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Below you will learn of the addition of an extra 1000 years fraudulently added since Jesus date..,,making such as Rome some 700 years old… the dates with the i letter in front i260 were changed to 1260…

This series of ancient hidden truths is presented by


_2015.11.28_04h43m14s_001_ A Truth Soldier

When the Atlantis survivors wake up, part 1 – History, science or fiction

Did survivors from an ancient global cataclysm spread their culture and technology across the planet? How old is “ancient”?

Do you wonder about the similarity of peoples far-flung from one another, ancient texts, and modern artifacts showing up in odd places?

Fascinated by stories of ancient wars… do you have memories of them? Get insights with new info, much never before available in English.

When the Atlantis survivors wake up, part 2 – Ancient maps, Vedic scriptures, flying hyperboreans

When the Atlantis survivors wake up, part 3 – Vedas, Book of Veles, Underground monster hybrids

the survivors, 4 – Dacian n Vindolanda tablets, Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Anatoly Fomenko, Joseph Scaliger


The Oxyrhynchus papyri, edited with translations and notes by Bernard P. Grenfell and Arthur S

the survivors, 5 – Carbon dating, Dendrochronology, Martin Luther, Entire empire gone missing…

Red Ice Radio – Octavian Grindean – Hour 1 – The Stolen History of Romania: Dacia Geate Thracians

the survivors, 6 – How to forge the history of an ENTIRE planet…

the survivors, 7 – 1000 fabricated years, Isaac Newton and other supporters of the true history

Stolen History

the survivors, 8 – the Stolen History of the Religions, religious history documentary

the survivors,9 – Samurais, Japanese megaliths, The True History of japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu Shogun

survivors 10- Sahara, is it 100% natural? Berbers. Egyptian Blonde Mummies 213 cm. Desert Dams…

the survivors, 11 – the last keepers of the Egyptian secrets, the Mamluks and the Coptic Christians

the survivors, 12 – the Unknown History of Ancient Egypt, Napoleon in Egypt, Champollion, Pyramid

part 13, The True History of India, Jetpack Vimanas, bunkers, top hats, giraffes in Asia

When the Atlantis survivors wake up, part 14 – answer to criticism, Internet trolls

_2015.11.24_03h03m21s_001_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.24_03h06m30s_002_ A Truth Soldier

the survivors, 15 – Science, Psychic Surgery, medieval rockets, holographic reality

_2015.11.24_03h12m27s_003_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.24_03h31m49s_004_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.24_03h33m27s_005_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.24_03h39m23s_006_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.24_03h40m47s_007_ A Truth Soldier

Barbara Marciniak – Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library – FULL.avi

Indian Sculpture Debunks History – Shows Ancient African Civilization

Ancient Indian Sculptures show International Connections – Brihadeeswarar Temple

Graham Hancock interview for Know Drugs – “bringing honesty into the conversation”

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK

Lucius Werthmüller am Psi-Event am 23.10.2010

Schiebeler Philippinen 3

Schiebeler Philippinen 2

Also see.
Stop watching TV
Dr. Michael Newton (all books)

more would be available for free on various audio book websites as website trials
Dr. Brian Weiss (all books, some available on various online sharing platforms)
Barbara Marciniak
(outstanding shaman! audio books available on youtube)
the Seth books of Jane Roberts (only after reading ALL books of the authors above)

the survivors, 16

the survivors, 17- Khmer polygonal megaliths, the countless slaves, Temples of Bagan, Myanmar(Birma)

the survivors, 18 – Law of Attraction, Yonaguni, Who is God, Revenge and other answers to comments

the survivors, 19 – the Unknown History of China, shearer loading mining machines of the antiquity

Atlantis 1 Atlantis 2 Atlantis 3 Atlantis 4 Atlantis 5 Atlantis 6 Atlantis 7 Atlantis 8 Atlantis 9

the survivors, 20 – runes and mummies, Edgar Cayce on the Atlantis Exodus, Farsight remote viewing

20. Fomenko


22. Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

ATLANTIS: The True Story (Farsight remote viewing) start around minute 14

24. PDF file of this wonderful book by Andrew Power
Ireland Land of the Pharaohs*ZPWyC77–6ztWWJxE-etqcKMQP69Jj*Qk*AOpq8nVl*3osCjCt9c-kcTvTmSA6/IRELANDLANDOFTHEPHAROA0HS.pdf

