EMERGENCY Economic Collapse is HERE NOW Not One Cargo Ship in North Atlantic







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Dollar About To Die

Published on Apr 14, 2016

In 4 Days Dollar No Longer Needed For World Trade

Published on Apr 8, 2016

The Top Five Places Not To Be When The Dollar Collapse In 28 May 2016

Published on Mar 29, 2016

No money in human history has had as much reach in both breadth and depth as the dollar. It is the de facto world currency. All other currency collapses will pale in comparison to this big one.

All other currency crises have been regional and there were other currencies for people to grasp on to And All the evidence tells us that The dollar collapse

The Economic Collapse & World War 3 Has Begun… 2016 ! Please SHARE To WARNING Others!

Published on Mar 20, 2016

Economic Collapse 2016 : https://youtu.be/SopLBvvvV3w
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China Warns U.S. After Massive Trump Victory In Nevada

Published on Feb 26, 2016

China warned the United States on Wednesday not to adopt punitive currency policies that could disrupt U.S.-China relations after Donald Trump’s win in the Nevada caucus. http://www.infowars.com/china-warns-u-s-after-trump-wins-nevada-caucus/

West Coat Shipping Is Dead – Sunk – See For Yourself

Published on Feb 24, 2016

The shipping from Asia To The United States Has Died – See For Yourself. This Means No Military Parts — You Should Have Done As GOD Directed Military Chief Of Staff General Dunford. Now the CIA is Killing Special Forces And General What Are You Going To Do?

The most important news you hear today. Baltic Dry Index BDIY

Published on Feb 2, 2016

I say most important because this will effect us all! Time to get ready if you have not.
For a clear daily update of the economic collapse, visit my friend Michael Snyder’s blog http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/
Here is a link to see it on Bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/BDIY:IND


Published on Jan 24, 2016


Major U.S. Retailers Are Closing More Than 6,000 Stores

By Michael Snyder

If the U.S. economy really is improving, then why are big U.S. retailers permanently shutting down thousands of stores?  The “retail apocalypse” that I have written about so frequently appears to be accelerating.

As you will see below, major U.S. retailers have announced that they are closing more than 6,000 locations, but economic conditions in this country are still fairly stable.  So if this is happening already, what are things going to look like once the next recession strikes?

For a long time, I have been pointing to 2015 as a major “turning point” for the U.S. economy, and I still feel that way.  And since I started The Economic Collapse Blog at the end of 2009, I have never seen as many indications that we are headed into another major economic downturn as I do right now.  If retailers are closing this many stores already, what are our malls and shopping centers going to look like a few years from now?

The list below comes from information compiled by About.com, but I have only included major retailers that have announced plans to close at least 10 stores.  Most of these closures will take place this year, but in some instances the closures are scheduled to be phased in over a number of years.  As you can see, the number of stores that are being permanently shut down is absolutely staggering…

180 Abercrombie & Fitch (by 2015)
75 Aeropostale (through January 2015)
150 American Eagle Outfitters (through 2017)
223 Barnes & Noble (through 2023)
265 Body Central / Body Shop
66 Bottom Dollar Food
25 Build-A-Bear (through 2015)
32 C. Wonder
21 Cache
120 Chico’s (through 2017)
200 Children’s Place (through 2017)
17 Christopher & Banks
70 Coach (fiscal 2015)
70 Coco’s /Carrows
300 Deb Shops
92 Delia’s
340 Dollar Tree/Family Dollar

39 Einstein Bros. Bagels
50 Express (through 2015)
31 Frederick’s of Hollywood
50 Fresh & Easy Grocery Stores
14 Friendly’s
65 Future Shop (Best Buy Canada)
54 Golf Galaxy (by 2016)
50 Guess (through 2015)
26 Gymboree
40 JCPenney
127 Jones New York Outlet
10 Just Baked
28 Kate Spade Saturday & Jack Spade
14 Macy’s
400 Office Depot/Office Max (by 2016)
63 Pep Boys (“in the coming years”)
100 Pier One (by 2017)
20 Pick ’n Save (by 2017)
1,784 Radio Shack
13 Ruby Tuesday
77 Sears
10 SpartanNash Grocery Stores
55 Staples (2015)
133 Target, Canada (bankruptcy)
31 Tiger Direct
200 Walgreens (by 2017)
10 West Marine
338 Wet Seal
80 Wolverine World Wide (2015 – Stride Rite & Keds)

So why is this happening?

