The Rockefeller Drug Empire

Uploaded on Aug 23, 2011

Part of a Eustace Mullins interview Euro-American Conference by wa5dxp, May 22, 2005.

The Rockefeller Foundation (drug empire) was first set up in 1904 and called the General Education Fund.

The Man Who Ruined Medicine.

Published on May 8, 2013

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The Man Who Ruined Medicine.

Dr. Peter Glidden, author of The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, says in his book “MDs are in the drivers seat of medicine only because of financial coalitions that were organized at the turn of the 20th century”. He discusses the Flexner Report, which is a book-length study of medical education in the United States and Canada, written by the professional educator Abraham Flexner and published in 1910 under the aegis of the Carnegie Foundation.

In the 1800s and early 1900s, there was a free medical market because no one had the upper hand. In the early 1920s, the Carnegie Institute hired Flexner to do inventory of medical schools and hospitals that prescribed drugs and practiced allopathic medicine. The Carnegies then gave money to these hospitals and schools free money and passed legislature which made it illegal to practice medicine unless they prescribed drugs.

Because this has been going on for almost 100 years, we have been socialized to believe the MD methods are better when the only reason they are in the drivers seat is because of drug money funded a century ago. You can learn more about Dr. Glidden at

Eustace Mullins in New Orleans, 2005

Rockefeller Medicine

Published on Nov 2, 2013


As Americans fret about the Obamacare website and wonder how the country became enslaved to the highest healthcare costs in the world, we turn back the pages to look at how the modern medical paradigm came together in the early 20th century, courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies. Join us this week as we explore the real history of modern healthcare and the real motivations behind the family that brought it to you.

Eustace Mullins – The Rockefeller Medical Monopoly

Uploaded on Aug 24, 2011

Global Sciences Congress, December 1, 1990, Tampa, Florida.

256 year-old Herbalist, Li Ching-Yuen

Published on Mar 9, 2013

256 year-old Herbalist, Li Ching-Yuen
Is Simple Vitamin C a Powerful Anti aging ‘hormone’?

Vitamin D3 May Work as a Fat loss miracle

Sen Rockefeller: Let’s Depopulate!!! Kill the Elders and Poison the children!!!!!

Uploaded on Nov 26, 2009

Sen. Rockefeller on health care October,31 2009


Uploaded on Jul 26, 2008

You know the Rockefellers helped plan 9/11. What else are they up to?

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Origins of Medical Industry Corruption

Uploaded on May 13, 2010

The modern day mainstream medical industry has a dubious history, deeply rooted by a drive for profit through the subversion and suppression of non-profitable and non-patentable therapies and treatments.

To this day mainstream allopathic doctors and practitioners are heavily indoctrinated into a system that protects ever increasing industry profits while fiercely defending orthodox therapies. The network of allopathic medical institutions and education strictly denies medical freedom and outlaws any treatments that cannot generate market share profits for their monopolized industry.

The Rockefellers, The FDA _ The Cancer Industry.mp4

A World Without Cancer (HQ) – The Story of Vitamin B17 – G. Edward Griffin

Published on May 10, 2012

This is a video adaptation of a documentary filmstrip which explains the scientific rationale for Laetrile therapy. It presents evidence that cancer, like scurvy or pellagra, is a deficiency disease. It is not caused by the presence of some mysterious virus or X- factor, but by the lack of an essential food factor which, increasingly, is deleted from the menus of modern man.

The native diets of those cultures where cancer is rare is examined and found to be 200 times more rich in this substance than the diet of industrialized society.

The missing food factor is called amygdalin or vitamin B17, but in its concentrated and purified form developed specifically for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile.

A theoretical model for the biological action of Laetrile is presented. Included are dramatic case histories of terminal cancer patients who have recovered using Laetrile therapy. Based upon the book of the same name.

G. Edward Griffin
Written and Narrated: G. Edward Griffin

The history of the Rockefellers

Uploaded on Feb 23, 2012

The Rockefeller family is an American industrial, banking, and political family of German origin that made one of the world’s largest private fortunes in the oil business during the late 19th and early 20th century, primarily through the Standard Oil Company.

The family is also known for its long association with and financial interest in the Chase Manhattan Bank, now JP Morgan Chase.

They are generally seen as one the most powerful families inside the United States and are well connected to the banking industry.

