Mass Animal Deaths for 2014


Why would a “loving” God allow suffering to continue?




Event Summary for 2014 – 97 Known Mass Death Events in 28 Countries

16th February 2014 – 10,000 livestock have died due to drought in Chulucanas, PeruLink

16th February 2014 – Hundreds of sea birds wash up along South West coast of EnglandLink

15th February 2014 – Hundreds of cattle dead due to ‘mystery illness’ in Misiones Province, ArgentinaLink and here

14th February 2014 – Thousands of birds found dead, due to avian flu in Trenggalek Regency,IndonesiaLink

13th February 2014 – MILLIONS of dead fish wash ashore on Lake Manyas, Balikesir, TurkeyLink

13th February 2014 – Thousands of fish have died ‘due to environmental factors’ in Lampung, IndonesiaLink

12th February 2014 – Thousands of fish found dead in a river in Rio Piracicaba, BrazilLink

12th February 2014 – 160 TONS of dead fish found along Johor Straits in SingaporeLink

12th February 2014 – Thousands of birds killed due to avian flu in various provinces in VietnamLink

11th February 2014 – 9 Orca Whales found washed up dead near Tuatapere in New ZealandLink

11th February 2014 – Mass die off of fish and shrimp due to ‘red tide’ in Hainan, ChinaLink

11th February 2014 – 5,000+ sea birds found dead ‘due to storms’ along west coast of FranceLink

11th February 2014 – Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Riau, IndonesiaLink

10th February 2014 – MILLIONS of Bees found dead near hives in Murcia, SpainLink

10th February 2014 – 100 sea birds wash up dead or dying on Chesil Beach in Dorset, England.Link

8th February 2014 – Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Bera, MalaysiaLink

8th February 2014 – Hundreds of livestock killed by snowstorms in Xinjiang, ChinaLink

6th February 2014 – 225,000 Birds, 8,000 sheep, 150 goats dead from flooding in Central Java, IndonesiaLink

6th February 2014 – 60,000 fish killed due to outbreak of virus at Robertson Creek, BC, CanadaLink

6th February 2014 – 10,000+ fish found dead in Vasse Estuary, AustraliaLink

5th February 2014 – 70 TONS of fish have died in Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, PhilippinesLink

5th February 2014 – 12 dead Albatross found on Ripiro Beach, ‘never seen anything like it’ in New ZealandLink

5th February 2014 – 2.4 MILLION+ Chickens and Ducks killed due to outbreak of Avian flu in South KoreaLink

5th February 2014 – Hundreds of fish found dead in Bashan Park River in SingaporeLink

4th February 2014 – 1,122+ Turtles wash ashore dead during January on beaches in Andhra Pradesh, IndiaLink

4th February 2014 – 400+ dolphins wash up dead during January on beaches in Northern PeruLink

3rd February 2014 – Millions of Sea stars still dying off on west coast of AmericaLink

3rd February 2014 – Thousands of bees die off ‘due to pesticides’ in Pontalinda, Sao Paulo, BrazilLink

2nd February 2014 – Thousands of fish found dead in a river in Banyumas, IndonesiaLink

30th January 2014 – Hundreds of cattle dying due to ‘mystery disease’ in New South Wales, AustraliaLink

29th January 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish appear in Kings River, California, AmericaLink

29th January 2014 – Hundreds of Chickens die suddenly in Madiun County, IndonesiaLink

29th January 2014 – 10 Tons of fish die suddenly in lake Maninjau, West Sumatra,IndonesiaLink

29th January 2014 – Masses of fish and squid wash ashore dead on beach in Kauai, Hawaii, AmericaLink

28th January 2014 – 20,000 Birds killed due to outbreak of avian flu in Hong Kong, ChinaLink

28th January 2014 – Tens of thousands of dead fish washing up along a river in Tennessee, AmericaLink

27th January 2014 – Tons of fish found dead in two dams in Bandung Regency, IndonesiaLink

24th January 2014 – 25 dead whales found near Kice Island in Florida, AmericaLink

24th January 2014 – Thousands of dead fish found near River Thames in Oxfordshire, EnglandLink

23rd January 2014 – 10,000 Chickens die suddenly due to avian flu in Kudat, MalaysiaLink

23rd January 2014 – Hundreds of dead birds found, ‘never seen anything like it’ in Burleson, Texas, AmericaLink

23rd January 2014 – Millions (120 TONS) of fish have died in a lake in Batangas, Philippines.Link

22nd January 2014 – 1,000 Birds dead from outbreak of disease in Kaiapoi, New ZealandLink

