Shariah Law – Islamic Justice – Pure Evil – Muslim Invasion (Warning Very Graphic Violence)

The white race is under attack world wide…._2016.01.20_01h25m04s_007_ A Truth SoldierThe Final Jihad against the whole planet..

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???????????????????South African whites have been getting massacred, Now you should understand why the British and Australians have been disarmed and why they have been trying to disarm the Americans and Canadians..

Islam – A Religion
Based on Terrorism

To understand Islam, you have to accept certain facts about this religion. The impact of Islam on the daily life of Muslims is far greater than that found in the Western Culture since the Middle Ages. Muslims advance a definition that Islam is a shinning beacon against the darkness of repression, segregation, intolerance, and racism.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Islam has no fundamental concept of Inalienable Rights as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

Islam does not permit the individual to enjoy the freedoms of action and association characteristic of the Democracy that so many Western cultures currently enjoy today.

Islam is a religion in name only because of a reference to “Allah” as their Deity.

A well known fact is that Islam is a totalitarian ideology that rejects Democracy, personal freedom, and every other religion. The ideals of anti-Semitism and anti-Western Culture run rampant throughout Islam.

The Laws of Man are meaningless and have absolutely no relevance in Muslim culture because they are without any direct reference to the Koran or Shariah Law and therefore they have no place in Muslim life.

Islamic law/Shariah Law is completely incompatible with Freedom, Democracy, and Liberty, or any other government where the people have an actual voice in government or the will of the people matters.


See this huge post here.

Three things you (probably) don’t know about islam

Uploaded on Sep 4, 2010

Three Things You Should Know About Islam by

Three surprising things you probably didn’t know about Islam and the Quran. This subject may affect you in the near future, so take the chance to inform yourself now – before it does.

Parts of the text have been strongly inspired by the website

• Qu’ran online:
• Abrogations:
• Sharia:
• Taqiyya: /

Islam (Arabic: الإسلام‎ al-‘islām, pronounced [ʔislæːm] is the monotheistic religion articulated by the Qur’an, a text considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of the one, incomparable God (Arabic: الله‎, Allāh), and by the Prophet of Islam Muhammad’s teachings and normative example (in Arabic called the Sunnah, demonstrated in collections of Hadith). Islam literally means “submission (to God).” Muslim, the word for an adherent of Islam, is the active participle of the same verb of which Islām is the infinitive.

Muslims regard their religion as the completed and universal version of a primordial, monotheistic faith revealed at many times and places before, including, notably, to the prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Islamic tradition holds that previous messages and revelations have been changed and distorted over time.

Religious practices include the Five Pillars of Islam, which are five obligatory acts of worship. Islamic law (Arabic: شريعة Šarīʿah) touches on virtually every aspect of life and society, encompassing everything from banking and warfare to welfare and the environment.

The majority of Muslims belong to one of two denominations, the Sunni and the Shi’a. Islam is the predominant religion in the Middle East, North Africa, and large parts of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Sizable communities are also found in China and Russia, and parts of the Caribbean.

About 13% of Muslims live in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country, 31% in the Indian Subcontinent, and 20% in Arab countries. Converts and immigrant communities are found in almost every part of the world. With approximately 1.57 billion Muslims comprising about 23% of the world’s population, Islam is the second-largest religion in the world and arguably the fastest growing religion in the world.

Islam is a Religion of Peace- Intelligence Squared U.S.

This video has been included here to be fair and see the other side.

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October 6, 2010
Is the rise of terrorism and violence justifiably traced to the teachings of Islam, or is this call to war a twisted interpretation of the true Muslim faith? Most of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims are moderates who see Islamic terrorism as a violation of their sacred texts. Is it wrong to let a radical minority represent authentic Islam? Has fear blinded us to its lessons of tolerance and peace?

For: Zeba Khan
For: Maajid Nawaz

Against: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Against: Doulas Murray

_2016.01.20_01h18m01s_004_ A Truth SoldierBeware of the elite NWO divide and conquer strategies that are well funded.. see evidence of why this is happening here. reset/

_2016.01.20_01h19m57s_005_ A Truth SoldierBut realize the end result is not to conquer but to destroy all including the Muslims.. So that the NWO Banskters can destroy the now worthless currencies and bring in their new currencies so that they can start all over again to control the world through their controlling the new currencies..

_2016.01.20_01h22m18s_006_ A Truth SoldierBelow you will find that George Soros of the U.N. is funding the Muslim mass immigration, in 8 obvious stages..

_2016.01.14_10h09m32s_007_ A Truth Soldier

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Religion of peace . what a Bull Shit!!!

_2016.01.20_01h12m38s_002_ A Truth SoldierTHIS IS ISLAM!

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A much more accurate title than “What Islam Is Not.”


The Third Jihad – Radical Islam’s Vision for America – (A Clarion Project Film)

Published on Nov 21, 2012

( The Third Jihad is a film that exposes the threat that Islamic extremism poses to the American way of life. In 1988, the FBI discovered a secret Muslim Brotherhood document which laid out their plans to replace the Constitution with Islamic Sharia law. (Original document accepted as evidence in Holy Land terror financing trial:

The document stated that “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

One person who dared to speak out about the Islamist threat is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim-American who served as an officer in the U.S. navy and also as a physician to the US Congress.

After the FBI released the radical Islamist manifesto describing how to destroy America from within, Dr. Jasser decided to investigate.

The Third Jihad is about what he discovered.

Clarion Project brings together Middle East experts, scholars, human rights activists and Muslims to promote tolerance and moderation and challenge extremism.