_2015.11.24_15h51m11s_010_ A Truth SoldierStar Forts

the survivors, 21 – Egyptians in Australia, Aborigines with Roman Tilak, Sieged history New Zealand

Gary Schoenung’s Videos
From the Brink of Extinction (Ruins of Old Earth)

_2015.11.25_01h18m42s_001_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_01h27m06s_003_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.25_01h39m59s_004_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.25_01h25m36s_002_ A Truth Soldier

survivors 22 – African Nazca Lines, Ethiopian Megaliths, Mzungu Gods, Earth lifelines, Megalithic

_2015.11.25_09h36m38s_002_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_09h30m00s_001_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_09h36m38s_002_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_13h50m17s_001_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_13h52m42s_002_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_14h19m14s_005_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_14h20m12s_006_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_14h35m59s_007_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_14h37m17s_008_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_14h38m20s_009_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_14h39m47s_010_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_14h40m24s_011_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.25_15h01m21s_012_ A Truth Soldier

part 23, The Unknown History of America, It was all quite different… History Documentary (pyramids)

Also see.

_2015.11.27_23h13m57s_004_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.27_23h14m36s_005_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.27_23h18m40s_006_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.27_23h34m03s_007_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_00h03m52s_009_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_00h04m19s_010_ A Truth Soldier

part 24 – Atlantis/Hyperborea artefacts, the Tisul Princess, Siberian megaliths, Tsarichina

_2015.11.28_05h22m40s_002_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_05h27m34s_003_ A Truth Soldier

_2015.11.28_05h53m39s_004_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_06h07m57s_005_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_06h08m39s_006_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_06h09m39s_007_ A Truth Soldier

Some of the topics


Atlantis / Hyperborean artefacts
Mysteries of the Kola Peninsula,

meryachene Barchenko and the shamans of the Kola Peninsula
gigantic megalithic walls and spheres of Ural and Siberia
seida stones
ancient Chinese cities in the desert
ancient civilizations buried under sand and clay
the Chara Sands
The Caspian Sea, how did it turn into a desert region
Arkaim and other round cities
tibetan medicine and herbal surgery with magic
proof of the authenticity of the book of Veles
the Tisul Princess
possible Ancient human design laboratory at Tsarichina, Bulgaria


part 25 “Roman” Aqueducts as full-fledged “Mystery” “Alien” Megaliths, Pont du Gard, the Romans…

_2015.11.28_07h06m10s_008_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_07h07m47s_009_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_07h08m49s_010_ A Truth Soldier

Published on Jul 2, 2015

WHEN THE ATLANTIS AND HYPERBOREA SURVIVORS WAKE UP, drafts of part 25 of the work on the next documentary

The “Roman” Aqueducts and the Japanese Megaliths as full-fledged “Mystery” “Alien” Megaliths, Qanat-Firaun

For contacts regarding the content of this documentary please write to
If you wish to suggest additional content relevant to the topic and it happens to be as big as a book or hour long documentary please extract the relevant quotes before sending to contribute to the research yourself because daily people send me a homework of few books to read and i can’t complete the homework!

part 26 Baalbek, a whole new perspective of the megalithic mysteries of ancient Baalbek documentary

_2015.11.28_07h19m05s_011_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_07h19m46s_012_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_07h20m33s_013_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_07h23m06s_015_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_07h25m17s_018_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h19m33s_002_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h20m07s_003_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h26m03s_005_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h29m02s_008_ A Truth Soldier

_2015.11.28_12h26m52s_006_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_12h27m33s_007_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h33m16s_009_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h47m17s_010_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h50m31s_011_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h51m55s_012_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h52m37s_013_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_12h53m08s_014_ A Truth SoldierBest of Baalbek Ancient High Technology —Full Documentary—

_2015.11.28_12h55m37s_015_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_12h57m50s_016_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_12h58m33s_017_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_16h32m42s_002_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_16h33m54s_003_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_16h34m54s_004_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_16h38m11s_005_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.28_16h39m13s_006_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_16h44m11s_007_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_17h08m23s_008_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_17h11m51s_009_ A Truth Soldier

part 28, The History of the ”Roman” empire, the ancient “Greek” “civilisation” and slavery

