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Putin-Trump Alliance Gets Staggering Boost As “Deep State” Globalism Warned Near End

Published on Apr 1, 2018

An astounding new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today detailing its meeting yesterday reveals that President Putin has “agreed with the consensus” to expel 59 more foreign diplomats from 23 different countries in addition to the 150 expelled on Thursday over the “UK..

Deep State Exposed 50 Years Ago!

Published on Jun 23, 2017The “Deep State” is terminology used to mean “globalists” and these terms are nothing more than a way of referring to , without sounding like a “conspiracy nut” ; those that support a “one world government” meaning a “New World Order” ..

The longer we argue over the clever use and illusion of left vs right politics ; the further it allows and helps push their agenda forward. Wake Up! Anonymous Disclaimer: It should be unequivocally clear and understood: Anonymous does not support nor advocate violence of any kind against anyone for any reason; those that do and claim themselves to be Anonymous are NOT Anonymous.

Words like “purge” used here are NOT meant to incite or advocate, physically or emotionally; any violence , violent behavior or vandalism in ANY form! Million Mask March 2017 is a WORLD WIDE EVENT, held in every major capital across the globe it is not specific to ONLY House Rothschild!

Message From ZeroSec: Knowledge is Power – DeepState 11

Anonymous Construct

Published on Oct 7, 2017
But if you are born a Rothschild without the killer instinct and ruthless tactics you get murdered. And when the police rule the apparent suicide looks like a murder, the investigation gets squashed by the countries president. This brings a sinister connotation to their five arrows logo from the Cicero story that arrows together will not be broken, as an arrow who stands apart.
So, it's much safer to act like a psychopath like Evelyn Rothschild who uses his leverage to bully politicians into our wars to solidify no corner of the world being without a central Rothschild bank.
And if you have any question about influence, Sir Evelyn and Lynn his wife met at the Bilderberg meeting had their marriage and consummated honeymoon in the white house.
And giving a Rothschild, a hand job pays off as they hold the tackiest and most expensive fundraisers.
The Rothschilds usually hold 10 to 100 times the assets they show.
Their Concordia BV holds mass hidden riches through a plethora of entities constantly changing company titles one of the largest Rothschild Continuation Holdings AG- a Swiss tax haven, now known as CIBC Global Securities. Considering death as the alternative to shark tactics explains why Baron David De Rothschild pilfers pensions breaking the poor even though he is a billionaire many times over.
Charges do not stick to Rothschilds; he continues to run the some of the biggest investment banking entities in the world. As he and Evelyn also participate in the direction of NM Rothschild and Sons responsible for staging 300 years of wars. Rothschild is an adopted Masonic name meaning Red Shield- they favor occult symbiology.
And they are shameless to that end even having the illuminati dollar pyramid atop their Israeli Yad Hanidiv headquarters.
The most sinister of the Rothschild is Jacob, the impetus for the Mr. Burns character.
Jacob carries on the Zionist initiatives within his family which created Israel.
Like Soros and the 37% Rothschild invested Rockefeller family Jacob is preparing for market crash which such characters manipulate occurring.
Yet these people take disaster capitalism a step farther. As we reported at the time- the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 carried the four other patent owners of a very lucrative Freescale semi-conductor making Jacob Rothschild a shit-load of money as the sole patent carrier.
Jacob spends his times with the evils of the world like Clinton and Kissinger, while he pushes for the Syrian war which lets him in his Genie Oil company with Cheney and Murdoch clean up as they illegally drill the Golan Bank against the Geneva convention.
Like his son Nat he shows about a tenth of his assets while they together hold about a trillion dollars behind shells and oligarchs.
And various white-collar criminals like Richard Grasso and share in war backed enterprise like their investment firm with Madeline Albright who funds Hamas through the Brooking Doha Center.
The Albright Stonebridge group has its hands in all evil using NATO bombing to clear the way.
Zbrezinski trained Madeline Albright couldn't give a shit about how many Serbs need to bombed for enterprise.
Like Soros Albright's family made out like bandits raiding other Jews with the Nazis.
She also has directed the Council on Foreign Relations and is a closet member of the Bilderberg Group they created.
She was also a key and uncaring figure in the false flag bombing of Iraq.
But you would expect no less from someone trained by Doctor Evil himself Zbigniew Zbrezinski. His book on taking down nations with a velvet sledgehammer includes the fourth stage we are in which is technocracy. A world of mass surveillance and another idea he came up with: weather manipulation.
Like Jacob Rothschild he has trained in an heir we will be dealing with for some time: Ian Zbrezinksi. He also suggests in his book on technocracy staging terrorist attacks on US Soil to engage his Trilateral mission of Exxon, Bayer, Central Banking invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. But try stating the obvious in a room full of the unconscious.
The end game is authoritarian government controlled by the elite- in his own words.
The mind control of such psychopaths ensures their heir apparent will be exactly like them. Even the daughter left out of the main power grab Mika Zbrezinkski play up her war criminal dad to terrorist weapon selling Robert Gates.
Zbrezinski armed and created Osama Bin Laden.
In fact, he set the whole stage for his new world order technocracy.
It was Zbrezinski behind the NATO interventions in Libya.
It was he that instigated no-fly-zones all over the Middle East which have to be backed up by boots on the ground.
He initiated incorporation of Hamas.
He created the bloody rise of the Mujahedeen.
Zbrezinski also created Al Qaeda.
It was Zbrezinski's evil genius that David Rockefeller funded to make a more dangerous form of the Bilderberg Group- the Trilateral Commission.
He also created the Taliban.
Considering Zbrezinski is it any surprise that Snowden documents reveal that Mossad and the CIA are behind ISIS? Zbrezinski put all the pieces in order to sweep the chosen countries in our current wars.
He was of course behind the investment bombing of Kosovo against the Serbs.
He has always been behind the expansion of NATO which acts as an economic hit squad. And acting through his Republican doppelganger Kissinger he is why Trump changed his tune about NATO dissolution.
Zbreziski was the force behind the chemical warfare department Under Reagan
In fact, he has been in control of all the presidents from Carter on. George Bush and Bill Clinton were his Trilateral lackeys and Obama he personally tutored since 1981. It's under Carter he set the stage for the Middle East.
Zbrezezinski with Rockefeller and Kissinger are the kingpins between the Bilderberg’s, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.
In his own words,