Dark Secrets of the Rockefeller Family

Published on Jul 18, 2015

Full 2015 documentary about how the Rockefeller family has become one of the most wealthy and most powerful families on earth.


1. Early life of John D. Rockefeller
This video shows the chronological time-line of the Rockefeller family, starting with how William Avery ‘Devil Bill’ Rockefeller Sr. (1810-1906) schooled his son John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) to be a cunning businessman. ‘Devil Bill’ Rockefeller’s son John D. Rockefeller became successful in the commodities trade at a very young Age

2. The creation of the biggest oil monopoly in the world.
John D. Rockefeller then decided to seek his fortune elsewhere and moved to Cleveland Ohio, where the oil business began to boom. There he established an oil refinery and gained prosperity through cunning plots, ruthlessness, conspiracy, shady deals and other criminal deeds. John D’s. “Standard Oil” company would grow and expand to become the biggest oil monopoly in the world.

The Standard Oil monopoly got so big and powerful, that in 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the oil company violated the US Antitrust Law and that it had to be split up.

This created various new successful Rockefeller oil companies, such as Exxon-Mobil (Esso), Chevron Corporation, Texaco and Gulf Oil. Having a positive effect on the stock market, the 1911 Supreme Court decision in effect made the Rockefeller family even more rich and powerful.

The Rockefellers have always had intimate business and family relations with other powerful family dynasties, such as the Morgan banking family, members of the steel magnates of the Carnegie family, the DuPont family and the Rothschild banking families from Europe. The Rockefellers were connected to the Union Pacific Railroad company of E.H. Harriman.

They were involved in the sponsorship of the Kuhn & Loeb bank in the United Kingdom and they had numerous business deals with Hitler’s Nazi regime in Germany.

There were the instrumental force behind the German chemical company I.G. Farben, which built and controlled the concentration camp Auschwitz, situated around the I.G. Farben chemical factory. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil patented fuel even powered the entire Nazi air force ‘the Luftwaffe’.

3. David Rockefeller in the 20th and 21st century.
During the 20th century David Rockefeller and other descendants of John D. Rockefeller maintained their wealth through banking, oil and expanded their power through politics and think-tanks or other non government organisations (NGOs). David Rockefeller, the oldest member of the Rockefeller family, is one of the founding members of the secretive Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

4. The full dominance of the Rockefeller empire
The power of the Rockefeller family is not limited to the oil industry, they control large portions of the banking industry, the central banking system in the US through the Federal Reserve and overseas the European Central Bank.

Through Rockefeller-controlled companies, organisations, think-tanks and other NGO’s the family created The United Nations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Planned Parenthood, the Population Council, the Council of the Americas and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Among other Rockefeller companies are: Monsanto, United Airlines, American Airlines, American Railroads, AT&T, Honeywell, Quaker Oats, and AXA Equitable Life Insurance.

The estimated combined Rockefeller fortune is so big that it can be expressed in percentages of the entire US economy. The ultimate plan of these international oligarchs is to enslave humanity under a tyrannical one world government, ruled and controlled by them.

Please share this video and make it go viral so that the Rockefeller family (among a few others) can be stopped and brought to justice.
Power to the people.

Music by JK Beats.
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Wm Engdahl: GMOs and the Rockefellers

Published on Jun 22, 2013

Author, researcher Wm Engdahl shares his research on the history and goal of GMOs. Engdahl makes the important connection to the Rockefellers and their population reduction agenda.

Rockefellers control government part 1

Uploaded on Nov 3, 2008

Are you familiar with the Rockefeller plan to create a One World Government? Are you aware of the relationships between the Rockefellers and Barack Obama and John McCain? This video will focus on Obama, McCain and the Rockefeller family.

Rockefellers control government part 2

Uploaded on Nov 3, 2008

Have you discovered the Rockefeller, Obama, Mccain link? Voting is a fraud. It hasn’t been legitimate for decades assuming it ever was. This video will help everyone discover the Obama, Mccain, and Rockefeller relationship.

C.I.A : The Rockefeller Foundation

Published on Apr 27, 2012

Uploaded from RealCatholicTV
We are used to thinking of the Rockefellers as simply a byword for wealth, power and financial success. Perhaps we might think of them as determined businessmen or see them as great philanthropists. But the truth is far different; the Rockefeller Foundation is actively undermining the Catholic Church, and in the process, attempting to erase man’s natural orientation to the eternal.