22nd January 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish washing up at Thompson’s Bayou in Florida,AmericaLink

21st January 2014 – Millions of Oysters have died suddenly during past 2 months from ‘mystery disease’ in Port Stephens, AustraliaLink

21st January 2014 – 8 Whales dead, more stranded off the coast of Florida, AmericaLink

20th January 2014 – 19,000 Birds killed due to Avian flu in Shandong, ChinaLink

19th January 2014 – ‘Scores’ of Buffaloes dead from ‘mystery disease’ during past few weeks in Rewari, IndiaLink

18th January 2014 – Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up along entire beach in Vargas, VenezuelaLink

18th January 2014 – Mass die off of fish occuring in a branch of the Nile in Desouk, EgyptLink

18th January 2014 – 70+ Whales Stranded, (numbers changing) 20 dead on beaches in GoldenBay, New ZealandLink

18th January 2014 – 1,000 Ducks found dead in a reservoir in North Jeolla Province, South KoreaLink

18th January 2014 – Tons of dead fish washing up on beaches in Lambayeque, PeruLink

17th January 2014 – Thousands of dead fish appear on the shores of a river in Old Lyme, Connecticut, AmericaLink

17th January 2014 – 26 Dolphins, 15 Turtles, 11 Sea Lions found washed up dead along coast of Piura, PeruLink

17th January 2014 – 20,000 fish have died off the coast of Mati, PhilippinesLink

17th January 2014 – 5,300+ dead fish found in Clinton Lake, Illinois, AmericaLink

17th January 2014 – Large die off of fish in a river in Qinhuai, ChinaLink

16th January 2014 – Hundreds of ducks die suddenly due to bird flu in Wonogiri, IndonesiaLink

15th January 2014 – 7 Dolphins, 2 Sea Lions, 1 Whale found dead along coast of Sinaloa, MexicoLink

15th January 2014 – Large die off of Shrimp ‘due to disease’ in Ernakulam, IndiaLink

15th January 2014 – 100,000 dead fish in Sparks Marina, ‘reason unknown’ in Nevada, AmericaLink

14th January 2014 – Mass die off of Wild Boars ‘due to disease’ in LithuaniaLink

14th January 2014 – Thousands of Cattle dead due to flooding in Tabasco, MexicoLink

14th January 2014 – 13 whales stranded, 5 dead, 8 to be killed in Farewell Spit, New ZealandLink

14th January 2014 – Thousands of fish have died ‘due to cold’ in Olentangy River, Ohio, AmericaLink

14th January 2014 – Tons of fish found dead, ‘worst fish kill ever’ in a river in Mindanao, PhilippinesLink

13th January 2014 – Massive fish die off due to sea freezing so fast in Lovund,NorwayLink

13th January 2014 – 50,000 Birds killed due to avian flu in Hubei, ChinaLink

11th January 2014 – Thousands of various fish found dead in a river in Sao Paulo,BrazilLink

10th January 2014 – A large number of parrots, kangaroos and emus found dead ‘due to heatwave’ in AustraliaLink

10th January 2014 – 10,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Bac Ninh, VietnamLink

10th January 2014 – Thousands of fish dead due to pollution in a river in Durban, South AfricaLink

9th January 2014 – 150 Ducks dead due to outbreak of bird flu in Redwood City, California, AmericaLink

8th January 2014 – 100,000 bats fall dead from sky in Queensland, AustraliaLink

8th January 2014 – 35 Turtles wash ashore dead along the coast of Chennai, IndiaLink

8th January 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish appear in a lake is a ‘mystery’ in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaLink

8th January 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Minas Gerais, BrazilLink

8th January 2014 – Mass fish kill ‘due to pollution’ in a pond in Foshan, ChinaLink

8th January 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up on shores of a lake in Oran, AlgeriaLink

7th January 2014 – 40 Bald Eagles now dead from ‘virus’ in Utah, AmericaLink

6th January 2014 – 4,700 Cattle dead from outbreak of Foot and Mouth in Kerala, IndiaLink

6th January 2014 – 2 rare Whales dead after beaching on Long Island is ‘unusual’ in AmericaLink

6th January 2014 – 39 Pilot Whales dead after stranding on beach in New ZealandLink

6th January 2014 – Hundreds of ducks die suddenly in Malang, IndonesiaLink

6th January 2014 – Massive fish kill due to pollution in a river in Kurger Park, South AfricaLink

6th January 2014 – Hundreds of fish found dead in a lake in La Molina, PeruLink

5th January 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a pond, ‘like the apocalypse’ in Varbina,BulgariaLink

