Fracking Nightmare Full Series

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Thousands of fracking wells in Pennsylvania ‘may be leaking methane’

12/19/2015 — California Alert — Methane Eruption at FRACKING operation – Climate Consequences

Published on Dec 19, 2015

Get the word out to the people on the West coast. Their professionals ignored the problem as it was building, now a giant methane plume erupts from the same operation that was hit by multiple earthquakes last year.

At the time when the earthquakes began striking these fracking / gas / oil operations the professionals actually went so far as to publicly deny the relation between the earthquakes which have been striking, and the large gas/oil pumping operations directly above the EQ epicenters.

Now, move forward several months after the earthquakes struck, several months AFTER Dr. Lucille Jones (California professional) downplayed the connection of the earthquakes occurring around North Los Angeles to the gas operations which are now uncontrollably blasting off large plumes of gas.

Ironic that the deniers of the problem last year now have a large ongoing eruption of methane gas occurring just North of Los Angeles, California.

This eruption of gas cannot be ignored — specifically that it is occurring directly from a large pumping / drilling operation (fracking + injection) which they denied had any relation to the seismic unrest below it.

The methane eruption is part of a much larger series of issues which need full explanation.

This video attempts to explain the causes behind why the methane is erupting in Los Angeles, who had the chance to prevent this from happening, and what to expect in the future now that this has occurred.

Thanks to Dahboo77 for originally covering this breaking news story, which leads me to make my video now. See db7’s video here:

Main stream media report on this issue:

Methane releases in other areas shown in the video linked below…

Colorado (being studied by NASA), at the large fracking operations at the border of New Mexico :

5/27/2014 — Colorado 4 MILE LONG Landslide @ FRACKING operation

Published on May 26, 2014

Undeniable screenshot proof of the FRACKING INJECTION WELL OPERATION at the Colorado landslide location here:

and here is proof the area is not only used for fracking, but also for CO2 storage…literally like the carbonation in a can of soda… stored in HIGH PRESSURE SANDS underground…

May 28 2014: They turned OFF the gas wells in the area around Collbran Colorado

For those who don’t understand, or those who are trying to deny the fracking connection to this huge landslide… let me explain a bit more.

First, no one can deny there is indeed a fracking operation at the landslide location. This is a fact.

In order to explain why this 4 mile landslide occurred at the fracking operation, you must first understand how the plate is moving currently, and how the weak spots are showing excessive movement.

Current examples of the weak spot / craton edge movement…

The earthquake swarms in Idaho near Red Butte (western portion of the yellowstone magma chamber) , and swarms at Yellowstone park itself, all swarms happening over the past 2 months….

Also, the huge landslide in Washington State (preceded by an earthquake)… the other landslide in Jackson Hole Wyoming at a dormant volcanic Butte… the earthquake swarms at the fracking operations in Oklahoma + Texas + South Colorado, the odd earthquakes in Utah, Nevada and California at the dormant volcanic sites, the larger earthquakes off the coast of California and Oregon at the fresh lavic fields…. the announcement that magma chambers in the Pacific Northwest at Mount Saint Helens and Yellowstone are “recharging”……

Finally, the confirmation that Yellowstone has raised FOUR inches, and moved 1inch Southeast since NEW YEARS . Yellowstone located along the edge of the craton, proves the edge is being moved SOUTHEAST……. add in the earthquakes along the Southern + Eastern edges of the craton , movement in Virginia, Quebec Canada, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Put it all together…. the craton edge is being displaced. The weak spots, such as dormant volcanic chains, new lavic fields, and FRACKING operations are showing heavy movement . This is due to the entire edge of the North American craton being displaced (as evidenced by the earthquake activity occurring directly upon the edge of it).

Fracking operations contain hundreds (in some cases thousands) of drill sites. Each drilled out shaft is nothing more than a man made “tube” in the ground. Similar to what mother nature would produce in a volcanic chain. Multiple fractures out of hollow tubes in the ground. Earthquakes occur naturally at the weak points…. like a perforation in a box makes it easy to bend, the perforations in the crust provide a point for pressure release.

Officals are quick to jump to “flooding” in these landslide events. Normally, I would not disagree, however the location of this huge collapse in Colorado , screams out to me as being tectonic related.

