The Jesuits and The Corrupt Catholic Church Fraternal Order Exposed!

See this related post that tells of Switzerland being the Jesuits Home Base.

also see.

Full text of “History of the Jesuits: their origin, progress, doctrines, and designs”

Published on Jul 9, 2015

All Credit and Thanks given to “The World’s Last Chance” for putting together and amazing video concerning the secret fraternal order that is The Jesuits. Remember, this is just one occult fraternity, there are other big name ones out there as well such as The Knights Templar, The Rosicrucians, Skull & Bones, etc..

The Jesuits where banned in 83 countries , so they had to come up with a plan to remain power) The Bavarian Illuminati was born in 1776 , (Jesuit Adam Weishaupt was trained on Ingolstadt University which is a Jesuit institution) since then all These Papal Jews (Like The Rotschilds and Rockefellers) have gotten all the Important Positions (Knights of malta) ,

This is why most researchers end up Blaming the Jews in General OR only blame The Zionists while all these powerful Masonic Labour Zionists are Knighted into The Vatican Knighthoods and are all Catholic. Its The Jesuits that control it ALL.

The Ptolemaic Papal Bloodlines give advice to the Jesuit generals and are more powerful then for example The English Queen who is part of the Black Venetian Nobility Bloodlines.

See More Facts about the Jesuits Here:

The Vatican Exposed: It’s Dark Dark Dark Secret Warning Very Graphic !!!

Published on Apr 6, 2015

Hear the testimony of an Ex-Roman Catholic Nun, Sister Charletta and the atrocities and ritual abuse that she experienced at the hands of the wicked and barbaric priests of the Roman Catholic Whore of Babylon. I warn you this is graphic material…


Published on Sep 2, 2013


Albert Rivera Ex-Jesuit Interview – Exposing The Vatican & Jesuits – NewWorldOrder

Uploaded on Nov 27, 2011

Former Catholic Albert Rivero Ex-Jesuit Priest Exposed the Vatican’s Jesuit priesthood and paid for the actions with his life.