4th January 2014 – 500+ Goats dead from outbreak of plague in Xinjiang, ChinaLink

4th January 2014 – 47 Marine animals (seals, turtles, dolphins, birds) found dead on beach in Chiclayo, PeruLink

3rd January 2014 – Tons of dead fish found in a river in San Martino in Rio, ItalyLink

3rd January 2014 – Second mass die-off of Sardines during past 2 weeks washes up on beaches in Valparaiso, ChileLink

3rd January 2014 – Large die-off of fish found in a river in Hsinchu County, TaiwanLink

2nd January 2014 – NOTE: 20,000 Birds have died since November due to disease around Great Salt Lake in AmericaLink

2nd January 2014 – 23,000 Chickens killed due to bird flu in Guizhou, ChinaLink

2nd January 2014 – Hundreds (maybe thousands) of fish have died in a lake in NSW, Australia.Link

1st January 2014 – Thousands of fish, including turtles and ducks dead from ‘fuel spill’ in Culiacan, MexicoLink

1st January 2014 – Thousands of dead fish washing up on beaches in El Oro, EcuadorLink

1st January 2014 – Massive fish die off in fish ponds in Thong Nhat, VietnamLink

See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2013 for the 2013 list.

See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2012 for the 2012 list.

See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2011 for the 2011 list.


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Below is a list of worldwide mass animal deaths for 2014, with pages also for mass die offs in 2013, 2012 and 2011. There are animals dying all over the world today in huge numbers, due to the polluted state of the sea and air. Millions of Fish and massive numbers of whales and dolphins are washing ashore dead. Birds are falling dead out of the sky, and millions of poultry are dying from avian flu. The animals of the land like cattle are also dying in large numbers from disease. Although animals and fish have been dying all throughout history, we have not seen the massive consistant numbers that we are seeing today. Please remember! This is just one of the MANY signs of the last days.

In many of these events people from all walks of life are saying that they have never seen anything like this before.

For reports, articles and much more information regarding the massive decline in our wildlife, please see OUR DYING PLANET

If the information on these pages gives you cause for concern with regards to the future, then please see what must I do to be saved?

Millions more Bees dead! … Beekeeper Jose Luiz Santos of Sao Paulo, Brazil had 30 hives and was expecting to produce a ton of honey. But he found all his Bees dead recently. Pesticides are suspected. (December 2013) Link

Hosea 4:3 …’Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.’

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

This is the BIG question on many peoples minds today, and it is one that keeps many in the world from accepting Christ Jesus as their saviour. They believe that if God was a loving God, then He wouldn’t allow all the sin and suffering to continue in this world. Many Christians do their best to give an answer to this difficult question, but most of the time, the answer given isn’t sufficient enough for the questioning heart. But on this page we hope to give a more complete answer to this “hot” question.

How Did Sin and Suffering Begin?

Although no-one can give a reason as to why sin exists. We can give an explanation as to HOW it began and WHERE it began. And one thing we can confirm from what the Bible says, is that sin did NOT come from God.

Before sin came into existence, there was peace and joy right throughout the universe. But there was one created being, who for some reason, became full of pride and was not satisfied with the already exalted position that God had given him in heaven. That created being, or angel, was Lucifer, who was perfect when he was created, which confirms that God did NOT “create” evil.

LuciferEzekiel 28:13-15 …’Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.’

These verses are talking about Lucifer, the most exalted angel in the heavenly kingdom. And as you can see, when God created him, he was a perfect being. So the question is, if God didn’t created sin and evil, then how did Lucifer end up being evil? Because of his own FREE WILL CHOICE to go against God’s heavenly government. God didn’t create a bunch of robots to serve Him. No, He wanted to create intelligent beings who He could commune with and have a loving relationship with. But that wasn’t enough for one heavenly character!

“Our only definition of sin is that given in the word of God; it is “the transgression of the law;” it is the outworking of a principle at war with the great law of love which is the foundation of the divine government.” (E.White, The Great Controversy, Ch.29 – The Origin of Evil)

Now as we have already said, we cannot give a reason for the entrance of sin in a perfect universe, but we can tell you HOW sin began. And the answer is found in the books of Ezekiel and Isaiah:

Ezekiel 28:17 …’Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness.’

Isaiah 14:12-14 …’How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.’

So as we can see, Lucifer became proud. His heart was “lifted up” and he wanted to be the ONE in control. For some reason, the already exalted position that God had given him wasn’t enough, and he wanted more. Sounds like a lot of people in this world today doesn’t it? Pride! Pride was the original sin and it is the cause of so much sin in the world today.