Without a doubt, Internet retailing is taking a huge toll on brick and mortar stores, and this is a trend that is not going to end any time soon.

But as Thad Beversdorf has pointed out, we have also seen a stunning decline in true discretionary consumer spending over the past six months…

What we find is that over the past 6 months we had a tremendous drop in true discretionary consumer spending. Within the overall downtrend we do see a bit of a rally in February but quite ominously that rally failed and the bottom absolutely fell out.

Again the importance is it confirms the fundamental theory that consumer spending is showing the initial signs of a severe pull back. A worrying signal to be certain as we would expect this pull back to begin impacting other areas of consumer spending. The reason is that American consumers typically do not voluntarily pull back like that on spending but do so because they have run out of credit. And if credit is running thin it will surely be felt in all spending.

The truth is that middle class U.S. consumers are tapped out.  Most families are just scraping by financially from month to month.  For most Americans, there simply is not a whole lot of extra money left over to go shopping with these days.

In fact, at this point approximately one out of every four Americans spend at least half of their incomes just on rent

More than one in four Americans are spending at least half of their family income on rent – leaving little money left to purchase groceries, buy clothing or put gas in the car, new figures have revealed.

A staggering 11.25 million households consume 50 percent or more of their income on housing and utilities, according to an analysis of Census data by nonprofit firm, Enterprise Community Partners.

And 1.8 million of these households spend at least 70 percent of their paychecks on rent.

The surging cost of rental housing has affected a rising number of families since the Great Recession hit in 2007. Officials define housing costs in excess of 30 percent of income as burdensome.

For decades, the U.S. economy was powered by a free spending middle class that had plenty of discretionary income to throw around.  But now that the middle class is being systematically destroyed, that paradigm is changing.  Americans families simply do not have the same resources that they once did, and that spells big trouble for retailers.

As you read this article, the United States still has more retail space per person than any other nation on the planet.  But as stores close by the thousands, “space available” signs are going to be popping up everywhere.  This is especially going to be true in poor and lower middle class neighborhoods.  Especially after what we just witnessed in Baltimore, many retailers are not going to hesitate to shut down underperforming locations in impoverished areas.

And remember, the next major economic crisis has not even arrived yet.  Once it does, the business environment in this country is going to change dramatically, and a few years from now America is going to look far different than it does right now.

This article first appeared here at the Economic Collapse Blog.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog


No Cargo Ships in the Atlantic may not be confirmed here in Halifax Nova Scotia

Please scroll down for more video reports about container ships.


Are they all empty, full, are there usually more ships? ….. Thank you bunches!!
+LookBeyondTheChatter You have very good points… I can not confirm that any ships are moving…

I can see the Fairview container pier out my windows everyday and I have not seen any chips coming in or our for a long time nor have I seen any tractors trailers going through town… and you are right..
these containers are sitting there possibly because no ships are coming in to take them out.

One more thing, I did not see anyone working on the piers..no cranes moving, no trucks moving and no one working..and that China container ship might actually be stranded here..

Thanks for your comment..

Published on Dec 26, 2015

Could this REALLY be our “Final Christmas?”

Per The Queen’s Annual Christmas Message, this year she makes a very unusual announcement… one that wasn’t even included in the original British taping.

You are in for a shocker indeed !!

Here’s the Article

And the Original Video Here (Note the Light-Dark binarisms)


And for those of you who STILL don’t believe me and think I’m talking “rubbish,” maybe you’ll believe TRUTH from this ex-Illuminati insider:

China And Russia Are Preparing For A Bankrupt US Financial System – Episode 876a

Published on Jan 25, 2016

The tech sectors is now getting hit with layoffs. The Dallas Fed survey is at a 6 year low and crashing. Manufacturing in a decline which is signalling a major depression coming soon. The East know the West is now bankrupt and they are preparing and waiting patiently for it to be complete. Norway’s biggest bank is now pushing a cashless society. The house of Saud will most likely contribute to the collapse of the global economy.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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The X22 Report is “one man’s opinion”. Anything that is said on the report is either opinion, criticism, information or commentary, If making any type of investment or legal decision it would be wise to contact or consult a professional before making that decision.