In 1978 the Lord called a priest, Clark Butterfield, out of the Roman Catholic system.  God gave him a mission to write this autobiography before he went home to be with his Savior.
Butterfield graciously reveals to both Roman Catholics and Christians the teachings of the Vatican and how they differ from God’s Holy Word.  NIGHT JOURNEY FROM ROME…TO THE NEW JERUSALEM is tactful, compassionate, and candid.  Any honest reader will be touched and enlightened by its contents.
This is a beautifully written book for your library, and one you could put into the hands of Roman Catholics or Christians.  The contrast between scripture and the teachings of Rome is very clearly explained. 207 pages.
Hans Muller
The Jesuits are from hell. The Roman Catholic Institution is “THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH ( Rev. 17:5.), and Jesus has promised to destroy her and all those with her.  Jesus hates, and has cursed, this evil religion, and warns Catholic to get out of it. ( Rev. 18:4.) Wake up people!!!  You havebeen warned!!!! The only way is Jesus Christ. ( John 14:6.)
Sir, you are obviously unable to furnish the simple truth of what you stand for and what Church you belong too. You state you are a  born-again Christian, which says very little except you weren’t always a Christian  –
all Christians are born again in baptism of water. Our Lord Jesus Christ was baptised in the Jordan so there is not much in your stated position
singles you out from other Christians.
But there is one thing Sir that is very obvious – your hatred of the Catholic Church. Your language is atrocious by any standard A true Christian Sir cannot be an instrument of hate and this makes me very suspicious of you. Can you simply write down for me “I’m a believer and follower of Our Lord Jesus Christ” It can’t be too difficult for you to do that can it? But can you?
God Bless you Sir Hans Muller
You are wrong. I don’t hate Catholics. I was a catholic for 19 years. I know what I’m talking about. Catholics are not Christians. Purgatory is Hell. The Mass is an abomination to God.
There is no salvation in the Roman Catholic Institution. If you die Catholic you are lost forever!
The precious Roman Catholics have been taken in  by the slickest religious machine on this earth.
The Lord Jesus Christ hates the Roman Catholic system. In the Bible, He calls it: “The Great Whore.” (See Revelation,chapters 17 and 18).
He has already passed judgment on it and it will be destroyed. You are now aware of the game the are playing,and the Lord Jesus is your Only hope.
You must keep His doctrine alone… and reject Roman doctrine. (Rom. 10:1-3;Gal.1:10.) Don’t let your priests and relatives browbeat you into staying in the “system.” He that hath ears to hear,let him hear.
So many times the Catholic cult has tried “CHARACTER ASSASINATION” Against Alberto Rivera….this is one of many sinister tactics employed  by the Vatican to shut people down and destroy their testimony against the Catholic cult…..
HERETIC PAGAN POPE FRANCIS RECENTLY SAID GOD OF THE BIBLE AND ALLAH ARE THE SAME!The so called  Bishop Of Rome addressed gullible Catholic followers regarding the dire importance of exhibiting religious tolerance. During his hour-long speech, the old heathen Pope Francis was quoted telling the Vatican’s guests that the Koran, and the spiritual teachings contained therein, are just as valid as the Holy Bible.“Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Allah. These are all names employed to describe an entity that is distinctly the same across the world. For centuries, blood has been needlessly shed because of the desire to segregate our faiths.Francis has gone on record to say that homosexuals are not to be judged, Proselytism is nonsense and has endorsed the usage of contraceptive by Catholics. – Yet Catholics refuse to see what an enormous divergence his teachings are from  those traditionally taught by Rome, and even more so from the teachings of the Bible…To say that Jesus Christ and the pagan Muslim god Allah are the same is heresy and blasphemy…so the Catholic church has a complete heretic at the helm of their church.In the “De Romano Pontifice,” II, 30 it says :”A pope who is a manifest heretic automatically (per se) ceases to be pope and head, just as he ceases automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church.”  The author,  Robert Bellarmine,  believes a pope can fall and lose the title “Christian” as many popes in history have. And it is clear that pope Francis has fallen into  complete heresy and is striving for the creation of the ONE WORLD RELIGION of the End Times as his goal…..
Freddy Screnci
This video is a eye opener to anyone who is following the path of truth, it does take time to research and learn what is to find it, this is a pretty good start when it comes to hearing from a man like Dr.Alberto rivera who was in the inner circle of the society of Jesus and knows for sure the inner workings, plus he was right with the black Pope of his day and seen a lot of the dark world operations that we’re taking place, and as he said himself the ends justify the means, a term that came from the dark mind, no question about it, thank GOD HE IS WITH JESUS NOW!!!
Dave Long
Jesuits are extortionists, murderers, rapists and concentration camp terrorists.
listen to walter weith’s video,,,battle of the bibles,,,he explains how jesuits infiltrate protestant churches to RE-educate them back under rome.    the bishop of rome descantes or descartes factualized this so it’s not a conspiracy theory.JFK said their was a monolithic secret society with vast human and material resources engaged in conspiratorial practices in his 1961 speech.    that is your jesuits who started most of the secret societies active today.   they started the free masons,   the illuminati,   the knights of malta,   the templars,   the knights of columbus,,,etc,  etc..

the jesuits are like the mythological octopus with many arms that is destructive.

charles chiniquay wrote a book 150 years ago called …50 years in the church of rome.   he stated that the vatican’s objective was to take over america.    it didn’t matter if it took 100 years.

the bible said in the old testament that the kings of the earth were conspiring against God…that is repeating today.     the kings are your rich men/wealthy men(mostly jesuits and catholics).    i believe reagan and bush and clinton are all jesuits disguised as protestants trying to bring in the vatican’s new world order monster.

JFK wouldn’t let the pope come to america because he said there is only one head of state here and that is me….a few months later he was dead and LBJ allowed the pope come to america.    Was LBJ a jesuit disguised as a protestant?

The Secret History Of The Jesuits

Published on Nov 4, 2013

History_of_the_Jesuits Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and Design by G. B. Nicolini.pdf

The Secret History of Jesuits by Edmond Paris (1975).pdf

The Black Pope, A History of the Jesuits by M. F. Cusack Formerly the Nun of Kenmare.pdf


“My history of the Jesuits is not eloquently written, but it is supported by unquestionable authorities, [and] is very particular and very horrible. Their [the Jesuit Order’s] restoration [in 1814 by Pope Pius VII] is indeed a step toward darkness, cruelty, despotism, [and] death. … I do not like the appearance of the Jesuits. If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of [Ignatius de] Loyola.”

– John Adams (1735-1826; 2nd President of the United States)
“Above all I have learned from the Jesuits. And so did Lenin too, as far as I recall.