Flooding was the “reason” used in Washington State, also in Jackson Hole Wyoming. A week or so after Jackson Hole actually split in half, the main stream media acknowledged it was a BUTTE which split, not due to flooding. The Washington state landslide was hushed up very quickly after the announcement that a SEISMIC EVENT (1.0M to 2.0M) occurred about an hour before the landslide.

This Colorado landslide appears to be more rock and sand than any “water”. Don’t see flooding waters, no running streams, not even much “mud” in any of the shots.

My best informed guess on this, is that craton pressure caused a fracture at the fracking operation. Possibly an underground aquifer, mixed with frack sand pumped in under high pressure for several years is what caused this massive “flow”.

Not seeing the WATER that could have caused this… anyone have ANY PROOF of water? All I’m seeing is rock and sand mixed with trees knocked over at HIGH SPEED .. like a lahar flow, not a mud slide.

Speaking of Lahar flows, Dotsero volcano is just 50 miles Northeast , Colorado’s only well known volcano which is located of I-70….. also due North are the Hot Springs, and just North of the Hot Springs is Jackson Hole which had its own collapse.

We can expect more movement (earthquake wise) along the edge of the craton , which means we can expect future large collapses like this in the future.

(collapse isn’t the right term, at this point, I’d call this an “eruption” of debris coming from a mix of an aquifer with a fracking operation under high pressure all being released at once due to a larger plate movement issue)

Methane releases at fracking operations across the midwest and South US:

Professionals compare Bayou Corne Louisiana methane release to “volcano”: Bubbles of methane mixed with hydrogen sulfide gas..
Colorado Fracking operation erupts with methane and stored CO2 producing a large lahar extending at least 4 miles from the blown operation :

Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) .. talking about large methane releases being a threat to human existence. One proposed solution is using radio frequency to change methane into diamond dust:

Fracking Chemical Cocktail Interview Pt. 1

Published on Jul 25, 2012

“Frackie,” or Fracking Chemical Cocktail, is all about fracking, chemicals, drilling and money.

Here she explains all the things fracking does to the environment, a litany of horrors that includes destroying groundwater, spreading radiation, causing earthquakes and moonscaping the environment.

EnviroReporter’s Michael Collins can’t fathom how Frackie thinks all of her fracking destructiveness is “fracktastic” but he knows a good frack when he sees one. See for more information about the Toxie Awards.

Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Artists Against Fracking Present: “Don’t Frack My Mother”

Published on Mar 11, 2013

Directors: Sarah Sophie Flicker, Maximilla Lukacs and Tennessee Thomas
Producer: Rebecca Fernandez
Editor: Maximilla Lukacs

5/31/2014 — 4 Mile Long eruption of Liquid Sand + stored CO2 @ Fracking operation in Colorado

Published on May 31, 2014

Update June 3, 2014

3.4m fracking earthquake struck Greeley Colorado a day after I made this video…. admitted fracking, University of Colorado now investigating… blaming wastewater injection… shake reports felt in Loveland… quote residents ‘like a sledge hammer on the roof’


Full breakdown of the Collbrand Colorado “landslide” from our live broadcast on Friday Night (May 30 2014). All links below.

It appears a large deposit of high pressure liquid sand, underground at the Collbran Colorado fracking location, found a weak point to the surface.

After doing some research on the “Collbran Gas System” , which is part of the Piceance shale deposit, I found that in addition to hydraulic fracturing (fracking), there is also a LARGE amount of CO2 being pumped into the ground (like carbonation in a can of soda)…. a process called “Carbon Sequestration”, where CO2 is pumped into old oil wells filled with liquid frack sands.

Carbon Sequestration is a Geoengineering method to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere (under the belief that there is global warming due to excessive CO2 in the atmosphere).

The geoengineers have partnered up with the US Government, and oil companies — to use old oil wells to “store” Carbon Dioxide gas. (each well thousands of feet deep, capable of being filled and compressed with billions of cubic feet of gas across thousands of old wells).

It is my supposition that a high pressure liquid sand CO2 “eruption” occurred at the fracking operation (the weakest point in the crust due to drilling)…

The weak point allowed the liquid frack sands, along with subterranean high pressure sands, along with highly compressed CO2 to all “erupt” and flow down the mountain more like a LAHAR than a “landslide”.