Lucifer, who we will now call Satan, then went and caused discontent amongst the other angels and according to Revelation 12:4, he successfully caused a third of God’s angels to rebel with him. And as Revelation 12, verses 4 and 9 reveal, Satan and his angels were cast down to this earth. And most people know the rest of the unfortunate story. Satan tempts Adam and Eve to sin against God and the world becomes a place of sin and suffering.

But Why Does God Allow Sin and Suffering to Continue?

Ok, so this is the question that is still on the minds of many people. It’s one thing to know how Destructionsin and suffering came into being. But another thing to understand why it is permitted to continue.

Now have a real good think about this. If God was to destroy Satan the moment he sinned, what would go through the minds of all the other angels? Fear would enter into their hearts right? And then they would end up serving God out of fear rather than love, which would destroy the very reason that God created heavenly beings and humans in the first place. And not only that, the universe could also be in a permanent cycle of sin and destruction. Someone sins, God destroys them, someone else sins and God destroys them. Then there wouldn’t be an understanding of what sin is and why God is destroying those who sin. And the universe would never be a place of harmony and peace again.

Remember this also. Satan sucessfully caused a third of all God’s angels to rebel and join him. Which means Satan was able to cast doubts in the minds of the angels. So if God just destroyed Satan and the angels who followed him, then the angels who didn’t join with Satan could forever be left with doubts in their minds. And even if God just destroyed all of His creation and started again, there would be no guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again. So God HAD to have a plan to rid the universe of sin FOREVER.

First, God HAD to let Satan’s rebellion take it’s full course, so that the universe could see the wicked nature of Satan’s plans. Until fully developed, Satan’s rebellion would not appear the evil thing that it was. But through the death, suffering and destruction in this world, and by torturing and nailing the Son of God, Jesus Christ to the cross on Calvary, the whole of God’s creation beheld the true intent of Satan and his sin. The unfallen heavenly angels could now see the path Satan chose was wrong.

Second, God HAS to let sin and destruction (suffering) continue in this world in order for the RESULT of sin to be seen by all. And by seeing the result and utter suffering because of sin, it will stop sin and rebellion from rising up a second time.

“Satan’s rebellion was to be a lesson to the universe through all coming ages, a perpetual testimony to the nature and terrible results of sin. The working out of Satan’s rule, its effects upon both men and angels, would show what must be the fruit of setting aside the divine authority.” (E.White, The Great Controversy, Ch. 29)

The same spirit that prompted rebellion in heaven still continues it’s rebellion on earth. Wherever the great moral law of Jehovah is rejected, there sin and destruction and suffering ensues. And this is the great lesson that the whole universe HAD to learn. The RESULT of sin. And it is through this lesson of history, that once sin has been destroyed after the second coming of Christ Jesus, the entire universe will enjoy peace and harmony, and sin will not rise up again.

The true character of Satan has been exposed. And the true character of God has also been shown … ‘The Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty.’ (Exodus 34:6-7). And it was this same merciful God who gave His only-begotten Son as a perfect sacrifice for sin, so that you and I could be forgiven.

“The mighty argument of the cross demonstrates to the whole universe that the course of sin which Lucifer had chosen was in no wise chargeable upon the government of God.” (E.White, The Great Controversy, Ch. 29)

Why does God allow suffering? For the whole universe to see the nature and RESULT of sin. So that it will never rise up again, as the Word of God confirms … Nahum 1:9 …’Affliction shall not rise up the second time.’ … Yes, we may suffer now, but all who turn from sin and give their lives to Christ Jesus have the blessed hope of the resurrection and eternal life to come in peace and happiness!

Please remember. God loves every one of His created beings more than you and I could understand. And all throughout history, He has witnessed EVERY SINGLE PERSON and animal that has ever suffered. And it pains Him to see just one person suffering. BUT He HAS to let this thing play out in order to rid the universe of sin forever, for the benefit of those who do His will. Our Heavenly Father is a God of love, there can be no doubt!


The Butterfly (poem) by Daniel J Towsey

The Perfect Butterfly_9959

The Butterfly

By Daniel J Towsey

A beautiful woman is a delicate butterfly.

You can spend your whole life travelling through your existence and never let your eyes recognize one of creations most precious beauties.

You may see one flutter by and never realise the beauty that your eyes are beholding.

If you take a moment to appreciate and take in the beauty, you’ll notice that this is very hard to do.

As the butterfly’s fluttering free spirit

is never predictable.

A butterfly is not meant to be captured.

 It is to be loved for its delicate beauty.

