Need to know Murders by CIA of Americans

DO NOT OPEN – Your World Will Shatter & Your Brain Will Flip

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Published on Nov 23, 2016

It all starts now. It’s called 100th monkey effect. Last century Japanese were feeding monkeys on several islands with sweet potatoes dropping potatoes on the ground. The monkeys liked the taste of sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant yet they were eating dirty potatoes for decades.

Then one monkey solved the problem by starting to wash potatoes before eating. Naturally, several more monkeys learned the process from the first monkey and soon whole tribe of 100 monkeys were washing the potatoes.

But then something amazing happened overnight – monkeys on all other islands who never had contact with that tribe separated by sea – suddenly also started to wash potatoes before eating. Scientists were helpless to explain the phenomena especially since the similar observations were made with other isolated groups of animals, so the proposed the theory of global unconsciousness.

When enough individuals in a population adopt a new idea or behavior – an ideological breakthrough allows this new awareness to be communicated directly from mind to mind without any physical connection. It might take a little longer for all animals to be liberated but it all starts now with human liberation. Listen to a couple of interviews than you will realize something.

We are honored to have you here today. Please, tell us about your experience in California female prison.
I spent 2 horrible years in Chowchilla for the crime I never did but was framed for Robert Ball of San Mateo police because I refused to have sex with him. In jail I was forced to have sex with 4 cops. It’s like If you do me a favor, I’ll do you a favor’ — that kind of thing. If you refuse sex with cops, you won’t get any soap, fresh towels, pads, tampons.

If you complain, you will be locked up in solitary for days. They look at you as sex toy, commodity but not like a human.
Think about it. America went from 10,000 female inmates in 1980 to quarter a million now. And 80% of women are incarcerated for non-violent crimes. Nearly 150 female prisoners have been forcefully sterilized over the last five-year period without the required medical approval in California alone so cops can have sex with them in prisons without fear of getting them pregnant.

Officers go into dorms in the middle of the night, taking women to isolated areas of the prison raping them. “If you report you are raped, you sit in a 10-by-12 cell with nothing but your uniform, and they close the door,” said former inmate Crystal Harper, who contends she spent months in isolation after reporting officer sexual misconduct.

“They put you under investigation, they say for your own safety, then they leave you there until you write up a witness statement that it never happened.”
If you comply then you can be rewarded with soap and sanitary pads, cigarettes, drugs and money. And if the officer get caught raping inmates – after internal investigation the usual punishment for him is to get transferred to another facility. Most woman will never speak of what happens to them behind bars and have to live with it for the rest of their lives.
Think about it while you sitting and celebrating New Year holidays with your family. Think about the other families separated by barb wire for minor or non-existing crimes. Keep watching and you will see how powerful prospectors, CIA & Secret Service agent try to jail breast cancer survivors because they feel rejected by that girl so she must rot in jail.
Think about all these women who are getting raped behind the bars while you sitting at your dinner table. Think about that with the skyrocketing incarceration increase next year it will be you, your sister, your mother, your daughter who will be getting raped behind the bars. Think about it and realize that you finally have to do something about it. And you know exactly what to do – you can start with driving to Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla and busting it open.

When you grandchild will ask you – grandpa or grandma what good you did in your life. Your answer could be I paid my taxes and I helped government to grow or your answer could be – I liberated this planet starting with breaking the chains of government female sex slaves in prisons.
Of course there are some good people who are trying to help abused girls like Prison Psychiatrist Bay Area Doctor Tatyana Nickolskaya who several times went to court to testify about officers abuse on State and Federal level. In the next video you will see United States secret service agent delivering that Doctor body parts (yes body parts) to my door and several other people in Bay area to make them shut up. This is no joke. Here is full San Francisco Police Report

sian gunn
american prisons are a business a large part of their gross national product comes from prison slave labour even judges by law can own shares in these companys, its spreading to uk too bmw car parts are one example. its for pure profit the crimes and injustice are irrelevant to our owners.
An Eye In The Sky
The subject of abuse is worldwide spread on so many levels. Turning away from Jesus is the reason why society has largely broken apart, instead of everyone acting as ONE, and loving each other.
Patrick Eneti
Forgive my ignorance for not educating myself on all you-tube correspondence procedures -not dedicating to memory- as my previous response was ‘flagged’ or ‘crossed out’ Anyway…I salute you for your work. I wrote a book on ‘California Correctional Institutions’ after interviewing fellow in-mates during/after having my own similar (not at all as bad) experience. Being a San Fran resident myself, I was compelled to read on…..and on, I like your work… Thank You!
shirley legare
the laws should be changed for non-violent crimes but just as important the men that are paid by tax payers to guard these women are the worse kind of sex offenders and should be locked up for life in a prison that other men know what they were imprisoned for. i call that justice. let the punishment fit the crime
Milton Hart
Prison Industrial Complex is nothing but modern slavery. The 13th Amendment has a lot to do with it.


Kevin Moore
Listen all you ignorant fools. We imprison persons for crimes, China on the other hand will terminate their life as they have always done. If we imprison unjustly no one would want to live here, yes the world flocks to western countries. United States WILL rule.
Shannon Thornton
We incarcerate people for breaking the law. Assuming everyone has broken the law at one time or another and didn’t get caught is ludicrous. Now if you mean broken a law like j walking or speeding maybe most but not all, but breaking laws for crimes that land you in jail, if you look at sentencing guidelines you will see simple possession of marijuana did not place you in jail, it placed you on probation, harder drugs that ruin lives out still only go to drug diversion. By making it out like we all break the law we just don’t get caught you belittle the problems going on in our prisons. Now if you want to talk about inner prison abuse that’s fine, just don’t turn people from your argument because you want to think everyone is like you. If women are being sterilized against their will without license they have attorneys that they have access to 24/7 and they can sue and the officer is fired and brought up on charges. Not transferred. Too many of you have been watching orange is the new black instead of really learning what’s going on and helping the true victims of the system.
Dana Bidlake
please keep sharing

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