Breaking: The new chairman of the FCC is a former Verizon lobbyist who is hellbent on destroying net neutrality

Will you chip in to help fight back?


The incoming administration just announced Ajit Pai as their pick for FCC chairman–and he might be the internet’s worst nightmare.

Pai attacked the Justice Department for blocking the Comcast-Time Warner merger.[1] He says net neutrality’s “days are numbered.”

Before joining the FCC, Pai was literally on Verizon’s payroll, and Comcast called the choice a “terrific appointment.”[2]

This is yet another sign that we need to fight like never before to defend the open internet. Will you chip in?

Yes, I’ll chip in to defend net neutrality and internet freedom.

Ajit Pai was our arch enemy when we fought and won the net neutrality protections we have now, when he was constantly spreading misinformation and propaganda that was fed to him by the Big Cable companies he used to work for.

If Pai has his way, ISPs like Comcast and Verizon will be allowed to extort money from websites and throw any sites that can’t pay into an internet slow lane.

He would allow even greater media consolidation so that information and political debate would be controlled by an ever-smaller group of giant corporations.

After the election, Pai gleefully promised to “take a weed whacker” to consumer protections like net neutrality, privacy rules that stop ISPs from spying on you, and the Lifeline program, which helps more low-income people get internet access.[3]

But time and again, whenever Congress or the FCC has tried to attack the internet, the internet has fought back and won. This time will be no different.

Fight for the Future is committed to defending the open internet no matter who is in office. Will you stand with us by making a donation today?

Thanks for speaking out,
-Tiffiniy Cheng, Fight for the Future

[1] The Wall Street Journal:

[2] USA Today:

[3] ars Technica:

Fight for the Future works to protect your rights in the digital age.


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