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Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Uploaded on Oct 2, 2009

Music video by Michael Jackson performing Earth Song. © 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.

I Am In Love And I Am So Happy Written by Daniel J Towsey – A Truth Soldier

Everyone Was Warned Not To Touch Him, But This Guy Did

[Best Version] The Great Dictator Speech – Charlie Chaplin + Time – Hans Zimmer (INCEPTION Theme)

Good People – Saving Animals on the Road

Jann Arden – Hanging By A Thread

Uploaded on Oct 7, 2009

Music video by Jann Arden performing Hanging By A Thread. (C) 1997 A&M Records of Canada

FOX5 Surprise Squad: Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids, Comes Home, Finds House Different

Published on Jan 5, 2017

Building a Brighter Future

All the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of a single candle.

The Current Situation

Brighter future.

Together, we can and will build a brighter future. Yet in order to give meaningful suggestions to further support this, we first need to speak candidly about what’s happening in the world at present. It appears that there are factions within the world’s power elite which still desire to exert as much control as possible over the world.

Their primary means for establishing control are through promoting fear, secrecy, and polarization, and through distracting people from their deeper purpose in life. When these factions gain greater power and control, our freedoms and liberties are increasingly taken away, sometimes without our even realizing it.

Fear is used as a powerful tool of control by these factions of the global elite. “The terrorists want to kill us all. Your job, savings, and retirement are no longer secure. You are either for us or against us. We might be attacked at any time.” All of these messages push us towards fear. And by encouraging us to focus blame on others such as terrorists and “evil” leaders, the global power brokers push us away from feeling in control of our lives and towards the role of powerless victims, so that we look to them for protection. The more we slip into fear and being victims, the easier it is for us to be manipulated.

Secrecy leads to control through preventing the exposure of hidden agendas, and through breeding distrust, suspicion, and paranoia in the world. In the name of “national security,” we have been told ever more frequently that we should not know what is happening behind closed doors in government. Yet we are encouraged to keep vigilant watch over our neighbors, over those who question the government, and over those who look or act different from us, as they could secretly be terrorists in sheep’s clothing. Rampant suspicion and secrecy cause us to lose touch with the common humanity we share with all around us.

Polarization leads to “us vs. them” ways of thinking. Divide and conquer is a tactic that has been used successfully by the power elite of the world for centuries. As long as people focus on blaming and attacking “the enemy,” they are not likely to look for the deeper causes of their problems. Controlling factions of the power elite work to keep public and media attention focused on issues which divide us into two polarized camps, so that their greatest concerns of power and control go unnoticed. The power brokers then control both sides of the divided public by assuring that corporate ownership of the media and key candidates from all political parties support their deeper power and polarization agendas, which often involve war profiteering.

A final subtle, yet powerful method of gaining control is to distract people from their purpose in life. Consider that television, radio, and movies have been filled with ever more greed, violence, and empty sex. Our educational system has increasingly prioritized passing tests over developing intelligence and creativity. Excessive corporate control of the media has limited what news we receive, and often shaped our decisions and the way we think. Our attention has been subtly diverted from our deeper purpose in life to the more superficial attractions of sex, consumerism, and money.

When we succumb to fear, secrecy, and polarization, and when we lose touch with our sense of purpose in life, elements of the global elite are able to exert ever more control over our lives and world.

Towards a Brighter Future

What can we do about all this? Ultimately, it is the collective fear, secrecy, polarization, and loss of purpose within all of us that has allowed leaders to take power who would subvert democracy, and who would take away our freedoms and liberties. By each one of us making a commitment to work on these issues both inside of ourselves and out in the world – and to inspire others to do the same – we are changing our collective direction and building a solid foundation for a brighter future. Several actions can help us to take firm steps in that direction.

Develop purpose and intentions for your life. To live rich, full lives in today’s complex world, it’s vitally important to give your life clear direction by exploring what is deepest and most meaningful to you, and by developing a life purpose and life intentions based on this. Then choose to live your intentions and follow your purpose to the best of your ability every day. By choosing to live with clear direction and focus, life becomes deeper and more meaningful. This then weakens the seduction of consumerism and media hype which distract us from our purpose, and allows us to more effectively focus on building a brighter future.