Economic Collapse_001__A Truth Soldier

Three Men Make The Same 2016 Prediction That’s Already Happening! You Won’t Believe What’s Said

Published on Jan 19, 2016

The Queens Speech 2015. MUST WATCH! The Real Unedited Version

Published on Dec 26, 2015

This is the version filmed the day before christmas that the Royals and the BBC did not want you to see.This recording was scrapped due to the Queens revealing comments

Queen's Annual Christmas Message_001__A Truth Soldierqueen_002__A Truth Soldierqueen_003__A Truth SoldierSee this. https://worldwarthreereports.wordpress.com/eating-children/

Did The Queen Just… What She Says Will Astonish You!!!

Published on Dec 26, 2015

Could this REALLY be our “Final Christmas?”

Per The Queen’s Annual Christmas Message, this year she makes a very unusual announcement… one that wasn’t even included in the original British taping.

You are in for a shocker indeed !!

Here’s the Article

And the Original Video Here (Note the Light-Dark binarisms)


And for those of you who STILL don’t believe me and think I’m talking “rubbish,” maybe you’ll believe TRUTH from this ex-Illuminati insider:


Published on Oct 17, 2013


MORE Donald Marshall… “Illuminati BUSTED!!! 2013 Cloning, Parasite Hosts, Atlantis, & Vril Part 1-4” http://youtu.be/a8Fp9nBXqjU

Donald Marshall forum http://donaldmarshall.proboards.com/

VRIL WEBSITE http://vrillizards.webs.com/

Picture of Don on megadeath cover http://donaldmarshall.proboards.com/thread/103/picture-don-on-megadeath-cover

WATCH DONALD MARSHALL LIVE: “Ex Illuminati Associate Donald Marshall (the clone) on Megadeth’s “The World Needs A Hero” Cover”

Tila Tequila Suffers Brain Aneurysm After Exposing Illuminati Dark Secrets

Tila Tequila and Donald Marshall Cat Fight…And Pete Santilli Burnedhttps://ixquick.com/do/dsearch?query=Tila+Tequila+and+Donald+Marshall+Cat+Fight…And+Pete+Santilli+Burned&cat=web&pl=opensearch&language=english

Miss Tila Finally Admits That Aliens Called Vril Exist!

IMPORTANT ARTICLE: Alcuin and Flutterby: 2013 Agenda for Disclosure “The identities of the hidden Khazar Zionist political bosses embedded in corporate America will be disclosed.

The use these bosses have made of human clones in American political management will become common knowledge. The use made of human clones in managing European Royal families, international banking, spiritual fascism in religion, industrial militarism and political assassinations will be made clear for all to see.

The fact that mind-controlled human clones have been democratically elected into national leaderships, have signed state and religious papers of moment, and have been terminated at will and substituted with others, will be revealed.” http://lightworker29501.com/2013/01/0


GUESS WHOSE BEEN CLONED!!! PART 1/14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F81Jb

[MUST WATCH] Steve Quayle 2016 – The Coming Economic Collapse & World War 3 is Coming (WARNING)

Published on Jan 21, 2016

The tech sectors is now getting hit with layoffs. The Dallas Fed survey is at a 6 year low and crashing. Manufacturing in a decline which is signalling a major depression coming soon.

The East know the West is now bankrupt and they are preparing and waiting patiently for it to be complete. Norway’s biggest bank is now pushing a cashless society. The house of Saud will most likely contribute to the collapse of the global economy.

The Economic Collapse Is Now Spreading To All Sectors Of The Economy – Episode 877a

Published on Jan 26, 2016

The Government sponsored conference board shows consumer confidence rising and the Gallup people’s poll shows consumer confidence declining. Corporations continue layoffs. US Government central bankers try to entice more people into purchasing homes with loan modifications. Manufacturing declines and now spreads to the service industry. Baltic Dry Index declines again and the problem is much worse than the figures are showing us. Economic activity slowdown has accelerated and its getting worse.


Published on Jan 24, 2016

Eric Dubin, Managing Editor at The News Doctors joins me to dissect the latest views of the global economic collapse. As we stand on the precipice of the death of the Petrodollar we examine two alternative views: Is it all being done by design, or have the masters of the universe simply lost control?

