Johnny Gosch 12 year old paperboy abducted by insider pedophile ring

The Johnny Gosch Foundation

“…to bring awareness of human trafficking and pedophilia to the world…”

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Johnny Gosch abduction Disturbing interview from 2005 – Elite’s pedophile playground

Published on Aug 18, 2012

2005 Noreen Gosch interview with Alex Merklinger about her son that was kidnapped and covered up by the authorities which involves pedophilia at the highest levels of government. The mainstream media have reported on this case, but edit out the details that expose it as a cover up at the highest levels of government from what I have seen in my research on this. The Host of this interview Alex Merklinger is now in jail on fraud charges, people involved with trying to expose the truth with this case have served long jail sentences on bogus charges , met untimely deaths etc etc.


John Fisher

What about the detective killed with his young son in the light jet aircraft, coming back from Michigan with a briefcase filled to the brim with polaroid’s of republican officials raping young kids at the ranch in Colorado. The police officer attending the crash site was witnessed taking a “briefcase” from the debris site and disappearing. This detective made phone calls telling someone exactly what he was carrying on the plane. Boom the small plane is blown from the sky and the cop just tidy’s up the problem.
Nora Earhart
too experienced trauma like this to my son.  I literally received no help from police, school, or anyone.  How sleezes like this, fool so many other people is beyond my thinking.  In the 1960s and 1970s, there was no help or guidance for a Mother such as I.  I named names, dates, and all my suspicions of child abuse.  No help at all. 20 yrs. of destroying my son, who now is a mental wreck.  All I can do, is pray for Hell to await these pedophiles.
John Fisher
+Nora Earhart0 / 0 With your kind permission, I shall pray with you for the damnation to creep from the pit of infamy and procure its doomed quarry back to where they surely belong. Find peace Nora, where you can, how you can.Jeff4ro freefight
This is the one sin in which the perpetrators should be bound themselves and beat to near death with blunt objects then nursed back to health only to be beat to near death again and on and on, kept alive to endure this pain for as long as possible…..John Fisher
+Jeff4ro freefight0 / 0 I’ve a better idea, since those paedo’s usually have kids of their own. Why don’t we beat their kids to death in front of them in the same room, and then kill the paedo’s. There’s a school of thought that paedophilia is transmutable and the child could grow up to have similar interests as the paedo father. Kill them too first, as a punishment to the father but also as a safety precaution for the future.
Jeff4ro freefight
+John Fisher0 / 4 Certainly not!… the children are victims and although they have been exposed to this sick hell I believe in rehabilitating the children.  This has to do with a struggle between light and dark!  I even believe the power of Christ can redeem some of these sicko’s, but that is between Him and them.  I pray these children affected can become unprogramed and be redeemed by Christ.John Fisher
+Jeff4ro freefight0 / 0 And just when did I say they were NOT victims.Juanita Richards
+John Fisher0 / 4 It is more likely that they are also abusing their own children, why punish the innocent children twice?
John Fisher
+Juanita Richards3 / 6 Science has consistently shown, that the chances of passing on the defective genes of the errant murderer father are increasing by the knowledge gathered year on year. So it falls to us now to arrest any further decline In societal mind-set, that we may detract an increasing measure of criminality by denying its existence from a young age.
Juanita Richards
+John Fisher0 / 4 Well where did ted Bundy and all the other psycho’s who came from normal nonviolent families get it then? I could name hundreds. Jeffrey Dahmer and many others. The fact is that most abused children do NOT go one to be abusers themselves. Incest is rife but very few go on to abuse children, their own or anybody elses?John Fisher
+Juanita Richards3 / 6 I’m afraid we’ll just have to agree to disagree Juanita. Goodbye.?John Fisher
+Juanita Richards3 / 6 We know nothing of Dahmer’s family. Bundy’s real name was Cowell, Bundy was his stepdads name, and he grew up thinking the sister he had was just that, but she was his actual mother. We cannot know about his real father’s behaviours. The mother left him for something.?Juanita Richards
+John Fisher0 / 4 Yes  know all that, and Bundy was possibly a result of incest. But Bundy himself admitted in an interview you can see on youtbe, that his family had nothing to do with how he turned out. Once his mother re,married he said they had a normal happy family life and that he couldn’t attach any blame to them. He was soon to be executed, if ever there was a time to play the child abuse card, this was it. But he never did?

