Q – Red Cross, Trafficking Our Children – Pedogate – Finally Exposed

Published on Apr 23, 2018


Published on Apr 4, 2017


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BREAKING: Former Ohio Mayor Guilty Of Raping 4 Year Old. #pedogate

Published on Mar 19, 2017

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BREAKING: Oklahoma State Senator Charged.. Child Prostitution, Ralph Shortey #pedogate

Published on Mar 16, 2017

Mayor Calls in FBI After Multiple Cops Are Accused of Child Sexual Abuse #pedogate

Published on Mar 19, 2017

Deputy Sheriff Accused Of Raping Children, Opening Statements #pedogate

Published on Mar 21, 2017

#PEDOGATE – Elizabeth Thomas, DC Missing Children and a Surge in Public Official Arrests

Published on Mar 21, 2017


Tennessee Teen, Search Intensifies – March 2017…

Elizabeth Thomas – 15 Years old – Kidnapped and Manipulated by Pedophile Teacher…

Tad Cummins – 50 Year old Teacher in Tennessee – Kidnapped former student – Still on the run

Richard Keenan – Mayor, Hubbard Ohio – August 18th 2016 – Raped 4 year old over 5 Year Period…

Keenan Sent Back to Jail After being free 6 months – March 20th 2017…

Ralph Shorty – Oklahoma Senator – March 16th 2017 – Soliciting a Child for Prostitution…

Christopher Rennie Glenn – United States Department of Defense Contractor at U.S. Army Southern Command’s Joint Task Force Bravo, in Soto Cano Air Base, Hondurus – Took place between 2002 and 2014 – Trial ended on March 8th 2017 – Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Child Porn, and Conspiracy of Child Sex Trafficking… Sex Trafficking and Conspiracy charges acquitted… who were the conspirators???…

Chad Howell – Pennsylvania Police Officer – February 23rd 2017 – Charged with 50 felony counts of child pornography found on his computer and phone and criminal use of a communications device…

Mark Medina – Corrections Officer – Atco, Camden County Jail, New Jersey – March 13th 2017 – Charged with possessing and distributing child pornography – Only suspended from work……

Miguel Martinez – Police Officer – Detroit – March…

10 DC Missing teens in First Two weeks of March 2017…

LA #Pedogate Investigations: The Boones – Powerful Military Family and Pedophilia

Published on Feb 6, 2017

Hugh Boone was sentenced in Florida in 1998 for molesting and making child pornography of his step daughter with his wife, Cynthia Ann Boone. Both pleaded guilty to charges of creating and possessing sexually graphic pictures of thier daughter and now work for the US Air Force Space Superiority Systems Directorate and also have privately assisted NASA with aerospace technology reserach in Los Angeles California.

Max Speirs Last Interview Before His Possible Murder Due To #Pedogate

Published on Jan 25, 2017

This is Max Speirs last interview, he was found dead at a friends house that he just met. He was sleeping on the couch. He puked black liquid, and died recently after. We have a pretty good assumption based on his disclosures and his recent investigation into child pedophilia rings in the US Army.

He sent a text to his mother before he died that said, “Your boy’s in trouble, if anything happens to me investigate.” This alone is a very telling piece of the puzzle, and to me enough to know confidently what happened here. Max asked a favor of us. He asked us to investigate. This starts with taking in his teachings before he died. This one is the most relevant as he did mentions what he was currently looking into. His friends said he did not seem right for a month leading up to his death.

This interview is a perfect example. Was he under psychic attack, Physical attack, or mental attack? Was he dealing with something in his head that was draining his energy? Why the black liquid? Was he poisoned, or did the attacks of voodoo and demonic entities finally become too much, or did they make him weak enough to be affected and not defend himself?

Max Speirs Lost His life To Get This Out. Pizzagate Victim, Supersoldier, Montauk

Published on Jan 23, 2017

This video is one of the few interviews Max chose to do before he died. He was stirring up hate due to his release of confidential and secretive information. You decide yourself if he was telling truth or lies. Please leave a comment, Like Share and Subscribe. We dont want Max’s’ life to be for nothing. Let him rest in peace until his next mission and recognize and honor him as a hero. He really enlightened my understandings of very confusing topics. Our love guides you in the afterlife, and pulls you out of darkness. Let him use his heart as his new vessel. Max was in the military, he was also Involved in projects like MK Ultra.


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