Store Closings On The Rise! The Shut Down Is Here!!!

Published on Jan 20, 2016

How close are we?

How close are we to the big collapse?

It’s already begun, and it’s already here.

As the year progresses, expect to see more store closings, more mall closings, more foreclosures, more liquidations, and more bankruptcies. Do not expect something huge — the Collapse will start small, and then work its way up from there: the first step is store closures, which we are seeing all across the board (Internationally as well). Prepare now Spiritually, and seek Yahuah with all your heart — because this is the prelude to the Collapse! It Is EVEN At The Door!




Walmart: http://news.walmart.com/news-archive/2016/01/15/walmart-continues-sharpened-focus-on-portfolio-management#anchor
Store Closings 2016: http://retailindustry.about.com/od/USRetailStoreClosingInfoFAQs/fl/US-2016-Store-Closings-All-Retail-Chain-Store-Locations-To-Be-Closed_2.htm
Store Closings 2015: http://retailindustry.about.com/od/USRetailStoreClosingInfoFAQs/fl/All-2015-Store-Closings-Stores-Closed-by-US-Retail-Industry-Chains_4.htm

Ben Fulford 01,19,16: The revolution continues shipping freeze, stock plunge, US dollar dumping

Published on Jan 19, 2016

By Ben Fulford : http://benjaminfulford.net
The revolution continues shipping freeze, stock plunge, US dollar dumping, $20 oil, attacks on gold mines and more

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: France Declares State of Economic Emergency Oil Prices Set to Plunge

Published on Jan 18, 2016

Oil Crashing! Stock Markets Crashing! Global Economic Collapse!

Published on Jan 17, 2016

STOCK MARKET CRASH 2016: Oil Plunges, Walmart Stumbles as Fear Grips Wall Street

Published on Jan 17, 2016

The market freakout of 2016 keeps getting scarier. Cheap oil and China remain the major culprits.

The Dow dropped another 391 points on Friday, leaving the index down an incredible 1,437 points in just the first two weeks of the year. The S&P 500 lost 2.3% and the Nasdaq plunged 2.7% to its lowest level since October 2014.

Putin to Western elites: Play-time is over

Published on Oct 31, 2014

Collapse Happening NOW: “There Is Going To Be Massive Civil Unrest.”

Published on Jan 27, 2016

This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is being made available within this transformative or derivative work for the purpose of education, commentary and criticism, is being distributed without profit, and is believed to be “fair use” in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107.

For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/


Published on Jan 17, 2016

Bill Holter from JS Mineset joins us to cover the unfolding global economic collapse. “This is it. We’re watching the meltdown. This is history being made.” Bill says.

Holter explains, “The Fed has lied themselves into a corner. They raised rates and here we are a month later, the system is imploding and they have no bullets left. They are going to have to do QE4, they are going to have to do negative interest rates.”

“I believe this is it. The margin call, the meltdown, we’re watching it in real time… I guess the best way to look at where we are right now is, we’re standing at the gates of Hell.”

Food Prices Soar as the Canadian Dollar Collapses

Published on Jan 16, 2016

And NO, it’s not just Nunavut: it from coast to coast. Think your grocery bill is high? Canadians paying $3 cucumbers, $8 cauliflower, and $15 Frosted Flakes. We are watching a Real Time Currency Collapse In Canada – Is This Is What It’s Going To Look Like In the USA?

Canadians Panic As Food Prices Soar On Collapsing Currency

Canada’s economy is a disaster from low oil prices

Cheap Canadian dollar making fruits and vegetables much more expensive

Why Canada’s economy is headed off the cliff

Canada in economic crisis – Some Canadian oil at $8 barrel – YouTube


You are miss leading viewers..you are showing store prices from a store way up in the arctic… That is not the price of food all across Canada..I know I am in Canada..
Michael Tune
+FolkPhotographer You’ve been warned that’ it’s coming. Right now everything in your stores is on sale. I’d suggest you guys change your mind set of these things can only happen to the other guy but it won’t happen here. This is a plague that will fall upon all of us. We will feel it last here in the states but nonetheless we’re not immune to it either.
+Michael Tune Thank you for your video and for your response as it clarifies your position.. I agree with you that the economy is actually now collapsing. I have noticed that a package of hamburger meat that was $5 a few months ago is now selling for $18 and that the stores are saying the bagged milk packages of 3 are no longer being shipped….. I am a blogger known as a truth soldier..