_2015.11.28_16h24m06s_001_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_17h23m16s_010_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.28_17h23m59s_011_ A Truth Soldier

_2015.11.29_02h22m16s_001_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.29_02h23m14s_002_ A Truth Soldier

part 29, The Unknown Etruscan History Documentary, Ancient Etruria, Etruscan writing n inscriptions

part 30, The last Heirs of the Hyperborean Kings, Great Tartaria, 1776 USA, Великая Тартария,


link to old maps kaptbl 105mb zip file

The true history of Europe, Asia and Great Tartaria
The formation of USA as a country,
The destruction of anything Hyperborean
The tree of Languages

Details about the conquest

Anatoly T. Fomenko
History: Fiction or Science? free pdf

part 31Genghis Khan, the Great Mongol, the unknown History of Mongolia, Biblical Gog and Magog

Chronologia.org_2015.11.29_05h43m03s_004_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.29_05h58m06s_020_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.29_06h35m15s_057_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.29_06h36m48s_058_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.29_06h46m17s_068_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.29_06h50m32s_073_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.29_07h12m31s_088_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.29_07h42m49s_008_ A Truth Soldier

part 32, The Cathar Castles of France, who is the real heretic, the Albigensian Crusade TrueHistory

Is heretic the one that burns at the stake or the one who lights up the fire?

The Cathars of France, Catharism, Pop Bogomil, who are the real heretics, the Albigensian Crusade’s true face, Bogomilism

Languedoc-Roussillon, château cathare

unknown French History documentary, Languedoc-Roussillon

user message sent to me

“The Cathars did not believe Jesus died on the cross, the cross is called ‘la croix Occitane’ later miscalled la croix Cathare. They respected nature and all living things, held their ceremonies in grottoes & open spaces and didn’t believe in material posessions.

They felt that each ‘age’ had its interests and after they had brought up their families, they gave their possessions away , wore a robe, took a walking stick and devoted the rest oh their lives in the service to others.

They were called ‘les bons hommes et les bonnes femmes’.

Meanwhile, the catholic religion was gaining power through murder, greed and building churches decorated with gargoyles and demons and the clergy was dressed in fine materials and jewelry.
Occitanie is the southern part of France called “the granary of France” had a strong Cathar culture.

Since the women had equal power, Eleanor ( Aliénor )of Aquitaine ( 1122- 1203) ( a very athletic beautiful venetian blond with green eyes who traveled through her territories on horseback dressed as a man) became Duchess at 14 after her father was susceptibly murdered and was immediately wed to the king of France’s son, Louis Vll.

It is through her that we get the ‘Chevalerie’ which promotes such ideology of ‘the strong protecting the weak’, the ‘gesting’ games and social promotion through good deeds rather than money and power.

The ‘Courts of Love’ and the Troubadours elevated love to a spiritual level and promoted ‘chaste love’.

The ladies who had the blood of the ‘survivors’, were literally stolen to marry and make children to legitimize the bloodlines.

All this is the foundation of our western romantic culture, which has been distorted through the centuries.

Alienor was the most powerful protecter of the Cathar culture at the time and 6 years after her death, the only crusade ever on french soil called by the pope and the king was to crush them, steal their lands and erase their culture.”

THE SECRET OF THE CATHARS – Conspiracy History Occult Documentary

The Cathar castles were religious places such as monasteries.

double headed eagle_2015.11.30_00h27m39s_001_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_00h30m37s_002_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_00h32m55s_003_ A Truth Soldierpart 33 The Double Headed Eagle, how come everybody had the same coat of arms? Gandaberuda


part 34 Old Earth Ruins, Ancient Dams, Airports, Lifelines, Canal Systems and Underwater Structures

Here you will see that google earth is deceiving us and altering their maps to hide evidence of old earth structures..