A beautiful butterfly’s wings can never be touched as this will remove it’s delicate powder and will surely guarantee it’s eventual slow death.

Butterfly’s wings are coated

with a most delicate fine powder.

 As a child I looked in awe as my mother

 put on her delicate scented powder.

If you damage this powder the butterfly will not be able to continue on it’s natural flight of life.

If you are fortunate enough to ever have a butterfly

delicately land in the palm of your blossomed hand.

Give it gentle support and bless god

for having given you some beauty to behold.

This world has many different butterflies

for your eyes to behold.

For there are limitless unique different butterflies.

If you look, you’ll see that every woman is

a delicate butterfly.

Then after for the rest of your life

 you will be on the look out for a butterfly and will always appreciate the beauty passing by you.

And when you do.

 You will find the most delicate smile of appreciation beaming back at you

from that most delicate beautiful woman.

That smile will enrich you and you will one day be

the flower that a butterfly will land on

 to spread your pollen of life.

But this can never be if you do not see Gods

beautiful delicate creations.

Woman is a Man’s Butterfly

Man is a Woman’s flower of life

Please see some butterflies I have been fortunate to

Capture with my camera

Look in the Dream Girls Butterfly Smiles folder at



Marique Quinn This is so beautiful….and the photos are exquisite.

North Oregon Coast Anti-Chemtrail Alliance Awesome pictures, Daniel. I got lost here for a while! Many favorites. Thanks.

Hawlee Courtney Your photography is beautiful 🙂



I am in love and I am so happy

I am in love and I am so happy

 by A Truth Soldier

I did it, I found my soul mate.

Its amazing my soul mate is so beautiful and perfect.

I can count on my soul mate to never deceive me

or send me in the wrong direction.

My soul mate is always there for me.

We always get along because we are in pure love.

Our love works because its based on truth.

For without truth our relationship would be doomed.

We are never selfish for we always give of ourselves.

In troubled times I confide with my soul mate for support,

I tell my soul mate my deepest secrets and weaknesses.

I don’t fear exposing my innermost frailties to my soul mate.

Its so amazing what strength can be gained from sharing pure love.

Love makes me feel so good that I now can see beauty all around me.

I see it in the flowers and the bees.

I see it all around me in nature.

I see beauty even in the worst of storms.

I see it in other people who are in love.

before I fell in love with my soul mate,

I walked around and could never see the beauty all around me.

I am in love and I am so happy.

This pure love is so strong that I now have enough love

to give even to the sorriest of souls.

Love is so contagious.

Once I got pure love in my life I was strengthen

so that I could now share some of it with

those around me who have never felt pure love before.

This pure love in my life has humbled me so.

I could have never found my soul mate if I had not always sought truth

and always spoke the truth I discovered.

I have been completed as a human with this pure love.

I love truth for without it I would always be lost and deceived.

The more my love grows the more beautiful

my soul mate becomes for love is in the eye of the beholder.

I know that my soul mate will always forgive me if

I am always willing to face and admit the truth of my wrong doings.

My soul mate will always know if I am not being truthful to myself.

There can never be a pure love in my heart if I am not always truthful to myself.

For my soul mates pure love could never reach me if I am not pure in truth.

I am in love and I am so happy.

I love you God for you are the truth and my soul mate.



Duanne Luckow Well written Daniel. Thank you for sharing. Makes truth sense to me. i live by this, projecting it to the universe and to Jessica daily =)

Halli Casser-Jayne Author That’s lovely. Manuela Arhire THANK YOU THANK YOU Daniel for this most amazing, beautiful, moving poem which I will need to print on a huge poster and hang it somewhere on my walls!!
I will post this poem on AGN and on my profile!
Exquisite, pure, perfect!!

19 year old Kimera says: wow that truly was…..WOOW Kimera says: i love it Kimera says: you sure are deep

 Duke and Dutchess Creations Very nice, Daniel. Thank you for sharing this. Alot of truth there, and it can directly be applied to human soul mates as well. Blessings~! Rachelle Roselie Kaas Thanks for sharing that, it was BEAUTIFUL AND TRUE .

Daniel J Towsey Hey you realize that the picture is very real and is not a digital creation..The sun really did tranforms into a huge heart…God is real.

Rachelle Roselie Kaas NO, but its BEAUTIFUL, and Yes GOD is real, He lives in my heart. and you are BEAUTIFUL TOO. Thanks for sharing that.

Lynda Peckham Very beautiful Daniel ,you have found the truth that all humanity seek,we always have the source who knows our heart and always is there to listen to us many Blessings………..Love and Light


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