Kissinger also shares his visions as he predominantly plays the other Republican side.
Trump is now the backdoor man for Kissinger.
He was also the cover up for the 9 11 attacks.
It is not his first September Eleventh attack. In 19 73 they chose that fateful day to blow up Chile.
Kissinger is known for his callousness. Saying the Nazi style gassed Jews in Russia was a Russian prerogative and whatever they do to East India doesn't matter because their all bastard’s bitches and witches.
So of course, he has the perfect countenance to be part of Rockefeller's De-Population council.
And sit on the board of the RAND corporation - which is the inspiration for Doctor Strangelove.
Kissinger is an international war criminal.
But Kissinger for all his Mao backing madness was just a henchman of David Rockefeller.
It's Rockefeller with his financial and political backing that finalizes which president gets in from the Trilateral Commission.
And getting his CIA buddies puppet son W was his opus. As it was his buildings that were rigged to go down and his building number 7 that was struck to eliminate evidence of his Chase bank ties with Enron the same year as the scandal.
And he is the mind behind crypto-eugenics after his father fostered Nazi Germany's eugenics- Rockefeller finds a better public facing for population control.
Dick Cheney is an asshole but its Rockefeller who set him in motion through the Council on Foreign Relations.
He is also the only person in a head position to the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral.
He is the Agent of Chaos behind the inception of the CIA.
And the CIA's involvement with countless economic driven regime change conspiracies.
He was running the junk bond losses that account for a large portion of the 75 New York Financial Crisis.
A bank that also operates as the arm of war-making Exxon, the name today of his Standard Oil company.
Rockefeller's influence is vast.
Only he could instantiate the Bilderberg upgrade of the Trilateral.
The philanthropy of his family is a social engineering tax shelter. John D Rockefeller who is Bill Gates idol, along with son David, only gave .0008% in philanthropy.
He watched the towers go down fight club style from his fifty sixth story penthouse in the Rockefeller Center safely out of harm’s way. Whereas people like Andrew Carnegie were content with a modest 50 million a year and did give riches to causes John D Rockefeller only ever created more destruction with his 400 billion dollars.
He bragged about beating cheating and lying to his kids every chance he got to turn them into the monster that they are. And John's father under the assumed name Dr. Bill Levingston sold Vaseline as a fake cancer treatment for exorbitant prices town to town. And before he left a town he made sure to rape an innocent girl to put a little fire under his travel plans.
And the father to son monstrosity continues. David Rockefeller has a David Rockefeller Junior who has been to all the cut-throat activities with dad and is poised to continue David Senior's pharaonic rule. And along the way as we said John influenced Bill Gates who has put backdoors for the government in everything.
His Gates foundation has written bills for Congress through ALEC. His Gates Foundation is a stock investment in all the worst Oil Companies.
the prison and military industrial complex and junk food.
Along with any other evil company- Walmart Monsanto et cetera. Gates is the reason free and open source software was replaced with proprietary software for the alphabets.
He has doubled his income since becoming a fake philanthropist. Becoming the richest person in the US. His charity technically isn't one; because charities must give 5% to qualify and he does not. But because he gives the media 1 million dollars a day we continue to hear about what a great man he is.
And we do not hear about the 6000 child porn photos his Foundation was caught trading.
