Beware of the addition of an extra 1000 years fraudulently added since Jesus date..,,making such as Rome some 700 years old… the dates with the i letter in front i260 were changed to 1260…

See this page for the understanding.

_2015.11.29_06h46m17s_068_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.29_05h58m06s_020_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.29_06h31m12s_052_ A Truth SoldierThe Cathar castles were religious places such as monasteries.

part 32, The Cathar Castles of France, who is the real heretic, the Albigensian Crusade TrueHistory

Is heretic the one that burns at the stake or the one who lights up the fire?

The Cathars of France, Catharism, Pop Bogomil, who are the real heretics, the Albigensian Crusade’s true face, Bogomilism

Languedoc-Roussillon, château cathare

unknown French History documentary, Languedoc-Roussillon

user message sent to me

“The Cathars did not believe Jesus died on the cross, the cross is called ‘la croix Occitane’ later miscalled la croix Cathare. They respected nature and all living things, held their ceremonies in grottoes & open spaces and didn’t believe in material posessions.

They felt that each ‘age’ had its interests and after they had brought up their families, they gave their possessions away , wore a robe, took a walking stick and devoted the rest oh their lives in the service to others.

They were called ‘les bons hommes et les bonnes femmes’.

Meanwhile, the catholic religion was gaining power through murder, greed and building churches decorated with gargoyles and demons and the clergy was dressed in fine materials and jewelry.
Occitanie is the southern part of France called “the granary of France” had a strong Cathar culture.

Since the women had equal power, Eleanor ( Aliénor )of Aquitaine ( 1122- 1203) ( a very athletic beautiful venetian blond with green eyes who traveled through her territories on horseback dressed as a man) became Duchess at 14 after her father was susceptibly murdered and was immediately wed to the king of France’s son, Louis Vll.

It is through her that we get the ‘Chevalerie’ which promotes such ideology of ‘the strong protecting the weak’, the ‘gesting’ games and social promotion through good deeds rather than money and power.

The ‘Courts of Love’ and the Troubadours elevated love to a spiritual level and promoted ‘chaste love’.

The ladies who had the blood of the ‘survivors’, were literally stolen to marry and make children to legitimize the bloodlines.

All this is the foundation of our western romantic culture, which has been distorted through the centuries.

Alienor was the most powerful protecter of the Cathar culture at the time and 6 years after her death, the only crusade ever on french soil called by the pope and the king was to crush them, steal their lands and erase their culture.”

THE SECRET OF THE CATHARS – Conspiracy History Occult Documentary

In the 1960s a group of people from Bath recounted their dreams to a local psychiatrist. These dreams suggested that they were experiencing flashbacks to former lives as members of a 12th century religious sect from France. Could a group of ordinary West Country folk really have been possessed by the victims of a medieval genocide?

The Cathars~ LightWeavers of Languedoc Pt.1

From Graham Hancock’s “The Master Game”, a wonderful account of the most radical and revolutionary Christian sect in History- The Cathars. The Roman Catholic Church INVENTED the Great Inquisition to stamp out the Cathars as they were the greatest threat that, up to that time, had ever been posed to the Roman Empire Catholic Church, the Popish Power and the Vatican Nation-State.

Look for future additions to this series.

Pt 2 HERE:

Gnosis – Gnostics Cathars, the True Christians | Documentary

Gnostics 1/4 – Knowledge of the Heart

Gnostics 2/4 – Cathars/Bogomils, the true Christians

Gnostics 3/4 – The Divinity of Man

Gnostics 4/4 – Crack in the Universe

“The Gnostic Gospels said that the world was no place for the divine soul of man, that the world was tragic and that it wasn’t created by God, but by a lower life divinity. To the question “Did a good God create a world of pain” they replied that there was a crack in the universe. The first 20th century scholar to read the Gnostics was C.G.Jung – their `Gnosis’, or knowledge, was to him spiritual self-knowledge. In this programme, scholars debate the relevence of the Gnostic `pulse’ for modern man.”

Gnosis – Secret Lives of Jesus

The Hidden Teachings of Jesus

The Hidden Teachings of Jesus – The real path to god and enlightenment. How to awake God within you.


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