Shocking stuff. Queen Elizabeth. Satanic child abuse beyond belief.

Published on Jun 16, 2016

Absolutely shocking beyond human comprehension. Queen Elizabeth and her family of inbreeds in high positions of power around the world, are getting others to steal our children of the streets, to give to them in secret, for their own sick pleasure. This is no conspiracy theory folks, this is fact. This is what Satanists and high freemasons do, plus other secret societies as well. Nothing has changed from what was going on, before the time of Noah and the great flood. The only exception is that it is being carried out in secret.
G-D handed the world to Satan, and Satan rules it through his Monarchs, and people in high places. Its how they got so rich and powerful, they have all sold their immortals souls for money, fame and fortune.
As children of G-D he has called us out of this world, and to take no part in it, less we become corrupted along with them.

When you watch the Monarchy waving their hands at you with that smile on their faces, I just want you to reflect back and think about all those children and babies they have raped tortured murdered and eaten in their satanic rituals, behind closed doors.

Also remember that your taxes are paying to keep this monster of a Queen in power and luxury. She is also using that money to pay the police and armed forces to protect her from YOU. I really hope your starting to see what is really going on now. The problem is, she and her totally corrupt government pay the wages of the people in authority, and they have pledged their elegance to her and country. NOT TO PROTECT HER SUBJECTS. Its all just an illusion.

She is the illuminate Queen, and she knows what is coming, she plans to bug out, and go underground into her cave system, while the world turns into total chaos that she and her minions have created.

The first part of this video was taken from the Australian TV show 60 minutes. It was one of the most popular truth shows on TV, and exposed many criminals. But it was taken down. I wonder why. ?

Please note that the second story in this video (information) came from the Freedom Fighter channel , please subscribe to his channel…

jeanni g
18 native women were abducted from Williams Lake at the time of one of the last visits of Queen Elizabeth ll No trace of the bus or them as the police hid all the evidence Sooo what do you think of the police in Canada Wow

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II not Real Heir to the Throne –

Published on May 24, 2012

New Video –…
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth German Royal Secret Family Past exposed

Tony Robinsons’ documentary tracing the family history of our royals has established that our queen is NOT the rightful heir to the throne of England – nor is ANYONE within her family.
Tony Robinson goes in search of Britain’s Real Monarch. The result is a detective story that takes him from the Tower of London, via Debretts Peerage, to the other side of the planet…

Although the Queen is descended from the Hanoverian kings, imported 300 years ago
Been kept quiet but the secret of the Monarchy is it’s been German for 300yrs.…


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