Check out Clarion Project’s website to learn more:

_2016.01.20_01h14m44s_003_ A Truth SoldierSaudi beheading – Myanmar woman screams innocence before execution

Published on May 19, 2015

1-17-2015 – A Myanmar woman beheaded in a Saudi street this week for killing her husband’s young daughter is seen screaming her innocence in a video posted on the Internet Saturday.
Saudi authorities have arrested someone for filming the incident, said local newspaper websites, including Okaz and Al-Riyadh, in reports accompanied by still shots from the recording.
They did not say what the arrest was for.
The official Saudi Press Agency said Monday that Layla bint Abdul Mutaleb Bassim was executed in the Muslim holy city of Mecca for killing her husband’s six-year-old daughter.
“Investigations led to her trial which proved she was guilty,” the interior ministry said, quoted by SPA.
The child, also “Burmese,” died from a beating and from being raped with a broomstick, it said.
“I did not kill. There is no God but God. I did not kill,” cries the woman, covered in black, apparently kneeling on the pavement circled by police officers in the video on LiveLeak.
“Haram. Haram. Haram. Haram. I did not kill … I do not forgive you … This is an injustice,” she screams in Arabic, using the Islamic term for something that is forbidden.
The executioner, dressed in a white robe, forces her to lie down on the ground, near a pedestrian crossing. Mountains are seen in the distance.
“I did not,” she continues before a final scream as the executioner’s curved sword severs her head, in a traditional execution for the kingdom, which carries out death sentences in public.
A voice then reads out her crime.
Many Twitter users protested the video being circulated on the Internet because it could be seen by the woman’s family, but did not object to the beheading itself.
Several other videos purportedly showing be-headings in Saudi Arabia have circulated online over the past three years.
Bassim was one of 10 people beheaded so far this year under the kingdom’s strict version of Islamic sharia law.
Saudi Arabia executed 87 people last year, up from 78 in 2013, according to an AFP tally.
A United Nations special rapporteur has said trials leading to the death penalty in Saudi Arabia are “grossly unfair”.
The kingdom had the third-highest number of recorded executions in 2013, behind Iran and Iraq, Amnesty International says.
Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are punishable by death in the oil-rich Gulf state that is a close ally of Washington.
Saudi authorities identified Bassim as holding “Burmese nationality”, using the former name for Myanmar, but did not specify if she was from its Rohingya Muslim community.
Myanmar’s embassy said that without seeing her passport, it could not confirm whether or not she was a citizen.
Source AFP_2016.01.20_01h32m40s_010_ A Truth SoldierMuslims are not supposed to get mad, Bu this one is raging out on a nice woman in red! .

Beware of villains and criminals that wear clothing to make them impossible to identify.._2016.01.20_01h48m21s_012_ A Truth SoldierEXECUTION – Islam murders a young Christian mother! EXECUTION_001_ A Truth Soldier

_2016.01.14_09h57m47s_001_ A Truth Soldier

ISIS Now Has Sex Slave Rape Guidelines

Message to Muslims. Islam in Poland England Germany – Islam is evil | 2015 القرآن والإسلام هو القرف

Published on Jul 6, 2015

GOOGLE: oleśnica islam | Przed meczetem w Warszawie Polish Defence League – Wiadomość dla muzułmanów. Islam w Polsce i Europie 2015. Muslims in France, Germany, England, Poland. Islam and atheism is evil religion. Allah and Mahomet is evil._2016.01.20_01h26m30s_008_ A Truth Soldier

Sharia Law – “She’s buried chest high”

Uploaded on May 24, 2010

Originally by Nessrriinn: (Channel Closed due to excessive trolling)
See Nessriinn’s farewell video:

A Voice Is Silenced

Taken down for disturbing content – Damn right disturbing! Mirror of Nessrriinn’s original. And these disturbing practices persist throughout the world today.

“On 15 August, 2004, Atefah Sahaaleh was hanged in a public square in the Iranian city of Neka. Her death sentence was imposed for “crimes against chastity”. The state-run newspaper accused her of adultery and described her as 22 years old. But she was not married – and she was just 16.
The execution of a 16 year-old girl:

Adam and Eve by Nessrriinn – Mirror Video

Published on Jul 4, 2012

_2016.01.21_19h03m21s_012_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.21_19h04m51s_013_ A Truth SoldierFrance African Immigrant Raped White Women To Fight Racism

Woman Leaves Islam, After READING the Quran for Herself

Published on Apr 28, 2015

A woman who was raised Muslim, leaves Islam after reading the Quran for herself and seeing what it really says about hate and killing and abusing women! She later accepted Jesus into her life and is now doing her best to tell other Muslims to READ the Quran for themselves to see all of the bad things it teaches!

Muslims Are Taking Over The World at an ALARMING Rate – MUSLIM IMMIGRATION

Uploaded on Apr 27, 2009

This was originally posted by FriendOfMuslim.
The Demographics exhibited in this video are alarming.
There were 100,000 Muslims in America in 1970
There are 9,000,000 Muslims in American now.
Our Grandchildren will be overrun by Muslims, Sharia Law, Abuse of Women, etc.
In most continents on earth, it is already too late to turn the tide of the Muslim population explosion.
Short of Divine Intervention, and Christian believers sharing the gospel, our planet will be overrun in no time.

Muslim Rape Gangs roaming Europe seeking white rape victims.

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2012

Muslim Rape Gangs roaming Europe seeking white rape victims.

TV-news story from Norway about the muslim immigrant/refugees raping in Oslo.

In Stavanger, Norway, of the convicted rapists 90 % of them are immigrants/refugees, article.

_2016.01.20_01h30m05s_009_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.20_01h35m19s_011_ A Truth SoldierOne Hour Compilation of how Islam is Ruining Europe and America

Published on Feb 18, 2013

Countless footage and evidence of how Islamic immigration to Western society will inevitably destroy it. No one can deny that Islam is a dangerous religion after watching this video. I AM NOT A RACIST. I AM NOT A NAZI. I simply believe Islam as a religion is dangerous and does not belong in any western or civilized society and my evidence in this video proves that statement. How can Islam be a religion of peace but cause so much sadness and devistation?