Jeff Berwick – 2016 Will Be A Bloodbath – Economic Collapse

Published on Jan 15, 2016

Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media spoke with Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) on January 11th, 2016 during the 3rd episode of The WAM Show. Jeff Berwick broke down what he believes will happen in 2016 as economies and currencies across the world come crashing down. As the Canadian dollar hits insane lows and the Chinese Yuan falls even further, Jeff Berwick told WAM “2016 will be a wild roller-coaster for economics” and “2016 will be a bloodbath.”

Despite the dire message, most economists studying inflation, interest rates and trends will agree. The useless devalued FIAT dollar continues to create a world of debt slaves as central banks link arms across the planet in an international collectivist world order where only the very few and the very rich survive.
From the private Federal Reserve to the Bank of England, a small group of men are purposely causing inflation and creating economic chaos.

The market has never been further from free and people with good intentions but no economic literacy at all plunge us into further chaos thinking spending more and devaluing more and destroying production further (due to their hate of capitalists) will solve the problems it creates. Consider it the Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, reaction, solution.

The U.S. & Global Economy Is Dead In The Water

Published on Jan 15, 2016

The U.S. & Global Economy Is Dead In The Water
Is the economy moving? The Baltic Dry Index has hit a new low. The Baltic Dry Index is the assessment of the price of moving all of the globes major raw materials by sea, including commodities like coal, grain, and iron ore. Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge reports “ Last week, I received news from a contact who is friends with one of the biggest billionaire shipping families in the world. He told me they had no ships at sea right now, because operating them meant running at a loss. Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. NOTHING is moving.”

Other signs of a sinking ship. The Dow Jones has lost 1500 points in 10 days. And still has a lot further to fall. The fragility of the markets are worse than pre 2008. One minor trigger could send the globe into at the very least yet another major recession. Regardless, Obama will hear none of it.


Published on Jan 15, 2016

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Gerald Celente, returns to join Gary Franchi on the Next News Network to disclose the truth behind the 2016 stock market crash and how to brace yourself and protect your family in the face of economic calamity.

Subscribe to the channel for updates. Please distribute this to your social networks, and as always we welcome your input in the comments below.

See the video here:


Stock market crash! Sell everything & protect your 401k before it’s too late!

Published on Jan 13, 2016

Sell everything ahead of stock market crash, say RBS economists – http://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/jan/12/sell-everything-ahead-of-stock-market-crash-say-rbs-economists

Bearish J.P Morgan says sell stocks on any rally – http://www.marketwatch.com/story/bearish-jp-morgan-says-sell-stocks-on-any-bounce-2016-01-11

The economic collapse will start in 2016, as stock market expert Harry Dent predicts in his new book “The Demographic Cliff,” which he’s offering for free (just pay shipping.) http://harrydent.com/

DEFCON 5 Emergency Alert… The Global Economy Has Come To A Grinding Halt

Published on Jan 13, 2016

Unfortunately this is no hyperbolic statement to get views.
Please Please Please…If you want to make it through this never before seen in history event….If you want to make it through this GLOBAL CATASTROPHIC event then please please please watch this video and take heed…
Good Luck & God Bless To You All




TOP BANK: The Collapse Has Begun

Published on Jan 13, 2016

Royal Bank of Scotland is warning their investors to sell virtually all their investments. Is this the beginning of the big selloff and a new depression?

The Economic Collapse Is Here! Ships Have Halted Their Sails — First Time In History!

Published on Jan 13, 2016

Now is the Time to Stock Up! Food, water, toiletries, everything!!!

For the first time in history, North Atlantic cargo ships are no longer moving. There are no cargo ships traveling in these waters, all ships are anchored, and many are empty. Not to mention the Baltic Dry Index (BDIY), which is down at its lowest in recorded history.

Couple that with the present worldwide economic status (which is not a good one), and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an economic disaster — on the verge of an economic collapse.

But how many will heed the warning? How many will prepare? How many will humble themselves and stock enough food for themselves and for their families?