The world has never known anything quite so splendid as the hierarchical structure of the [Roman] Catholic Church. There were quite a few things I simply appropriated from the Jesuits for the use of the [Nazi] Party.
– Adolph Hitler (1889-1945; Nazi leader and chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945)
((Ed. Comment: What follows is a similar quotation of Hitler taken from Edmond Paris’ book The Vatican Against Europe.))
“I have learnt most of all from the Jesuit Order. So far, there has been nothing more imposing on earth than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church.

A good part of that organization I have transported direct to my own party. The Catholic Church must be held up as an example. I will tell you a secret. I am founding an order. In Himmler (who would become head of the Nazi party) I see our Ignatius de Loyola (Jesuit founder).”
— Adolph Hitler
“The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power — power in its most despotic exercise — absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man.

Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms — and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses.”
— Napoleon I (i.e., Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821; emperor of the French)
“It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country — the United States of America — are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated MOST of the wars of Europe.”
— Marquis de LaFayette (1757-1834; French statesman and general. He served in the American Continental Army under the command of General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.)
“Alas, I knew they [i.e., the Jesuits] would poison me; but I did not expect to die in so slow and cruel a manner.” (1774)
– Pope Clement XIV (Who had “forever” abolished the Jesuit Order in 1773)
“The war [i.e., the American Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.”
– Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865; 16th President of the United States) “[Wherever] a totalitarian movement erupts, whether Communist or Nazi [Fascist], a Jesuit can be found in the role of ‘adviser’ or leader; in Cuba [it was] [Jesuit-trained] Castro’s ‘Father’ Armando Llorente…”
– Emanuel M. Josephson (American physician and historian)

The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

video from Alan Lamont

Secrets of the Jesuit CIA

Published on Jun 21, 2012

The commentaries about 911 in this video are all misleading and incorrect.. please go here to know what really happened

This video is half the length you see on the timeline. Youtube messed it up, go figure.

This video does not show all the treasonous and cowardice ways of the CIA. They are still doing all this, plus more, to this day. We need to stop being indifferent to this type of stuff.

CFR-created, cartel-capitalist oil monopoly, finances the Black Pope’s International Terrorist Network; that Network is overseen by the “Father General’s” SS/Central Intelligence Agency, which in turn has been consistently directed by CFR affiliates since its inception, they being either oathbound Knights of Malta, 33rd Degree Freemasons or members of Yale’s Satanic Brotherhood known as “Skull and Bones.” This is “The Invisible Empire” of occult, high-level, Scottish Rite and Grand Orient Luciferian Freemasonry.

Tyrants have always some slight shade of virtue; they support the laws before
destroying them. -Voltaire

We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to
visit violence on those who would harm us. -George Orwell

Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it. -John Lennon

Possession isn’t nine-tenths of the law. It’s nine-tenths of the problem. -John Lennon

When two Jesuits meet, the devil is always there to make a threesome. -old French proverb

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -Plato

All warfare is based on deception. -Sun Tzu

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. -Ernest Hemingway

We must make the world honest, before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy. -George Bernard Shaw

A society that is uninterested and unwilling to learn from history is doomed to repeat it. -J Edgar

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. -Plato

The power of accurate observation is often called cynicism by those who fail to possess it. -George Bernard Shaw

For every 10 people who are clipping at the branches of evil, you’re lucky to find 1 who’s hacking at the roots. -Thoreau

It is Not Because Things are Difficult that We Do Not Dare; It Is Because We Do Not Dare that They are Difficult. -Seneca

Freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free. -JFK

Never let your schooling interfere with your education. –
Samuel Langhorne Clemens (MarkTwain)

“Aim towards the Enemy.” -Instruction printed on US Rocket Launcher

Antony Sutton – The Jesuit Order of Skull and Bones [Brotherhood of Death]

Published on Jun 22, 2012

Education Purpose Only.

Antony Cyril Sutton (February 14, 1925 — June 17, 2002) was a British-born economist, historian, and writer. Most importantly, he was a very respectable and intelligent human being who obviously wanted the best for mankind by exposing facts that others would rather keep hidden.

Swiss Jesuit Church with CIA NATO Symbol in Solothurn Switzerland Namen Jesu & Kreiskommando

Published on Oct 16, 2014


The Biggest Vatican Secret Revealed! Ugly crime of the Popes!