_2016.01.14_13h05m29s_013_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.14_13h10m13s_014_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.14_13h11m13s_015_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.14_13h12m08s_016_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.14_13h13m05s_017_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.14_13h14m07s_018_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.14_13h15m10s_019_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.14_13h16m07s_020_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.14_13h17m10s_021_ A Truth Soldier_2016.01.14_11h43m01s_012_ A Truth SoldierISLAM IN EUROPE AND USA SHOCKING MUST WATCH اسلام امریکا و اروپا

Published on Jul 3, 2015


Muslim Brotherhood_ A Truth SoldierSharia Showdown

Published on Oct 28, 2014

Dateline gets a rare glimpse into life under sharia law in Indonesia – on patrol with police in Aceh as they hand out harsh punishments to anyone breaking Islamic law.

_2016.01.14_13h29m47s_023_ A Truth SoldierIslam’s Threat to Europe

Published on Jun 5, 2015

Dr. John Ankerberg, along with guests, Dr. Emir Caner, Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Ret.) and Kamal Saleem, provides a warning to the Christians in America about how the Muslim Brotherhood is working to infiltrate this county.

Dr. Caner additionally details seven spheres of influence through which the Brotherhood has been working to permeate American and European societies with Islam. @EmirCaner @koomeministries @GenBoykin @JohnAnkerberg For more information visit

Burnley UK street interview attacked by sharia muslims.

Published on Jul 4, 2013……

Glass bombed in Burnley
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 – 1:19pm

Obama Creates A Sharia Compliant Global Police Force: 10/11/15 Full Show

Published on Oct 12, 2015

On the Sunday, October 11 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Iraq claims it has attacked a convoy in the Anbar province and wounded the purported leader of the Islamic State. A former intelligence analyst also speaks out about how the left utilizes political correctness as a manipulative tool to centralize power, and the EPA is getting decked out with military-style weapons. Italian-based geopolitical researcher and author Leo Lyon Zagami joins today’s show to discuss Pope Francis’ recent statements condemning “the hermeneutic of conspiracy.” We’ll also cover the Second Amendment protest against Obama in Oregon, the European automaker emissions scandal and take your calls on this worldwide transmission.


Published on Aug 18, 2013

Sharia law should be banned worldwide women are being stoned and lashed to death after being raped.This is against human rights more people need to speak out and spread awareness

Woman convicted of WITCHCRAFT is beheaded under Islam’s Sharia Law Dec 13 2011

Published on Jan 4, 2013

Woman beheaded for being a WITCH under Islamic Sharia Law in the year 2011.

On Oct 30 2011 a Sudanese man was beheaded by the Saudi government for being a wizard

On Dec 13 2011 a 60 year old woman was executed for practicing sorcery and witchcraft.

The news reported on December 13th 2011 a woman was executed by beheading for practicing witch craft and sorcery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Two months ago a Sudanese was also beheaded for being a sorcerer and practicing magic.

This is the same religion that many Muslims are proselytizing to idiots in the West and other places. Imagine someone, like those buffoons dawahfilms and dawahaddict, converting or reverting to a backward 7th century type of thinking. Who would convert or revert to religion that is afraid of witches in today’s culture? It is like the old style Christianity that was practiced in the 7th century not in the modern world.

Beheading is common under Sharia law for things like sorcery and apostasy, and other offensives.

One Australian man is under arrest for blasphemy and the country of Australia has stepped in to help him.

It is so hard to believe that many Muslims and converts to Islam want to introduce Shariah law in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Russia and the United Kingdom

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Unmasked: The Mastermind behind the Mass Invasion of Europe and His Plan in 8 Steps

Abstract: There is an elitist master plan to destroy Europe’s borders and old culture ethnically,  religiously,  economically for the purpose of a communist one-world government (Agenda 21). Order out of chaos is the motto of the Masonic spirits behind it. But first they want to create chaos by 1) Muslim mass immigration  – by pursuing Coudenhove Kalergi´s and President Sarkozy’s racial interbreeding philosophy 2) War. Furthermore, they obviously want to achieve the Biblical Endtime scenario in the Middle East (Pentacostals, Chabad Lubavitch), i.e. the Albert Pike / William Carr Plan for the 3rd World War.

Soros’ / Rothschild´s open society plan is necessary for the Rothschild banking / finance, etc. corporations to completely plunder open societies. States that refuse are considered closed, the so-called rogue states – and are bound for Open Society Revolutions.
Therefore Soros’ Open Society’s many undermining NGOs that are practically behind all unrest and revolution in today’s world  (Arab Spring, color revolutions) – together with USA´s Freedom House and National Endowment for Democracy (funded by Congress).

This article shows the plan that is behind the Muslim mass immigration, in 8 obvious stages:
1) The Euro-Mediterranean Process / Mediterranean Union
2) Puppet Masonics bombing Middle East / Africa
3) Local massive mendacious propaganda + USA-paid fare tickets for  migrants to Europe
4) Rothschild agent George Soros’ European Program for Integration and Migration is sponsored by the super-wealthy elitists / mighty Funds (EPIM). PASOS comprises the European Commission and Parliament, NATO, USA’s Congress NGO NED and Soros’ Open Society. Both  aim at eliminating all borders. Bribery is flourishing
5) Freemason Angela Merkel invites  Muslims worldwide and then commands other EU countries to take their share.
6) Rothschild agent and NAZI collaborator, George Soros, has just released a 7-point demand on behalf of his master acc. to which Europe has to take at least 1 million Muslim immigrants annually – as well as to pay for the maintenance of at least 4 million refugees in Turkey, Jordan and  Lebanon and per migrant in Europe at least 15,000 euros a year  the first 2 years.
In addition, the EU must spend at least 8-10bn euros on the frontline states (So they loot us – and now  even comes the grand climate looting (Paris 15. Dec.). Besides, the EU must create safe journey channels to Europe from the front.