Remember Joseph…

Prepare for the Famine…

And as always, Be Wise…

The queen said “enjoy your last xmas” to bbc staff, i can see the system crumbling down on the news, thanks for this update, it’s all planned, oil will not be profitable, we are screwed.

So did the pope !

ALARM**BDI CRASHED**Major Ships Have Deserted Atlantic Ocean For First Time In History!

Published on Jan 12, 2016

It is the Repeat of 2007 – 2008 CRASH. ECONOMIC STORM IS HERE. Major Ships Have Deserted Atlantic Ocean For First Time In History!
BDI Ba;tic Dry Index crashed indicating Coming ECONOMIC CRASH is imminent!
1) http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1976.htm

BREAKING: No Cargo Ships on Sea – Commerce has Halted! Revelation 18:17

Published on Jan 12, 2016

Go to time: 9:30 to hear Breaking News!
“The continued collapse… it appears the worldwide ‘real’ economy has ground to a halt!!
Last week, I received news that no ships are at sea right now, because operating them meant running at a loss.
This weekend, reports are circulating saying much the same thing: The North Atlantic has little or no cargo ships traveling in its waters. Instead, they are anchored. Unmoving. Empty.
Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America. All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving.
This has never happened before. It is a horrific economic sign; proof that commerce is literally stopped.
We checked VesselFinder.com and it appears to show no ships in transit anywhere in the world. ”
source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-11/nothing-moving-baltic-dry-crashes-insiders-warn-commerce-has-come-halt

World Economic Collapse 3 types of people will survive Will it be you

Published on Jan 11, 2016

Historic All Cargo Ships Stopped

Published on Jan 10, 2016

Historic Ships EMPTY of Cargo!

Note:: Not sure if this news source is reliable ..Research if more info is needed,,

Historic First: North Atlantic EMPTY of Cargo Ships in-transit – ALL anchored along coasts; none moving
Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America. All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving.

This has never happened before. It is a horrific economic sign; proof that commerce is literally stopped.


No Recovery Whatsoever-Paul Craig Roberts

Published on Jan 9, 2016

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “There has been no recovery whatsoever. . . . If you look at the economy realistically, and that means you don’t use their phony numbers, there has been no recovery whatsoever and, in fact, it continues to worsen.

We see that the “Labor Force Participation Rate” continues to sink. . . . When you consider the full measure of unemployment . . . we still have an unemployment rate of 23% after 7 years of an alleged recovery? I think this is the first so-called recovery where the labor force fell. Normally, when you have a recovery, people re-enter the labor force and the participation rate rises.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

All links can be found on USAWatchdog.com: http://usawatchdog.com/paul-craig-roberts-preview-of-2016-with-greg-hunter/

What can the Fed do now that the economy is turning down again? Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “There’s not much they can .

Bail-Ins Have Begun! Banks Will Soon Shut Down!!!

Published on Jan 4, 2016


Pounds, Euros, Dollars, Yen, Monopoly Dollars, You Name It!!!

With the worldwide economic collapse just around the corner, it’s time to prepare and think ahead BEFORE the coming collapse.

WHEN, NOT IF, this occurs, the economy will crash, the banks will close, ATMs will shut down, so-called “bail-ins” will be enforced, and you will be penniless. We are already seeing this with “test runs” in Greece, so-called “bank glitches” with several American and European banks, and it’s only a matter of time until the economic state in Greece trickles its way onto the rest of Europe, and finally onto American shores.

Start withdrawing money from your bank, little-by-little, and also think about investing in pre-paid debit/credit cards — that way you will be prepared for what’s to come!



Stock market crash of 2016 – The countdown begins

Published on Jan 1, 2016

Securities exchange accident of 2016: The commencement starts


It’s a great opportunity to begin the commencement to the accident of 2016. No, this is not an expectation of a minor remedy. Arrangement on a half crash.

Most speculators would prefer not to hear the commencement, will block out. Essential brain research. They’ll continue accusing in front of a bullish call to war, about how the Nasdaq will continue climbing persistently to another record above 5,048 … grinning as they read that an incredible 73 organizations are currently in the Wall Street Journal’s Billion Dollar Start-up Club, with Uber ($41 billion), SpaceX ($12 billion) and Snapchat ($10 billion). Hearts race considerably quicker perusing in Bloomberg BusinessWeek that “China’s IPO Boom Mints Billionaires” and Jack Ma’s Alibaba fortune is currently esteemed at $35.1 billion.