_2015.11.30_00h41m24s_004_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.30_00h42m00s_005_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.30_00h42m49s_006_ A Truth Soldierphotos of Begium and Holand_2015.11.30_00h45m28s_007_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.30_00h47m17s_008_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.30_00h50m17s_010_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_00h53m07s_013_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_00h53m46s_014_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_00h54m57s_015_ A Truth Soldier

Also see;

Part 1 of 4 – Ruins of Old Earth, a Gary Schoenung Documentary

Part 1 – From the Brink of Extinction (Ruins of Old Earth)

This is a silent video. To understand its relevance to the new model of history suggested by NewEarth please watch the episode from the survivors series about the Old Earth ruins.

part 36 Apes build megaliths in -16ºC holding lanterns in their mouths at night hanging on ladders

_2015.11.30_01h14m05s_016_ A Truth Soldier _2015.11.30_01h15m55s_017_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h25m17s_019_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h25m45s_020_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h31m32s_021_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h33m19s_022_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h37m31s_023_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h38m35s_024_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h39m18s_025_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h42m25s_028_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h42m49s_029_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h43m40s_030_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h44m54s_032_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h45m35s_033_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h46m25s_034_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h47m24s_035_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h48m34s_036_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h49m24s_037_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h49m57s_038_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h51m01s_039_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_01h51m43s_040_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_02h14m40s_043_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.30_02h20m45s_045_ A Truth Soldier

part 37 Canals longer the Panama canal, the “great” king, the Great Canal, Underground canals

Please see this video, we are being robbed of our history in the broad and bright day light!

Actually i had to cut 1 episode in 3 episodes as it turned out it can’t be uploaded in its original form. This is the second of these 3 parts about Saint Petersburg’s mysteries.

These are some of the resources used in these episodes,2,191903-zagadki-istorii-otkuda-gorod.html

Прогулка по Исаакиевскому соборуАлексейКунгуровИванВаулин


_2015.12.02_16h52m01s_004_ A Truth Soldier _2015.12.02_16h53m55s_006_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h06m13s_011_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h06m48s_012_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h08m04s_013_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h08m42s_014_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h09m36s_015_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h10m09s_016_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h11m31s_018_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h24m37s_035_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h34m09s_039_ A Truth Soldier_2015.12.02_17h34m46s_040_ A Truth Soldier

part 38 “Impossible” statues, “Impossible” ancient jewellery, Moscow nuked, “Impossible” steel

_2015.12.02_10h35m36s_003_ A Truth SoldierThere are possibly one thousand star forts world wide and they were never used in war. Also there is no detailed information about how they were constructed.. They all seem to have been built not by those who occupied them..They seem to have been built long ago in ancient times..

_2015.12.02_11h22m32s_020_ A Truth Soldier

part 39 Star Forts or Ancient Power Stations, Star forts from all around the globe, Documentary

Not an essential episode, but still I decided to make it. It will not reveal new pages of the history as usual, it will only pose new questions about the star forts.

part 40 Live Mammoths and the Polar Shift, When did the mammoths get extinct? Did they?

_2015.12.02_18h48m40s_094_ A Truth Soldier _2015.12.02_18h49m44s_095_ A Truth Soldier _2015.12.02_18h57m27s_101_ A Truth Soldier Strange Artifacts White Water Ski Resort B.C. Canada

part 41 Dinosaurs, the Truth. When did the extinction occur?

The fossils speak… and tell the truth… and the indigenous people too…
a viewer shared this

A couple years aog I went to a dinosaur walk in Colorado, looking at footprints in the ‘stone’ (which was most likely clay at the time). They presented some fossilized bones in the stone – and by that we are talking about a different color gradiant and a slight texture difference in the stone. The guy went on saying that those were a certain type of dinosaurs, that their skins were becoming blue when they were angry and their neck would swell, and all kinds of details that made no sense at all. I raised my hand, and asked: “And how exactly do you know all of this?” After some hesitation, the guide said… “well, this was a theory from so and so… blabla and finally we don’t really know it, it’s just a guess.” But he was there, selling this as holy truth…

Have a great day!

_2015.12.02_21h42m57s_024_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_003_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_004_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_005_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_006_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_008_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_009_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_010_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_011_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_013_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_014_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_015_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_017_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_019_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_020_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_022_ A Truth Soldier The true face of Antarctica_023_ A Truth Soldier

part 42 The true face of Antarctica


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