7) There is an asylum industry which costs the EU 140 billion euros, and 1.2 million people are employed. Behind this stands Rothschild´s Barclay’s Bank – his son-in-law was chairman of the bank and is in the control committee of the Bilderbergers. N.M. Rothschild and Sons is a shareholder.
8) UNs Special Representative for International Migration, a former Goldman Sachs (Rothschild bank) Board Member, EU Commissioner and head of the European Trilateral Commission, Peter Sutherland, calls on the EU to undermine the homogeneity of the member states and to eliminate all borders.

euromediterranean process

This blog has often pointed out that there is a Pharisaic and Masonic elitist master plan with UN support behind the destructive Muslim mass immigration – with the purpose of creating cultural and economic chaos in Europe – and then to complete the Communist one world government, the Agenda 21. and its wealth redistribution through abolishing  nation states and the piteously tiny remnants of the teachings of Christ.

As EU Commission President Juncker says: Mass immigration will empower the EU. Therefore, the EU wants to establish “welcome” zones.
Add to this that Coudenhove Kalergi and Pres. Sarkozy want(ed) to destroy  the white race through mass immigration and intermarriage, so that future Europeans will look like ancient Egyptians. Already in  2013 – before the mass immigration – it was predicted that in 2038, Europe would look like North Africa today! Now it’s going much faster.

The plan is to create  a Europe without borders, European culture  and the teachings of Christ as well as with wealth redistribution, ethnic intermingling and a dictatorial  one world government open for corporate looting by means of Muslim mass immigration. “Order our of Chaos”  – but first create the Chaos to make the old order crumble.

This article will show the steps of this satanic plan

I: The  whole charade is long planned – and  top-Freemasons / Illuminati are now openly steering the destruction of Europe – as already planned by the Euro-Mediterranean Process.
In 2008, the EU allowed recruiting agencies in Mali and Cape Verde to lure  56 Mio african “workers” to come to Europe by the year 2050. In addition they were entitled to be reunited with their large big families.

II: Let Puppet Masons and here and Rothschild´s choice,  Prince Hall Mason  and “Jewish” Pres. Obama bomb Muslim countries into ruins by means of the “War on Terror” and  allied scapegoats like Al Qaeda and ISIS – thus making people refugees and desperate. (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – bin Laden, Weapons of mass destruction, “Gaddhafi, Assad are rascals” – in reality: Oil geostrategy and Rothschild central bank enforcement).

III: Local Massive Propaganda promising hopeful refugee, a house and a car as well as free fare to Europe and willing blonde Swedish girls

Kopp Online 10. Okt. 2015:  The EPIM promotional film “Why Engage” calls on NGOs to participate. It shows that NGO representatives who deal with the subject “voice of migrants”, “Media and Migrants” and “undocumented migrants” end up finding a treasure island with three large chests full of coins! If one makes lobbying for migrants and migration to Europe his theme,  he does not have more money worries!

IV: On 10 Oct. 2015 the Kopp Verlag wrote: Already in 2012,   Soros employee Sheena McLoughlin (Program Manager in the European Program for Integration and Migration) wrote in an article “Plea for the defenseless migrants in the European policy-making” at Open Society Foundations something more about   sponsoring pro-migration NGOs and the structures within the super-rich donor world elite.
The foregoing implies that the migration and open borders advocates were deliberately constructed by super rich elites against the law of European countries and their institutions.
“Strengthening the capacities  of (Soros’) NGOs for lobbying at the European level is essential if we are to achieve a balanced policy.”
And in the sense of the Open Society, balanced policy is  precisely those who are for flight and migration and do not reveal the causes of the destruction of homeland and fight by civil society and financial resources.


The Robert Bosch Stiftung: Without cultural and religious diversity,  Germany is no longer conceivable: black, red and gold (German flag) has long been multicoloured. To us and our project, it means to come from special programs for immigrants to taking an active organization of cultural and religious pluralism of society. Through our practical work, we want, moreover, to contribute to the establishment of an effective welcome and recognition culture for immigrants in Germany.

A direct offshoot of the Open Society Institute Europe is PASOS. The organization is registered under Czech law in 2004 and has its headquarters in Prague, its director is Jeff Lovitt.

PASOS is  also very active in Eastern Europe. It  advocates a Europe of unfettered immigration without visa and without limits. How you can reach that far by political influence and decisive lobbying, is described in great detail in a  practical political instruction book by PASOS-author Piotr Kaźmierkiewicz.

On 26 Sept. 2015   George Soros  – The Rothschild NWO-Manager and here –  on Project Syndicate launched his and his master Rothschild´s order for Muslim mass immigration to Europe:
1) The EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future. And, to do that, it must share the burden fairly
2) The EU should provide €15,000 ($16,800) per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years to help cover housing, health care, and education costs
3) Placing refugees where they want to go – and where they are wanted – is a sine qua non of success.
4) the EU must provide adequate funding to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey to support the four million refugees currently living in those countries.
5) The EU would need to pay to front line countries at least €8-10 billion.
6) The EU must immediately start building a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency and eventually a single EU Border Guard. The current patchwork of 28 separate asylum systems does not work (because the EU forbids it!!).
7) safe channels must be established for asylum-seekers. The next logical step is to extend safe avenues to the front line region, thereby reducing the number of migrants who make the dangerous Mediterranean crossing.
8) The EU needs to mobilize the private sector – NGOs, church groups, and businesses – to act as sponsors.