Choose to transform fear into acceptance and love. When we notice ourselves feeling fear, we can trace the roots of that fear, so that we are able to identify our core challenges and deal more consciously with them. We can open to guidance from friends, teachers, and spiritual sources in helping us to move from fear to acceptance and understanding. We can also transform our fears through welcoming the ever-present love of our divine creator, and the love that lies always deep within our own hearts, and in the hearts of those around us. In doing this, we begin to recognize fear as an invitation to growth.

Become aware of when you are playing the role of victim, and choose instead to take personal responsibility for building a brighter future. In blaming others for our problems, we often avoid taking responsibility for how much we are involved in creating these problems through the choices we make. Whenever we catch ourselves playing the role of victim by blaming others (including the power elite) for everything that’s wrong in our lives, we can choose to take a look inside ourselves, and to explore and take responsibility for our role in what’s happening. By focusing less on blaming others, and more on improving ourselves, every one of us can make a difference both in our lives and in our world.

Avoid secrecy and encourage openness and transparency. An important way we can do this is to work together to inform friends and colleagues about the major cover-ups being hidden from the public. Then in our personal lives, when we notice ourselves keeping information from others, we can examine our motives for this secrecy. Are we withholding information out of our own self-interest, or because this is really what’s best for all involved? And on a deeper level, where are we avoiding being honest with ourselves?

Move beyond polarization and the focus on “good vs. evil” and “us vs. them.” Every person in the world has a heart. And each of us has a place in our heart that wants only to love and be loved. Consider the possibility that all of us are doing what we believe to be right based upon our beliefs, circumstances, and upbringing. As we focus less on blaming and judging “them” and more on supporting the highest motive in all people – including members of the power elite – we increasingly come to see that we are all one human family, and that we can choose to transform our world by working together for the good of all.

And finally, come together in groups and communities to support each other in making these positive changes. In these groups and communities, we support each other in transforming fear into acceptance and love. We exchange information about all that is being hidden from us and explore ways to move beyond polarization. We also share our life purpose and intentions and encourage each other to live these as fully as we can. And we inspire each other to take responsibility for our lives and to be the best that we can be. When we gather in community to support each other in these intentions, we join in building a growing network of inspiration and empowerment around the planet.

These suggestions emphasize changing the collective consciousness of the world by transforming both our own personal lives and the world around us. Let us do all that we can to stop destructive behaviors of the global power elite. Yet let us not overly focus on changing the outside world without first having a solid internal foundation, lest we fall into blaming others, and into the polarizing “us vs. them” ways which only further divide us. By reminding ourselves that the most powerful change starts inside each one of us, we can develop more balance and strength to then work towards positive change out in the world.

As we change ourselves from the inside out, we send ripples of inspiration and healing out into the world. By joining together in groups and communities to support each other in this, those ripples become waves which are powerfully helping to build a brighter future for all of us.

For other concrete ideas on what you can do, click here
For a guide to developing your life purpose and intentions, click here
For a powerful online course exploring all of this in greater depth, click here

Reverse Busking Anna Thesa sings her song No Time For Sleep.

4 Year-Old Boy Describes Heaven Before Tragically Passing Away

12 Year Old Girl Paints Heaven, Unbelievable!

Akiane Kramarik Documentary

The Race to Save Human Civilization : The Man or Woman of Knowledge

Freedom Project

Published on Dec 10, 2015

The Race to Save Human Civilization : The Man or Woman of Knowledge

The man or woman of Knowledge is watching—watching without coming to fixed conclusions, watching without condemning the world, watching without losing hope, watching without becoming jaded or cynical, watching without blaming leaders or individuals or nations, watching the changing landscapes of the world, looking for the signs that the world is giving to indicate how, where and when the Great Waves will strike.

The man or woman of Knowledge has moved to higher ground, both circumstantially in their outer life and within themselves, basing their life upon Knowledge, the deeper intelligence—an intelligence that is not afraid of the world, that is not afraid of change, that can face anything because it is intelligence given by God. It is wise. It is compassionate. It is objective.