John Fisher
+Juanita Richards3 / 6 He also blamed pornography, and violence on TV and an ex girlfriend with long brown hair parted in the middle for all his ills too. Between 35 & 100 young women died at his hands. The child inherits what genes they may, the demon’s implanted by nature and its nurture that awakens the foul soul within. He spent ten years trying to convince everyone there were all manner of girls left to find that he’d disposed of, in the effort to extend his worthless existence. He was exactly the type of personality that would absolve himself of anything by placing blame onto any & all others for his nefarious misdeeds. A true monster from the annals of damnation, to there he returned in 1989. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Juanita Richards
+John Fisher0 / 4 I know all about Bundy’s rationalizations, but he never blamed his family for what he became. Even when he was trying to get out of being executed. I think the revenge thing against women was the real motivation. He was killing that one woman over and over again. This extreme behaviour is addicitive, he took huge risks at the end and got caught. Ed Kemper admitted that he was killing his mother over and over again. And from the sound of it she was extremely emotionally abusive and appeared to hate and distrust men. She made her son sleep in the basement away from his sisters as she was paranoid he would interfere with them sexually, and unwittingly planted a seed which grew into a monster. That was not genetics, it was bad mad parenting?

John Fisher
+Juanita Richards3 / 6 I agree about Kemper’s mom, she was a nutcase(and probably deserved her fate) but she instilled as a way of control a demon entity in her own son, as a way of punishing the “male” in her life. You see Juanita, nurture can be the definition of implanting the demon, the absolute & complete lack of care and empathy to ones own child as well as a total disregard for the notion of forward thinking, which in itself is the cause of most of the worlds ills from time immemorial. What’s wrong with the “hang on a minute,…that might not be the right course of action to take, this idea could lead to further problems in future” mind-set. What happened to that. When did we abandon this premise wholesale, Juanita.

Juanita Richards
+John Fisher0 / 4 I don’t know/ The world is full of evil people. The only thing we can do is make our own life as happy and safe as possible. I have created my own little paradise and allow few people into it

John Fisher
+Juanita Richards3 / 6 Good for you my dear, hold tight your children every day, and lock the doors and windows always. I wish you well, for that’s all we can do for each other, my respect to you. Be well sweet lady.

Juanita Richards
Thank you. My kids are all grown up now and I’m on my own and very happy living in the countryside

John Fisher
+Juanita Richards3 / 6 That sounds absolutely idyllic. Live long and enthral in your grand kids lives whenever possible. Friendship from Glasgow, Scotland.

Juanita Richards
My grandparents were from Glasgow!  My great grandmother was Mary Phillips. My grandmother Anne, married James Berry. But I have English, Welsh, French and possibly Spanish blood. Some of my ancestors were serfs on Richard II’s estates. That’s why we are called Richards, after our lord and master. Lol

John Fisher
+Juanita Richards3 / 6 Well my my, you are indeed from many climes my lady. I’ve been Glaswegian all my 41 years, well travelled though, as my wider close family extend to Australia and Canada. Most Scots have blood in these parts. You too it seems, at least the good blood…the French, Welsh & Spanish. My regards to your Grandparents, alas they may be gone now. Do you remember their accent.

Juanita Richards
+John Fisher0 / 4 My maternal grandma Anne had her Glaswegian accent up to her death at age 77, so did my grand dad but he died in his late 40’s. My dads side, the Richards, had Scottish and English blood etc but they had no noticeable accents

John Fisher
+Juanita Richards The accent is the thing we don’t lose, even in the resonance, with age it never fades. God bless Juanita. Fair ye well hen.

Juanita Richards
Och Aye! My granny used to say to me in her broad accent “Och Nita, you’re an awfie gel!”, then she would laugh and laugh. She tried to be so strait laced, as she was a staunch Christian, but I could make her laugh about anything, and she had a very sharp sarcastic sense of humour. She was the biggest influence in my life?

John Fisher
+Juanita Richards am sure she’s laffin’ er heid aff hen..

Jenny Bishop
+Juanita Richards you are half right…I definitely have NOT grown as an abuser…in fact I worked with children as a protection against undesirables for 11 years …..those who harm children in any way should all be locked up together with NO connection to the outside …my heart goes out to this woman and any parents who suffer the loss of a child and the INSULT by the so called protectors of the people treating the case(s) with uncaring flippancy ….well I am lost for words :(…..god bless you all

Kathrine Paulk
I bit off all my nails listening to this.  I am so sorry for anyone that has to go through this child and parents.  So sick I just want to start chopping and tearing up some sick f*****!  Please do not trust anyone until they prove they will not use you or pull you further into this hell! :““““““`

Sherry B
I’m doing the same and going from my sadness for for Mrs. Gosch to being po’d at EVERYONE involved even his own father. But unfortunately this is still going on and alot worse 😦 Noreen is so brave and I applaud her pushing this and never letting it go..bless her heart

What’s disturbing are how the police are involved and aid-abet by dragging their feet, sanitizing crimes, if not harassing the victims!?