George Soros is certainly not the only member of the World Elite super-rich, who has been advocating  unhindered migration to North America and Europe for a long time.
“In order to implement the vision of a single market [in Europe], it was necessary to remove a number of obstacles to the free movement of goods, services, capital and people.”

What is EPIM?

Published on Oct 24, 2012

The International Migration Initiative seeks to address exploitation, discrimination and violence against migrants at every stage of their migration journey.

Specifically, the initiative aims to increase protections for migrants in the Asia/Middle East and the Central America/Mexico corridors while improving policy making and the governance of international migration.

Two unique aspects of the initiative’s approach amplify its impact.
A: our focus on migration corridors means the initiative is active in both countries of origin and destination, and thus targets every stage of the migration journey.
: We bridge advocacy and policy by drawing on the experience of grassroots organizations, while engaging with policymaker and political leaders. Through empowerment, policy change, and legal action, we target reforms that can meaningfully improve the working and living conditions of migrants.

The International Migration Initiative’s main areas of work are built around increasing protections for migrants and improving migration policy making and the governance of international migration. Within these strategic priority areas, the initiative targets three overarching goals:

*Enhancing regional policy making and dialogue: The initiative advances policy reform and the promulgation of best practices by enabling dialogue among key stakeholders,
* We also aim to build the evidence base necessary to inform these conversations and to deepen networks among policymakers, as well as between the state and civil society.
*In the long term, we aim to promote more inclusive, tolerant communities and a better-informed public in order to combat xenophobia and discrimination.

VI:  Masonic Angela Merkel as the evil spirit of Europe – sued for high treason – invites the entire Muslim world to come to Germany – in order to then enforce them on Germany´s neighbors, saying they are a gift from the “Lord” (Masonic Lord is Lucifer). But now even the most holy Swedish prime minister chief-in-hypocracy, Merkel’s brother in spirit, begs  relief of  his EU neighbours  for the consequences of his and her irresponsible open borders policy.

VII: The spider in the Asylum industry cobweb: Rothschild.
Info Direkt 13 Aug. 2015: Supervising, guarding and supplying asylum seekers. These activities are not the concern of the (Austrian) state itself but of a private company, the Swiss company “ORS“.

In 2014, this firm was awarded  around EUR 21 million of taxpayers’ money by the Austrian Ministry of the Interior. The mysterious question of who owns this company “ORS”, was scrutinized by the newspaper “Der Standard” which reveals: “The operating company ORS is owned by the Swiss Ox Group, which has been bought in the summer of 2013 by the British Equistone Partners Europe (EPE).

In turn, acc. to  homepage EPE belongs to around 30 institutional investors and the Barclays Bank.”
Author Wolfgang Freisleben called the Barclays Inc.  “Rothschild Battleship”. Barclays has, as major shareholders the private bank “NM Rothschild” and their satellite bank “Lazard Brothers”.

Also as far as staff is concerned,  the dominance of the Rothschild banking family has manifested itself.

Chairman of Barclays was for years Rothschild´s son-in-law Marcus Agius. He became one of the three trustees of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group.

The asylum industry in the EU occupies 1.2 mio. people and so far cost the EU 140 bn Euros a year

VIII:  is the UN´s Special Representative for International Migration.  Peter Sutherland is a former member of the board of Rothschild’s Goldman Sachs, European Commissioner, and Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, Europe. He calls on the EU to undermine the homogeneity of the member countries and to let refugees go in the world where they want to!!

So, here we have  “the missing link” between Rothschild and mass immigration – diabolically well organized:
The Illuminati/Masons  command their Masonic puppet  Obama / NATO to bomb the Middle East into ruins, let the  US taxpayers pay for  the refugees´journey – and summon Rotary member Merkel to invite the Muslims with open arms,  then sending  part  of the burden to other EU countries! Then EU taxpayers have to foot the bill and the EU citizens pay with their safety. Now the societies  are utterly open to Rothschild´s corporations and standardization.

What NAZI collaborator Soros wants is to organize  and promote Muslim mass immigration in order to empower the Muslims as quickly  as possible to exert limitless EU control / terror by the Sharia, using our Pharisaic-Masonic politicians who merely act  as Soros and his master, Rotschild, tell them to – see Federica Mogherini, EU foreign minister announcing political Islam (Sharia).

Soros´plan is:
The Soros Dossier 4 July 2008, p.71: Soros explains that the ideal open society would suppress particular national interests, while an international political and financial structure takes responsibility for the so-called common good.

Accordingly, Soros arms his philanthropic organizations with cash, buying up key sectors within the population who are then let loose to overthrow a government that tries to maintain a “closed society.”

If a nation wishes to control its own natural resources, it’s a closed society. If a nation wants to develop its economy and power of labor through tariffs and regulations, it’s a closed society. Any nation that rejects globalization (i.e., British imperialism), is a closed society and subject to attacks from Soros and his shadow government of national agents

Through his  American Ukraine Advisory Committee, he was the man behind the destabilisation in the Ukraine – and in Serbia.
Alongside with the US government´s NED and Freedom House, Soros and his Open Society were behind the “Arab Spring” and the Russian “White Revolution” as well as other colour revolutions.
One of Soro´s tools is the Avaaz used for propaganda and undermining of existing societies towards Soros´open society. It now has 41 mio. members i 194 countries. They contribute and Avaaz misuses their money on undermining our democracies for Soros´Open Society.