Published on Feb 21, 2015

The Biggest Vatican Secret Revealed! Ugly crime of the Popes!
Oh my people, come out from the Roman Catholic Church

Ralph Woodrow of Babylon Mystery Religion , The identity of the Roman Catholicism

Pope sacrificing children underneath the Vatican Undeniable proof

Published on May 2, 2015

Sacrificing babies and children, done underneath the Vatican, as a blood ritual to satisfy Lucifer. This is no joke people.
Down load this video onto your own channel, just give it a new title, and link the video back to this channel. I WONT COPYRIGHT YOU. I just want the truth to be spread.

full documentary Jesuits are Crypto Jews

Published on Jan 18, 2014

The Jesuit Order &The Counter Reformation (Full Length)

Uploaded on Jan 15, 2012

Learn the history of the Roman Catholic Church and their militia the Jesuit Order not taught in school textbooks.

Jesuit NWO – Ukraine Crisis – by Eric Jon Phelps

Published on Apr 21, 2014

Vatican Assassins Website

The Two Kingdoms – Ukrainian Conflict 2014

Uploaded Video from

The Jesuit Control Of The Banking System – Eric Jon Phelps

Published on Oct 31, 2013

The Fact of the matter is quite clear to see, the Rothschild’s are nothing more than bankers for the Black Pope. All evidence points to this fact. The Rothschild’s are knights of the British Empire and Knights of Rome.

Any critical thinker would know that if you are being honoured with rewards and Knighthoods, you are most certainly NOT at the top of the food chain. Notice their titles such as “Baron de Rothschild” or “Baron von Rothschild”. Before the dissolving of the Holy Roman Empire, a Baron was the title given by the Emperor to his subjects. Today the Rothschild’s still bear this title..

They are guardians of the Papal treasure. As can be seen by the following factual quotations:

“It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.”
The Jewish Encyclopedia (published 1901 – 1906; Vol. 2, p. 497)

“The Jewish Encyclopedia states the Rothschild Dynasty has handled the Vatican’s wealth since 1823”
[Ed note: It is an obvious conclusion, the Jesuits have to be in control of the Rothschild dynasty, to entrust them with much of the wealth of the Vatican]
Jerry Evans [“Fiat Money and the Conspiracy Behind It”; p.30]

“[Mayer Amschel]Rothschild, with his access to Hesse-Hanover’s vast wealth, and conceivably that of the Jesuits as well, had power to affect a credit reduction in British banking”
F. Tupper Saussy (“Rulers of Evil”; 2001 First HarperCollins Edition; p.161-162)

“These three financial families, the Rothschilds, Morgans, and Rockefellers all do the bidding of the Jesuit Order because of Jesuit infiltration in their organizations”
Bill Hughes: [“The Secret Terrorists”, p. 16-17]

The ultra-right wing falsely describes the Rothschilds as “Jewish bankers” when, in fact, the Rothschilds are interwoven with the Catholic Church, and, jointly with the traditional mafia and the American CIA, interlocked with the Vatican Bank, which was pro-Nazi.”
Sherman H. Skolnick: “The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds” (article)

“during the spring of 1772, the circumspect young Jesuit professor [John Carroll] conveyed to the powerful young Jewish banker [Mayer Amschel Rothschild] Lorenzo Ricci’s [Superior General of the Jesuit Order, Black Pope] need for a financial disturbance in England and America, didn’t John Carroll admirably serve his Superior General, his Church, and his country? And didn’t Rothschild do his client likewise?”
F. Tupper Saussy (“Rulers of Evil”; 2001 First HarperCollins Edition; p.161-162).


History_of_the_Jesuits Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and Design by G. B. Nicolini.pdf

The Secret History of Jesuits by Edmond Paris (1975).pdf

The Black Pope, A History of the Jesuits by M. F. Cusack Formerly the Nun of Kenmare.pdf


Website Links For Research –
Only he who can say, ‘The Lord is the strength of my life’ can say, ‘Of whom shall I be afraid?’

Leuren Moret: How to avoid Jesuits, U.S. & Russian mind control turning America into a NWO prison

Published on Jul 3, 2015

NOTE: You can access links and context here while you watch this interview. Thank you. Leuren Moret: How to avoid Jesuits, U.S. & Russian mind control from turning America into a NWO prison
By Alfred Lambremont Webre


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