His Gates Foundation sets up his investment companies in other countries like he does in our schools. His false science propaganda telling why he is doing good with no facts behind the chemicals he is pushing has caused Gates Foundation research to be banned from many science publications.
India recently banned the Gates Foundation for pushing medicine for corporate interests instead of people’s welfare.
And without any representation he has turned public schools into business models for churning out workers not thinkers.
His Big Pharma and Monsanto interests disregard the population. In fact, vaccinating doctors are not allowed to speak of medical side-effects,
Gates has also made a Yes Men parody a reality in recycling toilets that extract water and nutrients.
He's of course in deep with the Clintons.
As is Soros whose Open Society is named for Karl Popper's moral universalism which includes divine command theory- or that we should live by God's word. But Soros is an atheist who has delusions of grandeur that he is God. Soros exercises the ugliest of disaster capitalism.
As India has banned Gates; Russia has banned Soros backed misanthropy.
He is recognized as the force behind meaningless social distraction.
And he has played both sides of the aisle with his many CIA connections.
We pointed out before the BP Oil Disaster was staged and the CEO and Goldman Sachs had dumped stocks in BP days before and invested with Halliburton in the cleanup team also days before. But Soros is the one who thought it up.
Just as he is behind the fall of countless governments and markets.
He also is involved with election manipulation with John Podesta as his right-hand man.
If you’re a neo-liberal you might think he is a good guy sponsoring such things a pot legalization. But that's only because he owns the Monsanto marijuana that he plans to take over the market with,
He is also involved with Gates in developing Ebola as a bio-weapon and contaminating Africans.
He orchestrated the Asian financial crisis.
As he made out like a bandit with AIG in the 2008 US financial crisis.
He is also behind the One West IndyMac Steve Mnuchin fraud investment mortgage firm that causes the crisis.
He is of course a member of all the dark economic societies like Brenton Woods and the Council on Foreign Relations. A worldwide movement has started to counteract this dangerous man.
And what is he rigging today? All his stocks make him richer if the US tanks now. So, if you had any speculation about his intent there it is.
Where does he get the gall? Perhaps when he got his start raiding Jewish homes as a pretend Nazi. In fact, it laid out his market strategy.
He broke England before making 10 billion in the process and we're next.
Like Mark Carney Goldman Sachs chief of the Bank of England: JP Morgan and Co here gamble with our money and get payed by taxpayers when they lose it. In the US, you can thank the repealing of Glass Steagall.
The investment banking cartel was against the founding fathers vision of America. And since its inception American anarcho-patriots have waged war on this behemoth.
Whether it’s called the Chemical Bank or the Chase Bank they now own- we have a duty to break the false chains of debt and disaster capitalism waged upon us by the elites.

Greetings American serfdom. 
If you are a Rothschild you get half billion dollars and an investment firm as your birth-right. The next Rothschild in the Baron line- Nat, is doing all he can to become shrewder and richer than his Baron father Jacob. Rothschild and Co and Rothschild and CIA Banque take over the European investment world and politics like Rothschild investment shark Macron now president of France.
Dig into the dox to pull the wool back from your eyes.

 We will not forgive. 

We will not forget. 

Expect us.

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