William Engdahl:  Basically George Soros is another tool for economic and political warfare in the hands of the Rothschilds. He is among those circles who three years ago started a malicious “Fourth Reich” campaign against the reunited Germany; Soros is very anti-German.
Soros is personally responsible for the chaos the “shock therapy” caused in Eastern Europe after 1989. .
Soros led a delegation to Russia, where he had been collaborating with Raissa Gorbachev since the 80s, to set up a further Soros foundation, The Cultural Initiative Foundation. This is a further vehicle for him and his Western cronies to enter the highest political echelons tax-free and proceed to “buy” the most important political and economic personalities of the country

Soros exerts control over 30 US MSM. Soros is the unelected President of the World on behalf of his Red Master/world Communism.

Paedophilia & child marriage in Islam

Published on Mar 15, 2015

Does Islam condone paedophilia and child marriage? What does the Quran say on the issue? What do the scholars say? What are the rules concerning marriage and sex in relation to age in Sharia law?

216 – The Islamic Connection / Total Onslaught – Walter Veith

Uploaded on Oct 6, 2011
This topic has puzzled numerous expositors. How does Islam fit into the picture of global conflict? Is this a political, religious, or religio-political conflict? What is its origin and what are its goals? How does it impact on ecumenism and on the doctrine of salvation in Christ? Find out in this informative video. A clear line is drawn through history, showing that the reality is more startling than the theory.

Islam, 1400 years spread by murder-by Dr Bill Warner.

Published on Sep 13, 2012

Please note this is not Bill Warner but re uploaded. Also Bill has some facts that are worth listening to but note that his age and lack of using the internet shows he is not up on modern technology. We can respect that given his age.
Islam is a destructive political system married to religion to give it strength and power.

The true history of its nature is layed out here for all to see how evil Islam is. Most Muslims let alone others are not aware of this history. Some are whose ancestors died in its wake.

killing of 260 million people is not the way religion should work. How anyone can believe this silly religion is beyond belief.

The Islamic Connection to Rome Catholicism FULL

Published on Aug 20, 2014

Innocence of Muslims Muhammad Movie FULL HD, Deceptions of Islam

Published on Sep 26, 2012

_2016.01.14_10h07m02s_004_ A Truth SoldierMuslims in the USA want Sharia law and say they will not follow US laws.

Published on Oct 27, 2015

Muslims in the USA want Sharia law and say they will not follow US laws. Muslims and Islam refuse to integrate into the countries. Muslims want the inferior Islamic way of life and refuse to follow the superior western way of life an values.

Muslim a have given nothing positive to the world for over 1400 years. Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion that seeks to dominate the world today. Just as Muhammad and his followers sought to dominate the world in their time.

Muslims attack Pastor with Acid: The Umar Mulinde Story

Published on May 6, 2012

On Christmas Eve 2011, two Muslim terrorists threw acid in the face of Ugandan Pastor Umar Mulinde. This video shares his amazing story of coming to faith, reaching other Muslims and how he ended up in Israel to receive medical treatment. Maoz Israel and our partners are paying for his hotel and meals, while he receives outpatient medical treatment in Tel Aviv.

If you would like to help this dear man of God, you can go to to make a contribution. Please pray for Pastor Umar, that he will know the next step for him and his family in their journey with Yeshua.

_2016.01.14_10h04m58s_003_ A Truth SoldierThis is what sharia law looks like!! The religion of peace!! LOLZ!!

Published on Jan 9, 2015

Islam the religion of peace, lolz my ass!
Watch two butches being punished because they sold meat that wasn’t prepared in the Islamic way!!
Taken from the full documentary,

Four Corners – Pakistan on the Brink

Published on Jul 18, 2012

Talk to any major western leader and they will tell you Pakistan is a key ally in the war on terror. If that’s true this week the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had some bad news for his strategic partners.
(excerpt from:

Four Corners – Pakistan on the Brink
ABC 1, 23/02/2009, 8:30pm
Duration: 50 minutes

Made for Deakin University under Part VA of the Copyright Act 1968.
(This video was made from a Deakin offair copy)

The Roman Catholic and Islamic Connection

Published on Sep 15, 2013

What is the connection between Roman Catholicism and Islam? Why do they both venerate Mary? Why do so called “apparitions of Mary” happen mainly to Catholics and Muslims? Did the Vatican create Islam? Find out in this interesting video.

Seven main reasons why I left Islam – Proof Islam is false

Published on Dec 11, 2014

I will cite Quranic verses without links.
If you don’t have your own Quran or aren’t aware of any website that has the Quran, then you can look up

Quran claims it is meant to be clear in meaning:

(Quran 5:15, 6:55, 6:114, 11:1, 16:103, 22:16, 41:3)
Verse where Quran says some verses are allegorical (3:7)
The allegory refers to verses where there are only letters & abrogated verses

1) Scientific errors in the Quran:

Verse apologists inaccurately use to describe the Big Bang (21:30)

Quran tells us Earth was created first (2:29), (41:9-12)

How we date stars
How we date the Earth

Quran says stars are in the lowest heaven & purpose is to strike at devils wanting to reach the exalted assembly in heaven as well as being a decoration in the night sky.
(Quran 37:6-10)

2) Quran contradictions & historical errors:

Were the Earth & heavens joined together or split apart?
(21:30) Split apart (41:11) Joined together

How many angels participated at the Battle of Badr?
(8:9) 1,000 angels. (3:123-124) 3,000 angels.