Complete lack of water , and the presence of a sandy silicate mixture, also the confirmed CO2 storage… means we’re getting a bogus line from the powers that be on the reasons behind this fracture.

Full post here explaining the events:

also here:


Full 2 hour radio show here (may 30 2014)

Jackson Hole “landslide” which was then reported to be a Butte Fracture:

Pacific Northwest magma chambers recharging:

Plumes off fracking operations:

USGS confirms the fracking earthquake / seismic movement connection:

Surface movement at fracking operations:

More on the Collbran gas system / Fracking gas hub:

More on the carbon sequestration at the piceance shale play:


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ukcolumn (live shows)

Fracking NightmareFirst episode  Streamed live on Oct 28, 2013

Full play list link at FolkPhotographer on Youtube.

Ian R. Crane presents the first episode of the Fracking Nightmare.

Fracking Nightmare – Episode 1

Playing this video will continue on to each consecutive episode.

Ian R Crane

Part One of this edition of FRACKING NIGHTMARE includes the exposure of AMANDA WEBSTER, Assistant Police & Crime Commissioner for Lancashire … and one of the UK’s leading ‘PROTEST BUSTERS’; a serious CONFLICT OF INTERESTS. On one hand she has a responsibility for ensuring that Lancashire Police facilitate peaceful protests … and on the other, she is engaged by Corporate clients to prevent people raising awareness of their Crimes Against humanity!?

Acutally, the AMANDA WEBSTER segment is in Part Two (from 30:30). A Freedom of Information request has been submitted to establish the capacity in which Amanda Webster was present at Barton Moss on Monday 23rd December 2013!?

Go to this link to see many more reports.

Thumbnail Fracking Nightmare – Episode 1 Seems a pro-fracker dropped by … not to view the video but to push their cognitively dissonant propaganda. In episode 2, I speak with Brian Monk, a farmer from Southern Queensland whose health and livelihood has been seriously impacted by the unconventional gas industry. Search also for the ‘List of the Harmed’ … this industry is an abomination and threatens to turn large tracts of the UK into an industrial wasteland … not to mention the fact that property prices will collapse wherever the Shale gas/CBM frackers role into town! ukcolumn
1:04:31 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 2

Streamed live on Nov 4, 2013

This evening Ian R. Crane will be speaking with Brian Monk from Queensland, Australia.

Brian will be describing the living hell that he and his family have had to endure since the gas industry pulled in to town. Including irrefutable evidence of contamination of Water, Soil & Air.

In addition, we’ll be looking at the latest developments in the rapidly accelerating UK Governments Fracking agenda.

1:03:14 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 3

Streamed live on Nov 12, 2013

Ian R. Crane presents the latest fracking news – rescheduled from Monday evening.

The Fracking agenda makes no differentiation … 64% of the Country is at risk. Potentially impacting upon people from all parts of the social spectrum!

1:00:20 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 4

Streamed live on Nov 18, 2013

Tonight on Fracking Nightmare:

Apart from exposing more industry and Government FRACK-wits …

Ian R Crane drops in on the rapidly expanding ‘Protection Community’ gathering at Barton Moss, Manchester and talks with local resident Helen Chuntso, one of the growing number of ‘Mums Against Fracking’ and meets up with Sgt Ben Cowcill, Senior Community Liaison Officer with the Greater Manchester Police to get his take on the Protection Camp.

Also … this weekend has seen a number of Balcombe veterans set up camp on the lawns in front of the Chichester offices of West Susex County Council to press home the demand that the Council take heed of the wishes of the people, instead of kow-towing to the corporations. Ian will be speaking to one of the campers to get an update on this latest escalation of the people’s rebellion against Fracking

1:05:47 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 5

Streamed live on Nov 25, 2013

Ian R. Crane returns with more news from the anti-Fracking campaign.

1:00:35 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 6

Streamed live on Dec 2, 2013

More fracking news from Ian R. Crane, including the latest from Barton Moss.

Looks like Youtube have decided to reduce the quality of the video … !!!

Frackwits, Frackwhores, the front line at Barton Moss … and more

1:03:33 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 7 – Reporting from Barton Moss

Streamed live on Dec 9, 2013

Ian R. Crane reports from the anti-Fracking protest at Barton Moss near Manchester where the peaceful protest has taken an ominous turn as police arrest 5.