Yes, innovation IPOs are in the number one spot, and with all that uplifting news, it’s straightforward why financial specialists block out, don’t have any desire to hear the notices, no commencement to the 2016 accident.

Perfect Storm Market Collapse 2016 – #2016Collapse @CrushTheStreet

Published on Dec 31, 2015

Get our Urgent 2016 Financial Survival Guide, Limited Time for FREE:

What we have become accustomed to in terms of normal is rapidly coming to an end. The global monetary experiment is literally bursting at the seams.
Central banks have used the raising and lowering of interest rates for years to artificially control markets and the their own interests. In extreme economic situations, like we are seeing now, more drastic measures have been taken, such as QE and other QE-type measures. Even the zero and negative interest rate policies known as ZIRP and NIRP, respectively, were something historically unprecedented.
In the face of Consumer Confidence being at 15-month lows, the Fed raised interest rates. This was a complete bluff, knowing that the phony economy is based on artificial stimuli and artificially-low interests rates.
The perfect storm for bubble bursts in markets across the board is on the verge of its next pop. Collapsing currencies, collapsing stock markets, collapsing real estate, and a fundamental grind in our economy are all converging at once – and the end of increasing systemic leverage in our global economy is here.
We’ve put together a micro-documentary that goes over the different bubbles in our economy and why we believe 2016 will be a year of massive change in our system.

What Will Happen When The Dollar Collapse In 19 Feb 2016

Published on Dec 23, 2015

What Will Happen When The Dollar Collapse In 19 Feb 2016

The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history. This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world. All human activity is controlled by money. Our wealth,our work,our food,our government,even our relationships are affected by money.

No money in human history has had as much reach in both breadth and depth as the dollar. It is the de facto world currency. All other currency collapses will pale in comparison to this big one. All other currency crises have been regional and there were other currencies for people to grasp on to.
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Economy: The Food Collapse is Coming

Published on Dec 18, 2015

Stock Market Crash Coming Says Billionaire: Danger Ahead – A Message from Carl Ichan

Published on Sep 29, 2015

Don Drummond: Canada’s “Atrocious” Economy?

Published on Apr 10, 2015

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz told the Financial Times that the oil price slump is having an atrocious effect on Canada’s economy. Don Drummond gives Steve Paikin an update on how Canada’s long economic recovery is progressing.

Ron Paul speaks out! Economic Collapse is Happening Now! Protect Yourself!!!

Published on Apr 29, 2015

The probability of a major dollar crisis is very high. Things are mirroring the conditions that existed in 2008 except much worse. Russia and China have stopped buying treasuries and are now bypassing the Petrodollar and buying oil directly from the Middle East. China has started their own International Bank to compete with the IMF and World Bank.

So far they have signed on 150 + countries as founding members of this new Bank. They plan on backing their currency with gold.

They have even convinced most of the US allies to join this new bank, including UK, Germany, France, and many others. The dollar is losing its status as the Worlds reserve currency which is a death blow.

Many of the top financial people in the US that predicted the 2008 crisis are getting their money out of the dollar and recommending that others do the same. Even Jamie Diamond the head of JPMorgan Chase (the largest bank in the US) has said he expects a major event to take place with the dollar very soon. Look at this article on JPMorgan:

Why Is JP Morgan Accumulating The Biggest Stockpile Of Physical Silver In History?


The dollar is not immune from the laws of economics that have existed throughout history. All fiat currencies eventually fail and the sign of the end is when the central bank (the Fed) of the country starts printing so much money that the debt becomes unsustainable. Even the US Treasury just came out with a report that said the US debt is unsustainable and will cause the dollar to crash unless congress balances the budget immediately.

Congress is not capable of fixing this problem. Ron Paul tried for years. Below is a video that Ron Paul just released. It is a little scary, but I don’t think he is a fear monger. He has a lot of credibility and really believes this is a likely scenerio and he is just one of many that are saying this. This is not a conspiracy theory. Its his opinion based on years of experience.