How long is Judgement Day?
(32:5) 1,000 Earth years (70:4) 50,000 Earth years

Historical error:
Mohamed mixes up Miriam and the Virgin Mary in the Bible:

Bible says Miriam is Aaron’s sister (Exodus 15:20)

Quran says Virgin Mary is Aaron’s sister (19:28)

Bible says Miriam is the daughter of Amram (1 Chronicles 6:3)

Quran says Virgin Mary is the daughter of Imran (66:12)

3) Life & Actions of Mohamed:

Aisha’s age at marriage:

Raids Mohamed led are found all over Sirat Ibn Ishaq (Ibn Hisham’s edit)

Permission to rape enslaved married women:
(Quran 4:24)
Explanation to verse and background to its revelation:

Mohamed being asked to provide miracles to prove his prophethood:

17:59 (Mohamed allegedly gets chance to perform miracle but conveniently chooses not to)
17:90 (More requests for miracles and proof of prophethood that go unmet)

Mohamed increasingly frustrated by Jews for not believing his message and following him begins to find excuses to banish the three Jewish tribes in Medina who welcomed him when he was being persecuted by the pagan Arabs in Mecca.
Sirat Ibn Ishaq (Ibn Hisham edit)
Banu Qaynuqa’ (p.363), Banu al-Nadhir (p.437), Banu Qurayza (p.461)

Quranic verse supporting Muslim action against the Banu Qurayza

Pubic hair inspection to decide which boys would be killed:
Sunan Abu Dawud Book 38, Number 4390

Mohamed cuts off hands & feet & gouges out eyes before leaving these people to die slowly in the desert
(Quran 5:33)

—— Unfortunately, YouTube has a character limit on descriptions. For the rest of the description you need to go to my Facebook page or my Google Plus page to view the other sources.
Here is a link to my Facebook page with all the links:

A warning to America and Israel from an ex-Muslim

Published on Jul 21, 2014

Pastor Mulinde is an ex-Muslim who was attacked by his former coreligionists.

This is only a portion of The United West’s interview. The full interview is featured on Breitbart today (

_2016.01.14_10h14m43s_009_ A Truth SoldierAmerican Muslims Stone Christian Preachers In Dearborn, MI.

Published on Jun 27, 2012

Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil

Uploaded on Nov 20, 2011 Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil

Islam Exposed (Origin of Islam)

Published on Mar 3, 2012

This is the first of a series of videos exposing the Religion of Islam. I will also add addition information to support the information in this video.


Published on Nov 15, 2014

Why are there Muslims praying inside Washington’s National Cathedral. Is this a set up? It is happening everywhere, All over Europe Sharia Law is being implemented. Now it is happening here in America, Does Islam really believe in killing Christians, is Isis only a fringe group? W

hat does Islam really believe. What are their plans for America. Do Muslims agree with Isis or is this a fringe group among them. Many say the Christian religion also teaches evil, but this is not true. Christ taught love and tolerance and forgiveness. Jesus came to DO away with the Old testament laws of slavery and abuse.

Jesus actually came to do away with Sharia Law. the Christian scripture and the Apostles warned that this tyrannical religion, in many forms, “another gospel” should be condemned.

Many do not realize that Islam is a christian type religion that believes in Jesus but rejects his teachings, rejects his redemption and his Grace. It was this that Jesus spoke of when he warned us.

_2016.01.14_10h10m06s_008_ A Truth SoldierPASTOR ATTACKED BY MUSLIMS – REV. UMAR MULINDE

Ok, satiated Americans and other global inhabitants, it’s time for the Jihad Challenge of the Day. I’ll give you the ANSWER and you provide the QUESTION.


Here is the answer – ISLAM.

Now, what is the question?

Well, if you gave the following question you are correct!

What is the unifying consistent for situations where a Christian Pastor has acid thrown in his face by Muslims in Uganda; Muslim brothers are beheading their Muslim brothers in an internecine war in Syria; Muslim warriors are kidnapping young girls in Africa and selling them as sex slaves; Muslims are trying to blow up more buildings in New York; Muslims are initiating genocide on Christians in Iraq; and Muslims in Gaza are targeting Jewish civilians in their effort to destroy Israel.

In as much as our lefty heroes of academia are now choking on their tofu, not believing that someone actually used the term “Islam” in a sentence without killing its essence by the death of a thousand qualifications, the uncomfortable fact remains, at least forensically.

Certainly, other unifying constants include the breathing of oxygen and chewing with teeth, but for the mildly curious, those factors just don’t seem to get someone all jihaded up enough to enjoy watching the blood of life flow from hapless teenage girls. No, there has to be something else and that something else is graphically illustrated subjectively and objectively in this short interview with Pastor Umar Mulinde.

In this interview with Pastor Mulinde, which is part five of our special series on the war in Israel, our objective is to present as a policy consideration the observation that much of the violent mayhem in process worldwide has at its root, the system of Islam.

We use the phrase “system of Islam” as stated earlier in a forensic manner, simply reaching that conclusion after a thorough evaluation of the evidence, professionally avoiding any coloring of the facts for political or personal reasons. Again, the choking you hear in the background is that pesky tofu which is so hard to swallow.

Nevertheless, please watch and listen to this amazing Christian man as he independently makes the case to the West that this current battle “the Jews are fighting over there,” is actually one small component of the fight that the West is engaged in against Islamic jihad.

Therefore, it is intellectually and materially essential that all countries and people who hold to the Judeo-Christian values of Western Civilization stand with Israel in her critical defining moment fighting not just against some “wide-eyed” HAMAS terrorists who just want to have jihad sex with seventy-two virgins, but indeed understanding the global ramifications of this war and realizing that were Israel to lose, which means anything short of complete destruction of HAMAS, then coming to a theatre near you, regular doses of sulfuric acid to the face and other vital areas of the West.

Tom Trento, for The United West.

United West (

Fatwa On Islam (

_2016.01.14_10h39m27s_011_ A Truth Soldier

The Jesuits and The Corrupt Catholic Church Fraternal Order Exposed!

Published on Jul 9, 2015

All Credit and Thanks given to “The World’s Last Chance” for putting together this amazing video concerning the secret fraternal order that is The Jesuits. Remember, this is just one occult fraternity, there are other big name ones out there as well such as The Knights Templar, The Rosicrucians, Skull & Bones, etc..