Here the man or woman of Knowledge is not insisting on solutions, but instead watching and encouraging positive behavior, positive awareness and positive actions. But they are not reliant on hope alone, for hope is too weak, too easily shattered, too easily diminished and deflated. Their power is the power of Knowledge—a power that does not diminish in the face of difficulty or uncertainty, a power that is not undermined by tragedy or crisis. They will see clearly and respond appropriately to the changing situations that they see immediately around them and in the world at large. For they are not afraid to look and to see because Knowledge is their power.

From The Race to Save Human Civilization.


Download ‘Steps To Knowledge’:…

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE takes you on the journey of discovering Self Knowledge, the mysterious source of your inner power and authority. Following this Knowledge leads you to the essential relationships that you will need to find and to fulfill your purpose in life.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE provides the lessons and practices necessary for learning and living The New Message from God. Presented in a self-study format, it contains 365 daily steps that teach you how to see, to know and to act with the certainty and the authority that the Creator has given you. It is the consummate study in Inner Knowing.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE is for people who are ready to undertake their greater work in life and who realize that they are here to make a contribution to the world at this critical turning point in our history. This book is here to serve them.

Allies Of Humanity Briefings Free Download:

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BE L((((O))))vE


Ms. Kittie
Very powerful & positive message. Knowledge is Power, but accurate Knowledge from God is what we all need. If we are all walking in God’s Holy spirit then we should be encouraging positive behavior, positive awareness and positive actions. A power that does not Diminish in the face of Difficulty or uncertainty that is true. God tells us that we are not the kind of people that Shrink back but rather we are to STAND UP AND LIFT UP OUR HEADS, because our redemption is drawing near. Great video and beautiful music. Agape love to you all and the creator of the video.
John Lannon
+Lori Rogers Sounds Gnostic. Says a lot but, gives no answers to anything. It reminds me of EST (Cult from the 80’s). They believe you create your own magic. Like Joel Olstien’s power of attraction. See it, believe it, achieve it crap. You are god in other words. Think I’m going to unsubscribe.
The freedom project is from the movie Children of Men. More predictive programming. Foogies were the refugees. Look at the EU now. Fukashima will stop child birth instead of disease.

Faith in humanity restored November 2014 Edition

Firefighters’ act of kindness goes viral

Family is Forever a Sad Video With So Much Meaning

“Forever Family” – “National Award of Merit,” PTA Reflections 2014

Published on Dec 8, 2013

“Forever Family” is an award-winning* inspirational short film with themes of abandonment, adoption, and rescue.

“Because I am passionate about adoption, this film is my gift to the adoption community, and anyone else who may be encouraged by it. Please feel free to share freely on websites, social media, or in live events. I welcome your comments below. Thank you.” Jordan Whitmer, December, 2013

* PTA Reflections — First Place, Arkansas, High School Film. This film will compete next at the National Level. Theme: Believe, Dream, Inspire

RECEIVED: #1 Film for PTA Reflections, high school division, Arkansas

UPDATE: This film was won the PTA National “Award of Merit” — one of 8 high school films in the United States to be honored at this level.

28 Breathtaking Moment that will touch your HEART & SOUL

Armageddon 2016 End of Days, The New World Order Plans for 2015 ( ILLUMINATI )

Published on Aug 15, 2014

How Illuminati will destroy the world?
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33 Moments That’ll Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Now or Never (2011) – A Short Film About Family Relationships

Uploaded on Mar 29, 2011

A short film about finding the right time to spend with loved ones.

Directed by Vivandy and F.C.Rabbath
Produced by F.C.Rabbath
Music composed by Vivandy

HRM Poet Laureate El Jones for the 2014 Volunteer Awards

ublished on Apr 10, 2014

Poet Laureate El Jones was unable to attend the 2014 HRM = HalifaxRegionalMunicipality Volunteer Awards so she video taped her message. Here is El’s take on volunteers!

See more of El Jones Here.