Feel free to re-upload any of my material … I NEVER claim copyright!

1:00:19 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 8

Streamed live on Dec 16, 2013

Ian R Crane returns with more news from the iGas installation at Barton Moss, where the police are becoming ever more heavy handed.

1:09:31 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 9

Published on Jan 5, 2014

News from over the Christmas/New Year break from the Barton Moss anti-fracking protest, including more aggressive policing.

Fracking Nightmare returns live at 9pm on Monday 6th January at

58:19 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 10

Streamed live on Jan 6, 2014

Ian R. Crane returns with another live fracking news update, including the latest news from the Barton Moss protest.


Today is the day I lost respect for the Greater Manchester Police Farce! What was witnessed today at Barton Moss is made even more disgusting by the fact that the Police actions were based upon a trumped up allegation of a flare being aimed at a Police Helicopter … FOUR DAYS AGO!!


1:11:51 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 11

Streamed live on Jan 13, 2014

Ian Crane presents more fracking news, including the latest from the Barton Moss protest.

1:04:35 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 12

Streamed live on Jan 22, 2014

Ian R. Crane returns with more fracking news and an update from the Barton Moss anri-fracking protest.

1:08:40 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 13

Streamed live on Jan 27, 2014

Ian R Crane returns with more fracking news, including an update from Barton Moss.

55:19 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 14

Published on Feb 6, 2014

Ian R. Crane returns with more fracking news.

1:08:24 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 15

Published on Feb 11, 2014

As the Greater Manchester Police FARCE continue to make fallacious and
unsubstantiated allegations against the Barton Moss Protection Community, the
Protectors demonstrate their conviction and fortitude in thwarting the iGas
operation on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. On a day when BP announces that it
will NOT be participating in the UK ‘Shale Gas Revolution’, it is evident that the
Barton Moss Community are becoming a very effective ‘Investor Removal Team’!

I worked with Schlumberger (1979-98), holding a range of senior management positions in the UK, Mainland Europe, Middle East & USA. In 1993, I worked with Chad Deaton on the acquisition of IDF (International Drilling Fluids). Chad went on to become the CEO & subsequently Executive Chairman of Baker Hughes International, earning $11.25million in 2011 … I went on to become a geo-political analyst earning a very, very small fraction of that! 🙂

1:00:37 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 16

Published on Feb 17, 2014

Ian R. Crane is joined by Tina-Louise and reports on the increase in police aggression following the landmark court ruling in which Barton Moss Road was deemed to be a footpath. In addition they discuss the challenge to all the communities who are at risk of being fracked and the steps they need to take to mount an effective resistance against the socio-psychopathic global corporatist Mother-Frackers.

1:00:19 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 17

Published on Feb 25, 2014

Ian R Crane returns with more anti-fracking news, including news from the fracking protests in Poland; Bear returns to discuss the state of Britain’s ground water; and news from the next front in the fracking war: Nottinghamshire.

Strangely enough, the Skype connection to Brian Monk in Queensland was perfectly clear when we spoke after the show had ended! We will try again next week as Brian’s experiences with the Unconventional Gas Industry in Souther Queensland provides a unique insight in to what we can expect if the Mother-Frackers get their Bits in the Ground in the UK!

1:11:03 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 18

Published on Mar 4, 2014

Ian R. Crane returns with more tracking news, including an interview with Brian Monks from New South Wales, Australia, and Bear returns with more on ground water contamination.

1:15:51 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 19

Published on Mar 10, 2014

Ian R. Crane reviews the Barton Moss eviction hearing and exposes the blatant corporatism of John Whittaker and Peel Holdings. Tina Louise is Ian’s guest on the show.

The reality is that Fracking CANNOT be done safely … PERIOD!

I have never suggested that an absolute ban on fossil fuels is either practicable or necessary … despite the fact that viable alternatives do indeed exist but the patents are either owned or controlled by the hydro-carbon industry. This is NOT a one-dimensional issue. Deep geo-politics, driven by global corporatist hegemony, pretty much calls the shots (for the moment). Meanwhile, if we allow the Mother-Frackers to be unleashed across the UK, the water supply will become so contaminated that future generations will be controlled by those who control the water supply … starting with Nestle!

