big time for all its “Sins of Darkness and Lies” perpetrated against the whole World.

The initial step of this complete disassembly of Israel and the Reset Process is the complete exposure of all of Israel’s sins. It also will involve a complete revealing of how the average Judaic has been near completely mind-kontrolled by City of London Rothschild Zionists who set up the WW2 Internment Camps which Judaics refer to as their “Holocaust.”

This mind-kontrol has involved the creation and internalization of the paranoid mass survival delusion that the World (aka Goyim) are trying to exterminate the Jewish Race, which is now easily proved to be an obvious lie used to con and manipulate almost all Judaics all over the world except those who have grown to expressly reject Zionism and see it as an enemy of Torah Judaism.

Here is a short list of the “Sins of Israel” which all directly link to Israeli leaders role being used as Cutouts for the City of London (Rothschild controlled) Zionist private Central Banksters.

These crimes against humanity have been revealed to the masses around the world by the Alternative Media on the Internet, can no longer be suppressed or effectively denied, and all track back directly to Israel’s covert occupation of America as City of London World Zionist (WZ Cutouts):

The Sins of Israel which are now revealed in the public domain on hundreds of various worldwide websites:

1. The illegal, completely Unconstitutional hijacking of the American Monetary Production and Distribution System which occurred in 1913 with the claimed but fraudulent passage of the Federal Reserve System Act with no Quorum present. This was a criminal act of the World Zionist private central banking System from the City of London Financial District and has been used to defraud billions and even trillions of US Dollars from the American taxpayer to support the criminal state of Israel. The Federal Reserve System fraud has been used to generate billions of US Dollars used to buy, bribe, own and blackmail almost every single US Congressperson, high USG Official and most of the Judiciary.

2. The numerous Terrorist attacks, mass-murders and land theft against Palestinians beginning in 1947 and still ongoing over 50 years later culminating in a hardcore Israeli Apartheid of Palestine and a complete blockage of GAZA accompanied by the transformation of Palestine into the World’s largest open aired prison camp accompanied by oppression, tyranny, terror, mass-assault and mass-murderer of innocent Palestinians by Israelis. Israel has become the World Center for Luciferian mass mind-kontrol and has developed sophisticated methods to mind-kontrol Islamic Cutouts and Assets such as Hamas which they covertly started and still control to fire off useless, harmless bottle-rockets into Israel to provide a justification, albeit flimsy, to bombard mass-death upon innocent Palestinian civilians.

Liberty-(R)3. Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty Ship on June 8, 1967, which was a false-flag attack which unsuccessfully attempted to draw America into an illegal war with Egypt on Israel’s behalf but murdered over a hundred valiant US Sailors. And to add insult to injury LBJ ordered that severe sanction be brought against any Sailor who witnessed the attack or knew about it that talked about this. Of course since LBJ murdered JFK and was one of the World’s biggest war criminals should anyone have expected anything less from such a murderer and traitor?.

4. The Lavon Affair (aka Operation Susannah) in the Summer of 1954 which was an Israeli False-Flag attack on Egypt only admitted 50 years later.

5. The August 21, 1992 Ruby Ridge attack on The Weaver Family in which many believe that Agent Horiuchi murdered Mrs. Weaver in cold blood while holding her baby. She was unarmed and had not engaged in any shooting at all and committed no crimes, nor had her husband Randy Weaver. After her murder, the Illegal, Unconstitutional FBI-HRT Rules of Engagement were cancelled. Horiuchi was charged with manslaughter and got off but many thought he should have been charged and convicted of first degree murder. Murdering a Green Beret’s wife is usually not considered to be a wise act in America because it can in some cases activate a Code of Honor among other Green Berets who have long memories, just like many US Marines. This alphabet inspired attack was allegedly directed by Israeli espionage fronts inside America such as the ADL, the BATF and the FBI.

tanks126. The February 28, 1993 attack and siege on the Branch Davidian Church at Waco in which the BATF and FBI murdered numerous adults and many women and children in cold Blood. The BATF opened fire first according to experts who interpreted aerial FLEER videos and murdered Davidians trying to escape or surrender in cold blood also. The FBI used a secret tunnel boring machine to make a tunnel from an out building into the “compound” and send in 12 special ops who lethally injected as many children as they could find, but could not get to those locked in an underground bus for protection.

The US ARMY under command of a well known General sent in tanks specially adapted to start fires and dispense gas which was designed to turn into cyanide which poisoned numerous young kids and babies with severe life ending convulsions so severe their spines fracture in some cases. Ask yourself this question, who was in power at that time and gave the orders to “burn em alive” to prevent any more alleged child sexual abuse which was never proved at all. This alphabet inspired attack was also allegedly directed by Israeli espionage fronts inside America such as the ADL, the BATF and the FBI and blackmailed puppets at the top of the Administration who dared not cross Israel espionage fronts inside America.

