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E-Waste Hell

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2011

How are the west’s ‘recycled’ TVs and computers ending up in a toxic dump in Ghana? Dateline investigates the trade in e-waste which is poisoning a once picturesque part of Africa.

For more on Giovana Vitola’s story, go to the SBS Dateline website… http://www.sbs.com.au/dateline/story/about/id/601347/n/E-Waste-Hell

Ever wondered where your old TVs and computers go after you send them off for recycling or to charity?

Dateline’s Giovana Vitola has found a mountain of old electronic equipment dumped in what were previously picturesque wetlands in Ghana in West Africa.

The e-waste is poisoning everything around it, including the scavenging children burning the wires to try and get at the valuable metal inside. Meanwhile, acrid smoke drifts across the Agbogbloshie area of the capital Accra, and even the city’s main food market.

Stamped across the equipment, the names of companies and government bodies in countries like Australia, Britain and the United States, with many hard drives still intact and containing potentially confidential information.

Exporting hazardous waste to developing countries is strictly regulated, so how is some of it ending up in Ghana illegally? Do the companies disposing of it even know what’s happening? And what do the Australian authorities plan to do about it?

WATCH GIOVANA’S STORY – Click to see Giovana Vitola’s investigation, originally broadcast on 25th September 2011.

WATCH REACTION – In a follow-up story, broadcast on 2nd October 2011, Mark Davis calls the Australian Government to account in an interview with Senator Don Farrell, and asks Lee Bell of the National Toxics Network about the environmental impact.

BLOG – Giovana writes about her personal experience of how unpleasant it was filming at the toxic dump.

– Listen to Giovana talk to SBS Radio’s World News Australia about her story and what’s happened as a result of her investigation.

– Find out more about recycling your e-waste responsibly, plus follow the links to extra reading on the situation in Ghana.

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Tsunami Caught On Camera FULL MOVIE

Published on Feb 4, 2013

NO PARTS copyright was not intended

WARNING: This movie is very intense and graphic, It may make you cry. Viewer Discretion is Advised. It is rated TV-MA

we desperately need help to locate a man and his son.
the wife and 2 of the kids is home in Finland and the son is still bad injured in a hospital in Finland.
We have search alot in internet and we have found them listed as swedish and that is wrong since they live in Finland and is only swedish talking.
I will copy the information about these missing persons and i pray with all my heart that we can find them.
We have also found them listed as *go home* and *injured* but we cant find the link where we found them injured but i found the link where they say they had went home but that is so wrong,they are not home in Finland.
The missing persons is:
Alf Michael Gustafsson and his son Alexander Gustafsson.
Sincerely Ann Lindberg email: torigirls AT hotmail DOT com

Alf Michael Gustafsson [view picture]
Age 37, Height: 180-185cm, Weight ~80kg, Brown eyes, Brown hair, Freckled on the back, Short teeth.
Wearing: Swim shorts, black with grey markings, Gold(wedding) ring with marking on inside”Carola 7.3.1993″
Last seen 26.12.2004 at Blue Village Pakarang Hotel in Khao Lak Thailand at the swimming pool of the hotel when waves hit. He ran out(or tried to) after which lost contact.

Alexander Gustafsson [view picture]
Age 9, Height: 135-140cm, Weight ~31kg, Grey eyes, Blond hair, Brown birthmark on stomach near navel, Red birthmark on the neck(under hair), Short(bitten) finger nails.
Wearing: Swim shorts(short legs), dark-blue with red picture
Nationality: Finnish (Swedish speaking)
Last seen: 26.12.2004 at Blue Village Pakarang Hotel in Khao Lak Thailand, at the swimming pool of the hotel when waves hit. He ran out (or tried to) after which lost contact.

I am searching for my friend, Dewi Safitri, from Indonesia. Her birthdate: 21st Oct. 1973. We had thought her safe but this week received an IM from her brother Rey and sister Aman that she was in Aceh, and is now missing. The last postal address I have for her was her brother’s in Yogyakarta, so we have no way of knowing exactly where she was at the time of the earthquake and tsunami. I have posted her photo, and registered her name with Aceh Media Center, airputih.or.id, ICRC, and Newscover. If anyone has any information on Dewi’s whereabouts, please contact me via email, lyonnesse23@hotmail.com. Thank you. ~Diana Pritchard


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