1:00:31 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 20

Published on Mar 18, 2014

More fracking news from Ian R. Crane, including video from the front line at Barton Moss, where police brutality reaches new heights.

This just shows the degree of Cognitive Dissonance; there are NO regulations in the UK governing the exploitation of Unconventional Gas … anyway, geology doesn’t respond to regulation!!

1:10:37 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 21

Published on Mar 25, 2014

Ian R. Crane returns with more fracking news.

1:00:10 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 22

Published on Apr 1, 2014

Ian R Crane returns with the latest news on the issue of fracking.

51:05 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 23

Published on Apr 30, 2014

More fracking news from Ian R. Crane.

1:14:44 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 24

Published on May 6, 2014

Ian R. Crane speaks to anti-fracking campaigners from the USA and Australia, and brings us up to date with fracking news in the UK.

1:18:39 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 25

Published on May 13, 2014

More anti-fracking news from Ian R. Crane, including a live interview from New South Wales, Australia.

1:02:42 Fracking Nightmare – Episode 26

Published on Jun 3, 2014

Ian R. Crane returns with more fracking news, including success in Australia, and the latest from the UK.



Fracking Nightmare – Episode 26

Published on Jul 6, 2014

Ian Crane discusses the latest issues surrounding the UK and worldwide fracking agenda and the very real environmental dangers posed by the industry.

Fracking Nightmare – Episode 27

Fracking Nightmare – Episode 28

Published on Jul 15, 2014
– Tribute to Terry Greenwood – Pennsylvania anti-fracking Campaigner
– Anne Power wins Local Hero Award

Fracking Nightmare – Episode 30

Published on Jun 30, 2014
Water Management expert Peter Rolinson discusses his research into the potential problems from the effects of FRACKING. This is information that the UK Government wants to ‘Regulate’ (Censor)!

Fracking Nightmare – Episode 31

Published on Jul 10, 2014
– Villagers in tears as FRACKING Convoy rolls into town.
– Anti-Fracking Rally in Beverley, East Yorkshire

Fracking Nightmare – Episode 32

Published on Jul 15, 2014
– Tina Louise meets Max Keiser
– Fracking Earthquakes

Fracking Nightmare – Episode 33

Published on Aug 22, 2014
– LIVE from Crawberry Hill (via Bambuser)
– Ian R Crane meets with Local Residents to discuss their thoughts on the prospect of Rathlin Energy’s Unconventional Gas

Fracking Nightmare – Episode 34

Published on Aug 19, 2014
– Eviction Day at Crawberry Hill
– Mother-Frackers Banished from Belcoo, Northern Ireland
– Rathlin Energy: Well failure at West Newton
– Rathlin Planning Application … Time to block it!
– Reclaim the Power: Day of Action

Fracking Nightmare – Episode 35

Published on Sep 2, 2014
– The ‘Scourge’ of Solar Farms!!!!
– iGas / Dart Merger under Review
– iGas prepares to start Ellesmere Port exploratory well
– Discrepancies in Fracking Waste!
– Concerns raised over Water Shortages caused by FRACKING!
– Rathlin Energy (East Yorks) request for 2yr Planning Extension.
– … & Much More


Special Report: EQ Swarms and Pacific Death

Published on Aug 20, 2014

Swarms! Yellowstone! WTF Near OR/CA Border & Pacific DEATH.

In this special report we look at the phenomena of Earthquake Swarms, and why, even when not strong, swarms can tell you something is going on underground. Fracking in Oklahoma, and Geothermal in Northern California are CLEARLY cause for concern. Normal swarms by comparison are the normal releasing of pressure near fault zones. The swarms we are looking at are NOT. Yellowstone’s odd swarming at this time and its quaking all round the caldera perimeter. The swarm that is really MOST bizarre and concerning because of the shear number (most of them today within an hour of each other) and the odd locations, most notably by the Oregon/California border.

Finally, we share a little clip from HORROR “Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation” as presented by our friend BeautifulGirlByDana:

Thom Hartmann discusses Fracking Quakes in OK on The Big Picture:,p482,d0

Or just that segment of the program, Scientists Link Fracking to Earthquakes…:

NGDC Natural Hazards Interactive Map:

Google Earth & Plug Ins:

USGS Overlay:


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