The Jesuits where banned in 83 countries , so they had to come up with a plan to remain power.

The Bavarian Illuminati was born in 1776 , (Jesuit Adam Weishaupt was trained in Ingolstadt University which is a Jesuit institution) since then all These Papal Jews (Like The Rothschilds and Rockefellers) have gotten all the Important Positions (Knights of Malta) ,

This is why most researchers end up Blaming the Jews in General OR only blame The Zionists while all these powerful Masonic Labour Zionists are Knighted into The Vatican Knighthoods and are all Catholic.

Its The Jesuits that control it ALL. The Ptolemaic Papal Bloodlines give advice to the Jesuit generals and are more powerful then for example The English Queen who is part of the Black Venetian Nobility Bloodlines.

See More Facts about the Jesuits Here:

Welcome To Belgistan — The New Muslim Capital Of Europe

Published on Mar 21, 2012

A Warning to the Muslim World by David Duke

Uploaded on Apr 30, 2011

This is a message to all those people with muslim names and muslim ancestry who are anything but that. This message is even to those muslims who are serious about their deen and even to those who want to learn about the world. To you fake muslims, WAKE THE HELL UP.

To the serious muslims, your misconceptions about the world can be shocking, and please have some pride in your deen. To the serious seekers of world truths, here is a surprise for you. The victims of this war on terror is going to be all of us, however all of us will be victims by the initial targetting of Muslims.

This will be done by the center of organized crime and that is Israel. Don’t think this war on terror was done for America’s benefit.

This was waged for Israel and only Israel’s benefit. The evidence is, where has all the money gone? Which economy is the failing one, and which one is the succeeding one? And which country will be the preeminent power at America’s expense? But be careful because you are all goy! Y

ou can not think about the questions, and you better not answer! Otherwise you will be smoked out like those dead ducks, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan… all 3+ million of them…. in the short span of 10 years.

A 5 minute introduction to REAL Islam

Uploaded on Jul 5, 2009

This is how islam works in reality here in Europe. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a political system that wants to keep the human race in the dark age.

Sharia Law 101 – the essential statistics

Published on Oct 20, 2014

What would life be like under Sharia Law? Is any of it compatible with the West? We can answer that by examining the results Sharia Law has got and continues to get.

The video provides you with many Facts about Sharia Law and has collected these from very reputable sources. Directed to Westerners, the video examines the results of Sharia Law by zoning in on different areas of life under Sharia Law.

These results are in very stark contrast to what we here in the West get. Our western ancestors have taken a different path so we can now enjoy a far higher level of equality and quality of life.
Quickly Skip to Chapters:
1:31 Essential terminology:
3:20 Origin of the Quran/Koran:
4:13 Freedom of thought conscious & religion:
8:10 Domestic violence in Sharia Law countries:
10:51 Incidence of domestic violence across 10 Sharia Law countries:
23:15 Laws & prosecution:
26:22 Personal status laws & child marriage:
28:15 Woman’s rights to property:

The Oscar Report is a free, not-for-profit service, aimed at rescuing humanity intellectually and morally.

Islam Truth – Agenda of Evil

Published on May 18, 2014

Islam is a tumour on the world, and is growing to become a cancer. It is an evil death cult. This video must be shared to make people aware of the Islamic deception (taqqiya) that Muslims employ against us, and the danger of letting the Islamic Agenda progress. #islamisacancer Make it viral and make your voice heard, or the Western way of life will end in our own lifetimes.

Truth About Islam. What The ‘West’ Needs To Know

Published on Sep 27, 2012

Title – Islam. What The West Needs To Know

This video should be titled ”What The World Needs To Know About True Islam”

Most so-called peace loving Muslims havent got a clue about their own religion… & the Muslims that do know, they are liars, deceivers & very hateful of any other religion ..

…& we don’t care if you think this info is wrong, made up or because it is the English language version that we are getting our info from… Most of what the Jews, Christians and Ex-Muslims say in this video about Muslims & their prophet is right.(Who even married a child against her will) Even the Muslims know this & that is why they get so violent when we all point it out..

By The Way!- Robert Spencer is NOT Jewish!..

Just read the words in the Qur’an and the Hadiths.. The Sira and Sunna all the tradictions and whatnot. Read it all and you all will see, what is been said in this video is the truth and you will see what we mean!

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Expect Us!

Brigitte Gabriel- Truth About Islam. Truth About Quran, Muhammad, & Allah. World Caliphate Coming.

Published on Mar 14, 2015

Brigitte Gabriel- Truth About Islam. Truth About Quran, Muhammad, & Allah. World Caliphate Coming. Islam Seeks World Domination. God Bless & Jesus Saves. Subscribe To My Other YouTube Channel mattwalker02 & Join My Facebook Group End Times Prophecies & Events, & anything Biblical. Accept Jesus As Your Lord & Saviour Today.

Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. America In The Bible Revelation 14:8-13, 16:5-7 & 17-19, 17, 18, 19:1-16. Isaiah 13, 14, 18, 47, 48. Jeremiah 50 & 51. Habakkuk 1 & 2. Ephesians 5:11-16 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Ezekiel 33:2-9 Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them,

When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman: If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people;

Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.

He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul.

But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand. S

o thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.

When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.

Islam | Real Truth Behind Islam – Full Documentary

Published on Dec 30, 2014

islam | real truth behind islam – full documentary

Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration (2011)

Uploaded on Sep 7, 2011

Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration (2011)

Muslims go crazy during anti-islamic movie sweden

Published on Jun 5, 2013

I want to take you to a gay bar plays onthe film, Muslims says its porn, violence breaks out with a woman screaming “Allah u Akbar”


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