27. The March 1993 first World Trade Center bombing, a false-flag attack attempting to demonize Muslims. this was another FBI “sting gone bad” using a mind-kontrolled Blind Sheik and retarded individuals set up and entrapped when the FBI insisted on real explosives and deployed a 55 drum of cyanide they stole from Champon’s Natural Cherry Flavoring Company in Boca Raton, Florida. This was also an alphabet inspired attack that was allegedly directed by Israeli espionage fronts inside America such as the ADL, the BATF and the FBI who used their twice deceased asset Dr. Ishan Bourbouti.

8. The Gladio-style attack on the Murrah Building on April 25, 1995, another “FBI sting gone-bad” false-flag attack on the emerging American Militias using German Intel (DVD) operative Andreas Strassmier and others. This was also an alphabet inspired attack that was allegedly directed by Israeli espionage fronts inside America such as the ADL, the BATF and the FBI.

9. The Khobar Towers Bombing using a decommissioned and reconditioned W-54 nuclear Pitt provided by the Bush Crime Cabal through CIA Assets. This was allegedly an Israeli inspired attack run by Israeli assets.

10. Deployment of Anthrax to “convince” wayward democratic Congressmen to support the completely illegal, Unconstitutional Patriot Act, the most blatant criminal act of Congress since the fraudulent passage of the federal reserve System Act in 1913. This was allegedly an Israeli inspired attack run by Israeli assets.

11. The Nuking and near complete Pulverization of the Twin Trade Towers in NYC on 9/11/01, a major Israeli Gladio-style nuclear False-Flag attack on America. This was allegedly an Israeli inspired attack run by Israeli assets inside America such as the NeoCons, PNACers, select AIPAC High Command, Israeli-American Israeli-first Dual Citizen Traitors and other Traitors in the USAF, JCS, NORAD and the FAA.

12. The July 7, 2005 London “7/7″ Bombings, another Israeli False-Flag attack. This was allegedly an Israeli inspired attack run by Israeli assets.

nuclearbomboncity13. The 2001 Nuclear Blackmail used to manipulate the Bush2 Administration into allowing and lobbying for passage of the Congressional Legislation necessary to consolidate all American Intel, law Enforcement and Alphabets into one large Israeli controlled organization, Homeland Security (DHS), set up to function as a large Israeli occupation force inside America and a private secret Police Army inside America. This WZ/Israeli nuclear blackmail has been ongoing against American Administrations ever since.

Intel insiders with deep connections to the very top have reported after examining major Russian and French “revenge” Intel dumps of NSA feeds obtained through examination of Israeli provided NSA Intel feeds, that Israel has 25 nukes now planted inside American cities as part of their “Samson Option”.

These Intel dumps into the public domain suggest that some of these 25 planted nukes are small w-54 city block busters, while at least one or more are made from reconditioned SS-20 warheads considered to be “City-Busters.” These SS-20 nukes were allegedly obtained by a crooked US Congressman through the Ukraine at the end of the Cold War who was provided billions by Congress to do so, but instead sold some of them and pocked billions of USD with some several other crooked Congressmen, instead of properly decommissioning them.

14. The recent Ebola Blackmail against the American Administration. Some insiders believe that Israel has delivered another threat that if America cuts off military aid or refuses to enter into another major war on Israel’s behalf in the Middle east or in the Ukraine, the current strain of Ebola stolen from Fort Detrick Army Biological Weapons Development Lab will be deployed inside America as either a genetically modified airborne infection or a new agent comprised of a gene-spliced combination of smallpox and anthrax.

This was allegedly a Israeli inspired attack run by an Israeli Scientist asset inside America who had access to Fort Detrick. These murders were falsely blamed on an innocent scientist, which is a favorite trick of WZs and their Israeli Intel Cutouts.

The tables have turned and Israel is now being Cut Loose by the World Zionists (WZs), but Top Israeli leaders have not yet figured this out because their narcissistic hubris and their massive paranoid racial persecution delusion gets in the way of normal perception.

Now the tables have turned and Israel is going to be on the receiving end of the World’s mass rejection and anger over Apartheid, and is going to get the very same treatment it delivered to South Africa, using South Africa’s Apartheid System as a means to take the government of South Africa down piece by piece.