Kmomyle Smith
In the beginning of this interview bells rung hard….
when the father let his son so casually go on that route by his self……
Guilt is something else…

Then when he went and told his wife that Johnny was missing, he then went and delivered the papers!! WTH?

Kmomyle Smith
just some amazing ish…..

My mother worked for a state agency and always said “The wheel that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the attention, all it has to do is keep saying I want to talk to your superior.” God Bless Ms.Gosch, she’s a the ultimate warrior mother. I pray some day Johnny is able to come home and gives her peace and gladdens her heart.?

tami bond bond
okay it is 2014 now so what’s new on this story ?

So why isn’t Noreen dead yet?

Jon athan
In this case it appears that the only people who are actually getting iced are the ones who can potentially implicate powerful people. If she’s got that kind of dirt she’s keeping it to herself in this interview anyways.

Juanita Richards
What a courageous woman.

child goes missing and the father finishes his paper round?

Papa Tk bi tch
All this recent bullshit after the filthy satanic jew kidnapping hoax where they are bombing gaza after a hoax mind you, when the jew is mainly behind most of the 300k missing children in usa alone each year. Think about that, the entire population of st louis or philly gone each year, do you hear 300k amber alerts do you? No, because they are used for the jews sex trafficking, mk ultra, and sacrifices in rituals to saturn

Jeff4ro freefight
Being a Jew has nothing to do with it, you are a natural hater and an ignorant one at that, the type of filth I would like to meet in some grocery store parking lot slapping his “bitch” around cause she bumped the shopping cart into his 1500.00 cavalier with a 3000.00 stereo system.  Nothing but an uncultured punk!

DB Ali
please correct me if im wrong but it seems as if johnys father knew something…but didnt say anything.. someone get back to me on this

Sherry B
I agree why worry about newspapers being delivered instead of what should be your first priority you son..yeah that gave me red flags too when I heard that..

Jon athan
Why don’t you a holes actually watch the entire video? Later on she says Paul Bonacci testified that the father was in on it.

Sherry B
+Jon athan2 / 6 I did watch the entire video. I was just meaning why red flags didn’t pop in her head when his father delievred the newpapers..because he knew Johnny wasn’t coming home..~~~Peace

Johnny’s father seems to be a mysterious person. More than likely living a double-life – he was probably caught doing something terrible – like Cathy O’Brien’s father (child pornography) and sold his son to escape prosecution. The Satanic Cult leader Temple of Set’s founder Col. Michael Aquino was behind this ‘Finder’s’ ring. This was for blackmail purposes, MK-Ultra experimentation and programming, and the sick deviant ‘pleasures’ of the Psychopaths at the top of the food chain. And of course Child Pornography – that’s a lucrative business anyways. Watch ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ – it’s all tied together with Aquino, the Presidio molestation horror and the Bush Crime Family.

minky cat
Why didn’t anyone follow-up on the license plate of the blue car that the lawyer got

bob saget
the finders look it up

i believe that gosch’s kidnapper was female and BDSM now you go and believe anything you want I’m not trying to offend anyone here but if you any info about this person please report to your local PD

Rita Adams
These groves need to be burned and all of these “men” need to be hung publically!

well done her for not giving up! There is still more to go, if she can prosecute these people then she can get her son back for good.

the song in the beginning is extremley disturbing..

Our Unwritten Future
Love hearing pedos exposed ! Just like cockroaches,shine the light on them and they run like hell !

jinxie clark
what needs to happen is that PIG larry king needs to be in prison for what he did to all those kids.  instead he gets out of prison and is GIVEN a job in washington dc for the republican party.  why the hell are people keeping quiet????   noreen, paul, rusty, etc are in fear for their life, but we sure the hell are not.  he needs to be put on blast.  the whole republican party needs to be put on blast

The Franklin Cover-Up & Johnny Gosch Story

Uploaded on Aug 2, 2011

The Franklin Cover-Up – John DeCamp

Uploaded on Jul 27, 2011

Conspiracy Of Silence / The Franklin Cover-up HQ Version!

Published on Oct 3, 2013

The pulled from the air at the last moment documentary that deals with the Franklin (Murder/Satanism/Child Abuse) cover-up.


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