The Rockefellers Are Crypto-Jews

Published on Mar 7, 2013

Eustace Mullins’ last interview with Rick Adams for Uncensored Radio Free America, RBN, May 20, 2008.

Also on how the Mossad “liberated” Iran of the Shah; on Eustace’s wealthy Jewish fiancé; Ron Paul; Canaanites, the Curse of Canaan; Samuel Adams and the New Israel; The Federal Reserve; Ezra Pound; Saddam Hussein; Iraq created out of nothing by Woodrow Wilson; Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama; Ted Kennedy; Stephen Birmingham’s Our Crowd; Jewish International Bankers; John Loftus; Ayatollah Khomeini; Rupert Murdoch, Bill O’Reilly and Zionist propaganda; Woodrow Wilson and Colonel Edward Mandell House; The Constitution and gold and silver backing the US currency; Trading With The Enemy; Prescott Bush; Rockenfelders; Bush War Criminals;

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business | Full Documentary

Published on Nov 4, 2012


About the director:…

“PART II” to this story is now available released, see it here:

More info

Directed by Eric Merola

Learn more about the director:…

Burzynski, the Movie is an internationally award-winning documentary originally released in 2010 (with an Extended Edition released in 2011) that tells the true story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.

His victorious battles with the United States government were centered around Dr. Burzynski’s gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970’s called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and has been given permission by the FDA to begin the final phase of FDA testing–randomized controlled clinical trials.

When Antineoplastons are approved, it will mark the first time in history a single scientist, not a pharmaceutical company, will hold the exclusive patent and distribution rights on a paradigm-shifting medical breakthrough.

Antineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer. Various cancer survivors are presented in the film who chose these medicines instead of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation – with full disclosure of medical records to support their diagnosis and recovery – as well as systematic (non-anecdotal) FDA-supervised clinical trial data comparing Antineoplastons to other available treatments—which is published within the peer-reviewed medical literature.

One form of cancer – diffuse, intrinsic, childhood brainstem glioma has never before been cured in any scientifically controlled clinical trial in the history of medicine. Antineoplastons hold the first cures in history – dozens of them.

[ Read completely Phase 2 clinical trial reports and other pee-reviewed data on Antineoplastons:… ]

This documentary takes the audience through the treacherous, yet victorious, 14-year journey both Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of Antineoplastons.

Dr. Burzynski resides and practices medicine in Houston, Texas. He was able to initially produce and administer his discovery without FDA-approval from 1977-1995 because the state of Texas at this time did not require that Texas physicians be required to adhere to Federal law in this situation. This law has since been changed.

As with anything that changes current-day paradigms, Burzynski’s ability to successfully treat incurable cancer with such consistency has baffled the industry. Ironically, this fact had prompted numerous investigations by the Texas Medical Board, who relentlessly took Dr. Burzynski as high as the state supreme court in their failed attempt to halt his practices.

Likewise, the Food and Drug Administration engaged in four Federal Grand Juries spanning over a decade attempting to indict Dr. Burzynski, all of which ended in no finding of fault on his behalf. Finally, Dr. Burzynski was indicted in their 5th Grand Jury in 1995, resulting in two federal trials and two sets of jurors finding him not guilty of any wrongdoing. If convicted, Dr. Burzynski would have faced a maximum of 290 years in a federal prison and $18.5 million in fines.

However, what was revealed a few years after Dr. Burzynski won his freedom, helps to paint a more coherent picture regarding the true motivation of the United States government’s relentless persecution of Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D.

Note: When Antineoplastons are approved for public use, it will allow a single scientist to hold an exclusive right to manufacture and sell these medicines on the open market—potentially leaving the pharmaceutical industry absent in profiting from the most effective gene-targeted cancer treatment the world has ever seen.

Cancer The Forbidden Cures!

Published on Feb 8, 2014

Astounding revelations of various cancer cures suppressed by reptilian/Illuminati AMA and FDA.

11th (Holistic) Doctor Found Dead Dr. Mithchell Gaynor MD

Published on Sep 16, 2015

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor was found dead in the woods by his house. This was after surviving and walking away from a car accident just days before.
UPDATE CALLED A suicide. Most friends colleagues say NO WAY

Founder of Popular Health Site Found Killed Along W/ Family in Home

Published on Sep 12, 2015

Brian Short, his wife and 3 children were all found dead in their 2M dollar home. Short owned a popular high traffic health social networking site called Please subscribe for more updates on this story

See full video play list. Western Medical Tyranny


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