The American military High Command now knows the full story how Israel did the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America with the help of several traitors inside the JCS, NORAD, FAA and USAF along with massive support from the NeoCons, PNACers, and the Bush2 Administration and is hoppin’ mad and many want revenge. They with the help of numerous Intel Cowboys who have come back from retirement, are hard at work disassembling AIPAC and the other Israeli espionage fronts inside America that are run by “cry babies” and operate as parasites upon America.

In addition to this growing anger withing the US Military High Command, the World’s anger toward Israel for its mass-murder and slaughter-by-bombardment of Palestinians is growing by the day. Unless major steps are immediately implemented by all Judaics everywhere including Israel, there is a high probability that Judaics in general will be blamed for the evil done by the leaders of Israel, who are World Zionist henchmen and Cutouts.

1-IMG_044622Many Judaics hate World Zionism and want nothing to do with any violence or oppression of Palestinians at all.

It is important to note that most Judaics outside of Israel, and even many inside Israel hate Zionism and fear that it may bring great persecution on all Judaics worldwide even thought many want nothing to do with Zionism or any Israeli Apartheid system either or the tyranny, oppression or mass-murder of Palestinian Civilians it has habitually produced for many years. in numerous place Judaics who are fiercely against Zionism have spoken out and protested what is now going on in Palestine by Israel’s Zionist inspired and directed war and death machine.

The Apartheid Occupation of Palestinians by Israelis has had massive publicity thanks to the worldwide Internet, and is now the smoking gun kiss of death for Israel and World Zionism as its exists now.

Ceasefire or not, we will have some settling up to so with the Zios

This new and growing worldwide awareness of Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians and the recent mass-murders of them by Israelis is producing massive worldwide anger toward Israel and in European nations, Judaics in general.  This Worldwide anger will not be satiated until Israel is either wiped off the face of the earth with a nuclear attack, or completely reconstituted with new much smaller borders and most seized Palestinian lands given back all the way to the original UN Mandates.

At some point not too far off expect major War Crimes tribunals to be forthcoming with numerous land and monetary reparations and damages  paid to Palestinian survivors, the same way many Judaics were supposed to be paid.

And it can be expected that massive War Crime Reparations will be paid by Israel to Palestinians, exactly the way that World Zionists have shaken down Germany and so many Swiss Banks for years to make massive payments to Zionist groups who pretend to distribute the money to surviving Judaics but almost never do.

Within a decade Israel will no longer exist as it is now and will become either reconstituted and transformed into something completely different or will not exist at all in any form. Even Illuminati Kingpin, Top Policy-Maker Heinz Kissinger himself said so, and other Illuminati have suggested that this is the situation Israel now finds itself in. How amazing it is how the top World Zionist Kingpins can so easily toss their main action-agent Cutout onto the trash pile of history. What, have they no loyalty?  Of course not, Pure Evil always disposes of Cutouts when they are done with them and no longer have any need.

Pure Evil now needs the World to function as a whole and the only way to get there is to promote a new worldwide emerging Populism that is kind to animals and humans, while working secretly in the background to “thin the herd” by about 90% using covertly deployed massive soft-kill technologies.

342x256_wold-and-lamb-320x239Homeland Security (DHS) is now going to go “down the tubes” as all America gangs up against it, especially those on the inside.

Yes, it’s going to be a huge “Mission Failure” at Perversion-Central very soon as the whole DHS system collapses and loses all support inside America and then inside Congress as massive pressure is brought against it.

Stay tuned and watch how DHS is outgunned and outfoxed it is is still stupid enough to proceed with is original WZ Agenda to transform America into GAZA II and make Americans their New Palestinians. It just ain’t gonna happen as they intended.

Israel has been attempting to transform America into GAZA II to make Americans the “New Palestinians” by use of their Homeland Security (DHS) occupying force inside America. But now the tables have suddenly turned and as this plan becomes generally recognized, it will evaporate right before their eyes.

Instead, Israel will become something far different than it is now. That is if it is even allowed to exist at all. If it does survive as a nation-state it will be completely reconstituted into a non-racially based, multi-racial, multi-ethnic Euro style Nation.

Who has given this order to Cut Israel Loose?

If you can answer this question you have just solved the puzzle of who has been actually controlling Planet Earth and how “IT” has been doing so.

6corps-320x316However be advised that you are simply and plainly not allowed to know this and the USG and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) will never reveal the facts publicly by “Christening” the truths others revel to you about this. The Powers That be (PTB) don’t care what you believe but they do care what you accept as verifiable fact. They know that the public at large are unlikely to accept anyone assertions as fact unless they are formally “Christened” in the CMMM to be publicly accepted as truth.