The Keys to Heaven on Earth Truth Movement Mind Control

Published on Dec 3, 2014
The Seven Plagues are raining down on HUMANITY…
On my video’s or Internet Radio Broadcast I research TRUTH, Awakening Conscious and talk about
current events battle main stream media lies, I am not paid for this i collect no royalties from youtube
my only mission is to serve the FATHER, wake people up to tyranny expose the evil around us
so you will know TRUTH as well as I do…I selflessly teach knowing I am a targeted individual,
of the evil High Priest and the Banker FRIENDS that RULE this planet…I am not a fan of organized
religon, pagan dieties or mythological gods I serve only one Master, my creator and Jesus to me
is a metaphore for my life,i walk in his footsteps however i do not worship his naked body on a cross
I do not eat is body or drink his blood in pagan celebration of his death like a pagan engraved image
Jesus to me is by brother and he sits with my father in heaven for his choices in life, i cannot wait
to see him, i fear only one man my father and his judgment, i fear not knowing truth and i am passionate about
truth… Join me on my Journey subscribe to my channel and lets find truth together…

What our Governments U.N.

and Hollywood
, Money Printers calls Climate Change
I call Spiritual Psychologicals and Physical Blood Sacrifice Warfare…
Geoengineering, Fracking, Dirty Energy EMF, EMR, Nuclear Radiation,
Hording Water, Food, GMO’s and Most importantly Eugenics…

Strong people and strong beliefs make up the foundation for a strong community.
The leadership at Frederick Wust does our utmost to live by example
We work to build a better community by engaging people honestly
and acting in a reflective manner of our principles as set forth by God.

Real Life Heroes On Their Last Heroic Act PART 1

Giving to People Who Give

One Step

Published on Jul 6, 2013

One Step goes a looooong way – Marco Berrios a.k.a. “The Wonder Dawg” continues his pursuit to make the World a little better than he found it.

Unconditional Full Movie 2013

Published on Oct 3, 2013

Samantha Crawford ( Lynn Collins , ” X -Men Origins: Wolverine ‘) has a perfect life . She is happily married and works in what has always dreamed of inventing stories and illustrated in its infancy now have become published books. But his idyllic life is shattered when her husband is tragically killed Billy .

Sam lost hope and will to live . One day , to help two defenseless children in the street , is reunited with Joe ( Michael Ealy , ‘ Seven Pounds ‘ ) a childhood friend who had not seen for years.

Currently nicknamed “Papa Joe ” has become the protector of children in the impoverished neighborhood where he lives .

The positive attitude of his old friend makes you reflect and realize that even though she renounced the faith , is never abandoned and may become the solution to all your problems .

The filmmaker Brent McCorkle debuts in the film world with Christian story of overcoming and absolute faith factual.



9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe!

20 min of motivation (Respect, real life heroes…)

Love Everybody.

7 Animal Rescues That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

The GREATEST MAN on Earth!

I have no words to say about this video. Watch yourself & feel. If this video touches or inspires you please recommend it to others & also extend your comments.ABOUT the Video:Narayanan Krishnan brings hot meals daily to India’s homeless and destitute. Since 2002, the chef has served more than 1.2 million meals through his nonprofit organization, Akshaya Trust. to know more about the Greatest Man

 — with Maria Teresa Ferreira.

People saving animals / Menschen helfen Tieren 3

Free Hugs. (Beautiful Song)

Lion’s reaction to the woman who saved him.

64 Years Old and Never Too Late to Be Fit

Real Life Heroes 2014 Good People Compilation HD

Free Hugs Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Give a little love!

If you give a little love you can get a little love of your own! 

Free Hugs Full Play List continuous play.

I love Hippies

The Butterfly (poem) by Daniel J Towsey

I Am In Love And I Am So Happy Written by Daniel J Towsey

Empowering Children – This is Amazing!

Bikers Against Child Abuse


My Journey

Occupy NS (08) Day 2 Group Hug

Use Your Smile to Change the World Don’t let the world change your smile.

Raju The Elephant Cries While Being Rescued After 50 Years Of Abuse In India

Very inspiring person…..

An Elephant Never Forgets Reunited With Trainer After 15 Years

The Power of Words

Change Your Words, Change Your World


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