Fossilized Millions of years old vehicle tracks

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Millions of years old vehicle tracks_005_ A Truth SoldierMillions of years old vehicle tracks_006_ A Truth SoldierMillions of years old vehicle tracks_013_ A Truth SoldierMillions of years old vehicle/sledge tracks; Phrygia Valley, Forbidden Archeology Documentary

This has been discovered in Turkey.

Vehicle tracks fossilised 5 to 23 millions of years ago? Research by Alexander Koltypin, Phrygia Valley, Turkey – Neogene period new Forbidden Archeology documentary

Laboratory of alternative history

As ISIS have destroyed significant pieces of an ancient history in Syrian Palmyra last week Laboratory of Alternative History considers it necessary to contribute to the saving information of the Cultural World Heritage sites and opens its photo archive collected during the expedition to Syria in January 2009 for public access.

For your convenience, we have placed the photographs in multiple folders, depending on the sites.

You can use the links below to download the archive photos in zip-files:

All content we provide above you can copy, modify, distribute and use it for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission. However, we ask you to give a credit to the Laboratory of Alternative History (LAH, as the source.

We also urge everyone who has the ability to save and share these materials and who cares about the ancient heritage to support this initiative.

Here are some links concerning the expedition to Syria in 2009 (in Russian):

The report of the LAH expedition to Syria-Lebanon, 2009 –

The film based on materials collected during the expedition –

“Taboo Subjects of History”


The Film “Mysteries Of Ancient Egypt” (2005)

(6 series lasting 26 minutes)

The film “Mysteries of Ancient Egypt” is based on the unique material recorded during several expeditions (see “Expeditions”), and are based on facts and hypotheses, which are deliberately hidden by academic science, because they threaten to bring down the usual picture of the distant past of humanity. A number of facilities are closed to the public, and shooting them is prohibited. This is why a lot of it will be seen by spectators for the first time.

The filmmakers decided not to rely on a particular theory, but on real facts, logic and common sense. This approach leads inexorably to the conclusion that in the land of Egypt for thousands of years before the first pharaohs a highly developed civilization existed that was superior in their knowledge and technology not only primitive society of the ancient Egyptians, but modern humanity. Representatives of this civilization were called gods by the ancient Egyptians themselves.

The film “Mysteries of Ancient Egypt” opened a large-scale project “Taboo Subjects of History”, implementation of which was started by the science development Foundation “III Millennium”. In the framework of this project it is planned to continue shooting research expeditions in different countries and the release of other films of similar subjects.


A warning from the authors of the film: to avoid information overload is not recommended to watch all 6 episodes in a row in one day.


The content of the film series “Mysteries of Ancient Egypt”


Series 1. “Seven secrets of the pyramids”.      

In Egypt more than a hundred pyramids, seven of which are fundamentally different from all other techniques and construction technologies. They are so out of the picture of a primitive society of Ancient Egypt that allow us to propose a version of their creation long before the first pharaohs, whom the Egyptians called gods, ” a civilization that has reached a very high level of development.

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Series 2. “Eternal repair”.   

Numerous facts indicate that the Egyptians often didn’t build new pyramids and temples, but only used the remnants of much more ancient structures. Pharaohs only held their reconstruction and repair, traces of which can be found almost all over Egypt. And construction technology of Pharaonic times could not rise to the level of their great predecessors.

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Series 3. “Technology of the gods”

In Egypt there are many artifacts that point to the reality of existence of a completely different civilization here thousands of years before the first pharaohs. These artifacts were traces of such tools and methods that surpass the possibilities not only of primitive society in the time of the pharaohs, but modern civilization. Even the most advanced of our technology is sometimes not enough to leave such traces.

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Series 4. “The search for knowledge of the gods.”

The pharaohs knew about the existence of a very highly advanced civilization of gods long before them and sought to acquire its knowledge. They conducted archaeological work, created collections and even museums. Part of these meetings reached our days. Many items from these collections can’t be repeated by us even with the most modern technology. However now, as in the days of the pharaohs, the knowledge of the gods is carefully hidden from a wider audience.

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Series 5. “Logic reverse”

The analysis of the real facts allows to recover some of the techniques and methods that were used by the ancient civilization of the Egyptian gods. And as it turns out, they are very much different from the familiar to us logic and approaches used. But even this does not give a definite answer to the question of the origin of this civilization. Were they aliens or residents of the legendary Atlantis – this remains a mystery.

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Series 6. “The great transformer”.

Trying to understand the purpose of the construction of the great pyramid, we find ourselves in the role of a Neanderthal in front of a buzzing transformer. Recent studies have shown that the pyramid had a technical function and used the energy of the planet. A series of strange pyramids and the details of their internal structures are not random and have a relationship with the unknown technology of these giant “plants”.

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