Without the “blessing” of the CMMM placed upon any beliefs, they can typically never be realized or accepted as fact. watch the Alternative Mass Media provided by the worldwide Internet crush the CMMM and put them out of power. Stay tuned it’s now on the way.

The second strangest part of this story.

Now here is the second strangest part of this very strange story. Israel played a key part in using South Africa as a base for its International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) activities. But also played the key part in cutting South Africa loose by using its worldwide Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) assets in America and the World to publicize the injustices of Apartheid, isolate South Africa, and manipulate the world to divest from all investments in South Africa.

But now the situation is reversed and the CMMM will be used incrementally in an increasing role as time passes to take down Israeli Apartheid and completely reconstitute Israel. They will do this seemingly impossible and amazing switcharoo (180 degree complete turn about) in progressively rolled-out steps only because they have been ordered to do so by the PTB.

But this story gets even stranger.

Deep Insiders very close to the Center of Power have reported to colleagues that aren’t, that World Zionism (WZ) has itself now been set up for a Complete Fall, and is now in its final Death Throes. The top WZ Policy-Makers, no more than two-dozen have been offered a special deal by the PTB.

As this narrative goes, they have been told by the PTB their only chance to survive and maintain any lifestyles of super-elite wealth and lifestyle at all requires that they carefully follow all directives and even agree to disassemble their own worldwide World Zionist System and allow an emerging World Populism to replace it.

Liberty_$50_ReverseStay tuned and watch the Federal Reserve system go down the tubes as the US Petro Dollar is tossed on the trash-heap of History, now under extreme world pressure by such new emerging phenomena such as the BRICS Nations Development Bank and trade Union which now has 139 who have either signed on or sent letters of intent.

In the not too distant future if America can avoid a nuclear WW3 the WZs may attempt to provoke, expect to see a new Gold and Silver and commodity backed US Dollar.

Many questions remain but perhaps some can be answered.

Who are the Powers that be (PTB) and is there an internal war within the PTB? I can give you an answer some will accept and believe in, but no-one is allowed to show you the facts in a publicly verifiable fashion Christened in the CMMM as is necessary to convince most people, nor have I access to these facts and evidence directly.

The PTB are believed to be inter-dimensional Cosmic Entities, some refer to as Alien ETs, but some also believe they are spiritual or even demonic or Jinn-type entities. It is my belief that there is a major Cosmic Space War ongoing now that involves a battle for control over the hearts and minds of all humans around the World, a battle in the Cosmos and on earth between unimaginable Evil and the forces of everything that is good, righteous and loving.

It is my informed view and belief that the Evil Forces have formed a longstanding partnership with the World Zionists (WZs) and their two Circles of Twelve Illuminati Occult Masters, one centered in Denver, Colorado and the other centered in Europe. Stew Webb is the foremost expert on the one centered in Denver and has fully exposed it publicly. The European Circle of twelve can be researched by those who are willing to investigate the Old Black Euro Nobility and see where that takes them.

It is strongly believed by numerous top Insiders that much of American Intel and the Military were infiltrated by WZ controlled Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) Organized Crime elements that formed a dynamic worldwide crime partnership using the American CIA as cover.

This worldwide crime partnership repeatedly and habitually has invoked “National Security” as cover for their numerous murders, crimes, and illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking. But now, this is all rapidly coming to an end as this has been completely exposed to the American High Military Command who are now in the process of putting a complete end to this infiltration and foreign based espionage inside America which has used front groups and PACs such as AIPAC and the like as cover.

It has been rumored by respected Insiders that the WZs have been the main Cutouts of an Evil Cosmic force which I have described in other Secret Space War articles on veterans Today. Also rumored from respected Insiders is that various Populist oriented High Military and Intel inside America and some other nations have formed a new and growing alliance with another Cosmic force, an entity which is aiding them in their take-down of World Zionism and their evil occult worldwide network.


Stay tuned, you are likely to see some amazing and earth shattering developments unroll in the near future as World Zionism continues to be exposed and collapses under the weight of its own lies, deception, blackmail, mass death and destruction, and worldwide evil. The WZ’s goal has been to create a true Hell on Earth and kill off about 90% of all humans as recorded in Stone Tablets at the Georgia Guideposts.

These family bloodlines have worked hundreds, perhaps thousands of years to do this and are now cornered like the rabid dogs that they are. This makes them desperate and they may try to set off many of their planted nukes inside America and numerous other European Cities. There is reason to believe that the Good Guys, however, have aligned themselves at least for now with entities that have the power to disarm nukes and prevent their activation or detonation.


What follows is a controversial Video by David Icke for those have have time and interest. Come to your own conclusions as to its veracity.



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