When Will the Canadian Economy Crash? The Canadian Financial Meltdown

Streamed live on Jul 20, 2015

While no one can be sure that the Canadian market will crash or that you should sell your Canadian stocks, the warning bells are loudening. I predict the Canadian financial meltdown to hit in 2016. History will repeat the market collapse of 2008, but this time in Canada: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3343635-how-to-prepare-for-the-impending-canadian-financial-disaster-part-1-for-canadians

You can blame the coming Canadian financial crisis on the Bank of Canada. The financial crisis will start with the bank lowering its interest rates so that Canadian homeowners find their mortgages to be worth more than their homes. These homeowners will suddenly lose their biggest assets, which will lead to a chain reaction: The Canadian financial crisis.

If you are worried about the possibility of the Canadian economic collapse, you should watch this video. Canadians will soon find themselves in a landslide of debt, essentially repeating what Americans experienced in 2008. The Canadian dollar is already collapsing…


Don Drummond: Canada’s “Atrocious” Economy?

Published on Apr 10, 2015

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz told the Financial Times that the oil price slump is having an atrocious effect on Canada’s economy. Don Drummond gives Steve Paikin an update on how Canada’s long economic recovery is progressing.


Published on Jan 15, 2015

DE-DOLLARIZATION! RUSSIA “PULLS OUT” of the PETRODOLLAR. Will CHINA also make a move against the USD? For the first time in almost 2 decades, energy-exporting countries would pull their “petrodollars” out of world markets in 2015. Because the U.S. was largest producer and consumer of oil in
the world, the world oil market had been priced in U.S.D. since
the end of World War II. In an effort to prop up the value of the dollar, Richard Nixon
negotiated a deal with Saudi Arabia that in exchange for arms
and protection they would denominate all future oil sales in
U.S. dollars. Subsequently, the other OPEC countries agreed to similar deals thus ensuring a global demand for U.S. dollars and allowing the U.S. to export some of its inflation.

However, US is NO LONGER the TOP WORLD PRODUCER. CHINA IS.And CHINA requires ENERGY which it receives from RUSSIA. Oil Producing nations RUSSIA and BRAZIL are members of the NEW WORLD BANK, BRICS. After the formation of BRICS on July 16, 2014 and the DOWNING of MH17 ONE DAY LATER on July 17, 2014 and the SANCTIONS placed on RUSSIA by the West,
including the Falling OIL PRICES (to hurt Russia) RUSSIA has decided to decline its holding of US Dollars in order to repurchase it own currency the Russian Ruble. “Since RUSSIA is a major ENERGY PRODUCER, PUTIN SAYS RUSSIA SHOULD AIM TO SELL OIL AND GAS
FOR ROUBLES GLOBALLY, AS DOLLAR MONOPOLY IN ENERGY TRADE IS DAMAGING the RUSSIAN ECONOMY. So, RUSSIA has PULLED OUT of the “PETRO DOLLAR” Who will follow suit? Will the USD remain as the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY? RUSSIA is getting rid of the US dollar in Russian export operations. I

n fact, CHINA also, has wanted to ditch the US Dollar for quit some time now. For decades the US has benefited to the tune of trillions of dollars-worth of free credit from the greenback’s role as the default global reserve unit.

But as the global economy trembled before the prospect of a US default last month, only averted when Washington reached a deal to raise its debt ceiling, China’s official Xinhua news agency called for a “de-Americanised” world. CHINA also urged the creation of a “new international
reserve currency to replace the dominant USD”. ” (Infowars,De-Dollarization,)
2) Russian Declaration Of War? Grandmaster Putin Springs Trap! Russia Pulls Out Of Petrodollar, Sends Entire Continent Of Europe Into Energy Crisis! Jan. 14, 2015.
3) Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar, by Tyler Durden, 1/14/2015.
4) Russia Just Pulled Out of the Petrodollar!, Jan. 15, 2015.
5) Music: Youtube Audio Library
“Action Hero” by Jingle Punks
6) Wikimedia Commons Images, Putin.
File:Barack Obama and Vladmir Putin at G8 summit, 2013.jpg
7) File:BRICS leaders G20 2013-2.jpg
8) Putin with Xi Jinping Wikimedia Commons images
9) Thumbnail image, Wikimedia commons,
Putin and Obama close up.

These 11 Countries are Going BANKRUPT! Here’s Why.

Published on Aug 3, 2014



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